September 11, 2009

Big announcement!

No I am not pregnant!

25 percent smaller than 75.jpg

Sugar Spun Yarns

I have opened an Etsy shop! YAY!!!! Wahoo!!!! (crap, my banner got cut off - well you get the idea...)

Please check out my stuff. Oh and if you can... buy it too! I will be posting updates here. It is handspun yarn for now, but I will be offering fiber as well. Mostly drum carded batts.

That's it. That's the big news. Go back to your regularly scheduled program....

Have a great weekend!

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July 31, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday


Isn't this a beauty? This is just 1 skein so far of 100% Falkland Wool. I had spun up some Falkland Wool before and I don't like it nearly as much as I like this. I was spinning rather thin, but this ended up being a more bulky yarn. After I washed it it totally softened up and poofed out. I have more to spin. A total of 6 oz. So I am hoping for another skein of 170 yards like this one is.

You know you want to see more...


I have been asked to teach a class at a new local yarn shop in September and I am really excited about it. I was orginally going to teach a lace shawl class but decided to teach a basic lace class first. I am designing a stole/scarf for the class and will share that soon. I have never taught a class before and I am a little nervous about it. Should I tell a few jokes? ;-)

So while I should be finishing up this project for this class... what do I do last night? I cast on for a Baktus. For you non-ravelers it's a triangular scarf thingy. I wanted a brainless project and this was calling to me. I don't have any pictures because I really just started it at 9:30 last night. I have been drooling over so many of these on Ravelry and I just couldn't resist.

This Saturday is not so little Geeks 12th birthday! He is almost as tall as me. I can't believe he is growing up so fast. Well I can. They do that. Kids.....

Have a great weekend!

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July 24, 2009

New spinning project

I think a while back I mentioned a spinning project I had coming up. Did I? Well anyway the fiber guild I belong to has a project every year where we can get 4 - 5 oz of fiber or yarn. Make a project and then exchange it at our Christmas meeting. This is so much fun to see what everyone made. Always getting a great gift in return.

Well this years project is cool because if you chose fiber you got 5 - 1 oz bags of different fibers to work with. It gets you to try different stuff. The hardest part was to decide what to spin first, and how was I going to spin it? Wheel or spindle? I chose the spindle because I felt I could get more out of my 1 oz bag. To help me decide what to pick first I closed my eyes and reached.

This is what I picked


Now I have spun Blue Face Leicester before so I am glad this was first. It was a little scratchier than what I am used to. It did spin like a dream though.


I spun and plied it all on my golding spindle and I am very happy with what I got


So there is your pretty yarn Friday!
Approx. 103 yards of fingering/dk/sport weight/sock weight yarn, spun 2 ply.
Fiber is from Susan's Spinning Bunny. I supply that link next time.

I have an idea of what the final project will be, but I really need to wait and see how much I end up with. I started the next bag of fiber which is this:

angora merino.JPG

So far so good!

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July 10, 2009

Could it be? Pretty Yarn Friday?


I know, it's been a while and I teased you so with such pretty yarn before. This is only a small bit of what I have left to spin.

How about a close up?


This is coming out so pretty! I can't stand it! Well I can...I needed to get this off my spindle because I have to get moving on my Holiday Project for my guild (which will be another post altogether...)

So I still have all this to spin yet


Got my work cut out for me.

I am thisclose to finishing up my latest shawl


You will totally see me coming when I wear this won't ya? Pretty darn colorful. It almost hurts the eyes!

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June 19, 2009

Long blog

Where have I been! Jeesh! and not showing pretty yarn on Fridays! Well, how about pretty top/roving?


This my friends is hand dyed by yours truly. It is 100% Merino Top, around 8 oz. I kettle dyed this with Cushings Dye. The color on the package said "Copenhagen Blue" I am calling it "Cloudy with a chance of Blue" Hokey I know.... I think it came out beautiful!

Sorry I have been away, but I really haven't been away. Sometimes you just need a little break. I really didn't have much to offer. I mean I am knitting little by little on my sock


I am also conquering Ishbel. Even though I am running out of yarn...


I have like one and a half charts left and I know I won't make it. How did all you others make this with less than 400 yards? What's the secret? So off to the yarn store tomorrow.

I have been doing a little spinning too




So I have been busy. Busy reading too. Ahem.

Oh I almost forgot! I am going to see Missa's BAND play Saturday night in a town near by. I CAN'T WAIT!

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May 06, 2009

I almost didn't think I was gonna make it!

Blogging today that is....Phew! I have had a busy couple of days!

What with my birthday and all..... ;-) Yes, this past Monday I celebrated my 44th year. I certainly don't FEEL 44 and I know I don't act it. I had a most excellent day. I even went to work! Well I had to. I didn't ask for the day off.

I thought I would share a couple of gifts I got for my birthday that were quite special. My Aunt in Phoenix knows my love of all things fibery and she gave me this lovely spindle:

dragoncraft spindle 2.JPG

Isn't it pretty? She got it from Dragon Craft. They also tossed in the blue fiber! This spindle is a dream to spin on too! I love it! Thank you Aunt Dana!

Now this year my husband did VERY well. He is such a thoughtful, handsome man. He gave me this:

faboo 1.JPG

It is the "Knitter's Gnome"!!! He also came with a $50.00 bill tucked into the yarn. But I thought this was the cutest thing. The Knitters Gnome had a story card too:


It's a little hard to read so.....

knitters gnome.JPG

FABOO!!!! Hubby got this from a guy, yes a guy he works with makes these nifty little monster dolls. You can find out about them from here. Don't ya just love etsy? I do.

So my Gnome loves yarn (smart gnome). Just look at him:

I think he is smiling.JPG

I really think he is smiling in this picture don't you? He did bring me good luck this weekend. I got some great deals at a yarn store closing sale and a new yarn store opened up and they are WONDERFUL!

So I now have a new word. FABOO!!!!! It's kinda like Squee.

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May 01, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday


Finally! Some of my handspun! You knew it was just a matter of time right? Well here is some of that Sheep Shed stuff I carded and spun a little while back. It's about 100 yards maybe more. 2 ply worsted.

Very pretty and soft. I got a lot of this so I have my work cut out for me.

Have a great weekend!

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April 17, 2009

Yup! It's pretty yarn Friday!


I did some playing around with my drum carder again and used up some of the corridale fleece I got last September. I mixed it with some bits and bobs of pink and orange alpaca mill ends and that is what I got. Not my typical colors, but every now and then you got to try something different right?


I got a good yardage out of this at 194 yards approx. It is a heavy worsted/almost bulky weight.


I put the skein to soak on Wednesday night and forgot about it. So last night I rinsed it out and threw it in the washing machine on the spin cycle to get more of the water out. It fluffed up nice! I was worried it would be "pruned" ha ha!!

One final note, thank you all for your nice comments on my Blogoversary! I do enjoy blogging and I love all the comments I get. I get so inspired from other knit bloggers out there. That is why I am still here. Thank you for putting up with me for so long!

I love you guys!

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April 15, 2009

Guess What?

Today is my Blogoversary! I have been here for........

Drum roll, because it's a lot.........

5 YEARS!!!!

That's a long time! So if you see me today, wish me a happy blogoversary! Ha ha! Here's hoping for 5 more years.

So I don't have much to share on the project front. I started a hat that I had to frog. I did card some fiber though and boy is it pretty! Look at it all. I threw the bobbin in there so you could get an idea of how much is there.


There was a girl at my guild meeting who brought a bunch of Sheep Shed Fiber that she didn't think she would ever get to spinning. I don't think she liked the color, but her loss was my gain! Look at all that! I am not even done carding it either. It started looking like this:


So I carded some and spun up a little


I think I have a total pound of fiber


This was also in the mess of stuff. I am not going to card this. It's too purdy.


I am going to make a scarf for the husband with some of this. So there you go. Pretty pictures of fiber.

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April 03, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday!


I took this yesterday especially for you all. It's another of my older handspun yarns. I actually have 2 skeins of this.

Total of approx 300 yards. I got the fiber at Rhinebeck. It's all wool and gorgeous. Thank goodness there was some sun yesterday. Unlike today.

I am also going to show you the progress on my Garter Yoke Sweater. Here is a nice over all phot showing the whole sweater:


Look at that sleeve! Can't really tell? Well here is a close up:

sleeve shot.jpg

Oh MY! This will never do! The pattern wants you to knit straight to the cuff. I am not a big fan of wide sleeves. So I thought I would check a pattern I did previously from the top down and see what it said. It said to knit straight to the elbow then decrease one stitch at the beginning and ending of the round every 5 rounds. Then knit straight to the cuff. This has gotta go. I did some quick math and I am decreasing every 10th row 7 times after I knit 10 rounds straight. So far it looks much better. No photo, you will have to trust me.

So I have to rip out this horrible sleeve and re-knit. No biggie.

The big biggie... to find the perfect buttons....

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March 27, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday!


I am really grasping here with the pretty yarn photo's. I need to spin some more! I am running out of yarn.

I got the fiber from a contest I won a couple years back. It's all wool, spun and plied on my Ashford Kiwi. I think I got my usual yardage. Approx. 150 yards. Very pretty stuff.

Enjoy the weekend!

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March 20, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday!


You must all worship the pretty yarn! I am toying with the idea of also including other pretty yarn. I mean come on, my yarn isn't the only pretty yarn out there! Right?

It went from this:

cf falkland.JPG

then I unbraided it and wow:

mound of fiber.JPG

then here it is a a center pull ball ready to ply:

honkin center pull ball.JPG

Fiber: 100% Falkland wool from Cosmic Fibers (it's so nice to have some close by to get your fix)
Spun on my Ashford Traditional, plied on my Ashford Kiwi
I would say it is a dk/worsted weight yarn. I got approx 214 yards here. WOW! It came out so pretty! It almost looks metallic.

Still working on my sweater and sneaking in some knitting on my sock. Maybe a sock FO this weekend? I will probably be too busy, watching TWILIGHT on DVD. OMG!

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March 13, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday


I am really grasping here, I know you have seen so many different pictures of this yarn before and I am sorry. The color is accurate this time.

It's my handspun. About 150 yards. Wool.

I have been knitting my exciting....

blue sweater progress.JPG

But it's getting there. I have promised my self not to start anything until it's done. Which we all know is very hard to do.

I have stimulated the economy this past week and bought some yarn. Which is not helping me keep my promise. I am waiting to take pictures of the yarn when I have some good sunlight. I also got some blocking wires too. Which excites me even more!

Have a great weekend all!

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March 06, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday


I need some new material.... this yarn is so 2 years ago!
The fiber is from Spinners Hill. I think I still have some left to spin. I got a decent yardage out of it though. I think this is something around 200 yards. Oh and it's wool. Lot's of different kinds.

Started a sweater this week. I don't know what it is about blue....

new cardi.JPG

I am a total bandwagon jumper oner here. I think everyone is making or gonna make this sweater. It's the Garter Yoke Sweater from Knit1.

Easy Peasy.

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February 27, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday!

white Romney.JPG

I think I have a description on my Flickr page that says:

"Sometimes plain vanilla is nice too"

Again, INDEED!

This is my handspun - Romney wool.

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February 19, 2009

Pretty Yarn Thursday!


because I won't be here tomorrow! I am taking the day off to hang out with the son! Coraline, the mall, bad mall food.....

Oh! This is 100% Alpaca handspun by me and hand dyed by me. Yeah I know, I did this a long time ago and you have already seen it. But I took a nice pretty picture of it seeing as how this is my blog.

Have a nice weekend!

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February 13, 2009

It's Friday!

owl bfl Hand spun.JPG

You know what that means don't you?


Fiber is from Cosmic Fibers. I am lucky she lives near by and I see her frequently. Carrie's stuff is awesome!

I spun it as a single ply on my Ashford Kiwi then plyed it from a center pull yarn cake to make it 2 ply. It is between a worsted and a chunky weight yarn. I think it's around 150 yards too.

This is Blue Faced Leicester wool top and it is dyed in the "Owl" colorway. It came out so soft and chunky. I keep threatening to make a cowl but I really think this is begging to be one.

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February 06, 2009

Friday's will be pretty yarn day!

lilac hs.JPG

remember those batts I did last week?


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February 04, 2009

What would MacGyver do?

I joined a fun Ravelry group called Spindle Crafters. How inspiring! There were so many neat ideas floating around that I just had to make my own spindle.


I got most of the materials at Michael's Arts and Crafts! I bought 2 "doughnut" beads and a package of dowls. I already had a small hook screw thingy which I got at Lowe's. So I put the 2 doughnut things on the dowl, wrapped 2 rubber bands on either side and screwed in the hook.


And it makes yarn too!


It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but I am going to pretty it up with some black rubber grommets and I will paint the dowl.

It cost about 8 bucks. The doughnut beads were the most expensive part. But still. How cool is that?

One of the ideas on the forum was using a knob from an outdoor water spigit (did I spell that right?) Now that would look awesome....

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January 29, 2009

Not sure what to talk about first!

The mittens for the son are still not done....sigh.... he even asked me about them today! I need to buckle down and work on them. Tonight. Promise. The son stayed home sick from school on Tuesday so I was able to do a little playing with some fiber. That and I had some good natural lighting to take some pictures.

Like I said I did a little playing. What did I play with? A little alpaca and a little wool. I split a fleece with a girl in my guild. She washed it I carded it. I will never do that again! Wow, that is a lot to card! Anyway I carded up a bunch of Corridale fleece. I did a sample spin of some of the white stuff and wasn't too happy with my spinning. It was perhaps operator error. And I won't even show you the bad spinning. No way. So I now got all this Corridale that I am not crazy about. I was moving stuff around and I found this

alpaca bits and bobs.JPG

I bought a bag of this alpaca mill end dyed bits and bobs. Never knew what to do with it exactly so I thought why not mix it with this Corridale

corridale batt.JPG

and see what happens......

lilac batts.JPG

Oh my! Did this come out awesome or what? Wanna see a close up?

mmm lilac.JPG

Sure it looks all pretty, but how does it spin?

lilac singles.JPG

mmmmm......nice.......It spins real nice. I will report back on how it plies and knits when I am done.

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January 06, 2009

It's a new year!

So I should show some new stuff? I wish I could show you a finished knitted project, but alas you will just have to look upon some finished spinning.

I won't disappoint...

angora wool hs.JPG

Don't you just want to touch it? Really, it is soft.

I have finally finished spinning this 4oz batt. It's a beautiful Angora/Wool blend. I got approx. 210 yard in a worsted weight yarn. Oh and it's 2 plied. All spun and plied on my Ashford Kiwi. I am thinking of making a nice cowl or scarf with this. It definitely needs to be worn close to the skin. It's so so soft.

Next up:

alpaca skein.JPG

another yarn to be warn close to the skin! 100% Alpaca, spun 2 ply in a fingering/dk weight (I am getting thisclose to spinning sock yarn weight!) All spun and plied on my Golding Spindle.

not washed yet.JPG

I have more of this to spin. So technically this is just a UFO right?

Here it is on my spindle as a single ply. Don't be fooled. It is a single ply

b a hs on spindle.JPG

I really, really enjoy spindle spinning right now. I think I am getting the hang of it.

I always like to show pictures of the people that receive my hand knits. This is my bestest friend Pegi:

Pegi New Years 09.JPG

Show us a side view Pegi:

Pegi New Years 09_2.JPG

I know she liked this. When ever I make her something, she wants the pattern! She is a knitter too, just not as obsessed as me.

Well, I must get back to my lunch (yummy leftover meatloaf) hope to have my Tyrolean socks done soon. I am working on them very slowly though...

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November 06, 2008

Is there such a thing as sexy yarn?

bfl cosmic fibers 1.JPG

I think so. Just look at it laying there all pretty.

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October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat, smell my feet. Gimme something good to eat!

I wish I had a nice pumpkin shot or something, but I didn't get a pumpkin this year to carve! What's wrong with me? Kids will be lucky they get candy! I have good candy too! CANDY BARS!

I really almost have my February Lady Sweater done. I want to take pictures of it this weekend when there is some sunlight. So you will just have to make do with this:

macro chartruse singles 1_.JPG

I think I am getting the hang of this spindle spinning! The spindle is a student spindle I got years ago, I don't even rembember where I got it! It's doing a nice job for me right now. I hand dyed the roving myself a while back. It's chartruse. I didn't like spinning it on my wheel and I almost got rid of the roving! So I tried it out on the spindle and now I like it. I have been trying to spin a fingering weight yarn so I can make socks.

I think I may have done it!

could it be sock yarn_.JPG

So I am going to cram as much as I can on this spindle and see what happens!

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October 27, 2008

Unexpected pleasure

For a crappy weather weekend it sure turned out nice! I was planning on knitting with my Ravelry peeps at the local coffe shop when another Ravelry peep and Guild friend let me know that the Alpaca Show here in town was looking for people from local guilds to demonstrate spinning. There was free roving supplied to the spinners. So I said: Free roving? YES! PLEASE!

So Christina and I braved the weather and went to the fairgrounds (about 10 minutes from my house) and demonstrated! I had the best time!

Here is Christina and Jeanine from Gaze Acres Alpacas who so generously donated the WONDERFUL, AMAZING most BEAUTIFUL Alpaca fiber I had ever had the pleasure to spin.

Christina and Jeanine.JPG

I am telling you her roving is better than Crack. Not that I know what that is like, but you get the idea.

We were situated right near the Fiber Sale area, but also in a spot with lots of foot traffic. Here are some of the creatures that literally stopped by:

2 alpaca friends.JPG

a love.JPG

And this guy (or girl - I didn't think it polite to ask...) Was so curious about what Christina was doing

hey watcha doing.JPG

spinning lesson.JPG

I thought we almost had a new guild member! This animal was totally digging Christina!

going in for the neck rub.JPG

How cute is that?

I did mention that they were selling stuff didn't I? I wish wish wish that I could have a little more will power. But these two skeins of sock yarn were calling my name. I couldn't decide which one so I got both.



I mean really. Walk away with out buying anything? Yeah right.

So I did spin while I was there. Which was the whole point of going right? Here is what I did:


I was trying to spin as fast as I could so I could get a good yardage. But then I didn't want to get too greedy... I got a decent fingering weight:


All spun and plyed on my Golding! I am so going to buy Jeanine's roving. SOON!!! I am also planning on doing this again next year and staying the whole day!

PS: I am THISCLOSE to finishing the Feburary Lady Sweater!

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October 02, 2008

Enough of my handspun already! Jeesh!


golden hs.JPG

Isn't it pretty? It's from my wheel. I am hoping to some day spin this good on my spindle.... Looks like I have a long way to go...

2nd spindle spun.JPG

It's not as pretty, but I am getting the hang of it. My goal is to one day spin fine enough for a pair of socks...

In other news I am making very slow progress on the final sleeve of my February Lady Sweater. I have been knitting on it, it's just going very s l o w l y.....

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September 25, 2008


People, please hang in there with me while I overdose you on my latest. Those of you who know me (ahem... Lemon/Linda from NJ) will know that if I like something, I will do what ever it takes to figure it out until I get relatively good at it.

What am I talking about here?

getting a little better.JPG

I can't stop. I can't! Not until my yarn is even. I won't!
Here is my first yarn from my spindle

first spindle spun.JPG

awwww, isn't it cute? I feel like I started all over again. I totally forgot to show a picture of the top of my spindle. The Goldings are typically really fancy. I went for Plain Chocolate... with sprinkles

spindle top.JPG

Now in order to get good, I needed a little practice wool or fiber. I don't want to use any of my good stuff! So I remembered I had a bunch of little fluffs that I sent away for from Spinners Hill

bits and bobs.JPG

They are totally fitting the bill. I am also thinking of Navajo plying this. It will look like Noro yarn!

Meanwhile, my February Lady Sweater sits and waits.....

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September 22, 2008

I got something to share...

You can have Rhinebeck and Maryland Sheep and Wool. Me? I got Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival. Otherwise known as Hemlock Fiber Festival. I went Saturday with girls from the Spinning Guild. Boy did I have fun!

Well all except a little car sickness.... but I didn't throw up!

It was a beautiful day too. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there by car. So we arrived around 10 am when the gates opened. This festival is small enough that you can hit every vendor twice and make it to some of the demonstrations too.

I had a list this year. I can tell you I succeeded in getting everything on my list. What was on my list you ask?

- a fleece
- a spindle (1-1.5 oz spindle)
- dye

I got that and then some! I have some pictures of my spoils if you would like to see them. Who doesn't like to look at pictures of fiber?

Well where do I start?

I always have to buy something from Spinner’s Hill. Lisa is such a sweet person! She will be at Rhinebeck, so go buy all her stuff! I got an 8 oz batt of this wonderful light green wool

spinners hill lt grn batt.JPG

I also went back at the end of the day with money I had left over and got 8 oz of this roving:

spinners hill roving .JPG

I love the colors that she comes up with.

I think my bargin (yep, I am cheap) of the day was this

1 pound of fiber goodness.JPG

It is 1 pound of wool roving from Zelinger Wool Co.. I paid $17 bucks for this whole darn thing! I needed to spin it right away because it was so beautiful. Just to show you how big it is, Suki said she would stand next to it.

for size.jpg

She moved. But I think you get the idea.

I picked up this silk hankie because I wanted to try a different fiber

silk hankie.JPG

I think I mentioned on my list that I wanted to buy a fleece right? Well... I did. I actually am splitting the fleece with Anna, from the guild. It is a blue ribbon winner at the festival and it is Corridale. I didn't take a picture of it because she has it. Of course right after we bought it we found a vendor selling fleece for a little cheaper than what we paid for ours. So we both bought more fleece. I didn't take a picture of that either, you will see it soon enough when I wash it and dye it. You will be sick of it!

Speaking of dyes... I bought like 6 packets! So that was checked off my list. Now what else was there.... Oh yeah. A spindle!

I have tried spinning on a spindle off and on for years and I totally suck at it. But I thought, what if I got a really really nice spindle? Perhaps it would help me like it better and help me spin better. So my splurge of the day was this:

my golding.JPG

Yes it's a Golding. If I can't have one of their wheels, I will settle for a spindle. It really is lovely to spin. It just keeps on going! I am still not too good at it, but I am getting the hang of it. Here is a shot of my wheel spinning vs. my spindle spinning:

spindle vs wheel.JPG

I got some work to do.....

Lastly here is a shot of all of our stuff. Remember, there were 5 people in the van, so it's not all mine, although I wish it was!

hemlock haul.JPG

There is a spinning wheel in that picture, but it isn't mine!

So I would say I made out pretty darn good. I didn't buy any yarn! Which I really don't need. It was all about spinning.

Before I go, I will say that I have one sleeve done on my February Lady Sweater and I have started the other one. It will be done. Don't worry.

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September 11, 2008


I totally forgot to show this too!

bronze green bobbin.jpg

bronze green yarn.jpg

Seeing as how you aren't sick of my yarn yet....
I had spun this up before the purple. It's from the same Romney fleece.

I think this and the purple will go well together, don't you?

Even though I was sorta saving it to make something for the husband....

quick post! Over and out.

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September 10, 2008

Please bear with me will I show off my spinning...

Yet again! I promise, there will be knitting content soon. It's just that my spinning mojo is in high gear and well you got to run with it if you got it right?

Here is my latest

pretty purple 4.JPG

It's so lusterous! It shines! I haven't washed this skein yet to set the twist. I couldn't wait to show a picture. It just amazes me how it can go from this


to this

pretty purple bobbin.JPG

to this

pretty purple 1.JPG

sigh.... I did a little fiddling with my other wheel. Remember? I also have an Ashford Traditional. Just found out it is from 1975! Well, like I said, I fiddled a little with it and now it spins like buttah. Really! I feel like I got myself a new wheel! And to think I was gonna maybe sell it.

PS - I am knitting. Really I am.

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September 02, 2008

Yarn Yarn Yarn!

How was your weekend? Mine? Yarny! I was hoping to get more done on my sweater, but I just didn't feel the love this weekend. I did however feel the spinning love.

Saturday I hooked up with a Ravelry group here in town. We meet a coffee shop that is right smack in the middle of town. Well one of the girls was so excited because she got a spinning wheel on Craigslist for cheap! She was bringing it along. I have the same wheel (but an older model) so I took a look at it for her. She only needed a dowel to connect to the foot thingy and the wheel. She got it going and got me inspired to dust off my wheel. I was thinking of selling it and getting a new one. I tinkered with the brake band and now I have this baby spinning like butter. So thats all I wanted to do this weekend. Make yarn.

I won these batts about a year ago from Lisa. I thought why not?


small green bobbin.JPG

small green hs.JPG

I love showing the progression from batt to yarn. What about the purple you say? Well I took a picture of that too. I also threw in there that dark purple yarn I was having a hard time photographing. This shot is exactly the color it is:

dk purple bright purple.JPG

Can you tell that was really bugging me? I like to show the true color when I can...

Well that didn't stop me. Remember those pretty purple locks I dyed last month? Well I had to card them.

b purple batts 1.JPG

I didn't stop there. I had to card the bronze green as well

bronze green batts 2.JPG

I am currently spinning the green. I didn't take any bobbin shots. You will just have to wait.

And lastly, I got a lovely surprise in my mailbox on Friday:

sock yarn scraps.JPG

Sock yarn scraps from Laurie
They are for my crochet granny square blanket! I am so excited! There is some Socks that Rock in there! Thanks Laurie! You are the best!

Oh! I did work on that this weekend end! So I did some actual stitching didn't I?

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August 26, 2008

Can't stop spinning....

I go through phases. I spin a ton of stuff then I put it aside and knit my fanny off.

Oh and I have to figure out how to take more color accurate pictures of my stuff. Take a look:


Here is the roving. I really need to be better at documenting what it is exactly I am spinning! I know it's wool. I think it is Merino. I have the receipt somewhere. All you need to know right now is that is is S O F T!

Here is the roving and a bobbin of singles


Here is the finished result


Oh MY! Can you say slinky, soft, squishy goodness? I can! I have approx. 136 yards of this. It is a worsted weight yarn.

Now as I said I need to work on the color accuracy. These pictures are way too light. The real color is more of a deeep deep blueish purple. Here, see the ball of yarn on the top of the blue and green?


It is THAT dark. So why could I capture it in this photo and not the others? Cause I don't know what I am doing. What is the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed for do you ask? I dunno, I got it at the big yarn sale at my favorite LYS. It was 1/2 price. I thought mittens or socks.

I can't be thinking about other stuff when I need to finish my August socks and my February Lady Sweater! sigh...

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August 18, 2008

Warm fuzzies

Pumpkin handspun.JPG

there is something about this yarn that is so cheerful to me. I think it has something to do with the color. I started spinning this last week. I finished it up this weekend. I was worried that it would be crap. I had a lot of thick and thin going on while spinning. Probably due to the fact it may have gotten a little felted when I dyed it.

It came out perfect. It makes me happy. And that's all that matters.

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July 28, 2008

Fun Fibery Weekend!

Where do I begin? Well let's see....Saturday I got together with the lovely ladies from the guild I belong to. We had a dye day! I love dye day! You never know what you are gonna get and usually you aren't disappointed. Here are some of us waiting for the pots to get ready

dye day.JPG

I thought I would bring along some of the Romney and the unidentified wool that I washed. We decided to have a "purple pot" and a "bronze green pot" Here is a shot of the green pot, it looks like witches brew doesn't it?

bronze green dye pot.JPG

Wanna see what came out?

bronze green 1.JPG

Oh my! Now isn't this WICKED cool?

Melissa had a pot going with natural dye in it. It was called logwood (I think)

melissa dye day.JPG

So I decided to throw in my holiday project wool that I had spun up.

out of the dye pot.JPG

It looks really brown in the picture but it came out more of a deep plumb color

logwood 2.JPG

I have some work to do with this skein as I didn't pre-soak/pre mordant the skein, I put it in dry. The dye didn't exhaust well. So I am going to have to zap it again.

Oh yes, let's not forget the "purple pot". I didn't get a picture of the pot, but here is a pretty picture of what came out of the pot!

purple romney 3.JPG

Oh my! AGAIN! How I love this! I am going to do something a little different when I card this. I am going to try and keep the colors separated as best I can so I can have some depth when I spin it.

I threw in about 2 oz of unidentified wool into the purple as well

purple wool locks1.JPG

Then I decided why not card it?

purple wool carded.JPG

See? It blended and all became purple. Which I don't mind, but I love the blues and pinks as well.

I didn't stop there, why not spin it?

puple wool singles.JPG

It's now waiting patiently to be plyed. Pretty pretty.

Oh do you think that is all I did this weekend? Hee hee.... I started my August sock!

new aug sock.JPG

Oh and I worked a little more on the February Lady Sweater

little more.JPG

Housework? Bah!

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July 21, 2008

I know I said it recently, but I love yarn!

It went from this


to this

brown in a bowl.JPG

with a little of

dk carded.JPG


brown on bobbin.JPG


brown cpb.JPG

thrown in. And it was all worth it. I only got 2 oz. out of this and approx 85 yards, but I love it! I love how fuzzy it came out.

Unknown breed of fiber, but I do know it's wool. I scoured, picked and drum carded (in 3 passes) the wool. Then I spun it in singles. I have only kept singles once. I just love the way 2 ply yarn looks. I always ply with a center pull ball. I hate wasting any of the yarn. I did have a weak spot in the yarn and it broke while I was plying. I just tied the ends together and kept going. This yarn will be mine. I can't give it to someone or sell it knowing I had tied it together like that. I don't mind it, not sure if someone else would.

I love the whole experience of washing, carding and all that. Makes it more worth it to me. I don't have a lot in this skein, but it will be nice for some color work in the future. Mittens perhaps?

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July 18, 2008

Same ole' same ole....

I really like to try and post 2 times a week. I haven't done much on my second sock other than a couple of rows here and there. I have been knitting a couple of rows here and there on my February Lady Sweater see!


It looks a little bigger doesn't it?

Don't think I have been just laying about eating bon bons either. I have been busy washing up some stinky smelly wonderful fleece

sticky smelly.JPG

Don't let the picture fool you. It's very sticky and smelly.

Here is washed and not washed next to each other

washed and not.JPG

Can you see the difference? Here is what I have done so far:


Already to be dyed! Then carded! I have another pound and a half still to wash. While I was doing that I discovered a sample box of fiber I purchased from Earth Guild I ordered this from them like 15 or so years ago. That's how long I have been wanting to spin! I opened the box and found 2 lunch bags full of this


and this


All the bag said was "light domestic fleece" and "dark domestic fleece" So I washed it up! I loved how kinky and soft the dark fleece is.


It kinda reminded me of my hair (100% humidity hair)


So.... after I washed it, guess what I did? (the fleece silly, I always wash my hair)

dk carded.JPG

That's as far as I got. It's not spun yet. But it will be by the weekend! I am thinking I have about 2 oz. here. Enough to play with.

Do you notice I am using my car for background? It just reminded me so much of Tawny Kitaen in that horrible Whitesnake video.

Yeah, my wooly goodnes on a Hyundai is the same as Tawny on a red race car.....

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July 14, 2008


How's it going? Boy did I have a great weekend of fibery goodness! Saturday Carla and I went to visit Loren! We had been meaning to get together since November of last year and all try and figure out the mystery of steeks. We were to knit a teddy bear sweater and then sew a steek in the knitting and cut it. So we finally did that! Go check out the pictures on Loren's blog. And yes, you can count my chins. I hate my picture taken, but in the spirit of it I threw caution to the wind. (I need to do a little dieting... ahem....) Anyway, after the cutting of the knitting, I brought along my drum carder and carded some of Loren's lovely Finn for her. The sheep is called Albert Finney, which is totally adorable. I met him by the way. The sheep not the actor... He liked me! He tried to untie my shoe laces and he even gave me a little kiss (well maybe he only smelled my face) Carla has pictures of that.

Like I said I carded up some of Loren's Finn. It was divine. I was so into it that I carded up some Romney I had (laying around...) that night! Did I take pictures of that? NOPE! Then I spun it up and plyed it. All in one weekend. I should of waited to ply, but I just couldn't

Wanna see it?

Yarn in a bowl.jpg

There is nothing prettier than yarn in a bowl. Sigh....

I actually can give you specs on this:
3.6 oz of Romney
Approx. 120 yards (not the best yardage...)
dk weight

This picture is a prewashed skein. I have since washed it to set the twist.

Okay, in other news, I haven't updated you on Suki in a while! That's because we almost gave up on her. She got a nasty infection in her back from one of the injections. I won't even go into how gross it was. Okay, I will a little... she had to have this infection drained and had a tube in her back. It wasn't doing well until one day the Vet removed something...very gross... and now she is all better! She even seems to act like her old kitteny self. Well maybe her old 6 year old self. So we are just giving her insulin! The vet and myself were so happy that we hung in there. She was one sick kitty

Here is a picture of her shaved back

back shot of Suki.jpg

Poor thing! You are lucky I didn't take a picture to share with you of her shaved butt. You heard me right. But that would be very undignified for poor Suki.

I leave you with a picture of Suki in the grass

suki in the wild.jpg

She looks so happy!
PS - That is actually a plant in our back yard. NOT our grass. We do mow the lawn on occasion...

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June 23, 2008

Okay so I fibbed a little....

I didn't finish my sock this weekend.


I am thisclose too. I bet I finish them tonight.

So why didn't I finish them?

holiday proj 08.JPG

I did some yard work with the boys this weekend and to unwind after it I thought why not sit in the back yard and spin up some lovely Finn? Next thing I knew I had yarn. Funny how that works.

This is the yarn I will be making something special for a guild member. We get 4 oz of yarn or spinnable fiber. I went for the fiber. I still have to dye it. I don't know why I didn't wait to dye the roving.... I have approx. 212 yards of fingering/dk weight yarn.

Now what color to dye it and what to make with it......

Oh and I stumbled upon this today. Why am I so NOT in the inside loop! WOW! What great patterns!

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May 16, 2008

I love yarn

bobbin shot.JPG

finished yarn.JPG

I have finally finished up spinning this stuff. It's been at least a year and a half when I got the roving (at Rhinebeck) I don't know what the total yardage is. It should be approx. 600 yards. It was 8 oz of fiber.

up close.JPG

I am still working on my elf socks. I am still on the leg of the second one. I dunno if it will be done by the weekend.

I have been doing a little organizing over on my flickr account. I have taken photo's from the blog and set up a finished project gallery. It's kinda neat to see what I did for one year - through the years. There are definate phases that I go through. Like making a bunch of socks or calorimetries or mittens and hats. I am slowly adding stuff to ravelry to get myself organized over there too.

I see that I have 4 unfinished shawls going. We need to do something about that. I also need to start a bigger project than all these small things... I want something I can sink my teeth into. Like a sweater! I always seem to make them during the summer. Cookoo that I am.

Next week I am going to do a couple of book reviews for you. I picked up 2 new books for my birthday and I think I should do reviews on both. Just so you know, I PAID for both of these books. FULL PRICE too. I couldn't wait for Amazon to deliver. That's how good they are.

Have a great weekend!

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October 17, 2007

Oh dear.....It's been far too long...

What is wrong with me? That I could be away from this wonderful blog for so long?

Am I in a knitting slump? Sorta. I mean, do you really want to read about my measly two rows that I complete each day on my sock? Heck no! So I decided to wait and update when I had something worth while to say.

Here goes:
These socks just keep dragging on.....

mgreen socks.jpg

Good thing is I am in the home stretch now. I am at the toe. It won't be long now!

I did ply the red wool/alpaca blend for the husband. Looks mighty fine if you ask me:

red handspun.jpg

I hope I have enough for the scarf I want to make him....

I have been holding out on you. I made a purchase a couple of weeks ago.....


eeek! Ain't it sexy? No? yeah I agree, but it will make spinning much more enjoyable don't you think?

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October 01, 2007

There I go Blogging again...

Or should I say NOT blogging.
Where did last week go?
I mean it's not like I didn't do ANYTHING at all!

I worked a little on my friend's other sock. I made another Calorimetry for pete's sake. I even did a little spinning:

red black bobbin.jpg

This is from Spinners Hill. I got this at the Hemlock Fiber Show. It is for the husband. These are his colors. It is a wool/alpaca blend. I am hoping to make him a scarf. He knows about it. It's very hard to spin and knit with him around so I figured I would let him in on it. This is spinning up gorgeous!

I feel my other cat Suki get's the raw end of the deal. She is a bit camera shy. I got some good pictures of her this weekend and thought I would share a couple:

sukicloseup 1.jpg

Suki Kitty, she's so pretty the Suki Kitty.

This next picture is the way I usually see her:


But it's usually by her food dish.

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September 18, 2007

Ahhh...It's that time of year...

Crisp autumn days, and


I love this fiber festival! Why? It is just the right size for me. There were a lot of people there, but it felt like I could actually look everything over and not grab or worry something wouldn't be there when I went back for it.

I went to this with girls from the guild and fun was had by all. At least I had fun. The weather was iffy, but at least we didn't get soaked.

I was good this time. I only brought a certain amount of money and spent it all. NO credit cards were used! I was tempted, but glad I walked away with just a few nice things:


Yum.... Angora and wool!


Mohair, wool, very bright roving from Steam Valley. Love them!


not the best picture of this, but it is from Spinner's Hill and it is wool and alpaca. This is going to become a scarf for Mr. Big Geek.

And this is my absolute favorite of the day:


This is wool and silk! I forget the vendor I got it from but the color way is called Wild Iris. I love the colors! I think it does look rather intestinal, colorful, but still.....

They had a few demo's going on at the festival. There was an elderly gentleman showing us how to use an antique sock machine!

sock machine.jpg

He said that his mother bought one in the 1920's and paid $60.00 for the machine. She would make socks and her husband would sell them at work for something like $1.50 for 8 pairs! Holy crap! Well, I am sure it didn't take too long to produce a pair of socks. I like to do mine the old fashioned way.

Then there was a table set up of a group of people knitting in a circle:

big sock.jpg

I really wasn't sure what they were doing until we looked at the sign in the middle of the table. They are trying to make the world's biggest sock! Can you believe it? Anyone could knit on it! I really need to see this when it is all done. The were still working on the leg.

I have to say for me the funniest part of the day was when I bought some "fried dough". What's a festival with out it? Well you know they dump a ton of powdered sugar on that stuff right? Yeah, well it was a windy day. Yep! All over me. And NOPE! NO pictures!

Next up:
Progress shots on my Cascading Leaves socks and new project news!

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August 13, 2007

Guess what I did this weekend?







Mr Salt (Corn) and Ms. Pepper (Broccoli) over saw all production and were very happy with the end result:

end result.jpg

About a pound of fiber and yarn. Some super wash merino and some just merino. Phew! Now I gotta spin it.

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August 10, 2007

Oh my! I won another prize!

Yes, it is true.... I am either very lucky, or I just enter a lot of contests! I think the first. I don't enter a lot, but you do have to play to win right?

What did I win????

a prize1.jpg

mmmmmm.... fiber...... yummm...... I love how the green is two differnt colors on two different sides of the batt. The purple is all the same color, but these are definately my colors!

a prize2.jpg

How did I become so lucky? My pal Lisa was having a contest. THANK YOU LISA! That was way too nice of you! I love it! Now, what to make with it..... It is 4 oz of beautiful stuff! I will keep you posted!

I think I will lay off the contests for a while... give other people a chance.

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July 05, 2007

The day after...

It just didn't feel like the 4th this year. It was in the middle of the week. The weather was crap. We didn't do anything. I had yesterday off. Big woop. It felt like a Sunday. You wanna know what I did yesterday? I took a big blanket to the laundromat. Suki pwacked on it and it was too big to put in our washer. So me and not so little geek went to the laundromat. WOW! How exciting!

Okay, so that is not all I did. I haven't done any spinning lately, so I dusted off the Kiwi and decided to spin up the Holiday Project Wool that we get in the guild I belong to. We have to make something out of this roving and bring it to the December meeting.


Pretty stuff huh? I believe this is an alpaca/merino blend. Guild girls, help me out..... am I right?

Here are the singles


I know that I am way ahead of my self in getting this done, but not really. See, it would be just like me to get this done at the last moment and totally stress about it. So I am half the way there. I just have to ply it and then think up a project to make. I won't be able to show you what it is until December. Can you wait that long?

Just so you know, I did take the current sock on the needles to the laundromat. I should finish this up by the weekend.


I have to. I am going on vacation next week and want to start a fresh pair!

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May 14, 2007

Wow! Another fab weekend

Here at the Big Geek Château. I got A LOT done. Including dyeing some more fiber with the pumpkin dye that Carla gave me. Here is the fruits of my labor:


I can't say enough good things about how this came out! I LOVE IT!
(but I wouldn't want to marry it) I think I need to try a different color though.... or many different colors. Or I will have much orange in my wardrobe.

I also completed the "knitting" of my Klaralund

almost there.jpg

Now the joy of seaming...... sigh....... my least favorite task.

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May 09, 2007

Busy busy busy...


Well there you have it. It is plyed. And I LOVE IT! Both of them! Carla was so nice to give me a capfull more of the pumpkin so I can dye up some more!

On to other news. Friday was my birthday. Yes, Happy Birtday to me. When you get to be my age, you are just glad that you wake up in the morning right? Okay so I am not THAT old, but really it is just another day. My parents and my Mother in Law came over with dinner. Very nice. A little later, Margaret and Big Lou came over with a birthday cake. My brother stopped by too. All around fun. Nothing fancy, but nice to just sit and talk and drink MORE wine. Saturday I went to a couple of garage sales and book sales. I think I spent around $15 dollars and got some cool tee shirts, and some really great books. My biggest deal was 4 skeins of Rowan 4-ply Botany in PURPLE! Enough to make the Anna socks in the fall magazine (06) YAY!!! That was $5 bucks total! Well after all that excitement this is what I did

nap time.jpg

I never take naps.

Note: I forgot that Carol came over Friday too. And she brought me a great pirate hat and lots of goodies!

How's that Carol? Hee hee....

But it wasn't a party. Really. Speak to my husband. He did all the planning...

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May 03, 2007

I'm dyin' over here....

Guess what happened this weekend with this:

dying to be dyed.jpg

Well you take it to "DYE DAY". What is "DYE DAY?" Well it is when girls from my spinning guild get together and dye fiber! Carla came with her dye stuff and boy did I pick the right color!

Betcha can't wait to see huh?


That is PUMPKIN! And that isn't even a good picture. It has reds, oranges, yellows all mixed up. When we took it out of the dye bath and unzipped the lingerie bag, everyone gasped!

I also threw in a little roving into the Watermelon dye pot. Let's see them both together:


Oh my! The watermelon turned out "nice" but I really really love the pumpkin. I did a little spinning last night and here it is on a bobbin:


Now all I need to do is ply. Can't wait to see it all skeined up.

Carla I need more of that PUMPKIN! We must discuss.....


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April 09, 2007

New Fiber Hobbie!


Wow! It looks a little crazy, I know, but it was FUN! My guild meeting was 2 Sunday's ago and Anna (a guild member) showed us how to felt. It wasnt' needle felting, it was lots of water with a "tad" of dish soap and lots of agitation, and skwishin. Oh the possiblilities.....

So some of you have little faith in me! By some of your comments it seems that you already have me frogging the lace weight mohair even before I have knit anything with it!

You know me too well.

Oh, I started another sweater!

gasping woman.jpg

More details this week. Stay tuned.

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March 26, 2007

New project news

Well, thank you all for your very nice comments about my sweater!

What should I do next?


Well that's what it looked like yesterday afternoon. As of right this minute, it is a neatly wound ball. Yep, I frogged it. I wasn't feeling the love for this sock. You know what I mean? That feeling where you can't stop knitting on it. I got pretty far too with out feeling the love. I think what turned me off was the fit. It didn't. It was too big. So I am starting something new. Don't know what it is yet, but you can be sure you all will be the first to know.

Okay, so while I had like 10 minutes of sunshine, I took some pictures of some pretty handspun. Everyone likes pretty yarn don't they?

brown alpaca.jpg

100% Alpaca. What's the yardage? Dunno, What's the weight? dunno. It's just pretty.

Oh and here is the green that I showed last week:


I still have a lot more to spin. I bought a pound of it. When I say that it just reminds me of going to a deli counter and asking for a pound of olive loaf. Hey! Maybe that is what I should call it! But there is no red in it.....

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March 01, 2007

I don't have a heck of a lot...

action shot.jpg

pretty singles.jpg

But I thought these pictures of my latest spinning were cool.

I started a sweater.

gasping woman.jpg

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January 18, 2007


Remember this?


Well, I have finally spun it up! It is very "festive" shall we say?
I called the roving "Gay Pride".

Here is a "singles" yarn cake:


Well, it doesn't really look like that anymore.

I probably should have navajo plied.

But I didn't want to.

I *center-pull-balled-2-plyed* (it's my new word) and this is what I got:


Introducing: Jah Rastafari! (That is what husband exclaimed when he saw it.) ("really")


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November 27, 2006

Happiness is...

A bobbin FULL of spun fiber and a fat cat


Happiness are 2 bobbins full of spun fiber and a disinterested cat


Happiness is all the above plied and made into yarn and a picture taken on a nice warm sunny day....



I don't know the yardage. It came out lovely. The purple I think will be socks. The grey, I don't know. I have a whole pound to spin up! The cat decided not to model for me anymore. They are so flighty!

Oh and happiness is....


a Christmas present almost done and it isn't even December yet!

PS - My turkey dinner came out brilliant! Really!

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October 23, 2006

Rhinebeck - 2006


What can I say? I was totally overwhelmed. I had no idea of the size of this thing! I was literally shaking.... REALLY.... I had a great time. My driving buddy Mia kept me sane and laughing my ass off. I think the last thing I said to her at the end of the day was "I'm not going back" But that is a lie.... hee hee...

How to describe Rhinebeck - OVER THE TOP. I didn't know what to look at or what to buy first. Or for that matter, what to eat! I did come away with a few goodies:


Blue face sheepy stuff from these guys: Indigo Moon Farm One word: SOFT

Okay, I got this beautiful purple stuff, warning, wear your sunglasses!


That was from: Kid Hollow

Up next


Yes, I am calling this "Stuff" I have no idea where it is from, but it was cheap.

Last but not least:


I got this from: Steam Valley Fiber

Oh and there was this little meet up at Building E.




I am sure you will recognize a few faces in those pictures!

Here are people I saw, but didn't have the nerve or the time to say HI!!

Adrian, Cheryl, Yarn Harlot, Margene,Jillian

Now here is one picture I took of a mini Lacy Libertines reunion:


Yep, that is me and Meg. We just needed Missa and Toni!!

I saw and probably HUGGED (because that is the way I am) the following:

Lee Ann (she gives great hugs)
Kate (I shook her hand, I finally met her Kris!!) She was talking to Amy and I am sorry for interrupting! REALLY!
Cara(shook her hand)
And my peeps from Syracuse:

So all in all a very memorable time! Until next year......

I leave you with a bobbin shot:


I couldn't decide what to spin first so I did a little of both...

Over and out. I need a nap.

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October 09, 2006

Too pretty not to share

I really don't know what is wrong with me lately. I haven't felt much like knitting. On my shawl that is. I have 160 stitches left to cast off. That may not seem like a lot, but when you have a 12 row repeat of your pattern border, it's forever. I do believe my shawl has swallowed me whole.

I have been spinning though...

I took aprox 4 oz of 100% Alpaca and dyed it with, yes... koolaid. It's all I have on hand! But the color turned out quite pretty! Here is the roving:


I am showing both because they both looked pretty cool. I would highly recommend predrafting any of your roving.

Next up is the bobbin shot. I love bobbin shots


I had a lot of color variation with my dyeing. Hey, I'm a beginner! I like all my mistakes.

Here we have finished yarn


Nice huh? Sorry. I am bragging.... ;-)

This is my first dk/fingering weight yarn! Wahooo!!!!! Of course I don't have enough for a pair of socks. And I wouldn't make a pair of socks out of 100% Alpaca.

Here is a to scale shot:


I am thinking I may get some more Alpaca at RHINEBECK!!!!!! Yes! I am going! Wahoooooooo!!!!!!!! Ahem, sorry. I will get some more and dye some more and spin some more and hopefully make a small shawl.

Are you going to Rhinebeck????

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October 03, 2006

Do you still remember me?

I know! It's been a while. But we are all fixed up now! I figure I have a lot to talk about with my month off right? Well, I do, but I can't show it all.

I have been doing a lot of spinning. Some of it is secret spinning which will be revealed soon. I have spun up the prize I won way back when. It was from the dye-o-rama swap. You may remember it looking like this


Well now it looks like this


And then it ended up like this


Wow!! Huh? I of course, don't know the yardage off the top of my head, but I think I have enough to make a hat. Pretty pretty.

Okay, onto the next picture of fibery goodness.......


Then it became this


The bobbin picture is more accurate for color. Now what to make with it.........

I promise that I will be posting more frequently in October. The computer set back was a big pain in the ass.

Shawl update:
NOT DONE! HA! But I am almost there! Hopefully I will have a picture soon.

Come back now, ya hear?

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August 15, 2006

Busy Weekend!

I did a spinning demo! Well, me and some other gals..... See The Erie Canal was a big deal a long time ago. Parts of the canal have been shut down but some are still used today. In my town they have Towpath Days every year. This year I volunteered to spin at Towpath Days. They like to show how things were done WAY back then.... course I didn't wear a bonnet. I don't do bonnets. It was a lot of fun and a great excuse to spin ALL DAY.

Here is a picture of Amy, she is a most excellent weaver and I plan to pick her brain quite a bit


Next is Christina, she is a most excellent spinner. She has the patience of a saint. She has to, she has triplets and she answers all my questions. Oh and she weaves too!


these 2 live VERY close to me. I want to learn everything they know... yes......

Okay, next we have Dodie, she belongs to another guild. We like her. She has a very nice wheel..


Then, just so you don't think I wasn't doing my job, here is an action shot of me spinning! Marilee is next to me. She has a most excellent wheel too...


Mr. Big Geek and Not So Little Geek showed up and took some pictures of the actual goings on. Here is a cute little boat that was giving canal rides


And here is a shot of the canal


Here is a shot of what I produced that day at the festival


I am totally gonna do this again next year. I really enjoyed all the kids that came through and were actually interested in what we were doing. I had to correct some of the mom's because they would say "Look she is making string!" I would shout out "YARN, I am making YARN!!" I also had some of the little girls telling me the story of Sleeping Beauty, because I am ancient and I don't know that story any more (smile)....... I think we were able to ensnare 3 kids into the fiber world. They bought drop spindles and some wool. Ah yes, get them while they are young.....

Okay, I also finished up the crazy mixed up spinning I started last week. All the roving came in a tube and for the life of me I don't know what I did with the instructions. So I am leaving this yarn as singles. I hope they make nice socks. It's about 390 yards.


I hope they will look okay. There are some different fibers in there!

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August 10, 2006

Project Spectrum!

OIY! I completely forgot! Luckily I have some fiber to share!

August = Neutrals right?


I did this a while back. It's just plain old wool. But I love it. Couldn't even tell you the yardage. I think it's approx 10 oz. though.

Below is a shot of all my neutrals:


Various stuff there, Icelandic wool, plain old wool, alpaca....

I wanted to spin up this for the last hurrah.......


But I don't know if I will get around to it.

I thought this shot could say it all


I really loved Project Spectrum. It kicked me in the ass! Look at all the spinning! Now, what to make with it all.......

Up tomorrow: I have started a new shawl and I am very excited about it! Woo hoo!!!!

Oh and PLEASE go wish Missa a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today is HER birthday!!!!

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August 07, 2006


The heat broke and I got stuff accomplished. I was actually COLD on Saturday! But let's start with Friday Nite, shall we?

Diana had Knitstock! Bunch of us got together and knit! Let's see, I saw Susan, Carla, and Elizabeth (I confused her with someone else and felt like a total idiot - sorry bout that Liz!) and of course Mia (she rode with me) and blogless Liz and blogless Sherry! We had a good time with GREAT food and drinks. Diana want's to make it a yearly event, I say why wait a year? How about a monthly event?? It was a lot of fun.

I did a little spinning on Saturday and Sunday. I felt the wheel calling to me......

tubular spinning.jpg

I had gotten a "tube" of roving from Audrey for Christmas last year. I keep knocking it over so I figured I should spin it up. Below is a picture of some of the samples of roving in the tube


Pretty stuff eh? Now I am supposed to be spinning this as sock yarn. I don't see that happening unless I use it as singles. If I plyed it, it would be a worsted weight and I wouldn't have enough. I haven't decided yet what to do so I will just finish the spinning and let it sit.

I almost forgot to mention that I won a prize in the dye-o-rama swap! How cool is that? I received it Friday and just had to share:


It came with a origami kit too! I love this stuff! Thanks Noelle! It's beautiful!

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June 16, 2006

Surprises in the mail...

I signed up for the Dye O Rama swap a while back and I got my yarn Wednesday! Sorry, I didn't post yesterday. No time. But looky looky:


Is that not the best? I LOVE IT!!! And the best part is it was done just for me!!! She is calling the colorway "Blueberry Pancakes with Strawberry Compote" Oh my! I am hungry just thinking of it! My pal did her home work. She knew how much I loved purple. Look at all the goodies she sent! I have never tried that chocolate before, but I have been wanting to try this for so long. She also gave me soap and some badger cream.


She said she didn't have a niddy noddy to skein it up, so I thought I would wind one skein to show off the beautiful colors. Did she not do a GREAT job? I can't wait to make a pair of socks from this.

Here is a shot that shows the true color of this yarn:


Who was my pal? None other than Claudia! Let's give her a big hand! WOO HOO!!!!!

I just went to the Dye O Rama site and was totally floored to see all the brilliant yarns that were dyed for this swap! Also amazing were the different ways everyone came up with dyeing their yarn! Great job to everyone!

I also received some great cd's from Susan. Course I forgot to take a picture...... I LOVE THE CD'S Susan! I hope you like yours!

Have a great weekend! Over and out.

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June 14, 2006

I'm a yarnie...

That's what my non fiber friends call me. My husband asks if I am going to do "Yarnie" things on the week of our vacation. What he means is are you going to be going to festivals, spin ins etc... and not include me? But I told him that I don't have any Yarnie things to do while we are on vacation. I will knit and spin, but I will be with him and the boy. Why am I saying all this? I don't know. I couldn't think up a clever title......

But I do have a cute story to tell.......This past Saturday I spent the day with Grandma Geek and Not So Little Geek. We went to garage sales and to lunch. My last stop was to the new quilt shop near their house that carries yarn. I have talked about it before. I wanted to get some yarn for Kris. We are doing a little yarnie exchange... Well on my way in the shop I see this man doing work on the outside of the building. He looked over at me and I froze for a second. Why? Because it was my crush from High School! Did you ever have one of those? The guy you liked from afar and never spoke to because you didn't feel worthy? Okay, so I had a little esteem problem. I worked that out. But he still stopped me in my tracks. I had to regroup! I quick went into the store, made my purchase and scooted back to the car. Of course he saw me and he knew it was me. I felt like such a dork! I mean I am 41! How can this happen? I guess I just didn't expect to see him there! Oh and I didn't have any makeup on. So I don't think I looked my cutest.... Ah well. All this for this:

sock yarn for kris_75.jpg

Sure is pretty though.... I hope Kris likes it.

I did finish 1 sock and it is too small, but I don't want to show it until they are both done. So you will just have to wait. You will just have to suffer through more spinning photos


The white skein in the middle is the Icelandic wool I picked up recently. I thought it spun up real nice. I have been drawn to natural colors lately. I should be doing something blue for Project Spectrum but I have already spun up my blue. I am going to skip June and try and get some purple for July. THAT is my favorite.

Okay, the above story was kinda dumb, but oh well.

Over and out.

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June 09, 2006

Where did this week go?

I know I said I was going to tell you Tuesday (or Wednesday) why my Dad is my hero. But the week just whizzed right by!

Any way.... My Dad. He is a great guy. He usually only calls me early on a Sunday morning to tell me:

A) Someone has died

B) He read about something good in the paper that I would like

This time it was B. Thank god. He was the one who told me about the Shearing Festival I went to 2 weeks back. He also told me that there was going to be an Alpaca Fun Day over in Auburn New York at this farm equipment store. So I went! There were only 3 farms there, and some of these guys:


I really like these creatures....Like I said, there were not many farms there, but I did get chatty with one gal. Her farm is in Ithaca, NY. She was perky, friendly and helpful. I asked her if she had any fiber for sale. So we went to her truck. She said she felt like a "pusher"! She has NO IDEA!!!! Ha! So I paid around $20 bucks for this:


I know it doesn't look pretty, but believe you me....I have spun up a little (sorry no picture) it looks like milk chocolate. And it spins like it too! Here is a picture of some grey:


Little Geek is in there to show the volume. I don't know if I can call him Little Geek for much longer..... Not so little Geek. That sounds good.

Holy crap! That is a lot huh? She was stuffing it into 1 gallon bags. She said "Oh that's about 3 oz." That's okay with me!!!! This expanded a lot when I took it out of the bags. I also bought some roving. $20 bucks! Yay! I will definately be visiting her again. Nice person.

Look at the tips on the grey!!! So pretty:


Let's move on to another topic shall we? I picked up this last night:


Love it! Could Melanie Falick, just once, put out a book that I won't buy? Please? I swear, she has the midas touch. She could make shit look pretty. I know all it takes is a good photographer and a good stylist...... but man! If I ever have a knitting book, I will call her first. Uh, yeah, right.

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May 31, 2006

What a weekend! Lemme tell you....

I think I am going to have to tell you about my weekend in a 3 part series!!! Yes, it was that good.

Saturday I went to a shearing festival in Fabius New York with Julia and Carla. We went to Springside Farms (no web site) and saw sheep and alpaca being sheared. It was very interesting as I had never seen either done before. Here are the sheep being sheared, boy where they dirty....


They were easier to handle than the alpaca's. This poor beast’s had to be tied down to a table.


I am sure though they appreciated it because of the heat wave we are having here in New York. Their legs were tied down so they wouldn't kick. I wouldn't want to be kicked by an alpaca, would you?

I was just a little disappointed with this festival because I missed the spinning demos. And the farm store didn't have much in the way of fiber for sale. They had a lot of already made socks, mittens, hats and yarn (factory made) they had some handspun yarn for sale. I guess I was most disappointed that when I did find fiber, it wasn't their fiber. Didn't stop me from buying it though.


This is 2.5 oz of "Icelandic Thel Roving" so the label says. It is from "Shepard Falls Farm" (I have no idea where that is from). But the price was right. I also bought Dan a little stuffed Llama and a finger puppet. He now has a border collie and a llama. He is going to be a fiber geek too whether he likes it or not.

They also had a petting zoo at the farm. Here are some lambs. Their mama's were the ones being shorn for the first time.


And some goats:


Moving on to Saturday evening, my best pal Pegi had a cook out. It was her birthday weekend so I gave her this:


You may remember it looking like this:


I dyed it with neon food coloring. I used the immersion method. It came out (I thought) really cool! I was going for a sky blue (to match Pegi's eyes) and it had a purple halo that also showed up from the fuzzy alpaca fibers. I also made her these:


Is it me or is everyone making and selling stitch markers and sock yarn lately?? I guess I won't be doing that. Not that this is a slam on you people! YOU GO!!!! I am just saying I am slow on the up take. I don't want to compete with you all. I would much rather buy.

Alrighty, I sure hope Pegi likes them. I had fun making it all. I think she did. She is a knitter.

Well now, let's conclude this Saturday evening with a fireworks shot I took at Pegi's:


It's not a party at her house with out em.

Next up tomorrow: "My Sunday with Mia" Now that was a hoot.

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May 22, 2006

Is it really May?

Then why is it so damn cold! I want to turn my heat off for good! (At least until October....)

So I did have a wonderful fibery weekend....even though it was cold and rainy. I went to see my hubby play with his band at an art gallery on Friday night. That was fun, but him being the good husband that he is brought my birthday package from home from the lovely and talented Kris! He knew that I couldn't wait and now you can see why


That pink yarn? Is Cashmere baby!!!! Oh yeah, say it with me now...WAHOO!!! The other yarn underneath I found out is lace weight AND it's Kris's new favorite yarn. I can see why! I am not sure if I should make a shawl or socks. Seems to nice for my feet....

I met up with another lovely and talented person: Mia on Sunday. She needed some inspiration so I told her to check out some of my pattern books. She went home happy. She also took me here.

We saw these guys:


Sorry about the pole there in the middle. They were all shorn. They looked so skinny! But cute none the less. Speaking of cute


AAAAWWWWW!!!!! How cute is this little guy? He or she (not sure which) was in the hay. I had to pick it up. I wanted to squeeze it and hug it and call it George! I didn't bring him home, but I did bring this home


I have been seeing so many nice things that every one bought in Maryland that I felt left out. So I bought almost a pound of alpaca roving. CLEAN and PRIME. Lovely stuff really.

So there you have it. I did start a sock last night! Can you believe it? Progress pictures tomorrow or the next day.

Over and out.

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May 19, 2006


I was going to have this deep philosophical post today, but it just ain't happening. A while ago (November of 2005 to be exact) I went to an alpaca farm. I picked up some yarn and some roving


That was the roving. I have had this for a year and a half. Waiting for me to be good enough to spin it. It cost me 3 dollars people. But I really hate to be wasteful.

I think I am in love........ Alpaca, when CLEAN is a beautiful wonderful thing. Not that it wasn't when DIRTY, but it certainly is much more pleasurable when good to go right?


Ahhh.... heaven.......

This next picture is my center pull ball


I am getting the hang of plying with the center pull ball. I must say, I do like this. It uses the whole ball, no waste (we know how I feel about that).

The only thing that bothered me about this was the color. This fiber came from "Maxy" the alpaca. While the color looks fab on Maxy, this color does not look fab on big geek.

Now I know what you are saying..... What could you possibly make with 1.2 oz of yarn......


I haven't a clue. I was thinking a little lace head kerchief or something. Any ideas? Oh and I am definately putting this in the dye pot. It looks too much like the color of nude pantyhose or Band-Aids. I don't like pantyhose.

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May 15, 2006

I have finished something!

Wow! Can you stand it?


He hated every minute of modeling this for me. Can't you tell?

I had heard rumblings about a new source to buy yarn that wasn't too far from my house. So I went here. What's the deal with these new quilt shops opening up and selling yarn??? Not that I mind or anything, not when it looks this inviting. They sell NORO!!!! I love NORO! Well, I never can leave empty handed so I bought 2 different skeins of Kureyon. (is $8.50 each cheap?? I am thinking it is...) they also had the pattern for this hat! I whipped it up Saturday Night and I started another one! I love the color changes. I will be going back, oh yes, I will. They also carry the Schaefer Sock yarn! Wahoo!

Yesterday was of course Mother's Day and I did nothing but what I enjoy doing, which was spin and knit. I didn't even cook! That's what's supposed to happen right?

So I finished spinning my first alpaca....(that doesn't sound right)


Not as hard as I thought it would be. The gal who sold me the fiber said to spin and ply it first then wash it. I don't know why, but I did. It was very very dirty. It came out so clean though. I am going to dye this definately. Don't know what color yet.....

Here is the green plyed (because it is May and May = Green = Project Spectrum)


I am almost done spinning this up. I really like this fiber. I got this all from Spinning Hill (No web site). Same place I got the yellow and the red/pink. I need more of this. It is the best.

Alrighty then. My goal now is to go back and revisit some of my other works in progress. I think I am ready to finish my Rebecca cardy now.

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May 05, 2006

Here is why I have done nothing but spin...


Look at that green! And here I was calling it Jabba the Hut green! It's more like "Top of the Mornin" green. But fabulous none the less.

I finished up spinning the 5 oz. of orange I had. I think I got a wee bit too tight when I plyed and spun. Ah well.


I received this as a birthday present from a coworker


Do people know me or what? She said I can put all the money I want to spend on yarn, fiber etc... in this bank. Unfortunately it is empty. I wish it was full so I could go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. But I can't (poo) I will go to Rhinebeck, oh yes. I will.

I hope lots of people spend lots of money and share pictures of all their goodies! Have a great weekend!

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May 01, 2006

Hooray Hooray! The First of May!!!!!

Outdoor screwing begins today!

How many have heard that one??????? Okay. A little vulgar.

It also means that May is the month for GREEN in project spectrum!


Doesn't this look like a giant hairball? EEEWWWWWWWW!!!!! A very pretty green/yellow hairball.

I went to "dye day" with members of my guild. Not everyone showed up and I am sure the girl whose house it was at was okay with that. So I learned a little about dyeing. Not as hard as I thought. I dyed my project fiber which is the skein in the middle (it used to be grey) and I dyed the brown I was spinning on MY NEW WHEEL (YAY!!!). You can't really tell with the brown that I dyed it plumb. Oh well. It was fun. Take a look:


That little skein is just that. A little skein of the big one next to it. I dyed that plumb. It is an alpaca wool blend. I have to make something to give away at our December meeting of our guild. What to make.......

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April 28, 2006

The wheel


I didn't buy it yet. I am taking it for a "spin". I love this wheel. I am going to buy this wheel. I think the reason I like this wheel is because it is used. It was loved by someone else. It has a history to it. I like the way it looks too. It reminds me of an old fashioned wheel. A fairytale wheel. I can buy this wheel now and not have to wait until I get more money for a more expensive wheel.

Here is the spinning I have done on this already


It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine........

Here is another reason I am going to get this wheel.
This is my husband's small recording studio.


See all those gadgets? I am quite sure they add up to MORE than the cost of MY wheel. I just can't sneak a spinning wheel into the house like I can yarn or fiber. Or like he can with little gadgets.

Oh and here is one of his FOUR, yes FOUR guitars


Les Paul Studio, GIBSON LES PAUL STUDIO!!!!!


Oh yes, MINE. I may even get another one! Who's gonna stop me!

Little Geek has already named the wheel "Beatrix"

I like it. I think I have a new wheel.

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April 26, 2006

Please bear with me

I am sorry, but I am really loving the spinning thing right now! A lot of you have asked: "What are you going to make with all of this?" I haven't a clue! I have a little more yellow left to spin.


I picked up some blue fiber at this little shop in my home town last weekend. I like to go check and see if she has anything new. I honestly just went in to see the fiber. I bought the blue and spun it up right quick:


Nice eh? I think it is merino. It could be silk/tencel bled. I really wasn't paying attention because she had like 4 wheels in the shop. I asked her if they were all hers. She said no, they were for sale! YIKES! 1 was brand new and the rest were used. I tried them all out because, well you just can't have one wheel right? I sorta kinda really liked the Ashford Traditional. I am really on the fence about buying it though. I want a wheel that would be my next step. I think this is a beginner wheel. Not sure. Put it sure was purty and the price was kinda reasonable. I am still thinking about it.

Okay, so I have actually knitted a little bit too! I am only showing a little bit because I really think you should see the full effect of this once it is done:


I am being good and trying to keep on track with my project spectrum colors. It's hard (as shown above with the blue handspun)

Lastly, I gave the pirate hat to my friend and coworker Marya. She graciously agreed to model it for us!


Isn't she gorgeous? She LOVES the hat too. Phew!

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April 18, 2006


I'm sorry, I have to. I have spun the best yarn of my very small "career" shall we say? I am very proud.


Yeah yeah, there are a couple of "fat" spots, but I really think I am getting the hang of this now! I love this skein! I even smell it. EEEWWWWW!!!!! I hung it out to dry! So it smells nice too!!! Come on people! You know you smell yarn.


Grumperina does.

Here is Suki with it. This is really the color too. I have decided it is more of a mustardy color than the color of breast fed baby poo. Sorry for the Suki nipple shot. She is not bashful.


I think I woke her from one of her many naps. Here is the artsy shot. It is with my sweater that will take me a year and a day to finish


Thank you for all your comments on my tiresome sock. I haven't ripped it yet. I think I will put it aside for a while (until I need the needles)

I took yesterday off from work and spent the day with my son. He had the whole week before off from school and they had to give them Monday off too (jeesh) We went to see the movie The Benchwarmers. Little Geek loved it, well what 8 year old boy wouldn't? It was about baseball, burps, farts, boogers and vomit. There you have it.

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April 12, 2006

Picture heavy...

I will keep them small. So this weekend I did more than interpretive dance with yarn and kitchen chairs. I also did alot of SPINNING!

You get in a groove ya know? I don't know if I have voiced this, because I can do what ever I want for project spectrum, but I thought it would be cool to spin for my projects. This month as you all know is Orange and Yellow. Lucky for me I have both to spin! Here is the orange:


Isn't it yummy? It was yummy to spin too. It is Louet Corriedale Top. About 5 oz. I split it in half and spun up the half:


I was so excited when spinning because I was even and all that, but when I plyed it sorta came untwisted and would pull apart. It really had a lot of twist in it so I am not sure what my problem is. I still like it though.

Okay on to the yellow:


This is from the same place I got my pink/red roving. Of course I can't remember what the place was. I got it at the Hemlock Fiber Festival back in September. Spinning Hill??? I dunno. This is GREAT! It looks like baby poo, breast fed baby poo. Here it is spun up.


This is gonna be nice huh? Oh yeah!

Moving along....... I finally finished up my blue roving that Audrey sent to me ages ago as a secret pal gift. Here is is all spun up:


I had good and bad times with this. As shown. Who will see it all knitted up anyhow?

Here is a picture of my pink and blue disaster. I had some blue left over so I thought I would ply the blue. I shoudn't have mixed the colors. I would have liked them separate. DARN!


Finally, I did not give up the ship! I decided to untangle the mess of pink and keep going. Here is my progress:


Wish me luck.....

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April 04, 2006

Why I love my spinning guild

Okay, I know I have said it before, but I truly love my spinning guild! Why? Well because. I was plying this


And don't any of you say it is nice. It is crap. I am okay with this! It was crap to spin, crap to ply, crap to look at. I digress....back to why I love my spinning guild. I was plying this crap. The pink is a little bit overspun (to say the least). I was cursing while spinning it. Of course none of my guild mates heard me, well maybe Marlea(she laughed) There was a lot of "fodder" in my roving. I don't like that. Too much work. I am wandering again. Sorry. The person on my other side "D" (not sure of HIS name, yes a man! who spins! sigh...) helped me out. Seems as though I need some tension when I ply. Not tension making the flyer go, but my "lazy kate" has no tension. GASP! Here is my lazy kate


See it is part of the wheel. While plying everything just flaps in the breeze! "D" suggested a shoe box and some knitting needles. Would I need a rubber band to help out with the tension? I am so not good at engineering..... I guess what I am asking is does anyone know how I could get this to work for me? I don't really want to buy a free standing lazy kate right now (god I like that, "lazy kate", poor kate....) I really want to spend my money on a jumbo flyer so I can ply more yarn on a bobbin or make chunkier yarn.

Help? Mommy?

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March 31, 2006

Radical Craft Night

What's that?

It's where I was last night. Yep, Julia and I have been wanting to go to Radical Craft Night for a while now. Well we finally did. Did I bring my camera? Oh no! Why would I do that? Groan.......I had a great time though. This is a vintage shop that opened up in Syracuse and Thursday nights you can come and do crafts! I brought my spinning wheel. Is that radical? There was a girl there making tassel's for her belly dancing belt! Cool! I would love to know how to make my stomach do that weird roll thing....

The owners of the shop got a button maker. I got to make a button! Wanna see???? Huh? Wanna?


How cool! Now I want a button maker! Here is a picture of Suki and the button. Just so you can see how small the button is and how huge my cat is....


Do you think if I made her a poncho or a caplet she would wear it? I am thinking not......... Allrighty, moving on. I brought my spinning. This is what I have been spinning


Not really my colors, but I want to ply them together and see what I come up with. Probably just pink and blue..... no surprise there.....

Guess what tomorrow is? Yes, it is April Fools, but it is also the start of the next month for Project Spectrum!


I am thinking about a garter stitch scarf. Like I need another scarf. I got this yarn in LA last year. It is 100% cotton. It is also VERY bright.

Rock on.

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March 17, 2006

We interupt this blog entry......

Hey! You! Yeah you. Get ovah here.


I'm talkin' to you. Now listen up. I don't know 'bout yous, but I am sick and tired of her gettin all the attention. So this box comes the other day see and in it was some yarn and crap. The thing is there was also a little somethin for me. YEAH ME! Got that? Are ya with me? Okay, so this little something for me is some cat nip see.....

I like cat nip. ARE YOU PAYIN ATTENTION? Good. I like cat nip see....


I love cat nip see.....


Oh do I love the cat nip see.....


It makes me all kinda funny inside and stuff. I don't know what comes over me some times, I just want to grrrrr........and rreeeewww, and rip......


Phew. I need a rest.


This is what else she got. Okay, I need to nap now.........

Hey, I am back. That Smudge can be really bossy sometimes. Audrey and I decided to do a little swap. Some Koigu for some Louisa Harding. I got my box the other day. She will be getting her box any day. She made a cute cat nip mouse that Smudge totally destroyed. He's like that. Sigh...........he didn't even let Suki have a go.

Right then. Back to the knitting. Well no knitting really. I do have some more hand spun to show


I am not to keen on this. It was a real pain to spin.

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March 14, 2006



Yep. My first Project Spectrum project is done! Well, it's done for me. This was my goal. To spin this up for March. I did it! I am kinda proud of this too. I love how it came out. I don't know how many wraps per inch this is and I don't really care. It came out perfect. I don't know what I want to make with this yet either. Who knows, I may just gaze upon it's beauty. This fiber was heaven to spin. It is 100% wool and it was VERY clean. No flora or fauna. The funny thing about this too is that I think that every color in the rainbow was in this roving. I saw black, blue, purple, orange, pink and red. I guess I didn't see any green. LOVE IT!

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March 06, 2006

Guilds..... are a wonderful thing!

Did I tell anyone that I joined a spinning guild? Well if I didn't, I joined a spinning guild! Back in November. We meet once a month and I love it! These women (and men) are a wealth of information! This months meeting involved a sale table. You bring in fiber related things to sell and buy. I sold a book so I bought this


I believe it is Kool Aid dyed roving. I just loved the colors.

I also had to have this because it reminded me of Suki (my cat)


A woman in the guild makes things out of old wool sweaters and things. Ain't it cute?

We also received fiber/yarn for our guild project in December. 4 oz of a wool/alpaca blend.


I think I am definately going to dye this for a more heathered look. What you are to do is create something with this fiber to exchange with another guild member at the December meeting. This past December yielded some GORGEOUS things. I can't wait!

Finally I have a progress photo to show of my project spectrum project


This is spinning up so fast that I will have to make something else either with this yarn or with some of the other yarn I pictured. I am almost done spinning it all up. It is going to be beautiful.

over and out.

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