September 08, 2009

Okay, It's been way too long...

I am here! Really I am! I have not given up blogging yet...Some major good things have happened recently which have caused me to be away. One thing is... we got a laptop! AND we got the internet at home! YIPPIEEE! I would have blogged sooner because well now I can from home, but for some reason I couldn't log into my blog account from home. I will still have to figure that one out... So I am blogging during the day (on my lunch break - hello boss man!)

There have been a lot of happenings around our house this summer. I try not to get too personal on this blog because you don't need to hear my tales of woe. Anyway, the husband lost his job at the beginning of summer. Things are crazy but we will manage. Why did we buy a laptop then? So he could find a job.

Moving right along.... ;-)

I think I told you a while back that I am teaching a class this fall! I am going to teach a beginning lace class for intermediate knitters. I have been busy working on my own pattern that I will offer the class. I can give you a sneak peak though

lacy scarf_25.JPG

I am really excited how this came out! I am going to offer the pattern for free after the class. The pattern is free for those in the class so I think that it is only fair that after they take the class it will be free.

I don't know what to call it though....

So how was everyone's summer? Considering our minor set back, we have had a great one. We did a lot of little day trips around the area. I feel rested and happy.

I am going to have another big wonderful announcement in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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August 13, 2009

I really need to do better don't I?

It would have been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged! Oh my! I think things will pick up around here once the weather starts getting cooler. I mean who wants to knit when it's a bajillion degrees out?

Well, me I guess.... And what do I knit?

Stuff for winter of course.....

I have something finished! Wahoo!

baktus 1.JPG

It's the ever popular Baktus Scarf! Yes I am a sheep. I follow and do what everyone else does. But come on! Us knitters have great taste and we have to stick together right?

Here is a "what it looks like from the back" shot

baktus 4.JPG

Yup! It's a small trianglular scarf thingy. Here is another way I would wear it

baktus 3.JPG

Yes, just flung over one shoulder. Very good look, very good.
Then here is the ever popular sexy on the floor look

baktus 5.JPG

If a scarf could look like it just rolled out of bed it would look like the above picture.

Lastly here is the "I took so many damn pictures of my self I can't stand any one of them but the above four" shot:

baktus 2.JPG

Did anyone notice? I got my hair cut! Yep and it's SHORT. Well short for me. It's I can't put it in a ponytail any more short.

I need to stop. :-)

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July 14, 2009

Whoa! Somebody stop me!

I have another shawl done!


I had my doubts about the color combination, but I really like this! Here is the famous shot on the clothes line shot(with clothes on it...)


Then there is always the ubiquitous shot on the bush shot


Then we have the new "shot on the husband" shot. Which may not be new or original at all...


I had asked him to take some pictures of me with it on, but clearly he was engaged in other matters. I don't even think he knew I did this


because after he asked if I wanted him to take the pictures now. I said, Nope! All set honey! Good thing he's a good sport.

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock - Color S40
Needles: US 4 Circular - 24 inch
Pattern: Simple But Effective Shawl by Laura Chau
Notes: I used up pretty much all of this yarn. I had too little gumball sized balls left.

I am taking the next 3 days off from work and doing a mini vacation! YAY FOR ME! We are going to do a day trip to Howe Caverns and really just lounge around. I won't be checking up on any of you online pals. But you can be sure I will be knitting or spinning something.


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July 02, 2009

It's summer.... that's why I don't blog

Well at least this summer. I do have to apologize, but I am just not in the mood.... I hope my blog mojo comes back.

How about looking at your millionth Ishbel?


Yes, I too fell under the spell of the Ishbel. It's the Jaywalker's of shawls I do believe.


I am such a follower. Like a cow, or a goose. But then when you see how beautiful this pattern comes out and you don't even need that much yarn it's easy to see why everyone makes one.


I really thought I could make this with only 2 skeins, but alas, I had to buy a 3rd. Which of course I didn't use up. So it will go to my scrap sock yarn granny square blanket.


Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.

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May 28, 2009

Fits and starts

Hi there! Sorry no pretty yarn Friday last Friday, but I was busy! What with work and the Memorial Day weekend. I didn't even think I was going to blog today! Phew!

Fits and starts. That is the title of this blog post. Why is that? Well let's see, I guess because I keep starting projects and it brings me to fits of ripping them out again

Case in point:


I have ripped this out twice. I have even started it with a new yarn and have ripped it out. What is this? It's Ishbel. The lovely shawl that everyone seems to be making and NOT having any problems with. My problem is my counts are always off. It's really frustrating to see that you didn't yarn over when you were supposed to like 5 rows down. What is wrong with me? Do I need to take a breather from lace? Perhaps.

Oh but it doesn't stop there....

Case in point #2:

start jaywalker.jpg

I started this Jaywalker back in April. I have ripped it out, started a completely different pattern, ripped that out and started a completely different pattern (which I like much better)

Do I have any pictures to show for this? Nope. I had a long weekend too but no pictures. I didn't even take any pictures of pretty yarn!
Am I loosing my mojo?

Oh wait! I almost forgot! I can show you a FO at least!


YAY!!! I finished this way back in April. I just couldn't show you because it was for Missa. She has been so good to me and I really needed to make her a little somethin' somethin'. This came out kinda big, but when you actually wear it, it has a bit of a slouch to it. She said she loves it, now if only she would send me a picture.....

You can find the specs on my Ravelry page. You know who I am.

over and out.

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May 19, 2009

There's a Storm comin'


I squeaked out a quick little project inbetween my socks and my Ishbel.


I just had to. I ripped out my socks 3 times and Ishbel once. I wanted instant gratification and I got it with this


Pattern: Storm Cloude Shawlette - Hanna Breetz
Yarn: Berraco Ultra Alpaca - 1 skein of purple
Needles: US 10
Mods: I started running out of yarn so I ended the shawl after 70 or 71 rows. I would have liked to have a ruffle, but no yarn left. Well... that isn't entirely true. I think I may have enough to make a little tie for this.

I can't believe how quick this was! I started it Saturday and finished it up Sunday. I would have had it done Saturday, but I had things to do.

Special thanks to the husband for the photo's. He actually made me look thinner!

Love this pattern!

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May 08, 2009

Pretty Yarn AND Pretty Finished Project Friday!


Okay, again, so it's not my handspun. But isn't this a beauty?

What is it?

Why it's Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet! I purchased 2 skeins at the new Yarn Store in Town called Yarn Cupboard. The owner is fantastic! I am looking forward to returning when I have more $$$$$

Did I mention I have a pretty Finished Project too? Why yes! I did!




Pattern: Shetland Triangle - Evelyn Clark (Pattern in the book Wrap Style)
Yarn: Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace (Didn't even use the whole ball)
Needles: US 5 Circular
Mods: None, I followed the pattern to a T.

I am giving this shawl to one of my dear good friends Linda (she comments on here as Lemon) I started knitting Linda a sweater like 15 years ago and never finished it. Well now I just don't like the sweater so she said it was ok that I make her a shawl. This was a quick knit! I loved working on it too. AND I am totally in love with my blocking wires. What a time saver!

Lemon, your shawl is on it's way. I mailed it yesterday! I hope you enjoy it. I want a picture!

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April 29, 2009

Does this happen to only me?

Ok, so I am starting a new project. A shawl. An Evelyn Clark shawl because she is brilliant and designs really great patterns.

So I am cruising along, right?


I am on the last freakin' repeat and I decide to actually count my stitches cause hey, you never know....

And I am one stitch off. ONE STITCH!!!! Do you think I can find that stitch? Nope. And guess what? I pulled out my life line! Am I a dork or what? So I tink back 10 ROWS people! It's a good thing I am a patient person.

So now I am back on track. On the last repeat before the border. Life line is in.


Here is a little detail shot (above) And no that isn't my hairy leg. I think it's a cat hair. I suppose I should tell you that this is the Shetland Triangle Shawl from "Wrap Style". I am using Classic Elite Alpaca/Silk. The yardage is only 463 yards, but I am thinking I will have some left over


Yikes! That's a lot! Anyway.... Lemon, I hope you love this shawl. It will look a lot prettier when it's blocked.

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April 24, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday!


I wish I could call this my handspun, but it's not. I don't have any pretty handspun to show you so you will just have to gaze upon store bought.

This yarn is Noro Cashmere Island. It's got a lot of wool, a little bit of cashmere and a little nylon. The yardage is only 110 yards, but this stuff is soft and pretty. I got it on sale too. A sorta local yarn store is going out of business (which is always very sad) I think I had only gone to this store once before I heard of the closing. It is about a 35-45 minute drive so to me that isn't really local. There aren't any shops around me that I would call local. And that is probably a good thing.

So I have been trekking out there every Saturday to see what is left over and I got some of this last Saturday. I am going this Saturday with Lauren. It will be my last Saturday going to this store as I am going away next weekend (WEBS remember?) So you may see more pretty yarn that I get from this store closing. It's funny, a store closes and 2 more open up in the area. Still not close. Far enough away that I don't get into trouble.

It's supposed to be a great weekend here. Hope it is where you all are!

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April 22, 2009

A new sock


I, like so many others, need to have a small project going at all times. Socks are perfect for this. I got this yarn at Hobby Lobby (a new store opened up in the general area - not really near me...but...)it's Lion Brand Sock Ease. They don't have very many colors of this out yet, but I have to say I really like what I see so far. They are naming all this line after candy. Which can't be bad at all right? This is the Lemon Drop colorway. There is no way I could ever wear this near my face. I look dead around anything yellow. So for my feet it's a good option.

The pattern is the brilliant Jaywalker pattern from the lovely and I must say very talented Grumperina. You can't go wrong with this pattern and it's perfect for this yarn. Did you see that there is a NEON YELLOW stripe of color in there?


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April 10, 2009

Pretty Yarn Friday!


Okay, well this isn't my hand spun. It is Manos. And it is GORGEOUS!

I bought it at a going out of business yarn store closing sale. I bought it only because I liked the color. The price wasn't too bad either. I probably would have bought this at full price too. I mean come on! Look at the color of this! Oh, did I mention how soft it was too?

Definately gonna be a cowl. Don't I always say that? I still haven't made myself one.

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April 07, 2009

Garter Yoke Cardigan

garter yoke finished.JPG

Is done! I am so totally pleased with how this came out. I do believe this will be worn A LOT! In fact I wore it to work yesterday. Only Carol noticed it. But that's okay. She reads the blog. The guitar in the shot is mine. It's for you to gaze upon instead of the girls. (no really that's where it always is...)

look at all the buttons.JPG

I really thought I was going to have a hard time finding buttons for this as I don't actually have NINE buttons just laying around. I found them though. I think they are all wood buttons. I wanted the buttons not to over power the sweater. It works.

much better sleeve.JPG

The sleeves. I am not a big fan of wide sleeves. Too much cold air can go up them. I wanted this sweater for warmth. So I tapered the sleeves right from the top. They came out just as I wanted them to.


Pattern: Garter Yoke Cardigan from Fall/Winter Knit1 - 2008
Yarn: 6 skeins of Tahki Yarns Donegal Tweed in a teal blue (I have a skein left over.... perhaps a matching hat?)
Needles: US 7 Circular

The only modifications I made were obviously the sleeves and I didn't do the waist shaping, which I think I will do when I make this again. I need a pink one, a brown one, a green one........

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March 25, 2009

I am so excited!

For 2 reasons. First reason. I finished a pair of socks I started way back in January!

jan 09 socks 1.jpg

I still haven't broken my promise of starting anything new until my blue sweater is done, but these were really almost done.

jan 09 socks 2.jpg

So I just finished them up. Like that.

jan 09 socks 3.jpg


Pattern: Basic Sock Pattern - Ann Budd
Needles: US 1 Circulars (2 of them)
Yarn: Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) - 2 skeins

All is on my project page in Ravelry. I dunno why I repeat myself here. Most of you are already there....

Okay, on to Reason #2 why I am excited.

Saturday, May 2nd, me, the husband, and the son are going to see....

those bonnie scottish lads: Mogwai

It's an all ages show at the Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton Mass.

YES!!!! I did say NORTHAMPTON! You know what is in NORTHAMPTON don't you??


sigh..... oh happy days! And it's my birthday weekend! I am already making my list! YAY!!!!!!

Edit: My birthday weekend is in may...not now.


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March 02, 2009

Yay! I AM a good Mom!

Everyone was happy this weekend! I got my shawl done, and the son got his mittens!

swallowtail 2.JPG

I am so so happy how this turned out.


I want to invest in blocking wires though for my next triangular shawl.

swallowtail 4.JPG

Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark (Interweave Knits - Fall 2006)

Yarn: 2 balls of Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca, 100% Alpaca - Teal Blue
Needle: 1 US 4 Circular

I didn't modify this pattern at all. There was nothing to add or take out. I even liked the nupps! Once I got the hang of it. Would I make another? Not anytime soon.

And I get the good Mother award for the day only because I finished up the son's mittens!

dans mitts 1.JPG

See? He even gave me the thumbs up!

thumbs up.JPG


Pattern: Cruiser Mittens (Free pattern on Ravelry only)
Yarn: Quinnehticut Woolen Co. Ponemah - Teal Blue
Needles: US 5 + US 6 DPN

Mods: I made the cuff longer than the pattern called for. Don't want the boy's wrists to freeze. I thought the thumb placement was a little wonky, but it looks okay.

Now, what to make next.....

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February 24, 2009

Who is the best knitter in the whole wide world?

Come on, tell me you don't feel that way when you actually overcome an obstacle.

we got nupps.JPG


I came, I knit, I kicked their butts.

Now if I could only remember to do a yarn over when I am supposed to.

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February 16, 2009


My child is still mittenless....

I started a project for MY SELF and still haven't finished his other mitten. I am thinking karma is causing the problems with this project

swallowtail progress.JPG

what is that quivering mass of yarn?

I started the Swallowtail Shawl (Interweave Knits - Fall 2006) I am really cruising along on this. It's easy I laugh gleefully.


The damn NUPPS! Yeah, it sound easy when you read it. But have you ever tried to purl 5 together?

Thankfully I put in a life line before I started this new chart. Also I have found that Minty Fresh has made some excellent mod's to the pattern! Which makes me very happy. Although I haven't tried them yet.......

Wish me luck.

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February 11, 2009

I have actually finished something!

turn a square 2.JPG

Can you believe it?

What the heck is it? And why is it so plain? And why did it take so long to make? Who is that guy?

turn a square top.JPG

Pattern: Turn a Square Hat - Jarod Flood (I think it's a free Ravelry pattern....)
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino in dark grey
Needles: US 7 Circulars and dpn's
Mods: I made it a bit longer before I decreased. I think 6" total.
The husband has a biggish head. It took so long because I was being lazy.

The "guy" is the husband

turn a square 3.JPG

He wanted it plain. He likes plain. Which works for me.

Now all I have to do is finish up the son's mittens. Which I will report one mitten is complete and fits! So it won't be spring before I keep my family warm.

Then I can start something new for me!!!!! YAY!!!!

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January 22, 2009

Hey Mom! You said you would make me a pair of mittens!

Yes, I am a bad mother. My son requested mittens way before Christmas and well I have been distracted.....

I did finish 1 mitten


But I don't like how it fits. I love the cable going down the front, but the cuff is way too short and the thumb is too snug and it just fits weird. So I am going to re-design this mitten the way I want.

I have started it too. Really I have.

Did I say I was distracted? This is what has been occupying my time lately:


I am up to season 5 of Buffy and I just can't stop! Spike is MY MAN! Carol (work friend and occasional commenter) has been lending me all of her Buffy library. Oh and she also gave me this to read:


Yep! More vampire stuff. This book is what True Blood is based on. I haven't watched that series.....yet......

Oh and I got this for Christmas:


gotta watch my lusty King Henry.....

And I have been plugging away on my plain old sock (when I should have been working on the son's mitten - shhhh)

I am up to the heel flap on this.

So would you say I am a little busy at the moment? The son will get his mittens. I promised him I wouldn't start anything else until they were done. But there is so much calling to me.....

Final note: YAY! A new President!!!!! I am very very excited about this.

PS: While Tangerine Dreams is having a contest over at her site. Check it out!

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January 13, 2009

First finished project of 2009

tyrolean socks 5.JPG

I probably would have had these done if it weren't for the holiday's.

Oh how I love these socks. They are warm and soft and I think I will really need them over the next coupla days. It's going down to 9 degrees around these parts

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of the back of your leg? I don't know how I did this and it NOT come out blurry. Must be some new yoga position I made up......

tyrolean socks 4.JPG

Not very flattering of my legs. Looks like I had one too many Christmas cookies over the holiday's doesn't it? Oh but I enjoyed those cookies....

tyrolean socks 7.JPG

Yarn: Fingerlakes Woolen Mill - 2 ply Soft Wool - color: Sheeps Grey
Pattern: Tyrolean Stockings by Anne Budd - Interweave Knits Fall 2007
Needles: US 3 - 24" - 2 circular needles
Notes: This pattern looks a lot harder than it really is. Keeping track of the cables is tough at first, but then you get into the flow. These were a dream to knit.

While these were still unfinished I started a new sock! Are we surprised? Nothing fancy, just a plain sock. I like plain socks.

jan 09 sock.JPG

I frogged a sock that I actually had completed from 2 years ago. The sock was too small and I just wasn't that into finishing the second one to gift to someone. You couldn't see the complicated pattern anyway. I am slowly going through some of my real moldy UFO's and frogging them. Trying to be practical.

Plus this yarn is just gorgeous as a plain old sock.

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December 31, 2008

End of the year round up

Instead of listing it all, why not show it?

2008 mosaic.jpg

1. log cabin socks 3, 2. columbine peak done 3, 3. BOTEH FINISHED, 4. me hat 5, 5. smudge w hat 1, 6. skully baby hat, 7. canyon hiking socks 1, 8. 2 baby hats, 9. ROZA SOCKS, 10. Ravenclaw done, 11. Inga done, 12. herringbone2_, 13. Elf socks finished 1, 14. TAM BACK, 15. TAM SIDE, 16. eleanor 5, 17. Plain Janes 4, 18. Main mitts, 19. fls back, 20. feb lady sweater 1 front, 21. August 08 socks 1, 22. mini shawl 4, 23. mini shawl 3, 24. Old Shale Smoke ring done, 25. Main Morning Mitts No. 2, 26. cute little socks, 27. comfort shawl 4, 28. Marya's xmas headband, 29. Michael's maine morn mitts, 30. mikes maine mitts 1, 31. deirdre's xmas head band, 32. purple head band, 33. carols head band thingy 1, 34. ribbed neck tube, 35. superstar smudge 1, 36. me hat 2

And that is just my knitting. Which when I look at it is lots of socks, hats and mitts. I did a lot of spinning this year so that cut into my knitting time. Which in my book is OK.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!


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December 30, 2008

So I hope everyone had a good Holiday?

Yes? No?

Mine? Was peaceful. Which is very very good. I said I wasn't going to stress out and knit a lot of Christmas presents this year.

I lied.

Well, it didn't totally stress me out.

Wanna see what I made and some pictures of who got them?


I figured I would stick to the quick and easy patterns. So Michael got a pair of Maine Morning Mitts:

michael main mitts.JPG

He likes them. I think...

m modeling mitts.JPG

I made three of these this year.

86-10 Headband (Drops design) for Deirdre:

deirdre head band.JPG

Here it is on her:

d modeling headband.JPG

I made one for Carol, my partner in crime at work:

86_10 headband.JPG

She loved it:

carols head band thingy 1.JPG

Then I made one for Marya another work friend:

Marya's xmas head band.JPG

I also made Marya a neck warmer:

ribbed neck tube.JPG

Marya can't model this yet, because it is being delivered to her as we speak. So Smudge decided to model it for her:

superstar smudge 1.JPG

I washed it after he wore it. Even though he is a very very clean kitty.

Over all I think everyone enjoyed their woolies.

Now it's time to show you what I got for Christmas!


my new toy.JPG

It's a Tom Foolery spindle from Greensleeves! I love it!
I got some other very nice things as well like some kick ass head phones and an i-pod shuffle, some great movies, a funny cat calendar and a "Cullen" Family Crest tee shirt. Over all nice holiday.

And it's not over yet! We got New Years coming up!

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December 16, 2008

Comfort Shawl

comfort shawl 4.JPG

I started this back in March of this year and decided to finish it up and give it to my Mom for Christmas. She needs it more than me.

comfort shawl 1.JPG

Pattern: Comfort Shawl
Yarn: Unknown mill ends from AC Moore
Needles: US 8 circular
Notes: This is just a basic garter stitch shawl. Nice and easy. I just kept on knitting until I thought it was big enough. I use 3 big skeins of this yarn. I think it's machine washable.
***notice how my pants are pulled up in the top photo? And they bag in this one? Yeah, I have NO ass. ***

comfort shawl 3.JPG

I think she will like it. She knows how much I love to knit.

comforts shawl 2.JPG

I am chipping away at my UFO's. It's a great feeling.

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December 08, 2008

Change of plans...

I was hoping to show my guild's holiday project today but the meeting was cancelled yesterday due to really bad weather. I got my project done! YAY! I was also hoping I could show what I got in the exchange. But we will just have to wait until January.

In the mean time I can show one Tyrolean sock done

1 tyrolean stocking.JPG

These are going to be heavenly. And warm too. I have even started the other one. Which is good for me.

I have been spinning a little too

alpaca on spindle 1.JPG

I have a bunch of alpaca that is just waiting to be spun

alpaca roving.JPG

I took advantage of the good natural lighting I had on Saturday. I took some shots of my stash for my Ravelry stash page

wool macro 1.JPG

I have 10 skeins of this! Didn't realize I had so much! Now what to make with it....

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December 01, 2008

What I did over Thanksgiving besides EAT...

I am finally eating for lunch (right now) the last of my Thanksgiving left overs. I really don't care if I see another turkey until January! I love Thanksgiving. The only thing you have to stress about, at least in my house is when the turkey will be done. I don't go shopping on Black Friday. I rest. And knit.

Here is my progress on my Tyrolean stocking:

foot almost done.JPG

I really thought I would have been finished with at least one sock and started on the next. But it just didn't happen. I realized that I needed to get going on my holiday project for my guild. I had spun up all the yarn and it was just sitting there waiting to be dyed. So I dyed it....

holiday proj wool skein.JPG

with kool-aid! Now I know I am giving a little too much away by showing it as some of my guild members read my blog. But I just had to show how nice the dye job came out! It's nice and bright!

looks like port wine cheese.JPG

Kinda reminds me of one of those Port Wine Cheese balls that you make for Christmas parties. Without the nuts of course...

Because my guild meeting is this Sunday, I needed to put the sock down and start my project which all I will show is this:

super secret project.JPG

until they are done. I am not giving anything away with this picture other than the color of the yarn. No they are not mittens.....

So I also did something else on my long weekend:

ticket stub.JPG

What a disappointment! Robert Pattinson was great, but Bella....YUCK! I don't like Kristin Stewert. AT ALL! Sigh.....I don't even want to talk about it.

Okay, so I will probably buy the DVD...

Thanks to Smudge for holding up the ticket.

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November 21, 2008

New stuff!

I have decided that I am not going to be a crazy person this year and knit things for Christmas.

Causes too much stress. Makes my face break out and everyone around me miserable.

So instead, I decided to cast on another project for just me


These are the Tyrolean Stockings from Interweave Knits Fall 2007. I have long since admired them. They are a bit challenging for me as they have many cables...I am trying to decide if I like knitting cables or not. I sure like the look of them, but to knit them....still on the fence.

I will let you know when these are done.

I have more new stuff to share! I got new glasses!


I was going for the geeky/safety glasses look. I believe I achieved that.

What do you think?

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November 17, 2008

It's snowing!

And a good thing too! I got my Old Shale Smoke Ring done!

Old Shale Smoke ring done.JPG

Of course I didn't wear it today. It wasn't SNOWING when I left the house.

I had some yarn left over from the cowl so I made a cute little sock!

cute little socks.JPG

Well actually I made two. And obviously one is not made from the same yarn....But what another great way to use up your left over sock yarns! This probably took me like an hour to make. Do you think this could count for my November socks? Seeing as how I didn't knit any for September or October. Probably not....

Pattern: Alpaca Sox Mini Socks Pattern
Needles: US 2 - 2 circulars
Yarn: bits from my left over sock yarns

Oh, and I have been holding out on you. I have some finished yarn to show:

bfl goblins knees hs 1.JPG

This was entirely spun and plied on my spindle. I got about 70 yards of a fingering weight yarn. Course I want more now. What can I do with this little bit? And I don't want to hear "MAKE LITTLE MINI SOCKS"


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November 10, 2008

I am a selfish knitter

I finished my sweater and thought, I need to start something new. Just for me. Well, wasn't that sweater for me? Aren't all those socks for me? See how I am?

Hey! I am totally okay with this. Who else will appreciate it besides well... ME! Enough about me, what about it?

start smokering 2.JPG

It's the Old Shale Smoke Ring by Cosy. I am using sock yarn that I won 2 years ago from the lovely and talented Sweet Georgia. I mean seriously, Would you want this on your feet?

I think not.

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November 03, 2008

Guess what?

It's DONE!

feb lady sweater 1 front.JPG

Okay, but wait a minute...



fls back.JPG

I dunno, perhaps I will learn to love it...

fls front 3.JPG

It feels more like a bed jacket than a sweater. Could be the cotton I used. It wasn't the pattern. That was great! I am not even going to tell you what this sweater is because everyone knows already about this pattern. I think between this and the clapotis it is the most popular pattern out there! I think if I make another one I will definately use wool. You don't know how glad I am that this is done. I feel like I can start something new. Or perhaps finish up something old..... nah.

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September 15, 2008

I got some knittin!

mmm 1.JPG

Main Morning Mitts AGAIN! They are a nice quick project. Even though it took me a week to make them....

mmm 2.JPG

Which we know is much too long for me on a project like this

mmm 3.JPG

Pattern: Main Morning Mitts from The Knitter's Book of Yarn - Clara Parkes
Yarn: Lana Grossa Mega Stoppino - Wool/Acrylic blend (more wool than acrylic) - 1 ball.
Needles: US 7 DPN

mmm 4.JPG

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of both hands? It wasn't very lady like, that's for sure...

I gotta tell you my friends, I am not going to make a sock this month. I am taking a vacation from socks. Really this was my own little Knit-a-long. So I make the rules and I can break them right?

I think I need to concentrate on finishing up some stuff. Stay tuned!

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August 28, 2008

August Socks are done!

August 08 socks 1.JPG

I have made 8 pairs of socks this year! I can't believe it! I was thinking of gifting these socks, but I changed my mind. I am going to be selfish and keep um for myself.

I like the fact they are miss matched too.

August 08 Socks 2.JPG

Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal Rodeo
Needles: 2 US 1 Circulars
Pattern: Basic Sock Pattern by Ann Budd

What should I make next? I am really going to push myself to finish up some moldy oldy UFO's.

Thanks for all the photo suggestions too. I think I should just read the damn book.

Over and out.

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August 21, 2008

Getting there

sleeve of fls.JPG

I am working on one sleeve for my February Lady Sweater. I have been trying this on and I gotta tell you I really love how this is coming out. I made it long enough for the body, here's hoping I make the sleeves long enough. I am thinking 3/4 sleeves. We'll see.

Well summer is almost coming to a close and that means The Great New York State Fair. I keep thinking maybe this is the year that I enter something like handspun. But I never get around to doing it. I am going to the Fair this year. We have tickets to see:

Cheap Trick
and Journey!

I am not a big Journey fan, so we may stay and listen for a little bit then leave to beat the crowd. I am totally looking forward to seeing Cheap Trick! I love the bass player! Heart will be good too. But Journey.... they just remind me of bad High School experiences....

Joan Jett is playing a free concert at the Fair on the same day. We are going to try and make it to that show for sure.

I am hoping to have my August socks done by the weekend. I want to have something to blog about next week!

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August 13, 2008

Could it be August already and I haven't blogged?

What is wrong with me?

Main mitts.JPG

Look what I did! I made a pair of Maine Morning Mitts with my very own handspun yarn! And I luv them lots!

Still working on my second sock.... and the February Lady Sweater, which is now gathering dust. But I musn't let it! I must finish something besides a sock this month.

Tell the truth I am getting a little sick of socks...

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July 31, 2008

A sock, some yarn, a blanket, OH MY!

1 opal sock.JPG

Yes, I got one sock done in the month of July! How about that? And I cast on for the second sock! Which is very wise. It lessens the second sock syndrome I think.

I also plyed the purple. Here is a nice close up shot. Kinda makes it look like there is a lot there doesn't it?

light purple hs.JPG

But in reality....


It's about 80 yards. There was only 2 oz!

Oh and I did say that I haven't shown my scrap sock yarn granny square blanket in a while haven't I? Here you go

scrap sock granny blanket.JPG

That is a mouthful to say!

I got some more to add to it thanks to my sock knitting frenzy of late

more to add.JPG

I so love this blanket. I want it a little bigger. Thats all.

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July 25, 2008

July 2008 socks are FINISHED!

Plain Janes 2.JPG

I am calling these my "Plain Jane" socks. Only because there is no pattern. I let the yarn do the talking.

Plain Janes 1.JPG

Pattern: Ann Budd's basic sock pattern from her book
Yarn: From Norway - gift from Kris
Needles: US 1's - 2 circulars
I have it on my project page on Ravelry you can look there too. I am too lazy to share the specs! Bad Beth!

There was some interesting pooling going on with these socks. But I don't mind it. You can't really tell anyway. They are so busy! I love them. They are for me. I have a couple more pictures up on flickr if you are just dying to see more....

I have quite a bit of yarn left over

left overs.JPG

Which I will add to my scrap yarn granny square blanket. I haven't shown that lately have I? It's getting bigger and I think it needs to be shown!

Next up:

next up.JPG

I am thinking another pair of Plain Jane socks are in order. I want to finish my February Lady Sweater! I don't need a fussy pattern to gumm up the works.

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July 07, 2008

So... how was everyone's weekend?

Mine was nice! I did a ton of yard work and I am totally sore from it. We didn't go to any backyard bbq's, my Dad cooked a turkey dinner on Saturday though complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy! I made a cake. I know, it's kinda weird in the middle of summer, but you get sick of summer time food by now. Plus it wasn't too hot, so his kitchen was nice and cool. I did see fireworks. Ya gotta, it's the 4th of July!

I really thought I would have a pair of socks to show today. But I don't. This is as far as I got:

2nd sock synd.JPG

I'm not worried though. I have all month to finish it. And I am getting a little tired of socks.

Hmmmm I wonder why I didn't get a lot done on my sock. Could it be I started another project?

Why yes! I did!

feb lady start.JPG

Between yard work and breaks from yard work I managed to get this far on the Fabulous February Lady Sweater

Holy smokes! That is pretty far! I am knitting this with 100% cotton yarn. It's going to be a beast of a sweater, but I really like how it is coming out. This may actually fit me AND the girls! I am making sure of it!

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July 01, 2008

Sometimes I even surprise myself...

plain jane heel.JPG

I know! I am a little ahead of my self! This is just a peek at the one sock I have done for my July 2008 sock.

It's the heel if you didn't know. And here is a toe shot

plain jane toe.JPG

I don't want to show the whole thing till they are done. Which I am thinking will be soon at the rate I am going. I am trying to free up my July so I can do some other things.

I love knitting socks, but I want to make some other things like a cowl. Seems they are everywhere.

I have some yarn choices. What do you think of these?

looks like salad.jpg

It's not my handspun.
It was the nice price.
Got it a couple years ago at the Hemlock Fiber Festival along with this:

melon hs.jpg

Either of these would make a nice cowl.

Or this one below:

orange hs.jpg

Now this is my handspun and I LOVE the color of this so much! I would love to wear it around my neck!

I may have to make 3 cowls!

Oh and then I got the new issue of Spin Off Magazine and I totally want to make the Morning Surf Scarf (Raveled Here)

I am thinking of using this:

wool_silk singles hs.jpg

It was supposed to be for socks, but I like this much better. So I think I could get at least a couple of cowls done and a scarf by the end of July don't you?

I am off Thursday and Friday for a nice long holiday weekend!
Happy 4th!

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June 27, 2008

Eleanor's are done!

elinor 2.JPG

I was kinda down to the wire with this pair wasn't I?

I took so many good pictures of these I couldn't decide what to keep so you are getting 5!

And I call this one "Socks with a blade of grass"


I loved knitting these socks. There was no fussy pattern to follow. It was easy enough to see where I left off when I picked them up again

elinor 4.JPG

I will totally make these again

elinor 1.JPG

And lastly a close up

elinor 3.JPG

You can check the Ravelry specs here

what to make next?

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June 20, 2008

I got nothin....

This is how I feel today

old lady knitting.bmp

sigh......and see in that picture? Thats about how much I have done on my other sock too.

I hope it is a nice weekend this weekend. I got some of a fleece and I think I have my work cut out for me

stinky fleece.jpg

kinda looks like a pile of cow poo doesn't it? Smudge would just love to roll in this... but I didn't let him. I hope this "crap" is going to come out.

Perhaps on Monday I will have a finished pair of socks to share.

Speaking of socks, have you seen THESE?


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June 12, 2008

It's been too hot to knit...

But I did anyway. WOW! Thank goodness the heat has subsided a bit.

I thought I would have a finished sock (yes only one) to show, but you will have to settle for an almost finished sock.


I have to rip out the toe and make it a little longer. It's just a little too snug for my comfort. I am ahead again on my sock for this month. I bet I have the finished pair done by next week.

I did a little spinning too this weekend:


The above picture is a more clear picture but not very color accurate. Here is a better one for color, but it's a little blurry


I am really enjoying spinning this. It is a wool/angora blend and yes, it really is soft. It's spinning up brighter than the batt:


remember that? I got it in September. It really is divine. I have some angora that I want to card with wool and now I can. I can't wait to see what this looks liked plied. AND what to make with it?

I have also been noticing (okay, I am stalking...) some beautiful, woven, things around blog land.

I have had this in my basement for like 10 or 12 years....


should I take the plunge? It's a bit dusty....

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May 23, 2008

Book Review Time!

I have been threating this for a while now and today is a good enough day to do the review. Let's just start and say that I paid for this book full price at the book store. If any book publisher ever wanted to GIVE me a knitting book to review, I would gladly take it! I mean who doesn't like free stuff right??? By the way, I am not the best "writer" in the world and we all know my spelling is very BAD. I hope I get my feelings accross with out repeating my self.

I am going to review this book:

Shear Spirit.jpg

Shear Spirit
By Joan Tapper and Photography by Gale Zucker
(Potter Craft)

Have you ever had visions of owning your own sheep or alpaca or any kind of fiber farm? Yeah, I know I have. Well this book let's you feel like you are right there on the farm with out shoveling the shit! I love this book. I want to go to every farm in this book! Each chapter is devoted to a different farm (10 total)across the United States. They range from farms in Maine, Texas, California, Oregon!

Not only are the photographs gorgeous, but each chapter tells you about how the farm was started and what kind of "flock" they have. The best part are the patterns (20 in all) using the fiber from each farm in the pattern. Sweaters, socks, hats, bags, shawls, scarves, vests. Definately something in here for anyone to make.

What I like best I think are the stories of why the people wanted to start a farm in the first place. These are hard working people doing something that they love. AND they all look very happing doing it! There are different crafts people in here, weavers, spinners, knitters, felters.

I wish I could have a sheep farm or a couple of alpaca's in the back yard. But that is probably never gonna happen. I feel like after reading their stories and looking at the beautiful pictures that you are right there visiting the farms. I will probably try and visit the ones that are closer to me. Heck I may even vist them all some day.

I hope this review helps if you ever wanted to buy the book. Take a look at it at the store, trust me you will love it.

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday!

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May 20, 2008

Who is going to be Santa's favorite this year?


elf socks 2 _.JPG

Either that or I'll look like a Who down in Whoville

side view.JPG

I really loved this pattern. However, the heel leave me a bit dismayed.....

puffy heel.JPG

No it's not a weird growth on the bottom of my foot. If you stretch it out it doesn't look so bad.

streched heel.JPG

It will be in my shoe. Who's gonna see it.

Yarn: Wool Ease Speckles - Hunter Green and Burgundy
Needles: US 3 - 2 circulars
Pattern: Pippi Knee Stockings from Stitch N' Bitch - 1st book

Once again a super fast knit. May socks are done. Now what do I do?

Don't worry, I have started something. I am just not ready to share it yet. I am trying to like it.

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May 09, 2008

May's sock

I wasn't going to share this with you. I wanted to wait until they were all done. But what the heck. Here is the start of May's sock:

elf socks 2.JPG

Yes, I realize that they are a bit "elfish". They will be great at Christmas time! It's the Pippi Kneestocking Pattern from the 1st Stitch and Bitch book. I don't know what it is about knee socks and me. They knit up so fast! It could be the size 3 needles. It could be the easy stockinette stitch. It could even be the thicker yarn.

I had this yarn in my stash for a while. It is Wool Ease. I don't know for the life of me why I picked these colors so long ago.... I could have got this when I was pregnant. Pregnant women don't always think straight. I found the yarn while I was rearranging my little craft space. It's a shame to let it go to waste. Well maybe not...
So there you have it.

I also wanted to plug my friend Margaret's new etsy shop. She makes the most beautiful bracelets in the whole world (at least I think so)! I got one for Christmas:

mb bracelet 2.JPG

Here it is on my wrist:

mb bracelet 3.JPG

Isn't it the coolest? She's so talented. You can find her here. They may seem pricey, but oh my are they worth it! All you Mothers out there, get your hubby's to buy you one! It's our weekend after all!


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May 06, 2008

Finished Socks

Log Cabin socks done 1.JPG

YAY!!! I got them done on Sunday. 4 days over my deadline. Am I worried?
Pattern: Log Cabin Socks from Hand Knit Holidays
Yarn: Jager Como
Needles: US 5 - 2 circulars
Notes: Loved the pattern, they knit up quick. I used this yarn because:
A) it was in the sale bin at my lys (3 bucks a ball)
B) it was similar to the yarn spec'd in the book
C) it is PURPLE!
I am not sure I would knit socks with this yarn again (it may even be discontinued). It felt like I was using pencil roving plyed with very thin elastic thead. I don't have much left over. Enough for my "scrap" bin.

I love the little "dandylion" in the middle of the picture


What a glorious day! The sun finally came out so I could take a picture

log cabin socks 3.JPG

Sorry about the garden hose. Did I mention it was a glorious day?
It was also my birthday! YIPPIEEE!!!!!!!! I had a really nice day not doing much of anything. OH, but my husband got me this:


While I may not like everything in here, it is inspiring.

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April 29, 2008

I don't think I am gonna make it...

I really thought I would have them done before May.I have one sock done. Oh well, like I said, this is my personal goal.

1 log cabin sock.JPG

Sorry for the crappy photo, I took it this morning and it was quite grey outside. I have started the second sock and I should have it done quickly. I probably would have had it done this weekend. But I was busy all weekend. I have decided to make part of the laundry room in my basement a little craft/hobbie hands/knitting/spinning whatever room. It is turning out pretty good! It took me most of the day Sunday to sweep the floor, move some stuff around, rearrange. All that good stuff. My hobbie hands was taking over the upstairs! Not a pretty site. I will take a picture soon. If you want to see it. Nothing fancy, but it makes me feel more organized.

Oh and the weather was beautiful this weekend too!

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April 23, 2008

New Sock

Remember back when I said I wanted to make a pair of socks a month?
Well April is almost over. I better get my rear in gear right?

I thought I would pick a sock pattern that uses bigger needles.


The Log Cabin Socks from Hand Knit Holidays is doing the trick. I am almost to the toe and I am not obsessively working on these!

I bet I have them done by the end of the month. My last pair stretched into April. But that's ok. This is my personal goal.

I am already thinking about May's sock. I think I want to make these

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April 18, 2008

Free Pattern alert!

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the Happy Anniversary well wishes!

And because I love each and everyone of you I thought I would share a pattern I designed. I made this up when I was trying to figure out what to send Kris her birthday present. I always like to send her something she can't get in Norway. So I sent her some handspun yarn:

hand spun.jpg

and made up these:

Warm Hands For Kris.jpg

These photos are courtesy of Kris. Thank you! Those are her very own hands by the way....

Here is the pattern:Warm Hands for Kris Pattern
It is a PDF file and if I can figure it out it will be on my side bar.

I know, how many patterns are there out there for more fingerless mitts! Well I believe you can never have enough.

I hope the pattern is mistake free, if not just shoot me an e-mail:
sandawich(at)hotmail(dot)com and I will try and help you though it.

Well, what are you waiting for? I expect to see some fingerless mitts pictures e-mailed to me pronto! Oh and a knit-a-long, and Ravelry Maddness.....

Have a great weekend! Over and out!

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April 15, 2008

Happy Blog Anniversary to ME!

WOW!!!! 4 YEARS!!!!
Can you stand it? Probably not.... When will she go away?

Ha! Never!!!

I had this great post all set for today, but due to technical difficulties (I suck at internet stuff) That will have to come later.

I was going to post a FREE, yes FREE pattern! That is my problem. But don't worry, as my gift to you faithful readers, I will have the pattern up this week.

So what can I talk about instead? Well I got my socks done!

columbine peak done 1.JPG

Kinda nifty huh? I did run out of yarn 2 rows from the toe. Can you believe it? So I just made a longer grey toe. They will be in my socks, who cares. Let's just have another look at them

columbine peak done 5.JPG

Do you see anything strange about the sock on the left? The naked eye probably can't spot it, but I know it's there. A mistake, sigh, yes, I have made a mistake and I didn't rip it out and fix it! Whatever... Can't see it? Here you go:

big mistake.jpg

I'll have you know I shaved my legs just for you so that I could take this shot. Feel lucky, They were really bad.

Okay, lets get your mind off the mistake and look at some pretty hand spun

brown black alpaca hs.JPG

mmmmm.... alpaca..........mmmmmm........

brown black alpac hs 2.JPG

Little more than 5 oz. of pure heaven. Yep, I have been doing a little spinning.

Ok. Gotta go. I will have pattern up this week. Promise!
(Kris you know what it is already....)

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April 08, 2008

Crochet's bum rap....

Yeah, I think that crochet is totally getting a bum deal these days! I do agree there are some very unflattering patterns, but those are coming few and far between! Have you seen the Crochet Me book? Fabulous!

My friend Margaret was buying her yarn (to make the Boteh Scarf) at a local yarn shop. The person working there asked her what she was making and she told them a crochet scarf. You would think she had dog poo on her forehead! I can’t remember exactly what she said, but she totally put crochet down. Now if I owned a shop and wanted to actually have people buy something I would never put down some ones craft of choice. I would do it in my head! (of course!)

I went to a shop to buy yarn a little while ago, I mentioned crochet and the woman waiting on me crinkled her nose! EEEK! Sigh……

Well I am rekindling my love for crochet again by finishing my Boteh Scarf

long boteh.jpg

boteh finished.jpg

Pattern: Boteh Scraf from Interweave Crochet (spring 07??)
Crochet Hook: F
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock - 2skeins - Purple Iris

I have a lot left over on my second skein. I think next time I will add a few more "triangles". I can use up the left overs on my scrap sock yarn granny square blanket!

Oh by the way... I have even started another one!

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April 02, 2008

That's the last time I post about them...

Wow! I think it’s totally funny that when I don’t talk about knitting, nobody comments. So I will try to keep my posts to strictly knitting… But I really love Flight of the Conchords!!!! And those were really funny!

Right then. Moving on. I finished my Raisin Beret. Not too happy with the results. I think it’s too slouchy for me. Makes me look like this guy:


Me with raisin.JPG

Sam Kinison and I separated at birth? You decide.

I thought the pattern was great up until the decreases for the crown of the hat. The pattern has a mistake in it and it’s really hard to fix mistakes when you are knitting lace. To tell the truth I ripped it out and started again about a week ago. Sigh……

I think it looks much better on Mr. Louis don’t you?

b lou.JPG

Who is he? Why he is my friend! He is married to the lovely and talented Margaret! She makes the most fantastic shoes!!!! (I will have a pair some day, oh yes, I will)

Mr. Louis and Mr. Big Geek like to get together and sniff glue, ahem, they like to make models of WWII aircraft. We decided it would be a good idea to all get together and do


Doesn’t that sound like fun? Even not so little Big Geek got involved. So did Mr. Louis and Margaret’s dog Cody! (who has her own myspace page by the way, Cody that is)


No she didn’t crochet the blanket….

So we all got together this Sunday to do Hobby Hands and have a little Pot Luck Supper! Secret Lentil was supposed to come with Mr. Lentil, but they crapped out. Too bad for them. (We still like you guys) I made homemade Mac and Cheese and Chocolate Cake. Margaret made chicken and asparagus. YUM!

Here we all are doing our hobbies:

r l .jpg

That't the husband and Mr. Louis

d and m.JPG

That is not so little Geek and Margaret. Notice the lovely Calorimetry on her head??? She loves it.

So Margaret is a new crocheter and she wanted to start a new project. She picked the Boteh Scarf (Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet). I decided to join her and make the scarf too.

boteh start.JPG

Seeing as how she is a newbie crocheter I thought I would get a jump on the pattern and see if there were any obstacles with it that would make her scream and pull out her hair. I had like 4 triangles done when we got to the house. Not to show off or anything…… It was fun! I couldn’t put it down! Margaret picked a yarn that perhaps shouldn’t have been picked for this project. But she is handling it like a trooper! (she picked the new Noro Sock yarn)

Here is a nice close up shot:

Boteh start.JPG

I am have like 12 triangles done as of today. I should have this done by the end of the week!

Wow, long post, but I thought I should make it up for the Conchords post.

Over and out.

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March 24, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!

I know I am a little late, but I hope everyone had a nice holiday.

It didn't feel like Easter this year for some reason. It was way early for one. I don't get Good Friday off so that is a second reason...

And for a 3rd, it was COLD! Don't get me wrong it was beautiful both days but man was it cold!

I thought I would share some update photos with you of my current projects!

I did weigh my other sock, thank you all for that suggestion. It seems that I will have enough. I am just going to go for it. If I run out then I will have a longer grey toe than I wished for, but that's okay.

I am going to show you 2 pictures I took of my 2nd sock. I love the digital camera's and how you can see right away what your pictures look like. Here is one with my flash on (I forgot to turn it off)


Nice colors huh? This seems almost like what the colors really look like. Now here is a picture with the flash off:


Nice artsy shot. But I took this just a moment after the other one! CRAZY!

I have also been plugging away at a shawl that is great mindless knitting

mystery yarn shawl.JPG

Now that picture does not look anything like what the real color of the yarn is. AND because I bought so much of that mystery 100% unknown fiber I decided to crank out one of these:

start raisin.JPG

It's the Raisin Beret. I thought it was a good choice for this yarn. It has a great drape to it. Also I saw that Terhi had made one and it is truly brilliant.

The color of the yarn in this photo is more accurate. So there you have it. A bunch of nonsense about the way my camera interprets colors. Who cares!

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March 19, 2008

Gee I hope I have enough...

Well I have one sock done


I am not going to weave in the ends of this one yet. I may need to start over.....



The above picture shows all that I have left. I am not sure if that is a good perspective. How about me holding it?

PERSPECTIVE 2.JPG is another view


I really don't know if I have enough of the grey for a matching sock. So I thought why not do the opposite on the second sock and use the grey for the cuff, heel and toe? Will I have enough?

I haven't started the second one yet. I decided to think about it and work on my mystery yarn shawl instead. I am on a second ball of yarn and it is getting bigger! No picture until it is done.

So do you think I will have enough to finish the second sock?
Stay tuned...

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March 10, 2008

New stuff...

I don't believe I thanked any of you yet for your well wishes when I was sick! Thank you!!!! I have been crazy busy at work too as my co-worker is out for a week and a half and I am doing her job and my job. EEEK! Busy Busy, so if I don't get back to you it's not that I don't love you. I just don't know if I can. I will be better soon.

So I started a couple of new things this past week. I have been holding out on you. I had set a personal goal for my self of knitting a pair of socks a month and it looks like I may achieve my goal this month. Do you want to see it?


This is either the ugliest sock in the whole world or the coolest looking. I am opting for the coolest. I recieved this yarn as a swap from a Ravelry person for a book. I think it was a good trade. She sent me some sock yarn that didn't look like it would make a pair of socks with one skein, so I thought I would combine it. I am sorta liking the results. The pattern is from Cat Bordhi's book "Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles" It is the Columbine Peek sock. I have made these before and I like the pattern. I am on the foot now as you can see...

*Note* I am actually knitting these on 2 circulars, but put them on double pointed needles for the photo so you could see it better.

Next up:
I went to a local AC Moore this weekend looking for some yarn for Kris (not having good luck with it Kris, but I will e-mail you)

I spotted a bin full of mill ends. So I pawed through it and found this


I bought 2 bags as there were 3 skeins in a bag. Here is what the bag said:


Do you see at the bottom? It says "Unknown Fiber" hmmmm....... It looks really hairy to me to be acrylic. Could it be alpaca? A blend? Well whatever it is I got 100% of it!!

Here is a close up tell me what you think:


I will be doing a test in the washing machine with this stuff. It probably is acrylic. With the way I am going these days it prolly is acrylic. But that's okay. It is knitting up nice. I thought I would start a shawl with it:


Yeah, I know, I have like 3 shawls already in the works. But this is a no brainer. I wanted something I could knit on while watching Lost. This fits the bill

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March 06, 2008

Too cute not to post

I think he hates me.....

smudge with hat 2_.JPG

I don't know maybe not....

smudge w hat 1_.JPG

Yeah, he definately hates me....

smudge with hat 3_.JPG

I feed him, pet him, scoop his litter. The least he could do is look happy about it.

smudge with hat 4_.JPG

Wow, I make one hat and then everyone starts having babies!!!! I hope I can keep up.

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March 03, 2008

Hi There! Remember me???

Cooties have officially invaded my house last week. But all is well now. Phew! I was SICK! But I am back and feeling great!

I don't know how I did it, but I finished my socks

canyon hiking socks 1.jpg

Course I probably won't be able to wear them until next's going up to 55 degree's today!

I love these socks boy

canyon hiking socks 2.jpg

Yarn: Lion Brand - Wool Ease in light grey and little bits of purple heather
Pattern: Canyon Hiking socks from Greeting from the Knit Cafe book
Needles: US 3 Circular - 2 of them

I also managed to knit a couple of baby hats!

2 baby hats.jpg

Close up:

skully close up.jpg

Don't worry.... I totally de-cootified these. We wouldn't want the baby to get it...

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease
Pattern: Umbilical Cord Hat from Debbie Stoller's first book, and the skull pattern from her latest book
Needles: US 5 Circular

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February 19, 2008

Not a heck of a lot going on....

one down.JPG

Bought a car last week. Was sick last week. Finished one sock last week. That's bout it.

What kind of car?

2005 Hyundai Accent, 2 door, BRIGHT RED (not my choice, but you don't have a lot of options with a used car).

I am excited.

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February 11, 2008

New project announcement!

I have started a new project! Yeah yeah....

I think I have a winner!

ch start.jpg

This is the Canyon Hiking Sock from the book "Greetings from the Knit Cafe". I have wanted to make these for a really really long time. I also have notice a few people out there have had some success with using Lion Brand Wool Ease. So why is this a winner? Well I believe Wool Ease has some Acrylic in it! And it's freakin cheap.

Oh and another reason this is a winner... I am actually at the heel! I am using size US 3 circular needles and they are zipping along. It also helps that it is all stockinette (sp) stitch. I always seem to zip through all the knee socks I have ever knit. So why does it take me ages to knit a regular sock??? I think the fussier the pattern, the potential for procrastination. I don't know if that makes sense to any of you. I sometimes get bored with the busy patterns.

Any way, I love this sock. It will be warm as hell, but I don't care. I could use them on a day like today. 9 degrees. BRRRRRRRR

I am also using my local library more to check out books! I got a couple of duds (in my opinion) and here are a couple of gems:

scan knit.JPG

I love this book! I may even have to buy it. It is still available on Amazon.

Here is another one that I am not to crazy about the style of the sweaters as I am the stitch patterns. It is an early Alice Staremore:

scan knitwear.JPG

I must have been Norwegian in a past life. (right Kris?)

We just got news that we need a new vehicle. Sigh.... I was hoping for our car to last until spring. Looks like we need one THIS WEEK.

So I will be visiting the library and using up my stash to try and conserve $$$$ (Not that I need anything new (ahem) )

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February 08, 2008

Roza Socks are finally done


These took some time, but I really love them. The photo's dark and I can't help that. It's a grey yucky day. I took this picture at work, so I have a new background! The industrial carpet!

Pattern: Roza's Socks - Interweave Knits
Yarn Silja Sock yarn given to me by the lovely Kris
Needles: US 1 Circulars (2)

Oh! Apparently I make people smile AND I make their day!



Both Laurie
andChristie gave me these awards and not only do they in turn make my day and make me smile but so do these gals:

Holy Crap! I forgot her name!

Who da thunk?

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February 05, 2008

I reallly need to focus....

I have all these projects with just 1 mitten, or 1 sock or part of this or part of that done. Sigh...... I think I just need more time! Yeah right.

What has caused my mind to wander? Yet again? I am so into this mitten thing! Also I keep looking at the Vanna's Choice yarn that doesn't seem to be dwindling....

I thought I would try a new pattern with the above yarn and see what I came up with:


Yes. This is the Matrix Mittens. I really love the pattern, but I don't like the square edge at the top. I am more of a pointy mitten gal.

Here is the back side:


And just to overload you, here are shots on my hand:



Why people, do I feel the need to knit with Acrylic? I am going to give these another shot, but I am going to modify the top of the mitten to a point. AND I am going to knit with good old fashion wool

I guess I should mention that I do have one Roza sock done and I am at the gusset of the second. Home stretch. I should have new socks to wear by the weekend!

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January 28, 2008

Mitten Progress

I have been crazy trying to figure out this pattern. I think I finally have it and I am not sure I like what I got so far.

hand side _.JPG

I think this came out too small for my hand. Am I surprised? Not really as I hardly ever check my gauge. Here is another shot. See if you can spot the difference

mitt thumb_.JPG

This is the thumb side! If you look really close you can see a thumb on the left. I am pretty proud of this because it does look invisible.
Here is a close up of the thumb

thumb close up_.JPG

Here it is on my hand
on hand_.JPG

I wanted to put a lining in this so it is way to small. This literally fits like a glove!! Ha ha! I had many challenges with this pattern. And I do love a challenge. I knit this with size 5 needles. I think I am going to go up a needle size, try and neaten up my floats, and go for it again. This was my practice mitten.

While I was scratching my head trying to figure it out, I got some progress done on my Roza socks. I am almost at the toe!

progress on roza_.jpg

Sorry for the crappy pictures.

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January 21, 2008

Inga - DONE

Inga done_.JPG

Pattern: Inga Hat - Link was given on previous posts
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool in Green and Dark Grey
Needles: US 3 16" circulars and US-5 16" circulars

This hat didn't come out as tall as I thought it would be. I LOVE IT! It is very soft and very warm.

Because I am now getting a little too confident...I thought I would start some of Anna Zilboorg's Magnificent Mittens!

new mitt_.JPG

I have ripped this out already and started like 3 times. And yes, it's the same yarn as Inga.

Sigh.... I guess I got too cocky...

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January 16, 2008

Inga Progress

almost inga 2.JPG

Holy tall hats Batman! I hope this looks better on me than it does on Heada! I am now at the decreasing part of the pattern. It seems a little snug on me, but I am hoping a good blocking will help.

I snuck in a quick knit this weekend:

Ravenclaw hat.JPG

Pattern: House Beanie - Charmed Knits - Ravenclaw colors (according to my son) The colors may be off. But hey, he likes it!
Yarn: Vanna's Choice - Lion Brand - 100% Acrylic
Color: Royal Blue and Chocolate Brown
Needles: US 5 circulars and US 7 circulars - 16"

I started this hat on Friday night and finished it on Sunday night. He loves it.

I did a little yarn shopping this weekend as some of you may know.....
One of my favorite LYS is closing for a couple of months. So she has to clear out the inventory. 50% off everything in the store.

I didn't do too much damage. I got some Dale of Norway Helio to make the Norwegian Socks in the Folk Socks Book and some Dale of Norway Baby Ull to make the Skull Isle Hat and Mitts from Debbie Stoller's new book. Oh and I got some Regia sock yarn. The Kaffe Fasset colorway kind. I plan on going this Saturday and next Saturday. Got to stock up. At these prices!

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January 11, 2008


I got my camera last night!!! I am back baby with the pictures!

Okay here we go. I got an FO and I am thinking that Fair Isle is a GREAT THING. Or is this stranded knitting?
I dunno, but I am obsessed.

herringbone 1_.JPG

I want a pair of these in every color possible. I think they look a little "Elfish" whatever

Here is a close up. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE A NEW CAMERA!!!!

closeup herring_.JPG

Pattern: Herringbone Mittens
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease (Cranberry Red and White)
Needles: US 6 DPNS

I think the red "bled" a little into the white. Not from the dye of the yarn but from the fuzz. I kept the pom pom off because I thought it would get in the way when wearing. I like the pom pom, but I just left it off

I think in my last post I told you I started the Inga Hat

I can show you a progress photo. Why? BECAUSE I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!!

Okay, I will stop.

start inga2_.JPG

Don't you love the pattern on this???

start inga4_.JPG

Now this is a pattern I will have to try other combinations of.

Oh, my camera. It's a Cannon PowerShot A560. Oh and I took these pictures this morning. They don't look yellow like my last camera made them look! I love this thing.

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January 08, 2008

Did ya ever wonder?

I see so many lovely Finished Objects everyday out there on the internet. Incuding mine! Hee hee...

But did you ever wonder what they look like a year later???

Well today is your day!

Remember this?


and this


Looks so nice! Well here it is after a year living with a 10 year old.

pirate hat 1.jpg

Oh my....

pirate hat 2D.jpg

I think the cat got at it after the first week.....Thank goodness he LOVES this hat.

Well I didn't get my camera over the weekend. I didn't feel like going to the mall. I am hoping this weekend. So I may fill in the spaces with some then and now pictures.

I did finish my Herringbone Mittens and I must say they came out quite nice! They even look like the picture. Well except they are red and white...I am feeling a little cocky so I decided to start THIS.
Yes pretty ambitious.

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December 31, 2007

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to see it...

Will you hear a sound? Is that how it goes?

Or if a pair of Dashing’s fell in the woods and no one is around would you pick them up?

dash side by side.jpg

I would. These are the husband's Dashings. I did indeed finish them on Christmas Eve. He knew about them so they didn't get wrapped. I really like these. I may even make a pair for myself. I wasn't too happy with how the thumb came out. But I cleaned up the holes a bit.

Don't these look like logs though?? That is the reason for the title of this blog post.

log 2.jpg

Or put THAT in your pipe and smoke it..... Pipe tobacco of course..... I am not sure how flamable these are....


They do look much better on though don't you think?

on hand 1.jpg

yes that is my arm. Husband wasn't up for a photo shoot.

on hand 2.jpg

Pattern: Dashing from Knitty - Link above
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease - Hunter Green
Needles: US 5 DPN's


I was going to do a year end wrap up, but I really don't need to bore you with my lists of things that I will probably never make right? So I leave you with a new project I am working on:

red and white mit 1.jpg

These are the infamous Herringbone Mittens sans pom pom (I feel it will get in the way)

r + w mit detail.jpg

I'm getting better at my stranded knitting aren't I??? Love this pattern! I am struggling a bit at with the thumb. Hope to have that worked out soon.

I am also hoping by next weekend to have my new digital camera.
So in closing, I want to thank all of you for your Christmas wishes! And I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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December 20, 2007

The heat is on.....

Yep! I am almost done with the Christmas shopping and Christmas knitting! I can't wait to be done and start something for my self for a change. Oh wait... I did that. (see below)

One hat for teacher. Check.

hat for teacher.jpg

I actually knit this a while ago and stuck it in a bag with other items to use for just this case.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden
Pattern: One Skein Noro hat from a yarn store
Needles: US 8 DPN's and US Circular (16")

More Calorimetries. Check.

3 calorimetrys.jpg

The Green one is spoken for. I gave it to Julia and she forgot it so I at least got to take a picture of it! The green one and the yellow one are my hand dyed yarn. The multi colored one is one of my new favorite yarns. Patons Wool/Soy. LOVE the colors! Can't tell you who they are for. It's a secret. Shhhhhh

More Wristies. Check.

more wristies.jpg

I have written the specs for these so many times that I don't feel like doing it anymore. I can't tell you who these are for either. Don't even try to get it out of me.

Now to make my life even more crazy I thought it would be a good idea to start a pair of Dashing’s for the husband.

start dashing.jpg

I sure hope I get them done in time.......and that they fit.....

Oh and to top it all off. I started a pair of Roza's socks for my self.

start roza 2.jpg

I figure I need a good peaceful project for when all my presents are wrapped and I want some quite time.

Phew! I am tired!

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December 17, 2007

Manly yes... But I like it too!

manly 1.jpg

I love this pattern! Oh, it would help to share what it is right??
Pattern: Manly MittsYarn: Vanna's Choice 100% Acrylic (I love this stuff!)
Needles: US 4 DPN's

I made these for my best friend for Christmas. She has promised not to look at the blog until after Christmas. I hope she doesn't peek.

Here are a couple more shots:

manly 2.jpg

The inside the mitten shot:

inside manly.jpg

I am getting better with my stranded knitting. It still looks a little wonky, but over all I am pretty pleased with these. I will be making more of them.

I went to a Ravelry Group Meet Up with some fellow Central New York Knitters! I had a blast and will be going lot's more! I saw Erin and Jill and met Paige. There were other girls there too who are blogless and I didn't get to say hi to all, but the vibe was totally cool! I can't wait until the next meet up!

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December 06, 2007

See how I am?

I spoiled you all last week! Well it has been a busy week. Lot's of snow here in Central New York, little big geek has been home sick for 3 days with strep. Poor kid was sick on a snow day! But he is on the mend.

I had some family obligations this weekend so I missed my 1st guild meeting ever! It was the annual gift exchange. I know I have mentioned that we get some fiber back in May. We can either spin it or get mill spun yarn. I chose to spin mine this year and knit up a couple of things:

guild proj hat.jpg

top of hat.jpg

guild prof wrist warm.jpg

on wrist.jpg

Yeah, they are nice and all... but guess what I got???? I wish I could show a picture but I can't because the light is bad! So go trot over to Carla's place and check it out.


This is what I got! Can you believe it? It is so so beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!! Words can not describe.... well yes they can! It's gorgeous
Thank you Carla!

Okay, back to my stuff.
Pattern for the hat is from One Skein Wonders
Yarn: My own handspun. Alpaca/Merino Blend
Needles: US 6 Circular (I think)

Pattern for the Wristwarmers: Wisp of the Mist Wrist Warmers From Compassionate Knitting - Tara Jon Manning
Yarn: See above
Needles: US 5 Dpns

Okay, back to Carla's shawl. I am going to take pictures of it this weekend!

Did I mention that I love it and I want to marry it?

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November 30, 2007

Wow 3 in one week!

Can you stand it? Probably not.

But I think you will stand this. As most of you know, I fell in love with the Calorimetry pattern from the Knitty Winter 06 issue. Why it took me so long to fall in love, I dunno. I am always on the look out for a cute, quick pattern to make for my girl friends for Christmas. Usually I keep mum about it until after they have received them. But I don't care this year. (sorry girls - I know not ALL of you read here..)


I am sure many of you have noticed that this pattern (which is VERY well written) is a teesy bit big for the average mellon.

A visual please:

too big2.jpg

What? Did you expect me to model it? Not a chance. The bottom one was done following the instructions exactly. The top one was done with fewer stitches. Just so you don't think this is an optical illusion, here is a different shot:

too big1.jpg

Now, some of you good people out there may need the bigger size. I know of one of my girl friends that this will work for. She doesn't have a big head, just a lot of hair. For me the bigger size didn't work. So a little early gift to you are my mods for this:

Cast on 100 stitches, repeat row 5 - 11 times more (40 sts between markers and 30 sts at each end) then repeat row 7 - 13 times more.

I forgot to mention that I used US size 6 needles. I guess that would help huh?

This is a much better fit for us more small headed gals.

Up next: I will finally reveal my holiday exchange project for my guild! (It's sweet)

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November 28, 2007

Operator Error

So Do you wanna hear about my stinker? That sounds a bit obscene...
Well perhaps I should show it first:


Is this not the ugliest thing you have ever seen? Look away if you must. I understand.

I guess I need to explain. These are the Target Wave Mittens from Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan. These are AWESOME mittens. I am totally not putting down the pattern. OH NO! It is a great pattern. I am totally blaming this on operator error. And the yarn. I am trying to use up the Vanna's Choice yarn that I have left over from the Mosaic Mitts. (I will probably be using it up by making another pair of those...) These just look miserable! I am not even going to fix this or make another pair. I didn't explain what I am not happy about with this mitten. See the thumb and how "bunchy" it looks? Also there isn't a smooth line from the rings at the top to the start of the rings of the thumb. It just looks sloppy. Sigh.....

How about an up close shot of how pathetic it really looks:

up close stinker.jpg

**** UPDATE******

Paul hit the nail on the head. The thumb totally looks like a cow's utter! Thanks Paul!

Well I guess we can't all have a winner everytime right? These are going in the "ugh" catagory in Ravelry.

Next up: More Calorimetry's and I will share with you how I figured out how to make this SMALLER!

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November 26, 2007

Holy Crap dot com!



I borrowed my Dad's camera and took a lot of pictures. I will have blog fodder for the next couple of days.

I finished my Mosaic Mitts! (a while ago....)

mosaic mitts 2.jpg

I really like how these came out.
Pattern from Interweave Knits Holiday 2006 - Mosaic Mitts
Yarn: Vanna's Choice - Lion Brand 100% Acrylic
Needles: US 4 DPN's

I think I would make these a little shorter than the pattern called for. They end almost to the end of my middle finger. I would make the thumb shorter too. But these will make a good Christmas gift. I know someone with long hands....

Here is another nice shot

mosaic mitts 1.jpg

I think a good blocking is in order though...

Next up: I have a total stinker of a mitten! I HATE IT! And I can't wait to share.

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November 09, 2007

Too many fingers in the pot

Is that how the saying goes?

As usual, I have many projects going at once. My other mitt is this far along


I can't believe that these aren't done yet. Of course if I didn't start other projects then I would have them done right? Oh but that is boring. Well to me that is...

I was supposed to meet up with a couple of other bloggers this weekend for "Steek Fest". What is that? Well steeking is a technique used in Fairisle knitting where you cut the fabric to add sleeves or other such things. Lauren was going to be the gracious host (she still just was postponed) and Carla and I were going to drive down. We are all a little afraid of cutting our knitted pieces so we were going to start small and knit this teddy bear sweater. I kind of panicked on Tuesday when I didn't have anything started yet. So I immediately started. I have the body of the sweater done and still have the sleeves to go:


I really like this fairisle thing! I forgot how much fun it is! So anyway we had to postpone (due to me) and we will be getting together soon and steeking (sounds naughty....)

I also am working on my super secret project for my gift exchange in my spinning guild. This is all I will show:

guild project.jpg

fun fun!!!

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November 05, 2007

Flurry of activity

I love it when I can't decide what to work on first! Means I am out of a slump. Which I don't think I ever was really in....


I finished up a mosaic mitt this weekend and started the other one:


I am thinking for my next pair of modifying the pattern as it is way to long in the hand. I mean I might as well make it a mitten! I think the author has very long fingers.... I know someone with very long fingers.... perhaps this will be a gift!

I also had to wip out a Calorimetry for my friend Carol at work. It's her birthday today and she loves it. I gave her the orange, blue, green one:


I have already frogged the red, pink, purple one as I dropped a stitch. CRAP. I can't tell you enough how much I love this pattern! This is one of the quickest things to knit and they are cute!

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October 30, 2007

Finally! A project to get me excited again!

Not that I wasn unexcited with the socks, but you know that pesky second sock syndrome.....

Anyway, I have been wanting to make these for quite some time

new proj 1.jpg

What is this project and why am I so excited?

1) These are the Mosaic Mitts from Interweave Knits Summer 2004 and Holiday 2006. I always thought these looked fun to make. The thumb looks kinda huge, but I don't mind. It will keep my thumb warm.

2) I am excited because I get to try something I haven't tried before and that is Mosaic knitting. At first I was stumped at how to join the second color. But when they said "IT'S EASY" they really mean it. You only knit with one color per row. And you slip the stitches that are in the other color. It all works out when you get a couple of rows into it. Another reason I am so excited is the yarn I am using.

Are you ready? It is 100% acrylic! YIKES! But I love it! I got it cheap too. It's Lion Brand Vanna White something or other. The colors are pretty cool. AND I can wash this in the machine!

Can't beat that!

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October 25, 2007

Finished Socks

green maryas.jpg

YAY! They are DONE! And the large footed gal in New Jersey LOVES them!
Which is very important. Now I can move on!

WOW, what a hectic week I have had! I went to NYC Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with the large footed person mentioned above. As always she is a very good NYC guide and hostess. I finally went to Central Park! I have never done that before! It was awesome. The trip was for work, but after work I got to play. Which wasn't that much play as I was tired. I decided to take a walk Tuesday night by my self (which was great too) I found my self at a Barnes and Noble. I love book stores.

Here is what I picked up

crochet me cover.jpg

OH MY GOD DOT COM! I love this book! I want to make just about everything in it. Which is why I bought it. Well that and Missa has a totally rockin pattern in it. So when to find the time to start something new from this book and get all my Christmas knitting done too!

Groan.... something has got to give!

Oh and for some reason, I am not getting e-mail notifications about all your lovely comments! I will try and get back to you all soon if I can. It is so much easier to reply to your comments from my e-mail than looking it up on the blog! Please don't think I am mad at you, I just haven't had the time.

Okay gotta go drool over this book. What to make first.......

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September 21, 2007

Funny thing...

Lately it seems for me that I like to make one sock then do a quick little project and start the other sock

Doesn't this look like a smile?


Or it could be that it is September and I am trying out some quick patterns for Christmas gifts! Ooops! Now you know what you are getting! Well, not all of you. This is the famous Calorimetry. Tell you what, this is a great quick project! I used my own hand dyed yarn and am very pleased with the color combo! You may see many girls walking around Syracuse with one of these on after Christmas! Well not many, maybe 5 or 6 or 7.... Drat. I let it slip again. I also wipped up one, yes one, of these with some of the left overs:

wisp wristies.jpg

I got tagged for a meme by Lauren. I best get my butt in gear.

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September 11, 2007

Progress is good right?


So I AM making progress on my Cascading Leaves Sock.
I AM really enjoying the pattern.
But why does my head turn so easily?
I can be very faithful, but sometimes it's hard....


I have been wanting to make this in a bad way for a long time. I thought I even had the right yarn, but I think this is too thin. The pattern calls for size 8 needles. The pattern also calls for handspun yarn. Perhaps I should do as the pattern says.

Perhaps I should finish the socks first. I am so fickle.

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September 05, 2007

Nothing beats a nice long weekend....

So I can start a new project!

Or 2.....

I have started 2 pairs of socks! Not both the same, mind you, but 2 different pairs of socks.

Let me show you the first pair:


I have finally found the yarn that I feel is best suited for this pattern! (in my humble opinion) I am making none other than the Cascading Leaves Socks by Jeanne Townsend! I tried to make these socks before with a very busy varigated yarn. I think that light colored yarn or a solid color works best for this pattern. These socks are for my large footed friend in New Jeresy. She is VERY excited about them (don't worry Lemon, I have not forgotten about your socks, they will come) Now, I would have had a lot more knitted on these socks this weekend if I hadn't started this sock:


What is this lovely sock? Why it is one sock from the book: Knitting Lingerie Style - Joan McGowan Micheal! Love this book. And no, I won't be knitting my self a bra. But the book has some other very lovely things like these socks. I believe they are called the fishnet stockings or something like that. Yes, the picture of this sock looks quite nice doesn't it? Well let me give you a little backstory on this. Guess what yarn I used? Lion Brand Micro Spun! Not a great choice for a sock. Why? IT'S ACRYLIC YARN! What was I thinking? It does fit though. Except the ribbing at the top. That doesn't fit. Why? The pattern said to go back to size 3 needles for the ribbing. Well my fat calves can't take the strain so I will be doing the ribbing in size 6 thank you very much. Oh and did you see the big hole at the heel? No? Let me show you:

large hole.jpg

That is easy to fix. I will say this though, I do like this version of the toe up sock. It has you picking up your stitches instead of yarn overs. We all know how good I am at those! (thanks for all your comments too!)

So I am not sure yet if I will be making the matching pair of the purple socks......stay tuned.

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August 31, 2007

Let's talk about Yarn Overs, shall we?

They drive me NUTS!

I would have had actual knitting content today, yes, I started a pair of socks, but had to rip them out because of today's topic.

I have lots of books.

I have lots of knitting books. (It's my hobby right? I don't golf...not that there is anything wrong with golf...I am getting away from topic here)


This is how I make a yarn over:

yo vknitting.jpg

Thank you Vogue Knitting. Do you know how many types of Yarn Overs there are? I may be wrong here, but there are several. Especially in England. At least English patterns say what they are!

Yarn Forward (YF)

yo2 howtokknitdb.jpg

The yarn forward looks like the Yarn Over that I do already. Next we have the Yarn Round Needle (YRN). Whoa! Could this be anymore difficult? Sure, the picture makes it look SO easy!

yo1 howtoknitdb.jpg

Then we have the Yarn Over Needle (YON) Which looks the same to me as a Yarn Forward, but it's between a knit and purl stitch.

yo3 howtoknitdb.jpg

Thank you Debbie Bliss "How to Knit" for that.
Next I have the Domiknitrix Book. This is what totally got me out of whack. I hope it doesn't sound like I am dissing the English people I am not. I love that they call them different things! (your great!)

yo domiknitrix.jpg

But it makes sense! Especially if I am knitting the Charade Sock from here (it's in the side bar). Yes this makes perfect sense now. NOT!

Here is one more Yarn Over:

yo s+b.jpg

Thank you Debbie Stoller, Stitch and Bitch Book. This is they way I make mine.

I am not sure if this little rant of mine made any sense, but I guess the question I have is:

When I slip the next stitch as if to purl, knit the next stitch, YO, pass slipped stitch over both the knit stitch and the YO, it doesn't work the way I do my YO's. But if I do them the Domiknitrix way it does. I guess I should just shut up, quit being a baby and suck it up. Right? Yeah. I thought so.

Oh and a big thank you to Smudge! He held up all my books while I took pictures. He didn't like it. He was not harmed in anyway durning this. He may tell you differently, but he wasn't.


Have a great Holiday Weekend!

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August 28, 2007

Finished Sock!



Yes, I pushed my self to get them done. I love the color of this yarn, but I am not all that crazy about the pattern. Here is a detail of my short row heels:


They don't looks soooo bad.... I really didn't like the bind off the pattern called for. It is the "sew bind off" or something like that:

curly cuffs.jpg

When they are on it isn't noticeable, but when they are off they are kinda wavy... ah well. Would I make them again? Perhaps. But I will try another short row heel option. I know they are out there!

They are still cute. I'll keep um.


Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug - Color: Fruit Coulis (1 skein)
Needles: US 1's - 2 circulars
Pattern: Toe Up Socks from the Summer 2007 Interweave Knits Issue

Okay, so I have 1 more gift certificate from my birthday.... It is to a yarn store. $20 bucks. What do I get? I don't need sock yarn... But the new Rowan book is out! So I get that. LOVE IT! Wanna see what REALLY REALLY wanna make? You know you do.

want to make.jpg

I will even buy the yarn for this! But not that color. I tried a mini swatch to see if I could figure out the pattern. Did!

Oh and while I was there guess what else I got?

new sock yarn.jpg

Yep, some sock yarn. It wasn't that expensive! Shut up!

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August 22, 2007

Hi there! Remember me? I'm your blog...

Yep, I have been swept away.... By what?

Well, I will let you in on a secret. Have you heard of a thing called Ravelry? Why of course you have. Silly. Yes, my invitation has shown up. Well apparently it showed up in April, but I must of tossed it out. Jeesh! And here I thought I was just left out. But really, your invites will come. And when they do you will be sucked up in it just like me. If you read this here blog and you are already on Ravelry well you will see that I am not all that caught up or savvy with it yet. But I am getting there. Oh and I am not that hard to find. Just look for Big Geek Beth.

I have been knitting and crocheting though... Here is my sock and my blanket:

getting there.jpg

I have finally turned the heal on this damn sock. I can't wait until it is done and I can move on to something else, which really never stopped me before.

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August 16, 2007

Beth, stop teasing the cat!

teasing cat.jpg

You know he want's to......

Okay, so I can't stop working on my scrap sock yarn granny square blanket!


Kinda hard to tell how big it is, but it is getting bigger. It's not quite a lap throw yet. I am running out of yarn! It actually is turning out really cool. This could have looked like total crap, but I am mixing up the colors pretty good. This is the yarn I have left:

xed out leftovers.jpg

When all the yarn is gone, I will put it aside until I have more to add to it. I even worked a little on my sock! I am to the dreaded short row heel. I bet I have it finished by the weekend.

Here is Smudge looking over the blanket. He has to smell everything!

checking it over.jpg

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August 06, 2007

Mama's got a brand new bag....

So I didn't get a lot done on my sock this weekend...


See? Why is this?

Lots of reasons. First, my son got back from a weeklong trip with his grandmother. I missed him like crazy! They did a trip through "Elderhostel" that took them to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. He had a great time. It was his 10'th birthday too while he was away! HE'S 10!!! OH MY! Anyway, he is back and I couldn't stop hugging him!

You would think that with him gone for a week I would have a ton of knitting time to my self! Nope. We did yardwork, ate GREAT food, and hung out with friends! Oh I did manage a few rounds of my Scrap sock grannysquare blanket:


Kinda hard to tell how big it is, isn't it? Here is a shot with my feet in it to show how big it is


Perhaps that is why my sock is not done! I can't put this down!

Which brings me to the title of this post. I like to hold on to some of my gift certificates for a while. I got a gift certificate from my friend "T-Bone's" great store "Razzberry" which is in Armory Square here in Syracuse NY. She has a ton of fun stuff. This certificate was from my birthday! I found a perfect knitting bag for me:

devil bag.jpg

I love this store! Here is a detail:


Yay for new bags!

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August 01, 2007

Oh dear, I forgot to blog......

Where does the time go? Really I have been meaning to post, but....

Anyway... I have some sock progress! These socks seem to be going a lot slower than what I am normally used to. I can crank them out in a week and half usually. These are taking a month! I have one sock done and the other going:


I am still on the fence about whether I like knitting toe ups. I can see the benefits, however, I do have holes on one side of my short row heel. Perhaps I will get better at that as I go along. The holes don't really bother me much. They aren't that big.

There has been a lot of crochet going on around blogland. And if you didn't know, that is what I did before I learned to knit. I love crochet and I am really happy that there are so many good patterns out there now! So while I have been checking out other blogs I came across Peeve's site and found her wonderful crochet granny square blanket using leftover sock yarn! What a GREAT idea!

I had to start immediately:


I have quite a bit of left overs:


This blanket of mine will either be brilliant or hideous! I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Speaking of crochet, I picked up this book last night:


OH MY GOD! I can't wait to start the punk bunny!

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July 11, 2007

I'm outta here baby!

Yep, I am leaving tomorrow for California! Just me and little geek this trip. His first ever plane ride! It will either be very thrilling for him or very terrifying. Hoping for thrilling.

I want to show some finished stuff before I left. I got a lot done this weekend! Heck, I even cleaned! Well sorta....

I got the jaywalkers done for my friend in Jersey


They are at their destination, but the recipient
has not seen them yet. I hear that she will love them.

While I was procrastinating on the socks, I wipped up this cute little beret


It is from the book "Charmed Knits" Harry Potter Stuff. I love this book! I love Harry Potter stuff! The yarn is Cascade 220, leftovers, and definitely not Harry Potter colors, but I thought the hat was cute. I am not really liking the back, and I think it is a little small.... Here is the back


see how bunchy it is? I think it spreads out a bit upon wearing....

I also plied my guild holiday project wool. Now this is nice:


It is going to be hard to give this up. I don't know the yardage because as I was counting, I was interrupted. It's a dk/sport weight and now the challenge is what to make with it.

Finally, I started a new sock to take with me on my trip. It's a toe up sock. I have never tried one before and I really like it!


Perhaps they will both be done by the time I get back!

See ya!

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June 29, 2007

1 sock and 1 cute cat


Yep, one down, one to go. Every time I knit a pair of socks, I am just fascinated by the construction. I mean did the person who invented the hand knit sock slap their head and say: "I am truly gifted and brilliant for coming up with this idea!"

Lord knows I sure would.

I love this picture:


And no, he is not ready to pounce on the 1 finished sock. But it sure looks like he does.

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June 21, 2007

Busy blogger, no lazy blogger this time

Yes, it's true, I have been busy. But I alway manage to squeak in some knitting time.

I have a progress shot of my purple shawl:

purple shawl.jpg

I think I am going to take my time, again, with the edge. I think I want to do a few repreats at a time. I think I am not liking knitted on lace borders. (groan.....) I am going to try and actually finish this and not let it die in my ufo pile.

In the mean time I had my large footed friend from New Jersey go to the yarn store Knit-A-Bit and pick up some yarn (ON SALE!!!) and send it to me so I could knit her and her friend a pair of socks!

She has good taste:

oh yes.jpg

That is Colinette Jitterbug and Lorna's laces! Don't know the colorway's, who cares! Look at it! I have decided to start a pair right away:


Yep, I decided she needs a pair of Jaywalkers. I am thinking the cascading leaves socks would be good for the green yarn.

Okay so that isn't all. As payment for me knitting her these socks, she threw this in the bag for ME!!:

my payment.jpg

Swoon! I think this will be my summer of socks! I really don't need anymore, but it is so pretty! The blue is the yarn with the aloe in it. I forgot the name of the yarn company. The middle yarn is more Colinette Jitterbug (sorry, don't know the color way) and the end is Trekking.

I have to get busy!

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June 12, 2007

What a lazy blogger I have been!

Thank you for all your sweet comments about my socks. They really are beautiful and I can't wait to wear them.

As soon as they were done though, I moved on. I had to.

What am I up to now??

new project shawl.jpg

A new shawl! From Victorian Lace Today. I am a lot further than this picture shows. I am almost done with the main part and will soon start with the knitted on lace border. I hope I don't run out of steam like I did with the round shawl. I haven't given up on that... (john) ;-)

The only challange with this is not the pattern. That is easy. It's the yarn. 70% Kid Mohair. Sure it looks pretty all wound up in a ball, but it is pure EVIL. Just when you think you are going at a good pace, you drop a stitch. Yep. I am unknitting a couple of rows right now, but I should be back on track soon. No life lines for me, no sir. Why would I do a smart thing like that?

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June 04, 2007

Pretty Socks


full on leg.jpg


flat socks.jpg

Yarn: Rowan 4 ply Botany - Purply heathery color - 2 1/2 balls
Needles: US Size 2 DPNS and US Size 2 Circulars
Pattern: Spiral Boot Socks from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 issue

These were very easy. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I would highly recommend anyone afraid to try these, not to be afraid.

They are my favorite socks right now. I was going to take a picture of them in a pair of boots, but it was like 90 degree's this weekend! So sorry, no highly stylized photo shoot. (ha ha)

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May 30, 2007

Magic Sheep Day 2


I touched the stuff and it is fluffy. But I don't think I can spin it.

And while we are at it, you know you want to see my Spiral Boot Sock's progress again don't you?


Almost to the heel!

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May 29, 2007

Presents and Progress!

Wow, that holiday weekend went fast didn't it? I hope everyone had a great kick off to summer. I did! It all started on Friday night when I got home to a package from Kris. When ever I see a package from Kris I get very excited. She sends the nicest things! This was a birthday gift from Kris. I believe my birthday was celebrated all month long (as it should be...)

anyway.... here is what she sent:


Sorry about the dark picture, it was a sunny day, but the sun was behind a cloud. Isn't it the prettiest sock yarn you have ever seen? It is Norwegian sock yarn and I can't pronounce it, I won't even try. Okay here goes: Hargenflargen Sock yarn. I think that is what it is called Ha Ha.... I love the colors of this. It has reds, purples, greens all mixed up. I am thinking of making the ever popular Monkey Socks.

She also included this in the package:

magic sheep.jpg

I put him together while my son was out of the house. Hey, it's my present right? I want all the fun! I thought it would be fun to see the sheeps progress on a daily basis.

Here he is after I put him together:


Poor naked sheep!

Okay, here he is after like 4 hours:


and here is a close up of his cute face


Now when I woke up this morning, he needed a shave. I didn't take a picture. I thought I would tonight when I get home from work.

If only it were a real sheep and real wool! If only he could mow my lawn!

What's next? Oh yes, progress! I thought I would be done with my Spiral Boot Socks, but alas, it wasn't meant to be:


But I am getting there.

Thank you Kris for the lovely birthday present! I love it!

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May 21, 2007

You know I can't sit idle...

I am here to show you my new project!

I bought some yarn at a rummage sale a couple of weeks ago. Really pretty yarn. Rowan 4 ply Botany in a beautiful light purple color. I got 4 skeins for 5 bucks! (sorry, had to brag... but that is a steal) I thought cool! I can make those "Anna Socks" from last fall's issue of the Rowan magazine. So I started them


I am cruising along on these socks and reading the pattern and not really noticing any decreases in the pattern. Wanna know why? THERE AREN'T ANY. . Now to me that is a big alarm. These freakin' socks will totally bag at the ankles. Of course they don't in the picture because they have little clothes pins attached in the back. Am I right????

So along comes the new issue of Interweave Knits. Some cute stuff in here my mind says. What do I see? But the Spiral Boot Socks! I must make those SPIRAL BOOT SOCKS! They won't bag at the ankles. Wanna know why? There are DECREASES in the pattern.


These socks are going to be wonderful! I frogged Anna. It just didn't work.

And look! I am using 4, yes 4 double pointed needles!

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May 17, 2007





I would even MARRY my new sweater.

Here is the back:


Pattern: Karalund from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Book 2
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden - 9 skeins (it called for 10, I have enough to make a hat!)
Needles: US 8 circular

I would SO make another one of these! I was way easy and it is very flattering, I think....I have it on today and I am sure I will have to put it away until fall. But that's okay, I got to wear it once right?

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April 24, 2007

You know what they say about a girl with big feet don't you?



Yes, super secret knitting now can be revealed! I made my friend in New Jersey a pair of socks for her 40th, yes 40th birthday. Cause we all know once you get old like 40, your feet start getting cold. That's not true.

Anyway... She has big feet doesn't she? Well as she should. She is a tall drink of water! 6 foot I believe, so she deserves her big feet. If they were any smaller she would look funny. A while back I asked my friend to send me some measurements of her feet. This is what I got:


Not much to go by. But I did my best. Her feet don't really look like that. Wait a minute. I have never seen her feet, they could actually look like Fred Flintstone feet......

Here is a picture I took of one of my socks next to her sock:


Just to show you the scale of it all. Wow! It's a Big Foot sighting! Whoa! Okay, enough of me going on and on about her poor feet. I sent the package yesterday. She got them today and took a picture


Happy feet! They fit perfectly I am told!

Yarn: Knit Picks Simple stripes in burgandy, tan, brown
Needles: US size 2 - 2 circluars
Pattern: From Cat Borhdi's book - Socks soar on 2 circular needles
This was the quickest pair of socks I have ever done. It took me a week and a day to complete. Obviously I wasn't knitting all the time.....

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April 20, 2007

Good stuff

What a freakish week this has been! Sunday my furnace shit the bed (all good, just a little fix) but still it couldn't have come at a worse time! We got a good snow fall here in Central New York. It was the tail end of the Noreaster (spelled right?) that hit the whole east coast. So I am freezing in my house (until 11 the next day..) Had to shovel out of the driveway to get to work, witnessed a transformer blow the next street away from me. That is a weird thing to see. Then the really horrible news from Virgina.....a true tragedy.

I just didn't feel like blogging this week. I have been knitting though. Oh yes. I have some progress photo's to show of my new sweater!


Can you tell what it is yet? Come on, I bet you can. Ok. I will tell you. It is the infamous Klaralund! Do you know how many people have made this sweater? Me either, but I know it is a lot. I have the front and back done. I am working on 1 sleeve. Got one more to go. I had to put it aside for some super secret gift knitting. Which I will share next week. Don't want to give away any surprises now do I?

I leave you with my cat, Smudge. Here he is showing you the left over snow from the storm on Monday. Yes Monday. We still have snow.


There is a light at the end. It's going up to 70 degree's for the next 3 days! YES!

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March 21, 2007

Hi There!

Guess what?


Yep! I got it done! I actually finished it up on Sunday, but I didn't have any buttons. Silly me thought I made only 8 button holes, but I made 9 (just like the pattern said) and I only bought 8 buttons. I couldn't get any more because I bought the last 2 on the rack! So I have an odd button on the top. Here is a detail shot:

detail shot.jpg

Pattern: Feminine Puff sleeve cardigan from Fitted Knits (I think that is what it is called)
Yarn: 5 balls of Brunswick Yarns - 100% Monsanto Acrylic (OH MY GOD!!!! Yes, it's 100 % Acrylic - more on that later...)
Needles: US 5 Circular and US 3 Circular

I loved knitting this sweater. Why oh why did I knit it with acrylic yarn? Well, it was in my stash (I had 14 balls of this stuff) I bought the yarn when I was just starting out and I didn't know any better. Actually it isn't bad yarn, but I think I might like this sweater better if I used the yarn called for in the pattern which was Knit Picks Merino I think. That's pretty cheap too. Would I make another one? You bet. I am not sure I love this sweater and it may be the acrylic. The long stretches of stockinette stitch got pretty tedious, but that was okay. Next thing you know I was at the waist shaping. I had some difficulty with Row 17 on the lace panel. I am not sure if it was the pattern or operater error. Probably the second. So I just winged it. I probably would make this a little longer too. I am just not that comfortable showing my belly fat.

Okay, the next picture is quite funny. "D-Rock" my son (his new name) wanted to try the sweater on. Of course I had to take a picture:


and this too


He asked me if I was going to put this on my blog.

Silly boy.....

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March 13, 2007

The new sweater

new sweater.jpg

Yep! As promised, this is a shot of my new sweater in progress. It is none other than the puff sleeve cardigan from Stephanie’s great new book Fitted Knits! I am actually a lot further now. I am at the lace part at the bottom! This sweater is knitting up fast! Woo hoo! New clothes!

Specs later when I am done with the sweater.

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March 09, 2007

I am a busy girl!

Wow! I have been away for a couple days down in NYC and NJ for work. Whenever I go away I try to hit a new yarn store. If I can't get to a new one I try to go to an old favorite.

I tried to get to School Products because they have that fabulous lace merino yarn that is dirt cheap, but sadly I couldn't make it there.

I did however FIND a GREAT yarn store in the town I was staying in. I swear, I can SMELL yarn from a mile away. My friend and coworker had me stay in beautiful downtown Westfield New Jersey. It's a quaint little town smack dab in the middle of New Jersey. Well, I am not one to sit around my hotel room and mope. I like to explore. I found a great little shop called Knit-a-Bit on 66 Elm Street! (Second floor) The owners of the shop were so friendly and nice. This is what I picked up:


Collinette Jitterbug! It is VERY bright, but that is why I bought it. I went back the next day and picked up the new Rowan magazine too.

If anyone is in that area I would totally recommend the shop. Great yarn! And great poeple. Go buy yarn from them!

I was hoping to show some status shots of the sweater I started, but I will have to do that next week.

over and out.

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February 26, 2007

You asked for it....

red socks bk.jpg

Nice huh? I think I am a little bow (?) legged though...

And here I am again with a cute little dress and some combat boots

with boots.jpg

Here is a nice heel shot

heel detail.jpg

such fine detail.

Here is what Suki thinks

suki says.jpg

She thinks I am too old for combat boots.

Thanks to my hubby for the top two shots.

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February 22, 2007

Did you think I got stuck in a snow bank?

Nope! I was too busy finishing up these

red socks1.jpg

So this is the only picture I have to show today. For some reason, the picture I took of the back is not working correctly. Which really is okay. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture by your self with these things on? I think I have 20 pictures. NO LIE.

I will take a picture of the back over the weekend when the lighting is better. Because you know, it's all about the lace panel and the heel stitches. The front is boring.

But they are DONE!

Oh and this is all I had left:

whats left.jpg

Not bad eh? I love it when I don't have a lot left. Oh! Here are the specs:

Pattern: Over the Knee Socks from Hand Knit Holiday's
Yarn: 4 balls of Silja Superwash Sock Yarn in Cranberry - got the yarn from Kris
Needles: US2 - circulars (2 of them)

I would knit these again in a heartbeat. They didn't take any longer than the shorter socks. I just didn't work on them constantly. I do have other things to do......


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February 16, 2007

Enough already!

snowy house.jpg

That was my house yesterday morning. Look to the right. My mail box was knocked off by the snow plow and the husband pushed it into the snow bank. Lovely.

Here is a shot last night looking out my front door


I tried to find a shot that showed what it looks like with out snow and this was all I could find:


Excuse the sock. But hey, it's knitting!

I am so sick of this snow! I am sure everyone in the northeast is pretty sick of it.

Okay, on to the knitting. Just so you know that I am not too busy shoveling or slacking:


They will be done by the weekend! (i hope....)

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February 12, 2007

Don't get excited!

crochet jacketthingy.jpg

No, I didn't make this. And you will either love it or hate it. I love it in a weird grandma kind of way. What is it you ask? Well it is a crochet jacket of sorts. I got it at my new favorite vintage store right here in Syracuse. I bought it so I could "figure" out the pattern. I haven't done that yet because I am half way done with my second over the knee sock! YAY!!!!!!!

Okay back to the point. I really like this jacket thingy (above). It is made out of yucky acrylic yarn, but we can remedy that with cool yarn, cool colors, cool shape I may have a cool jacket.

Just thought I would share seeing as how I don't have anything else to show you. Let me know what you think.

Thanks to Carla for taking the picture.

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February 06, 2007

New project news

I figure, I finished a sweater, I can treat my self and start a new project right? Forget about the shawl. It's on vacation (I forget who I told that to....)

I started these:


Actually it's just a "this" right now. What is "this"? It is the beginnings of the Over the Knee Socks from Hand Knit Holiday's! I am actually a lot further than this picture. I am now on the foot almost ready to decrease for the toe! I am really really hoping I don't run out of yarn. I don't think I will.

I am also really hoping that "second sock syndrome" does not set in. This would be a bad one for it. Although the sock is going rather quickly seeing as how I started it last Sunday. I am not going to let it happen! The other sock will be cast on immediately!
Over and out.

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January 31, 2007

Holy crap! I am on a roll!


purple sweater.jpg

Yes! It is! A FINISHED SWEATER!!!!!!

I have been so jealous of everyone lately finishing up sweaters and such that well, I just had to do it myself.

I think I started this during the summer. I finished it this weekend. All I needed to finish was the sleeves. Let's take a closer look at the sleeves:

green skull.jpg

Huzzah! ARRRRRRGGGGG! AVAST! And all that. Yes it's the skull pattern from Hello Yarn. I think I should post this over at the along

Now, let's see, the specs are a little vague:
Pattern: Top down cardigan pattern from Glampyre (sorry no link - I am being lazy)I decided to keep it a pull over

Yarn: Uh, um, dunno. But it's 100% Wool (Candide I think) it's got a bit of the barn in it you know.

Needles: US size 8 circulars and dpn

It is a little snug, but I love it! Thanks you Carol for taking my picture at work! (note to the boss: it was at lunch....)

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January 23, 2007

I've been holding out....

Yes, I have. I have another FO! And this is a cute one!

One of my coworker's daughter had a baby in October. A girl! I have been wanting to make the baby bonnet by Erika Knight for the longest time. I made the bonnet ages ago and I finished it right before New Years. I didn't show a picture because I wanted a shot of it on THE BABY! Right?

Here she is, Baby "A"

baby a with bonnet_1.jpg

okay it's a little big for her.....

baby a with bonnet.jpg

Okay so it looks like it's swallowing her.

Well I am looking at the photo and "HEY MOM" you got it on backwards!

I probably should have sent her these for instructions


Because it's so cute here is a side view:




That's alright. She will grow into it and hopefully a new picture with the bonnet on correctly will be here soon.

She is still cute eh?

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January 15, 2007

Avoidance issues....

Why oh why can't I finish my shawl? WHY? WHY WHY?

Because it's boring and stupid. The shawl that is. I am bored to DEATH with it.

So what have I been doing in the mean time?




Pattern: Wisp of Mist Wrist Warmers (say that 3 times fast...) from Compassionate Knitting by Tara Jon Manning
Needles: US 5 DPNS
Yarn: Hand dyed by me

Love this pattern! You can crank these out in no time. In fact I am on my 3rd pair! You can knit these and put them away for that last minute gift. God I sound like a dork.

PS: Thank you so much for the comments on my socks! Wow! You guys are great!

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January 09, 2007

Socks..... DONE!


Finally. I finished something. And I like it.

Pattern: From Knitters's Socks Book. (dunno the exact name or pattern)
Yarn: From my Dye-O-Rama pal. I don't even know if it is machine washable.
Needles: US 2 Circulars

I wish I had made the leg part a little longer. They almost feel like ankle socks. Whatever. They are done. Let's look at them again...


Okay, so these are off the list of works in progress. I really need to finish that shawl don't I?

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January 03, 2007

So much for making promises to my self

What do you do if you have pretty much a WHOLE day to your self. A WHOLE rainy, damp Saturday that is.....


Yes, I pretty much stayed in my jammies, didn't shower until about 4PM. No kid around. Husband was around but he didn't bother me. I did take a break to eat.

So I started this mitten last Saturday. I am up to the thumb. Guess what? It's too small! GROAN................and sigh...............

I was doing so good too


I like the palm of this much more than the hand. My cuff and first couple of rows came out so good too.....


So what am I going to do? I am going to frog this, but I thought I should at least document my disaster. I am going to use a bigger needle and loosen up a bit.

I'm okay with this.

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December 29, 2006

End of the year round up!

Yes, it is almost over. I just looked over my list of goals for this year and I did horribly! That’s ok though. Here is what I wanted to do last year:

- knit 4 sweaters.
- knit 2 shawls
- knit 1 vest
- knit 1 lacy scarf
- knit 1 caplet
- knit a bunch of socks
- knit some fairisle mittens

I also wanted to finish up some projects:
- pink crochet scarf that I started on “Uncommon Threads”
- Rebecca Sweater – Apricot Jacket
- Ruffles Scarf
- Shawl made from left over yarn
- a couple other unmentionables because they are still “gifts”
- gauntlets from a Rowan Magazine

Well, let’s see how I did:
- I have knit NO sweaters (I have 2 to finish…)
- I have knit 1 shawl and I am almost finished with another (not bad….)
- I have really thought about knitting a vest, but never got around to it
- I did knit a lacy scarf on REALLY BIG NEEDLES (it counts, wait, I knit 3 lacy scarves...)
- I don’t think I want to knit a caplet anymore. (Are they so last year???)
- I have only completed 2 pairs of socks (I have 3 more socks that need mates….)
- I didn’t knit any fairisle mittens (but I am going to)

I did finish 1 thing on my unfinished list
The gauntlets from the Rowan Magazine (wow – there is hope for me)

Now it may seem that I perhaps should set some more realistic goals. But it’s my list. I can do what I want right? I don’t think this year was a bad year, I have to say that my spinning has much improved thanks to Lolly and her Project Spectrum. I probably wouldn’t have forced my self to spin if it wasn’t for her great “along”

So what did I accomplish?
- 2 pairs of socks
- spinning
- 4 Pirate Hats (WOW! I am getting good!)
- 1 very ugly hat made out of equally ugly acrylic yarn
- spinning
- 1 pair of wrist warmers, 1 pair of gauntlets, 1 pair of Fetching wrist warmers
- 1 crochet scarf
- 1 lacy angora scarf, 1 lacy/bulky alpaca scarf, and 1 lacy (Weekend Knitting) scarf (that’s 3 scarves people – oh wait, that is 4 scarves!)
- more spinning
- 11, yes 11, 1 skein hats!
- 1 Muff (for your hands, to keep warm…oh get your mind out of the gutter)
- 1 Little Arrowhead shawl
- did I mention spinning?
- 4 pairs of mittens
- 1 Umbilical cord baby hat
- spinning

Phew! I am tired! What will be on my list for next year? Hmmmmmmm….. I am thinking…….

Have a wonderful New Years! Kisses and Hugs to all!

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December 28, 2006


Yes. I have survived. The holidays.
I wanted to have a nice picture of our tree and say nice things to all my blogging friends but I just didn't have time. Sigh.......There are only so many hours in the day and well something had to give.

Anyway... I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Guess what? I didn't finish my hubby's hat in time! But that's okay. I wrapped it up and gave it to him anyway. It's not like I haven't done it before. (right Lemon?) I did finish it though.


I am really happy how this one turned out. It is probably the best one I have done so far. I am really liking this fairisle thing. As long as it is in the round.

Pattern: We Call them Pirates from Hello Yarn
Yarn: Dale of Norway Haulk in Army Green and Maroon
Needles: US Size 3 circulars

My son loved his hat too! I finished it in plenty of time.


The cat said: "I'm outta here"
Pattern: We Call them Pirates from Hello Yarn
Yarn: Dale of Norway Falk (Bright Red and Black)
Needles: US Size 3 circulars

I also made some mittens out of my very own handspun!


Pattern: From the pattern book by Anne Budd
Yarn: My own handspun tencel/merino (dark blue) 100% Alpaca (light blue)
Needles: US Size 6 Double pointed

These are a gift. She has really long hands and I hope they fit. I also made her this hat:


Specs: Noro 1 skein hat
Yarn: Noro Shinano (from the sale bin) Color #1. It has nice flecks of blue and pink and others.
Needles: US Size 8 Double Pointed and circular

Well there you have it. My hands didn't turn into claws. I wouldn't allow that. I also DID NOT finish my shawl like I told one of my commenters. But I will finish it. It is next on my list. Promise. I also have a sweater, 2 pairs of socks, another sweater......the list is endless. But I will not start anything new until they are done. You heard it here!

I am hoping to post tomorrow for my year end wrap up. I need to go through my list of goals and see if I achieved any of them. I think I did about a 1/3rd. If you don't hear from me, HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you so much for commenting! I see a contest in the new year!

Love to all!

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December 14, 2006

Somebody stop me please....


I can't stop. I will soon have claws for hands.... From left to right:
Mitten's for my son's teacher. I think they need a little embellishing. He told me she wears a lot of grey. So she get's grey mittens. Another hat! This one is for ME!!!! I buy a lot of odd ball skeins of yarn from that sale bin at one of my favorite LYS. This is from that bin. Can't beat Noro for making a good looking hat. Finally on the far right is a very floppy, very big, yarmulke for a friend at work. I think I am going to make a smaller one as his head isn't that big. Husband said it looked like a doily. Oiy.

I am almost done with both father and son Pirate hats! I just need to finish the lining. They don't suspect a thing. Of course I am staying up WAY too late to finish these. I hope they appreciate them! I will take a picture on Christmas. You will have to wait until then!

Gotta go! I am so behind on my shopping! Too busy knitting.....

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December 07, 2006

I think I may have a new career...

I think I should work for Santa in his workshop

mitts for mil.jpg

I finished these this weekend! I forgot to mention it. I am a Christmas present machine! Okay enough tooting on the horn. They are just mittens for goodness sake. Woo hoo!!!

Yarn: 100% alpaca from some alpaca farm near Rochester, NY. I bought it at an Alpaca show last year
Needles: US 5 double pointed
Recipient: My Mother In Law. She is allergic to wool. But not alpaca!!! I hope she doens't read my blog.... she knows about it... oh well.
Pattern: From Ann Budd's handy pattern book. (I am really liking this book)

I think they came out a bit floppy but that is 100% alpaca for you. They are cozy. The thumbs look a little pointy, but not when you are wearing them.

Oh and I am almost done with my son's pirate hat. My husbands pirate hat is 1/2 done. WOO HOO AGAIN!!!! I am hoping to fit in a scarf for my Dad. Busy Busy BUSY!!!!!

ps, could some one be my editor? I am a HORRIBLE SPELLER! Sorry! I just fixed some from the last post. I am embarrassed! Is that spelled right?

Gotta go!

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December 04, 2006

FO's and guild presents!

I have a FO! WOW! And it's a moldy oldy too!


Yes, they are done. I made one mitt I think last year. I made it's companion this weekend. Now I realize why you should just suck it up and do both at the same time or right after each other. My gauge was OFF! Wooo wee. But it was an easy fix.

Yarn: Reynolds Odyssey
Needles: US 10 1/2 and US 9
Pattern: Rowan (I forget the name of them)

I gave them to Mia. It was her birthday. I think she liked them.

Okay, so my guild had their annual gift exchange. All can be revealed:

guild projects.jpg

Look at all the beautiful handmade lovlies! I made the purple rolled up scarf in the middle. I received the "glittens" right next to the scarf. I was so looking forward to this. I love seeing what everyone made! It was another successful year!

Here is the recipient of my scarf


Her name is Anna, I think she likes it.

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November 22, 2006

Mittens for Mom


Yarn: Reynolds - Tipperary Tweed 100% Wool (I think this is discontinued - had it in the stash for the longest time....)
Pattern: from the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd
Needles: Size 6 US Double pointed bamboo

Yep, these are mittens for my Mom for Christmas. I hope she likes them. These were a breeze to knit. Quick and easy. That's for me!

I don't know why I am such a spaz when it comes to projects that I choose to knit. I have so much to complete.... you all know....ahem.... perhaps these few days off will help me get them done! I guess it may be my busy work day. I get hectic at work and I need something to help me decompress when I come home. Which is why I love spinning so much. Lately I just feel like I am all over the place in my life, my work, my blog. I hope you can all follow along.

It should even out after the first of the year. I hope....

Cara has a really wonderful meme going on at her site. I am so going to do this one and I need these 4 days to complete.

Everyone have a lovely Thanksgiving! Stuff your selves silly. I am cooking at my house this year. It should be interesting.....

over and out.

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November 10, 2006

Oiy! I feel a rant coming on......

How much is your knitting worth?

As you know I made a Pirate Hat for a friend at work! She loved it! See:

carol 1.jpg

What a good girl to model it for us!

carol 2.jpg

Where am I going with this.... Oh yeah, another girl at work said "You could make these and sell them"

Silence..... crickets........

Okay! So yeah, I am flattered! She liked the hat! (she didn't say I could make them and sell them someone else did). Um no! I can't make these and sell these. It isn't my pattern, and if it was I would have to sell it for a lot. Which brings me to this rant.

I received my latest catalog from Free People. I love looking at this catalog. It is right up there with Anthropologie as far as beautiful clothing. But MAN!!! I came across this:

nolita hat.jpg

It is a $168.00 freakin hat! Why would anyone pay that much for this hat? It is 100% Merino, yes, that is soft, but it's not cashmere, or that other fancy stuff (you know what I am talking about, like an alpaca, vicuna! did I spell that right?)

Am I doing something wrong? Should I start making hats and charging $168.00 bucks?

Was that a rant? I have been knitting, I just haven't taken any pictures. So perhaps this is just filler.

Have a good one!

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November 06, 2006

Phew! I am back and in the saddle...

So to speak. I got back from NYC on Wednesday, but I needed to play catch up for the rest of the week!

I try to make it to a different yarn store every time I am in the big city. This time I made it to none other than School Products. I liked this store! I wish I had more time to browse though. He was closing up at 6:30 and I had gotten there about 20 minutes before. Never one to leave empty handed.....


100% Merino. It seems like fingering weight yarn, not quite lace weight. And I think a bargin too. $6.50 for each skein. And the yardage not to bad at: 405 yards approx. per skein. At least that is what I think it is. The shop keeper was very nice. I found out his wife will be featured in the up and coming issue of Interweave Knits AND his son is responsible for Karabella Yarn! WOW! Of course I didn't buy any of that. I wanted something I couldn't get up here in Syracuse. I am happy with it.

Oh and I have a FO! Yep! Pirate hat number 3!


I am hoping to get a picture of it on it's recipient today so I can show you her joy!

p.s.s - Happy anniversary to me and my Best friend PEGI, we have known each other for what? 33 years is it Peg? I love you like a sister!

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October 27, 2006

Enough about Rhinebeck already!

I have a finished object! And no it isnt' my shawl......


Aren't they Fetching?

I love this pattern! I saw a lot of these at Rhinebeck. There is that word again.....

It was quick and easy. The only thing I would change the next time I make these is to perhaps not do the picot edging. I thought it was a little "loose" but it doesn't look too bad.... Here is a detail shot:


Yarn: hand dyed by me (kool aid... sigh....)
Needles: US 6 Double Pointed
You know the pattern.

Just when you thought you had seen enough...


Have a good weekend! I am off to NYC Monday thru Wednesday.

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September 11, 2006

What the.....

Howdie. Welcome to my pictureless blog post. My computer is on the fritz so I am not sure what I can post picture wise and when. Not that there is any thing to show.

- My shawl. Is not complete. I did not get swallowed up in it, but I came close. I ran out of yarn. I had to rip out the border and go down 2 rows and start from there. I am using the same border as before, so I could have the same problem. Sigh....... But I will not start anything until it is finished. So close yet so far.

- The Flaming Lips concert was WONDERFUL! They put on such a visually stimulating show. I hated for it to end! I love WAYNE COYNE!

What else..........

- My spinning guild started up and our first meeting was yesterday. We take the summers off. So it was nice seeing every one again although it was a poor poor turn out, I haven't a clue why. I always enjoy going. I learn something everytime I go.

- Speaking of spinning, I have been doing that inbetween breaks from Beasty Shawl knitting. I have spun up my prize I received from the Dye-O-Rama swap and I will share as soon as I can.

Pray to the computer gods that my computer will be fixed. Then I can show something.

Sorry for the boring post. This one sucks!

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August 28, 2006

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....


Holy nighmare of a knitting beast batman! This is going to take me forever! I have started my last ball of yarn. I have 316 stitches left (exactly) I don't feel I will run out of yarn. I feel like I will run out of steam. I hope I finish this thing before I get bored. I didn't work on it at all yesterday. I couldn't stand to look at the damn thing.

I am NOT giving up. Hence the absence from this blog. Really. This is all I have been working on.


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August 22, 2006

Almost there....

almost done.jpg

It looks like a giant Rasta hat or an octopus head doesn't it? You would never think this could be a shawl now could you. I am almost done with this bad boy. Really! I am now at the point where I am to add an edge. I don't like the one the pattern calls for so I am going to experiment with others. I am a little nervous as this is all I have left:


maybe even less as I had used some of it up already.... Can she do it?

This thing is going to be huge!!!!

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August 11, 2006

My new project!

I am so excited! (said like Austin Powers - yeah baby)

I have been searching for a mindless, perfect shawl. Something I want to rush home after work and immediately work on. I found it!


Elizabeth Zimmerman was a cool, cool lady. This is the beginnings of her PI shawl. Do you think she would have had a blog? I think she certainly would have found them amusing....

I wonder how far I will get on it this weekend.....

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July 28, 2006

Muff Along

Show us your MUFF and maybe win a prize!

Yes you heard it here and here. I am helping Mia with a Muff along. We have a button!


It's not a very good button, but it's a button! If you can make a better button we would love it! Now this is my first along. I think it's Mia's too. So we don't really know what we are doing. Bear with us. We need to work out the details. But I am pretty sure there will be a couple of prizes.

I have already got my muff done!


Yarn: Handspun (mine!) scraps, and bits of left overs
Needle size: 10 1/2 US Circular
Pattern: This fab pattern from Knitty.

So get moving and show us your muff!

No perverts please!

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July 25, 2006

Little Arrowhead Shawl


Pattern: Little Arrowhead Shawl from the free patterns at Interweave Knits. (I am too lazy to give you the link - you know where to look)

Yarn: Buckwheat Bridge Angoras Hudson Valley Worsted Spinning Mill (phew that was a mouthful!) 50% Mohair Kid and 50% Wool approx. 2oz per skein and 220 yard per skein. I used a little under 2 skeins. I got the yarn at the Hemlock Fiber festival last year. Oh, the color is obviously PURPLE

Needles: US 7 Circulars.

I wasn't happy with my bind off edge. I think I did it too tight and it curls up at the tip. Over all it's pretty. I wouldn't make another one though...

Hey notice my Christmas Tree is gone from the back yard! We just have to mow the lawn....

On to my new project:

The Muff


Mia talked me into it. I was skeptical at first and it didn't take long. This pattern is really cool! She is even planning an "along" for this! I am going to help her! So come on! Show us your MUFF!


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July 19, 2006

1/2 of 2 FO's


Yes, I have done it again. I have 2 socks done that need their matching mates.......

The green sock is way to small for me (I hope you like them Linda) but the purple/pink sock fits me just fine. In fact it is the yarn that my dye-o-rama pal Claudia sent to me! I LOVE THE COLORS!!!! It really does look like Blueberry pancakes with Strawberry compote. What is compote? A sauce of some kind I am thinking...Now to make their mates. Speaking of Dye-o-rama, I won a prize! How cool is that?

Okay another thing, want to apologize if anyone gets offended or anything about the placenta shampoo. It is totally gross. I won't use it or mention it again!


And another thing.....

I heard my self on tv, didn't watch it, but reports have been trickling in that my hair looked great and I didn't sound like a dork. I guess I sounded like I actually knew what I was doing! Well that's a relief. So everyone will be able to watch this but me. But I will as soon as I can.

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July 13, 2006

I'm on a roll!

I finished the Little Arrowhead shawl! However it is unblocked and ends need to be woven in. So I will give a sneak peak, then perhaps by next week I can share the specs!

Here you go:


I have my work cut out for me as I have never blocked a shawl before and I need some "T" pins. Wish me luck....

Like I said, I'm on a roll. I started a new project last night:




Okay, so it was using super bulky yarns and ginormous needles.... At least it is finished!

Yarn: Blue Sky Bulky Hand Dyes - Light Pink
Needles: Boye US35 (I finally got to use them)
Pattern: Roving Scarf from the book "Knit Ponchos, Wraps, and Scarves by Jane Davis

Notes: I liked this pattern a lot for the obvious reason that I finished it in like an hour. I got the book from the library (which I am going to do more of...) It felt like I was knitting with 2 big pencils you buy at the souvenir shop's at Niagra Falls. Totally weird, but I would do it again.

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June 30, 2006

How does it go? If at first you don't succeed....

Try try again!

badpicof shawl.jpg

Sorry for the bad picture. I was in a hurry. I am almost to where I ripped before. I think I have a handle on it this time. My trick is:


I'm serious. I was more worried about moving them over that my stitches got dropped. This is a 6 stitch repeat so it's easy to remember. I say this now. Let's see what happens over the next few days.........

On another topic, I have been chatting on the phone with Lisa from Spinners Hill. SHE IS A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING Seriously, I love her. I had called her a couple of weeks ago to see if she could send me some samples of what she has in stock. She did. This is what she sent:


These are the colors she has left over from the festivals she has been to. OH MY!!!! How can I choose? I of course want them all, but I had some restraint and only chose 3. Here is what I am getting really soon:


1/2 lb of each baby! Love it! Back to Lisa, she lives in the area that is getting a lot of this flooding and through it all she managed to call me twice! She is a sweet heart. If you ever see her at a fiber festival. Buy all of her stuff. Save some for me, but buy it. It is great to spin!

Lastly, I will be on vacation next week! YES! A much deserved and needed vacation. Not much is planned other than a couple of days in Lake Placid with Mr. Geek, and not so little Geek. I am hoping to pop into this nice place. Not that I need to purchase anything, but you never know.....

So I will be totally unavailable for the entire week. I hope everyone has a really great holiday! (4th of July to those outside of the states) Perhaps I will have lots to show on Monday July 10th.

over and out.

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June 26, 2006

I did it!

I started a shawl! Here is my progress on Sunday afternoon:

Little arrowhead shawl.jpg

What shawl is it you ask? Why none other than The Little Arrowhead Shawl. Sure looks like a blob doesn't it?

I did some spinning too:


2 oz of alpaca. Lovely stuff.


More alpaca. I think this is more than 2 oz. Oh and it's good for the project spectrum project! Phew! I got my blue in.


This is chocolate alpaca and tussah silk. I did this last week. Nice stuff. About 2 oz.


More alpaca. I think 3 oz this time. So there you have it! I've been busy. What am I going to do with all this? Dunno. I am sure I will think of something. What do you think of the green bowl? A little theme going on there. I thought the yarn looked pretty in the green bowl so you may be seeing it displayed that way from now on.

Let's get back to progress on that shawl shall we?


CRAP! I dropped a stitch. Crappity crap crap.

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June 22, 2006

Handspun and handknit

I think it's high time I used some of this yarn that I have been spinning don't you?

Remember this:


Well I made this:

handspun hat.jpg

It's just a hat. A very heavy and warm hat. I am not sure I like all the colors from the varigated roving. I may be more selective next time I buy or dye my own. I am going to keep this for me because the yarn I made was not my best. I really couldn't give this to anyone.....

I'm itching to start a shawl project.

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June 05, 2006

Knitting is an obsession....

Saturday, June 3rd. My neighborhood garage sale. Did I score? YES. I got 2 great dye pots. No need for a picture. They were POTS.

I felt the need to talk about this though:

knitting basket.jpg

I picked this up at a garage sale for $5 dollars. Let's have a look inside shall we?

inside basket.jpg

Those are some honkin needles eh? I think they are sizes 50 and 35. You could really hurt someone with those...Okay, let’s dig deeper. What's in the yellow box?


HOLY CRAP! Look at all those needles! Some of them weren't even open! Yeah, I know, what do I need with all these? I have a plan, an evil plan..... No just kidding. So here is a shot of it all laid out:


Now I didn't know the person I bought this from. I am thinking this was her mother's or her grandmother's. I am also thinking she may no longer be with us..... Now the yarn is all crap and there isn't enough of it for anything big (except gods eyes). I did find an almost finished baby hat. When I dug a little deeper in the pockets I found some really touching things ... almost made me want to cry...... Lookie:

makeup.jpg's her makeup!!!!! That gold thing is a little compact with some bright pink blush or something in it!!! Then I found her note book!!!! sniffle sniffle.....



I hope Travis and Jessica appreciate their mittens!!!!!!

So this woman as far as I can tell was an obsessed knitter. She had to be! I keep a notebook, I have a ton of needles and I will probably still buy more. I hope that when my time comes my things will go to some one who will appreciate all of this like I do.

I half expected to find some cash tucked away in there or even a hankie, but I didn't. Ah well. I thought it was a good story to share.

Next up tomorrow (or the next day). Why my Dad is a hero.

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May 26, 2006

The weekend....

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend here in the States. A time to remember the dead...the start of summer...cook outs and parades.....I'm pretty much doing all of these things. I haven't had a long weekend since well maybe March. So I am really looking forward to it.

I don't have much knitting accomplished so I thought I would share with you this


This pile of crap is all of my works in progress. Yes.....I'm not so good about finishing things......Let's see, we have 4 unfinished scarves, 1 unfinished sock, 1 unfinished shawl, 1 unfinished bag, 1 unfinished hat and 1 unfinished neckwarmer.

Then we have


2 unfinished sweaters. (not counting the one I still owe Linda...)

And here we have

stuff to finish.jpg

1 unfelted bag, 1 hand warmer and 1 sock.

I am not going to get this done this weekend. That was not the point of this post. There is no point to this post. I just wanted to share. How many unfinshed projects do you have?

Have a great weekend!
Over and out.

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May 24, 2006

You would think I learned my lesson...


Why oh why do I continue to do this? Why do I knit socks in a varigated yarn with a pattern that would obviously look better with a plain yarn? Why? I'm not going to rip, I like um!

Oh and here is the yarn I dyed for my dye-o-rama pal. I'm supposed to talk about it. Here it is:


I hope she likes it. It's not that bright. I think the flash made it brighter. It's self striping yarn too! It sorta reminds me of an inchworm.

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May 10, 2006

Yes, I do knit.


Is this not the cutest thing you ever saw? Wait! Here is the back


A friend of mine is having a girl any moment now. I just have to add the bows to the sides, I had to share the picture.

Pattern: From Knitting for 2 - Erika Knight
Yarn: Cascade Yarns - Sierra (Pima Cotton/Wool) in light lavendar
Needles: US 5 Straight
Modifications: I picked up more stitches than was asked for along the bottom edge.

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April 14, 2006

Not feeling the love

Nope. No me gusta.


This is my current sock. This is the HEEL of my current sock. I don't like it. Not at all. It's puffy and strange. Which kinda bums me out. This heel is called the Dutch or Horse Shoe Heel. It should be called "fuggly" I hate it.


Here is the whole thing. Do you know how many times I have ripped this out? Well some of you will say 1 time, but truth be told, I have ripped it out 3 times. I started Pomotomus, then I started Cascading Leaves, then I started Friday Harbor (I think that is what it's called) and now this. This is the Madder Rib Sock from Nancy Bush's book Knitting Vintage Socks. I dunno, I am just not feeling the love people. I think I am going to rip, give the yarn a bath, re-wind and put it away for a bit. Start fresh.

I hope everyone has a nice Easter/Passover Holiday! Mmmmm..... chocolate bunnies!

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April 10, 2006

Got a sec?

So I cruise the blogs. I was cruising See Eunny Knit. Wonderful place! Love her! So I see she has done some self striping sock yarn with kool aid. I love kool aid! So I figure, Hey! I can do that! Yeah right. I have only done self striping sock yarn once before and now I am going to listen to people when they tell me that this is a real pain in the ass! I guess I will never learn..... Okay, here is my story: It started out a nice bright Sunday morning.......


I labeled the picture because that is my yard. Yes that is our Christmas Tree (it is gone now - thank god) and yes that sled is still out there. Don't our neighbors have a nice green lawn? Okay, so I don't keep up with the Jones's. It cuts into my knitting and spinning time. So I place the 2 chairs apart like the directions tell me to do (aren't those chairs great?) I mark off were my colors should be. I get way dizzy in the process. The phone rings. I ignore it. My husband tells me it is my best friend. I can call her back. He tells my best friend that I am in the back yard doing an interpretive dance with kitchen chairs and yarn. She doesn't think twice. She knows me.

So now comes the actual "dyeing". I'm good at this right? WRONG! I soak my yarn. My yarn gets tangled. I get very unpleasant. Very unpleasant. I snap at anyone around me. I successfully untangle one skein but not the other. Okay, so I figure I will dye the one and get back to the other.


Looks good? NOPE! (well besides the fact the photo is too dark) I made the dark red section too long! CRAP! Not to mention this:


most unpleasant. I am thinking of starting over again. Ha! But I hate to throw out yarn.

Can we move on?


All that's left to finish on this is sewing in the lining! Wahoo!!!

Pattern: Pirate Hat (Hello Yarn)
Needles: Size 4 US (16") circular bamboo
Yarn: Laines Du Nord Linea Merino - Giunco in Blue and Chocolate Brown

This took me less than a week. I have 3 more to make.............big sigh.........

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March 28, 2006

Sick house

Now my husband is sick! Jeesh! You know what that means don't you...... Yeah, he's a big baby! Sigh...... Not a lot of fiber goodness got done. Well, not as much as I would like....

I did get my crochet scarf done

crochet scarf.jpg

I really should have made this wider. I think it is too thin. It is long enough but too thin.

I also got this done


What is it you say? Why it is another scarf! The pattern is from here. You have to scroll down a bit. It is called Encharpe Part 1. I didn't put beads on yet. I haven't found any to put on.

Yarn: Louisa Harding Kimono Angora
Pattern: Naive Knitting's Encharpe Scarf
Needles: US 7 Bamboo

The yarn color in this picture is very accurate. It did break easy though when I was weaving in the ends. I also did a 3 needle bind off to join the 2 ends. It looks sorta sloppy, but it is just for me so I don't mind. Do you think I could count this for a Project Spectrum project? It is pink.....

I also did some more dyeing this weekend:

more dyeing.jpg

I really need to branch out. I think I said it before, but I am getting a little tired of the kool aid. The colors came out pretty nice though....

Over and out.

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March 24, 2006

Oh boy, another meme....


It's got a button and everything!

I am not much into them. Only if they are interesting. This one is interesting. I found this meme via Scout, via Jen La. It’s a keeper. I don’t think you have to be tagged for it. I wasn’t. It took me forever to fill this out so you will just have to read it now.

-Your finds must come from knit blogs.
-You may not use a blog for more than one item-all items must come from different sources.
-Finds can come from current entries or archives.
-You must post your answers with the title of the blogs they were found on and a link to the blog/item (permalinks where appropriate) on your blog. If no permalink is available, give us the post date.
-Do not steal anyone’s bandwidth-which means you should not hotlink pictures.
-You need to comment and let us know when you have completed this meme.

1. A blog which you think people have not discovered.

I could be wrong here, people may have discovered her, but if not I just love: Julie’s blog. I mean she actually finished the over the knee socks from Hand Knit Holiday’s!

2. A blog whose author lives close to you physically. Just get as close as you can, it’s all relative.

Hmmmm……..I am meeting new bloggers that live near me a lot lately…..It’s got to be Mia

3. An unusual or weird animal picture.

Oh hands down Stitchy McYarnpants’s entry from March 2005. You will have to scroll down a bit. It is the entry where she puts her cat in the dye pot. He is blue.

4. An entry that made you laugh and got you strange looks from family or co-workers.

Once again Ms. Stitchy McYarnpants’s really made the soda come out my nose. If you scroll down to the March 27th 2005 entry you will see her cat with packing peanuts stuck to it’s backside. I actually called co-workers over so they could all laugh too! Priceless.

5. An idea you wish you’d thought of.

Oh that’s easy. the famous jaywalker socks by Grumperina. Now, I coulda done that! Sigh…… but she thought it up first…..

6. Something you’d like to knit.

Now this is hard. Why? Because I want to knit everything! But what the hell, I will just throw one out there. How about this?

7. A picture of something you consider beautiful.

Anything and everything that Sweet Georgia touches is beautiful. Could she just once have an ugly picture up there? Huh? Could she? Would it kill her?

8. A blog whose author you’d like to one day meet in person

I want to meet Kris and Audrey very badly. I also want to meet Marie, Anna, Lolly, Karma....All the girls in Australia, Jeesh, this is hard! I want to meet all of you who have commented!

9. A blog of someone you have already met in person.

Now this is easy. I have met: Missa, Meg, Toni. Remember the tv show? Will it ever be on girls? Okay and I have also met Mia, Erin, Rachel. Did I leave anyone out?

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March 22, 2006

sniffle sniffle, cough, sniffle, dribble...


I haf a code in my node........ I have been sick for a couple of days.... don't worry I am not won't catch anything......

So I haven't really felt like doing much of anything. Well that isn't entirely true. I did start a crochet scarf


This pattern is from Debbie Stoller's new book The Happy Hooker. (sorry I didn't link it - I figured everyone knows about this already) What a great book! Nice patterns (not all of them....) but a lot I would actually make. So I am making this one. I think I am going to add another row of double crochet then do the shell stitch around. I like my scarf a little fatter. Keeps my neck warmer. Hey, maybe I won't get sick next time!!!!

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March 09, 2006

Quick Fix


sometimes you just need one. A project you KNOW you will finish. I started this Monday. I finished it last night.

Yarn: Big Geek Yarn Co. Hand Dyed - color: Sea
Needles: US 7 circular and US 7 DPN
Pattern: Umbilical Cord Hat from Stitch and Bitch - Debbie Stoller

over and out

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March 02, 2006

Project Spectrum







Hmmmmmm........Do I knit? Or Do I spin?
Yes Project Spectrum is under way.

I am going with the spinning. Doesn't it look like a sunset? Or some type of tropical drink?

I have forgotten to say congratulations to all of you awesome Olympic Knitters out there! You all deserve the Gold as far as I’m concerned!

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February 28, 2006

The result....

I really appreciate all of your comments on what to do with my sock! I feel a little guilty because I told most of you that I would be going forward! Well, I didn't exactly lie. I tried to go forward. But I stumbled. I dropped a stitch. It was midnight on Saturday. What would you do? I ripped. Sorry! 10 of you said to keep going, 13 of you said to rip and 8 were undecided. I did however start a new sock.


Nice and simple. It really shows the yarn so much better. It is from the Vintage Sock book by Nancy Bush. It is the easy peasy one in the beginning. Madder Ribbed Sock? I think? I wanted a challenge, but this is nice too. I will definitely do the Cascading Leaves in a solid color.

Onward.... I received my final Better Pal package yesterday. YIPIEE!!!!! Take a look:


I got some Koigu!!!!! I have been wanting this for so long!!! My Better Pal was none other than Risa! Thank you so much for all of the goodies! I can't wait to parooooose her blog now!

Other news. I got a hair cut Saturday. This is what I wanted:


I don't have the courage yet to show you what it looks like! It came out very close to this. You recognize it don't you. It's the girl in the Viva Poncho book! Knitting books and knitting magazines are all I look at lately so that is my source for inspiration. Hair do inspiration. I may show you what it looks like. It is a full on face shot if I do. I haven't really shown a full on face shot yet. I like to keep my face a mystery.

Oh alright. I will show you what it looks like:


There. Satisfied? Over and out.

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February 24, 2006

Need some help...

clsock start_25.jpg

I have started a new sock. Don't tell me you are not surprised. Hey at least I finish them. Anyway...I am not sure if I should move forward. That is where you come in. See this yarn is very busy. You can't really see the pattern. But this morning when I took the picture you could see the pattern. This is the Cascading Leaves Sock pattern. The yarn is Mountain Colors Barefoot. I bought it back in January. Should I keep going? Or should I rip. Let's discuss......

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February 22, 2006


I love the stuff. Seems lately I can't get enough of it. So when I find out there is a yarn store in my town that I have never been to before I get a little excited. Oh you know, sweaty palms, can't talk straight, giddy. Yes that is the word. I was giddy. What is the name of this yarn store???

Mission Rose Quiltery

I think I may have a new favorite! They have everything that my other store doesn't! They have Noro, Debbie Bliss, Mountain Colors, Mano's, I am sure I missed something... and my new favorite: Louisa Harding! Look at what I got


Isn't it pretty? It is Kimono Angora. 70% Angora,25% Wool, 5% Nylon. 124 yards! YUM! I got 2 balls of it. I wanted to make this:


but it just wasn't happening for me. It has been frogged and something new has been started. I will have if finished soon though. Patience....... This also called for me:


Yep. More sock yarn. This is none other than Schaefer Sock Yarn – Anne. I don't know what color. But who cares! It is gorgeous!

I am a very happy girl. Now if they only carried Koigu.......

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February 20, 2006

Okay, so the hat was a bit much.....

Wow! I haven't seen that many comments since my Fun Fur entry! Thanks for all the comments! I will keep them all in mind. But you haven't seen the last of my tacky projects. Oh no. I have a good one up my sleeve. In the mean time.........

How about a nice pair of socks?


Here is the lace panel on the side


Yarn: Lorna's Laces - Girly Stripe
Needles: Size 1 US - 2 circular
Pattern: Dublin Bay Sock
Side Note: I shaved my legs for you people!

I love the colors that Lorna's Laces puts out, but I am still not sure if I like knitting with it. Jury is still out.

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February 16, 2006

I had a moment.......

You have all had them. Come on, come clean.

What was I thinking?

That is my moment.

What am I talking about?


The pattern, I don't think, is bad. Why else would I have taken it from AC Moore. Here we go:


Obviously I didn't use the recommended yarn. I don't have to. It's my choice. This thing can stand up by it's self! What yarn did I use?


Yep. Scratchy icky acrylic yarn. Yarn left over from a Hallowig project gone bad. I don't know WHAT I WAS THINKING! Lilly Pulitzer? I am sure she would faint. I am surprised I didn't break out in hives making this either.

Oh but it get's better. Do you want to know why? I took a picture of my self in this foolish thing. Go ahead, point and laugh. You know you want to.


What did you expect?

I think I need to put toilet paper in it and put a doll on top then put it on the back of my toilet. It certainly doesn't belong on my head. Or I could use it for a fruit bowl


It does stay up. Nice and sturdy this hat is.

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February 14, 2006

Tidying up

I've got the spring cleaning bug and it isn't even spring yet. This past weekend was spend organizing and weeding out and throwing out of stuff. My yarn was taking over too much of my room so I reorganized and moved a lot to the basement (a DRY basement). I have a lot of yarn don't I? Don't answer that.

Do you remember this?


It is the Paris Loop poncho wrap thingy. I never wear this. It's not that I don't like it, I just don't wear it. So guess what I did? Yes.........


This is all handspun people. I just had to unravel. It is so pretty! Now I highly recommend a nice little bath when unraveling the yarn. Look how lovely the yarn looks after a bath. It bounced right back to it's beautiful shape. No kinks!



Oh and 1 of my surprises is out of the bag. I did a test knit sock for Marie at Brooklyn Hand Spun
scroll down a bit if you want to check it out. Socks are cool.

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February 06, 2006

A weekend of nice surprises!

I received some very very lovely things in the mail this week! I am so floored at the generosity of people out there. I have made some great friends through this blog and I thank you! Let's see now, where to begin........

First I got some amazing stitch markers from Anna take a look:


I immediately took off the boring old white ring marker on my sweater and I am using the blue one now! They are soooooo pretty! Thank you Anna! Oh yeah, she sells them! Go buy them!

I got a lovely skein from Audrey for some super secret knitting (shhhh.....)


Isn't it pretty?

Then Kris sent me a package and this is what it was:


A Professor Pez tee shirt! I bet I am the only one in Camillus New York with one of these! Also in the package was this:


Sock yarn and purple and orange alpaca! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Kris!

With all of this stuff I really need to do some producing. Which I have been. I whipped out these fingerless mits for a friend this weekend. I added a flower on the bottom wrist because I think it needed something extra. I like how it turned out.


These are great for a really really quick gift. You can make the pair in about 2 hrs. Finally I have a super secret "thing" I have been working on all week. It is done and will go in the mail today. I can only show this for now:


It will all be revealed soon....

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February 02, 2006

Damn! 6 more weeks!


But you wouldn't know it today! Sun is shining, birds are singing. And this guy saw his shadow. I don't buy it.


Is it me? Or are there a lot of things going on out there in blog land! I just signed up for this


How cool is this???? I have so many ideas! I hope other people out there get out of their "funk" I have been reading too much about how uninspired everyone is! We need to turn this around people!

I got my second package last night from my Better Pal! Oh my! It is divine! Take a look:


6 balls of beautiful mohair. MY FAVORITE COLORS! A tape measure (I needed a new one because the cat chewed the other one) Some german angora from their own private stock! I can not WAIT to try and spin this! Lastly there are these cute cards with knitting patterns on them! I love everything! Thank you Better Pal!!!

I did some plying this week. I couldn't wait to see what the blue/yellow looked like so I plyed (plied???) I also gave it a nice bath and it really helped a lot. It was so greasy. It fluffed right up. Here you go:


Sure does look like a lot don't it? Sure looks like what?..... at least 500 yards???? Here is the reality:


I am holding it in my hand. It is probably less than 2 oz. Oh and I tried plying it from a center pull ball. Yeah..... THAT was a fiasco. I need more bobbins.

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January 30, 2006

What happens when you want to do everything

It has been a while. Who really wants to see an inch of stockinette stitch on my sweater? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I did a bit of everything this weekend. I really just wanted to accomplish something. So this is what I did:


Got 1 sock done, and the other one started. I will show a bigger picture when I can model it. Hairy legs and all.


Did some dyeing. I hate this picture. It was nice and sunny all weekend. What do I do? Take the picture when it is nice and dark so you can't see the real colors. Left to right: Orange/Red, middle: is blue/grape, right: strawberry/pink lemonade. Love them all.


Did some knitin on my sweater too. Wow, it grew a whole couple of inches! sigh.......


Spinin. Yep. I did some. I have to keep on keepin on or else I get rusty.

Check this out! I actually inspired someone! I feel so proud! Go look at Sara's Jaywalkers! LOVE THEM!

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January 23, 2006

Arts and Crafts at Château Big Geek

My son reintroduced me to the godseye!


Remember these things? I haven't made one since summer camp! His came out much better than mine.......(smile) That is why I am showing only his. He did such a great job! I love it!

It was a very fibery weekend. I did more spinning and plying. I am not really happy with the way the blue plyed. It didn't twist enough. Not sure how I can fix that. Hopefully someone will give me some advice. Here is a picture though


The brown is getting to where I want to be at. The blue just didn't cut it. I washed the brown to set the twist. But I don't think there is any twist to be had with the blue. Sigh.......

I have some alpaca that I did a little hand carding on and spun up a little. But I didn't take a picture. Aplaca is like BUTTER people! I am going to love spinning this.

Lastly, I ordered some sock yarn from Brooklyn Hand Spun. Oh my god! Like I need more sock yarn. But I can't even take a decent picture of it.


Ain't it purdy?

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January 17, 2006


There has been little progress. But progress none the less.


Yeah, I know. It doesn't look like much.
On the sweater I have not even started the body yet. I keep trying it on and I have to add a couple more rows to the yoke.
It's the girls I am sure of it. I think this is why enjoy making socks. They go quicker. They always fit.

I am at the heel on the Dublin Bay sock. I am not doing the "eye of partridge" heel. It sounds ridiculous. Oh my! I am GASP, modifying a pattern! I like how my stripes are coming out with this pattern.

Okay. So that is where I am at with my sweater and socks. I might as well show you what I have gotten so far at my favorite Local Yarn Store's January sale.


Mountain Colors Barefoot in Mountain Tango. It was the last skein they had. I had to have it! (20% off!) Perhaps another pair of jaywalkers.....


This was actually in the $3.00 bin. 2 balls of Noro Shinano color 1 and color 12, and 1 ball of Noro Silk Garden in color 39. What ever those colors mean. They are just pretty. I grabbed them while I could (not 20% off - but that's okay)

cable socks_25.jpg

I got the Debbie Bliss Home book a while ago. I like most of the patterns in here, especially the socks. So I got some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a plumb color. (20% off)

This sale goes on the whole month of January so I am going back. I need to regroup and rearrange some finances......

I bought this book years ago


I almost got rid of it at a garage sale. Nobody bought it so I kept it. I dusted it off again this weekend and I am glad I did. I want to make these badly


Perhaps I am getting a little cocky now that I made my pirate hat!

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January 13, 2006

Alright, so I am not the last person to make Jaywalkers....

thought I was, but glad to hear I wasn't! I had you all going there didn't I with that link! You all thought I was going to do ANOTHER sock. Ha! But you will be happy to see that I have done both!


Above is the Dublin Bay Sock. This is a very easy pattern. When I say easy I mean if I don't have to look at the pattern after a couple of times around, that is easy. I am knitting these socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn - Girly Stripe. Love the colors. The picture isn't acurate. It is pink and purple.

I also cast on for this:

top down sweater_50.jpg

I figure I am doing really good with the sock thing. I needed a sweater with very little finishing. I grabbed the pattern here
I am using up some yarn that is odd's and ends. I have some worsted weight wool from another sweater I frogged. So far so good. I am hoping this will go quick. Hopefully more will be done this weekend. So there. I finally am doing a sweater!

Over and out.

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January 11, 2006

My first finished object of 2006


I think I am the last person in Blog land to make these. The infamous jaywalker socks. This is a GREAT pattern. I know I will be making more of these for sure. The pattern is easy to follow and I love how it makes verigated yarn look!

Yarn: Knit Picks Sock Landscape Yarn 2 hanks in Rocky Mountain Dusk
Needles: Addi Turbo US size 1

Sorry, but Smudge insisted on showing these again:

jaywalkers and smudge_25.jpg

What is up next for Big Geek? Well I think it's high time I made a sweater! So guess what I cast on for?




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January 05, 2006

Oh my it HAS been a while.....

I've been busy. What can I say. I had a great time while my brother was visiting. Lots of good food and lots of good drink! I did finish my pirate hat by December 31st too!


I would show you my entire face but it was New Year's Eve and I was into my cups. My nose was red and well I looked drunk so this is all you get. I wore this hat most of the weekend. Love it!

Also got my Better Pal package on Thursday Dec. 29th. I didn't have a chance to post about it or give a big giant THANK YOU! Lookie and see what I got:


I almost bought the Twisted Sister's Sock book! I am so glad I didn't! I believe I have enough fiber to keep me going until Rhinebeck 2006. Can one really have enough fiber?

Gotta go and catch up with everyone's blogs! I see a lot of Jaywalker activity out there! Those socks are my first project of 2006. I have one sock done and the other has been cast on! I won't show a picture until they are all done.

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December 29, 2005 hat is almost done......

almost there_25.jpg

Shiver me timbers, can you believe it? I didn't think I would make it as part of my "finished objects" list! That is what FO's mean right? Well It is not totally done yet. All I have to do is sew the lining in then it is done. See that yellow stuff that is curling up? that is the lining. Thank you Heada for modeling it for me.

Anyhoooo....... I hope everyone had a most excellent holiday. I did. I received some truly lovely lovely gifts. I got some roving from my Aunt-in-law (she is the one who was in cahoots with my MIL and got me the spinning wheel last year) Love her to death! I think she sent me enough roving for 2 sweaters! My sweetie gave me a pair of earrings, the new Kate Bush CD (YAY!) the new Ryan Adams CD (YAY) and........ he gave me an Estes Rocket to build! Woo hoo!!!!! I am so excited! I have been wanting to buy and build my own rocket since this summer! You know what they are, those small cardboard things that you put little engines in. If you don't know what they are ask your husbands or boyfriends or some guy you know. They are FUN!!!! I also got a couple of gift cards too so I bought a couple of knitting books that I have been wanting for a while but held back because I thought well Christmas is coming! I got Alterknits, Knitting Vintage Socks, Knitoramma, and That Sweater book by Anne Budd at Interweave Knits. It's the book that you have all the different sizes and gauges and all.

Okay, that's out of the way. Onward! I am going to be away from my blog for a couple of days because my brother and his family are coming to visit! YAY!!!! I can't wait! He lives in California so I don't really get to see him very often. I saw him this summer though when I was in LA. So this is a bonus! Well actually this summer was a bonus. I digress.....

I have also been sick as a dog. I seem to have caught the sinus infection that has been going around. I really haven't been thinking straight. So if this post is weird that is the reason.

Okay, so this is probably gonna be my last post for this year. I have been thinking about my "last" post of the year a lot lately. I have a notebook that I keep all of my projects that I have completed, frogged, or are in the works. Looking at this list I see that I should be very proud of my self! I did a lot! I only made 1 sweater, but shit, I knit 7 pairs of socks! Here have a look:

Purple Opal Socks
Waving Lace Socks
Fruit Stripe Socks (that's what I call them)
Alpine Lace Socks (I gave these to my Mom for Christmas)
Ribbed Socks - Autumn Colors
Ribbed Socks - Vesper Sock yarn
Ribbed Socks - Those ones that took FOREVER

Branching Out Scarf
2 yes 2 Clapotis!
Ribbon Scarf (gave that away for a Christmas present)
Airy Scarf (gave that away too)
Edgar Scarf - From Knitty (gave that away and didn't get a picture!)
Lace Leaf Cravat (gave that away)

Baby Blanket for Baby Regin
Corrugated Rib Hat - From Loop d'Loop
Tammy Sweater - Finally done! (gave that away)
Turtleneck Shrug - Scarf Style
3 Button Hole Felted Bags!
Crochet Bag from one of those new Rowan Magazine thingy's
5 pairs, yes 5 PAIRS of fingerless mitts!
Pirate Hat - I am including this because I will finish it.

Okay so there! I am giving myself a round of applause!

This is the stuff I didn't finish this year:
Ruffles Scarf - Scarf Style (I will, I will.... finish it that is)
Apricot Jacket in Blue - Who knows when that will get done.
Scrap Yarn Shawl - That is going to be an on going project
Finally on this list is a sweater I started YEARS ago. It is my good friend Linda's sweater. I started it when I was in Philly, and I haven't finished it yet. I don't know if I ever will. I did send her a pair of socks though....... Who knows, maybe this year it will get done.

You should see what my list is for next year! But that can be for another day.

I have been having trouble lately with getting a lot of spam in my comments so if you would like to e-mail me comments or try to leave them here that would be great. My e-mail address is:

sandawich at hotmail dot com

I hope everyone has a Great New Year. I wish I could kiss you all at midnight!

Over and out.

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December 22, 2005

A screeching halt...

My Christmas knitting that is. Why you ask? Have a look

pirate hat 2.jpg

I LOVE this pattern! I may be knitting a little too tight on my middle skull section. But I don't care. It is my first time and it is for ME. This is brilliant! Not just the colors. But the whole thing!

I got an early Christmas present yesterday from a former secret pal. I think it was Secret Pal 4. Are they up to 7 now? Anyway this came to me to my office:

totally tubular_25.jpg

What is it? Well it is a tube of roving to spin these:

seedy sock pat_25.jpg

Isn't that freakin cool?????? Look, I took some out:

little lovelies_25.jpg

Where did it come from you ask? None other than the lovely and talented Audrey. I really haven't had the heart to tell her that Secret Pal 4 has been over with for like 6 months! Hee hee......

No, really. Audrey and I have become friends. She is the BEST. Thanks Audrey!

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December 20, 2005

The elves have been busy....

at the house of Big Geek! Wait, I HAVE BEEN BUSY! I am giving the elves NO credit here.

I have some FO's! They are Christmas presents. I have told some of the recipiants not to look here and they have promised.

christmas presents_25.jpg

Okay, to the left we have hand warmers from Weekend Knitting. I still have to make a couple more pairs. (2 at least) But I'm not worried. They are a piece of cake. To the right I have (top) the Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I made this a little longer (twice as long) than the pattern asked for and I used Karabella Lace Mohair. You can't beat the yardage on that. I probably have enough to make another 2! Oh you can get that at K Pixie. The bottom right is the Lace Leaf Cravat. I started this this summer and it sat in my UFO basket for the longest time. I thought my coworker would love this so I finished it up. Lets take a closer look shall we?

lace leaf crava_25t.jpg

I will have to get back to you with the yarn. (of course) I made this a little longer too. It kinda reminds me of a tongue or a snake, but I still think it is pretty.

I started a pair of socks for Mr. Big Geek at the beginning of December. This is as far as I got

huge sock_25.jpg

These are going to be HUGE. I plan on finishing them over Christmas. He knows about them as he has to try them on. He is also ok with the bigness. He's gonna have to be.

Finally I couldn't take it any longer. I started this last night

pirate hat_25.jpg

Yep, my first voyage into FAIRISLE KNITTING. Guess what? It isn't so bad! Of course it isn't done yet. You can get the pattern here. Wish me luck with this. I want to finish this before the New Year so I can add it to my FO list.

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December 15, 2005

Meme. It's all about Meme....

My Knitting Spot

where I knit_25.jpg

You have seen it before. This is where I spend my knitting time. Which is a lot of the time. This is a close up of all my knitterly things at hand. Not ALL of them but what I need at the moment.

closer view_25.jpg

This is what I look at when I am knitting

what I see_25.jpg

It is getting a bit out of hand. I need to organize again. But there is no TV in this picture. I can't watch TV and Knit. I don't really like to watch TV. I like to watch movies, but not shows. This was a good Meme. I was tagged by Meg. Scout is the girl who started it all. Now let's see. I would really love to see where Kris knits. Wouldn't you???

Oh and in case you were wondering what I looked like as a South Park character here you go

south park me.jpg

I think it is very realistic. Right down to the bags under my eyes!
What a hoot.

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December 13, 2005

What do you think?

I am reduced to showing you "yarn porn" because I can't show much of anything else. Until after Christmas that is.

Yarn Porn it is. But not that kind of yarn porn. This kind:


What does the above look like to you? Yeah, me too. It really isn't a knitted bikini for me. It is the start of a hat. I am sure that it will be lovely once it grows. (I'm sure it would fit my boobs once it grows too!) Okay that is getting weird. I showed this to my husband and he said it looked like a boob. Funny thing about this whole thing is I only have 3 balls of this color. Look what else I started with this


Yes it is Wavy from Knitty. Do I think I can make both the hat and the scarf out of three measly balls of yarn? Oh it gets better.
I am knitting along on my boob, uh hat and I am doing the M1R and M1l's wrong. Surprised? Na. See look:

what did I do_50.jpg

Nice giant holes. Not very warm is it? Don't worry. I am on the right track now. I figured out what I was doing wrong. Here is where I ended up:


Now I am totally not surprised. I think I will make something else.

Over and out.

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December 09, 2005

I hope this isn't too depressing...

I don't want to bring anyone down. So I will try to keep this light. I recently aquired some knitterly things from a co-worker who's sister passed away. That is the sad part. I didn't know the woman so I am not that sad. That makes me sound cold! Sorry. Any way...... it seems that I am the only person that anyone knows that knits. This is the second time I have received yarn, needles and patterns in this manner. The first time I actually got everything from the person who knew she didn't have long for this world. I sent her a thank you note and I am sure it brightened up her day.

I was given 5 shopping bags worth of "stuff". After much weeding this is what it was:




It was just a tiny bit creepy handling these things that this woman created! She loved crochet. She also shopped at one of the LYS that I frequent. However none of that yarn was among all of this! Drat. I don't think I will ever have to buy another crochet hook or straight knitting needle in my life though. I don't think I will be holding on to most of this. It will go to the Rescue Mission and I am sure someone will be thrilled! This is what I am keeping:


Thank you Ginny! I appreciate it! May you rest in peace.

Why am I drawn to that crochet granny square vest? I bet they will come back some day. And if they do, I will be ready. That's it. I am going to make one! But it won't be brown and gold. Oh no.

On a side note. I ran into Rachel at the local supermarket last night. I am so glad I did because she is moving to Philadelphia very soon! I got to know her and her husband only a short time. I enjoyed every minute. Rachel is one person I can say whole heartedly that gives the best hugs. I got 3 last night. I will miss her. But at least she is going to a city I am VERY familar with.

Good luck Rachel!

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December 07, 2005

Show and tell

Okay, here we go. As promised here is some more yarn I dyed over Thanksgiving. I have branched out and included Neon Food Coloring!

These are my favorites:



The green/purple is all food coloring. The Blue one I overdyed a skein that I thought came out bad. But I like how this turned out.

Below is all Kool Aid. I think I have exhausted all my possibilities. I am getting bored with the colors available.



I really need to try something new. I love playing with color! Any suggestions?

Over and out

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December 05, 2005

Good News!

I finally got these freakin' socks done!


I am amazed really because I started a pair of socks for Mr. Big Geek. And I am on the foot part of that! I said to my self "Self, you really really need to finish those other socks" "You know, the ones." So I did. And I had to share. I know I know. I said I would show my kool aid dyed yarn. Well that will have to wait. I got busy.

On a side note. The Big Geek Family all went to Buffalo New York to see The Musical Box at Shea’s Performing Art Center. Now I am not the biggest Genesis fan, but I really really liked this! I may be tarnishing my punk rock image by going to see this but I don't care. Peter Gabriel is cool. Well a trip to a different city always must include a yarn shop and Leslie was a big help. She steared me to Elmwood Yarn Shop. Well of course I had to buy something. I can never leave empty handed!


That is Louisa Hardings Accessory Book! Lovely book. And that Noro yarn is really the same dye lot!

Okay, gotta go.
Over and out.

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November 30, 2005

Yeah, so I was gonna post yesterday but...

As Lee Ann so nicely puts it: A Shit Fairy appeared to me yesterday. I had a bit of a trying day. Perhaps not like Lee Ann or even Pegi. Wanna know what happened? First I had a flat tire. Which I knew about all weekend and didn't take care of. Fix a flat is your friend. On the way to the garage to get 4, yes 4 new tires (they weren't all flat - just 1) I, yes I got into my first accident where I, yes I was at fault. Not a biggy. I may have slightly bumped into the guy ahead of me. No one hurt and no damage to speak off. Tell that to the guy I hit. He had to call the police. SIGH..........


I figured if I made my son model my shrug the least I could do is make him a pair of socks. He loves them


He really doesn't look this way all the time. Here they are not on his feet


Yep, its the same yarn I made that little mini sweater out of. Speaking of mini sweater, I couldn't make that with out making this


Looks to me like I need to work on my short row heel. There are many many holes. Cute none the less.

Next up tomorrow: My hand dyed yarn.

PS: Are there any good yarn stores in Buffalo New York? I am going there this weekend and could use some help finding some.
Over and out.

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November 28, 2005

Did she do it?

I am sure that you were all just waiting to see what I could finish right? It kept you up at night right? I hope not.

Well I was 90% successful. I didn't finish the neglected socks, but they are almost finished. Yes. They are.

I did finish the ribbon scarf, and I love it!


And yes I crapped out after 15 rows. I couldn't fit anymore on my needles!

I thought I would space out what I finished this weekend instead of showing it all today. Why ruin the surprise?

I made this out of the left over yarn from my son's sock


It is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Isn't it the cutest? I can see me making a couple more of these! It only took a couple of hours. Oh and I did finish his socks too. But that will be for another day.

Over and out.

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November 23, 2005

Gobble Gobble


Ah yes, it is that time of year again where we stuff ourselves silly. Me included. I love Thanksgiving. There isn't any pressure! All you have to do is show up and eat. I am bringing the turkey, the apple pie and the acorn squash. It also means I have a 4 day weekend! Yep, no work tomorrow or Friday. And I am not one of those people that goes shopping on Black Friday. No way not me. I had a split second of insanity when I thought I might want to go to Walmart and get that Game Boy SP for the littlest Geek. But that soon vanished. Instead I am going to play catch up on some of my works in progress.

I started knitting this last Thanksgiving. It's the Ruffle Scarf from Scarf Style.


I have made some progress, I think I have 1 or 2 skeins left. I hope it is just 1 skein. It's even the suggested yarn from the pattern. So this will be nice if I ever get it done.......

I am really hoping to finish this up too:


I am giving up after 15 rows. I know I know, I only have 5 more to go. But I ran out of room on my needles. Oh and this is the Ribbon Scarf from Hand Knit Holidays

Here is something I just don't want to finish and I am trying to figure out why..........

neglected sock2_25.jpg

The only thing I can put my finger on is that I don't like the texture of this yarn. I love the color of it but not the way it feels.

See I broke my vow. I said I wouldn't start another sock until the above one was finished. I lied. I am making socks for Little Geek. I did one sock in record time too! I started it on Saturday around 3:30 pm and finished it on Sunday morning! A record! Granted it is for a kid. So it went fast. I am hoping to finish the other one this weekend.

dans sock_25.jpg

Well I guess I have my work cut out for me. I want to do some spinning, dyeing and knitting. I will let you all know on Monday if I was successful. Until then, have a safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 18, 2005

As promised Turtle Neck Shrug on me


And my girls don't look that big! I love this. I may make another one. But not anytime soon. Sorry son.

I received my final package from my Better Pal. OH MY GOD! Take a look


That is Alchemy yarn and Noro - 100% Viscose baby!!! Guitar earrings, a necklace with a guitar charm, a cool makeup bag with skulls and guitars. The shoe is filled with confetti that you put in the bath tub!

Is she not the best? Oh, but that is not all


It has been killing me. I want to cast on for some of these socks! But I vowed (to myself) that I wouldn't start another sock until I finished the pair from July. She also sent me a creepy clown card!

Oh but that is not all


Roving to dye with Kool Aid!!!! (I finally figured that there is no "e" on Aid - dur)

Okay, just when you thought you could go to another blog and catch up on your reading.....


She made ME a scarf! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! And she said I was the inspiration for this scarf! You can buy the pattern at Knit Picks.
Wanna know who she is?

Susan. Thank you so much!

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November 16, 2005

Quick Post

Have I stooped so low to exploit my child to model for me?

Yep. Well, he wanted to do it. I am thinking he kinda liked it too





Turtle Neck Shrug by Teva Durham from Scarf Style
Yarn: My Kool Aid Dyed yarn
Needles: US 7 circulars

Don't worry, I will model it too. He was more than willing though this morning. Oh, and I have to make him one now.

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November 14, 2005

Let the madness begin

It isn't even Thanksgiving yet and I am panicking. I don't know why. But I want everyone to have handmade things this year. I have enough socks done. Strange they all fit me.... Then I spot this


It's the ribbon scarf from Handknit Holidays. What am I thinking? I know I can finish it. But will all my stitches fit on the freakin needles? I of course cast on 150 stitches instead of the called for 100. So it's my own fault really. I will let you know if I succeed. Oh, I am using my koolaid dyed yarn for this. It looks kinda pretty!

Really, I need to calm down. I have plenty of time. Right?

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November 07, 2005

Getting Better all the time

I joined a spinning guild yesterday! I'm telling you, everything I thought I was doing right, I wasn't doing right. I learned more in 5 minutes than I would have if I kept on going the way I was going (that doesn't make sense....) Any way, I haven't been using enough tension! Look:


Nice and even, not too twisty, or lumpy. I am SO excited! This is also the roving I got from my secret pal last winter, Audrey. I had it carded and I had them remove the orange from the blue. The orange looked like baby poo, but spun up it looks really nice! YAY!

I did an exchange with Julie of Juju Knits. We were getting chatty about our kool aid exploits and she didn't want some of hers so we traded! Look at the red sock yarn! Woo hooo!!!!!


She also sent me some handmade stitch markers! How did she know I love dragonflies?


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November 03, 2005

Sock Factory


That is what I am. I should have joined Lolly's Socktober Fest! I probablly would have got them done sooner.

Yarn: Vesper Sock Yarn - Aqua Mellon
Needles: Addi Turbo US 1

Boring pattern, but I LOVE these. They are MINE BABY!

Thanks for the hints on the last post. I am taking June's advice. Nice vinegar bath.

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November 01, 2005

Dye Job

What makes for a good "dye job"?

Well I suppose you don't want your roots to show. Or perhaps you don't want it to come out to brassy. Of course a good colorist would be good to start right? Oh wait, we are talking yarn. Not hair.


Neon Food Coloring. Now, how do I get it to stop from coming onto my hands? Really, I am asking the question. More vinagar and another go in the microwave? Help. Please.

over and out

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October 24, 2005

Yarn and Books, What's not to love?

Seeing as how I didn't make it to Rhinebeck..... I went to an Alpaca Show on Saturday instead.


Just look at them all! They are the cutest things! It was all I could do not to just take one home. I mean look at this guy


I think he was smiling at me! I couldn't leave home empty handed so I picked up some yarn


I'll say it is A Little Bit of Heaven as the label implies. I also bought some roving but my picture came out too dark! It was dyed roving. Pinks, purples blues, natural colors. YUM!

Then Sunday it was off to Ithaca New York to the Book Sale. 10 cent a book day. There was something for everyone there. Here is a picture of my haul


There are some beauties there! I am not as funny as Ms McYarnpants. But a few stand out


Nothing says "dork" like a complete hand knit outfit! He will be beat up for sure.


I guess we know what Laurie Partridge was doing in between gigs.


God I hope these never come back in style!

I finished 1 sock!


Now to finish the other 2.......

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October 20, 2005

Second Sock Syndrome


Everyone goes through it. Why am I any different? I started this pair of socks in July (end of) I finished up 1 sock a week and a half ago and immediately cast on for the second. Why am I having trouble finishing this pair of socks? I love the color. The yarn is okay, I wouldn't get it again though. It is Knit Picks Dancing yarn. Am I bored with the pattern? Nope Wanna know why?


Vesper Sock Yarn that's why. I am even using the same pattern! What's not to love right?

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October 17, 2005

I wish...

I wish I could have gone to Rhinebeck! Sigh..............Well I couldn't make it and I would really love to live vicariously through all of you who have. So please tell me who went so I can check out your pictures!!!! (Note: this is not a whoreing for comments)

Well I can't show fabulous pictures of things from Rhinebeck I can show my kool aid dyed yarn. I know, it's not the same. But look, I got nothing okay?



Yes, all achived with kool aide!!!

Here is what you get when you let an 8 year old boy loose with yarn and kool aide (is there an e on aide???? don't know...)


We are calling it the monster colors. Neat huh?

Thank you to all on my "Inspirational" post last week. I am glad it got you thinking. It was more serious than I usually get or am. Wait until New Years! I may even get you to cry!

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October 11, 2005

If you can't beat them,

Join them. I think that is what Smudge is thinking. What do you think? Either this or he can't wait until I leave the house before he rips every thing to shreads.

The face only a mother could love


Well Cheryl came over to claim her sweater! I told her if she didn't that I would keep it. That got her moving!

Here she is:


Ain't she the cutest? She looks great in it too!

Now I swear she had her arm when she came over, but she is so clever. You never know what tricks she will do!


I have moved on to another project YAY!!! I am using the yarn I dyed with Kool Aid. To be specific, the orange and blue yarn. I have decided to be like everyone else and make the same thing! Teva Durham's Turtleneck Shrug! How original of me huh?


I like this! I don't know if I will ever model it for you. Boobs. Remember? We will see........ Here is a close up shot of how the colors are blending. Neat huh?


I did some spinning too! I am a busy gal! I am getting better with it I think. It is not where I want to be yet, but I am getting the hang of it

green handspun_25.jpg

The only part of this time of year I don't like is that I don't have much time with day light. I wish my pictures where better.

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October 06, 2005

I got her done!!!!




I did it! I finished it a day early too! I would have modeled it but it isn't mine to model. God I am glad that is over!

Here is a close up of the neck


Over all, it came out nice! I wouldn't do this again though. Too many ends to weave in and I (obviously) hate finishing work. Oh and I also hate "get her done" but I thought it was appropriate.

Notice the actual spinning on the spinning wheel too! I see that I have a fixation with the color green and blue............(note the yarn in the background.... oh and yellow.......) All the purple is hidden.

What a weight of my shoulders. Done. Sigh....

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October 04, 2005

They are done!

waving lace socks.jpg

waving lace 2_25.jpg

waving lace 3_25.jpg

O'course one is bigger than the other! Perhaps I shouldn't have used the sexy new addi's on one and the cheap old Inox on the other! The addi's made one sock bigger.

Waving Lace Socks - Interweave Knits
Needles: US 1 Addi Turbo and Inox (I think)
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Wisteria

Love em!

Tammy update:
All most finished! I have just 1 sleeve to go and then weave in all the ends! I will do it, I will do it, I think I can, I think I can!

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September 30, 2005

Okay, I am more organized today.....

I have some answers! Yesterdays post I showed some yarn from AC Moore. It was called Atacama - 100% Alpaca - Hand Dyed by Araucania Yarns. The felted bag was made out of Araucania Nature Wool Chunky. (Same company) Phew! That's out of the way! Now run out and buy some! Just don't buy any in the greater Syracuse Area! Ha ha!

My Better Pal told me to watch my mail box and boy I didn't have to watch for too long! Lookie Lookie!


Now how did she know I like to knit socks? I almost fell down when I ripped it open! Lorna's Laces (color: Lakeview) and the Opal! OH MY GOD!!! There is a magnet at the top. She knows how much I like the Wizard of Oz! Then the pattern for the socks! Its a pattern for all of the left overs. Love her!

I think I mentioned that I dyed more yarn! Here you go


At first I wasn't entirely happy with the strawberry/lime colors. But I rewound the skein and it really looks nice. I used the Patons Classic Wool Merino. 100% Pure New Wool, 223 yards/204 meters. That's a lot of freakin yarn.

Guess what I am gonna do this weekend?

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September 29, 2005

The stuff you can find.....

at AC MOORE. I am having the best luck there! Typically you are just overloaded on the fun fur and novelty crap. Really it can give one vertigo if you look at it for too long. But every now and then you can find something good. Take a look


Of course, I have no idea what the yarn is called. I left the label home. It is 100% Alpaca. It was a little pricy at $7.95 per skein. I believe it only is approx 110 yards too, so you may need a couple to do anything substantial. Which is why I am going to get 2 more on Saturday! I am thinking the leafy scarf in the Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting. This is the most accurate picture of the colors too!

I also did a little felting over the weekend. I needed a quick knitting fix and feel like I accomplished something


Before felting


After felting

Oh and I don't know what the yarn was I think Aracuna (sp) chunky. This felted beautifully! I added the pom poms because I wanted to use up the yarn.

I promised my friend Cheryl that I would finish her Tammy sweater in 1 week. So next week at this time I should have a picture of a finished sweater! I need some encouragement! Will she do it?

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September 26, 2005

I really really love the weekends

I get so much accomplished!

I have had this baby blanket done for ages, and I finally got around to giving it to Lee! He was known for so long as "baby Regin", Isn't he the cutest? He is obviously thrilled with the complicated work that went into this blanket! He drooled all over it! That is why it is in Kitchen Cotton! (hint - washable)


I also gave Julia her birthday present. Which I can't show yet because it isn't done. I will try and have that done this week. I am making her Edgar and I am quite happy with the results! More on that later.......

This weekend was "dying with kool-aid" weekend! I am totally psyched with the results I got:


The above is Knit Picks dye your own sock yarn. I orginally did this with Strawberry and Grape kool-aid. I didn't like how the grape looked. I thought it looked too brown so I mixed up more Strawberry and just re-dyed the whole skein. It warmed it up a lot! I love it!


Above was an experiment with very very good results. I wanted this to be more turquoise and orange (see below) but they all kinda pooled together. I really like how it came out. I gave this to Julia for her birthday too because, well do I really need it?


Above is what I wanted with Julia's yarn (don't worry Julia, I didn't give you sloppy seconds...) I was inspired by the Vesper Sock yarn at Knit Pixie.

Well like I said, it was a busy weekend, wait until I show you what I felted! Also to come, some great finds at AC Moore!

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September 19, 2005

I learned a couple of things this weekend....

Never bring an 8 year old boy to a Fiber Arts Festival.


Don't let the smile fool you, he hated it! I told him if he was good I would buy him something. He picked out a stuffed dog. Which was cute. It was a border collie. He also picked out this color roving so I could spin yarn and make him something.


It's nothing I would pick for my self, but it shut him up for a couple of hours!

Boy did I have a good time! I have never been to one of these before and I just didn't know where to begin. So I thought I would look it all over first then go back for the kill. Here are some of the spoils:


Yeah, it is yellow. One of my least favorite colors, but I thought it was a cool baby poo/mustard color that would ply nice with my green!


Yes, I am calling this "Gay Pride" I fell in love with this! It sorta looks like a curled up cat!


Here we go with more yellow, but if it is mixed with other colors I don't mind so much. It was 20% off too!


They looked like the same dye lot but when I wound them into yarn cakes they really aren't. But I don't care. Mittens? Socks?


I just loved these, and at $5-6 bucks I couldn't refuse.


I had to buy something purple. Lacey scarf perhaps?


This was my deal of the day. $20 for "approx" 1000 yards of lace weight! I am making a shawl!


He was kinda cute!


Okay, so these are silk pods. I cut one open because the child wanted to see the worm inside. I don't know if I should have done that. What do I do with these things? How do I get the silk from it?

I say I did pretty good! I don't know if I am going to Rhinebeck, I don't know if I will have the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I can not wait until next year!!!

Lastly, I have a progress shot on my Lacy socks


I broke down and bought a pair of Addi Turbo's size US 1. They REALLY are sexy.

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September 12, 2005

I worked on a lot, but can't show any of it!

I got very organized this weekend! I am very proud of my self! I organized my bathroom linen closet (most of it is my stuff) and I got the great idea from Black Olive on how to better organize my yarn! If you scroll down to the September 6th entry on her site you can see her lovely yarn on display. Mind you this isn't a "look at what I got" entry. I am a little ashamed really.


I had these wire cubes up for a while now. I always shoved everything in there and they were all in canvas or some sort of tote bag. You couldn't see the yarn! So I went out and bought a butt load of those zip lock freezer bags and started shoving the yarn in there. I figure this way I can see what I have and I won't buy more! Right? No? Who am I kidding! I actually got real anal and sorted it by wool vs cotton vs hand spun vs I didn't care by Noon. I looked it all over and was very pleased. Then I opened my closet and found this


Yes it is more yarn. This is the yarn that I will make sweaters from. In a perfect world I will use up the stuff on the wire shelves and bring out the stuff in the boxes. Why do I want more? sigh.........

Oh yeah, that IS a guitar shaped purse! It was one of my birthday presents.

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September 06, 2005

Did everyone have a nice long weekend?

Well at least in the States? It was Labor Day and I did labor on my new obsession


Now I can only hope that I have enough "scraps" to finish it.

Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday.


Is he not the cutest???? And yes, he is 70!!!! Love ya Dad!!!

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September 02, 2005

I'm so excited!

Do you all remember when I got some beautiful fiber from my secret pal? Sorry, but I am not that advanced to actually show you the picture. But go to the Feb. 2005 archive and scroll down. You will see it. Anyway......... A new shop opened in my home town and why am I so excited? Well, it is a weaving, spinning, fiber shop! So I asked if they could card the wool that Audrey sent and they did! Wanna see?


I don't know why Suki insisted on being in the photo, she is such a bitch. She is saying, "It's just wool, I don't kwow what the big deal is"

I had the owner of the shop sorta separate the colors because when she did a test it ended up looking like baby vomit. So here is the "orange" baby vomit.


I think it will look better spun up. Perhaps it looks more like baby poo. Anyway, this being a "STORE" and all I bought some roving


WOW, those are gonna look nice aren't they?

I want everyone to go over and wish Audrey a very Happy Birthday! Go on! I'll wait.....

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August 26, 2005

They are done and I have moved on

I love these


they are so cozy

I have moved on.

I love how the color of these are turning out!!


I think all of my favorite colors are in this sock. It is Lorna's Laces "Wisteria" I even like the name.

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August 23, 2005

I LOVE the new Rowan magazine!

But I don't want to marry it.


Course, I have yet to make the other one.

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August 18, 2005

New pattern alert!


Remember I said I would write up a pattern for these? Well here you go

Wrist Cuff Bracelet Thingy
(for lack of a better title)

Crochet Hook: Size US E

Yarn: Tahki Tweedy Cotton or Tahki Cotton Classic

Chain 35
Row 1: triple crochet into 5th chain from hook, then 1 triple crochet in each chain until the end. Turn.

Row 2: Chain 4, skip first triple crochet then triple crochet into each stitch till the end.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Embellish with pins, brooches, and buttons. Get creative!

I tried out a few options for embellishments. What do you think?



Here is a shot of the button side


I found this creepy pin in my jewelry box. But I don't really think it works. It sorta freaks me out.


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August 16, 2005

Sock Lust

This entry may cause all kinds of problems for me, but that was all I could think up. It is the best word for what I have. I have been known to have multiple projects going at the same time. (you act surprised)

I have 2 different socks that I am working on alternately.


See, I have to finish the red socks soon or I will explode. Why? Because I want to make these:


I even have the correct yarn! Lorna's Laces Sock stuff. I can't make these until the red one is done because I need the needles! Well I could always use the old dpn standby's but I am not going there anymore. Aren't they pretty? Sigh............................

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August 10, 2005

So why did I worry?


It fits like a glove. Or more like the sock that it is.


Oh and it is soft too! Now I just have to finish the other one.

I want everyone to go and wish Missa a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Go on, do it!

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August 04, 2005

I've been busy, what can I say?

Phew, what a week. AND it's not over. I've had relatives in town, birthday parties to give and work. BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

I did a little knitting inbetween all of this. And I have a problem. Please tell me what to do. I started a sock (or 2) and the problem is this:


The one on the bottom is freakin' HUGE! I am using the pattern from Cat Bordi's book (I don't know if I spelled her name right and I don't have time to check) Well it seems so big compared to the Knit 2 Purl 2 rib (as shown) I am using size 1 US needles and I really really like this, but I think it is too big?

So I guess my question is do I rip? Or don't I rip?

Here is a shot of it with out the other one on top.

geranium sock_50.jpg

It sure is purdy init? Oh, the other sock is Knit Picks dancing, in a color way called "prairie" I didn't order that color, but I am not sending it back. I like it!

Oh and these lovely stamps showed up at my door yesterday


When I see these, it can only be from Kris! YAY a package from Kris!!!!!!!


I got a little misty eyed, because well, I've had a bad week. It totally cheered me up. God you people are the best!

Here is a nice close up of the sock yarn


Now there is some purdy colors!

Oh yeah, this was in there too


Anyone know french? I will need help translating

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July 28, 2005

Why hasn't anyone blogged about this?

"Oh, there you are, Albus," he said. "You've been a very long time. Upset stomach?"

"No, I was merely reading the Muggle magazines," said Dumbledore. "I do love knitting patterns......"

From Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

I laughed out loud when I read that! And I know a few of you knitters are reading or have read this! Dumbledore has a point. Us Muggles have great knitting patterns


Very pretty book with very basic patterns. I have already started the beret! I just hope I have enough yarn.....


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July 26, 2005

Did you ever have one of those days?

Where you really should just stay in bed? Yeah, everyone has had one. Why am I so different? I'm not, but everyone can appreciate this

Yeah so I finish another pair of socks (applause)


Thank you, thank you very much!

And I decide to start another pair! I mean christ I have enough sock yarn and Christmas is coming. So I pull out the new yarn from Knit Picks. The pretty red and green yarn called Geranium. I even decide to try something different! LACE socks. Okay, fine. I have the cuff done and I am working on the lace part and it isn't working out. I rip it out. This is what happened:

The weak should look away


Nasty business. Well, I am thinking this could be very ZEN right? Nope! It isn't very ZEN untangling that mess. The picture does not do it justice. It was very bad. On top of all this I have a nasty nasty sinus infection. Did I say it was nasty? It is horrible. I still have it, but I am on medication now. I digress and I did have a positive outcome


I have decided to hold off on socks for a while.

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July 20, 2005

Okay so the honeymoon is over

You come here to see stuff right? Well, I actually have finished something! Here is the Sling Bag from the RY Classic Holiday book


I liked this! It was quick, I am going to use it and I like the color.
Yarn: Jo Sharp Soho Summer dk 100% cotton in Umber
Crochet hook: US E

I worked up this cute little wrist cuff/bracelet thingy for the DIY show. They are going to show it, but they didn't want the pattern so I will offer it up over the next few days. I have to write it up. It is just triple crochet and I added a button. You could put a brooch or anything on it.


Here is the back


I forgot to mention that I of course went yarn shopping with the girls while in Burbank. We went to Unwind Yarn. They were great and very nice and helpful (thumbs up!) This is what I got




What to do with it? I love it! The stuff on top is Crystal Palace kid merino (similar to kid silk haze) and under it is this fun/funky cotton in bright orange and bright yellow. 1/2 the proceeds of the yarn go to charity so that's good for me. Well I couldn't resist the SWTC Karokie (SP) Yarn. It's purdy.

My Knit Picks order arrived while I was away


Am I gonna make socks or am I gonna make socks? What's your size?

Okay and I have been cruising along internetland and I found this. Is this not the coolest? My boobs would look great in that!

Has anyone checked out this yet? Oh my god! Go here and check out the patterns!

WOW! Gorgeous plump girls frolicking in great crochet things! Right up my ally (being a plump gal my self ;-)

Over and out

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July 18, 2005

Swiming pools, movie stars.......................

I did feel a bit like a hillbilly in Beverly Hills

palm trees smaller.jpg

I had the best time though! I don't think I have met a better bunch of girls! It's funny, I think everyone thought it would be awkward meeting for the first time, but it really wasn't!


Yes, we had our own dressing room!

Here we all are


I know it is getting a bit repetitive, you have seen all the pictures before. But these are mine!

Here is a shot of Lettie, Me, Meg and Missa. Lettie was our segment producer and what a sweetie she was! She answered all of my many questions and put up with us all! Thank you Lettie!


Here is a lovely shot of Burbank


Lastly I have a shot of St. Monica. She looks so holy!


I really don't know where to begin with the whole experience! It was a total blast and I would do it again in a heart beat! I truly enjoyed the company of Missa, Meg and Toni and DAN!! You guys are the best and I hope we continue with our friendship!

Side note:
I was walking down Rodeo Drive with my brother and had a little smile on my face knowing that my boobs were REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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July 08, 2005

I'm leavin' on a jet plane

But I do know when I'll be back again! Well folks, you won't be hearing from me for a couple of days. 7 days to be excact. I am off to California with Missa, Meg, and Toni!
Do I have my step outs done? NOPE!
Am I worried? NOPE!
Am I excited? YEP!
Am I nervous? YOU BET!
Will I have fun? YOU BET!

This is what I have been working on instead of my step outs:

half done_25.jpg

I even ripped some of it out because I thought I made a mistake. I didn't. Sigh...

Oh, If I see Orlando Bloom in LA I have to get his autograph for my son of course.

Lot's to share when I get back!
Over and out

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June 29, 2005

When the weather's hot and sticky..........

You know what that means don't you? Come on get your mind out of the gutter. It means that I finished my socks!


And you thought it was that funny little rhyme didn't you? No? You say you have never heard of that rhyme? Well I may tell it to you tomorrow. If you want to hear the rest that is.

I also have a "one skein wonder" of my own in process, but it isn't the one everyone is making, oh no, but I believe that there must have been a buzz when this scarf was published!


Yes! It is the Leaf Cravat by Teva Durham! I know, I know, I am very slow. But before I had this blog, I wanted to make it. How long has this pattern been out? 2-3 years? I love this pattern. I am hoping it will only take 1 skein because that is all I have in this color.

Here is a shot I took on the front steps at my house. I used the one above because the color of the yarn is the same color as cement.



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June 20, 2005

I'm spinnin' Baby!

Yep! I am! Wahoo! What was I waiting for? Some one to show me what the f**k to do! You have already seen my first try. But let's just recap shall we?


Ahhhh, the look of first time spun yarn! All bumpy and lumpy and BAD. Now we have my second attempt


A yarn by a girl a little more sure of herself! Not bad, not bad!

Next we have..................


wait, what's this? I would say the girl was a little too cocky! Now she has too much twist in her yarn! What is a girl to do? She calls Rachel and Rachel calmly lets her know what to do. So she happily moves on to this


Okay, the girl is back on track, a's all in the tension and the twist......yeah sure!

Let's revisit that over spun yarn


Looks like something my cat has coughed up doesn't it?

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June 17, 2005

It's good to go away, but it's great to be back

NYC was GREAT! I like sleeping in my own bed though......

I think I am going to try to hit a different yarn store every time I go there. I went here this time


I like this store! It is very small, and the people who worked there were VERY friendly! And very helpful. That is important to me. There is nothing I hate more than big city attitude. I did not get any attitude from this store. They have beautiful yarns from Noro, Lorna's Laces, Rowan, Classic Elite and Alchemy. I didn't buy any yarn, but I did pick up these


I think I saw both of these on someone's blog, I am not sure who, but I had to have them! One is a pattern for the "Rock Star Cardigan" and the other is a book the RY classic books. This pattern book has a lot of crochet patterns in it. I love it!

The sale bin at Purl is pretty good. There weren't a lot to choose from, but it was jam packed with odd skeins of Noro marked 40% off. (Think nice winter hats here)

I did finish 1 sock. I will not succumb to second sock syndrome. I will cast on tonight. Or should I spin? Hmmmm..........


Why is it that the foot looks so big? And I have that much yarn left over, what will I do with this?

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June 13, 2005

So is it hot enough for ya?

Any one living in the Northeast of the United States will agree with me. Perhaps it's just hot everywhere! Those of you who know me well, know I like to say "It's as hot as a dog's ass". Crude, yes, but it really is! Or maybe as hot as an alpaca's ass


This beast actually enjoyed this! See for yourself


Yes, it was hot. And I spent yesterday afternoon under a tent learning how to spin. ON MY SPINNING WHEEL!!! Yipieeeeee!!!!! This woman is my hero. Her name is Amy and she is wonderful! Let's hear it for Amy!!!!


I went to a "Spin In" with Erin and her Mom on Sunday. Did I mention that it was hot? It was hot. But I got the hang of it. I produced some yarn. It's not perfect, but I think it's the prettiest, most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time


Is this bunny not the cutest? I am not sure if he is an angora rabbit, but he was still cute.


Do you think he was hot? Maybe it's a girl.

Now this guy looks like he just wants to say "Party on dude"


Of course I couldn't leave without buying anything. This is me, I buy stuff. Too much stuff. But it sure is purty


I put the hedge clippers (I spelled it wrong before) next to the bag so you would see how much is a 1/2 lb. of fiber. Yummy.

My husband took this next picture of me spinning, just so you could see that I am doing it. I look like such a hippie! (I'm so not)


Finally I leave you with another sock. I have started another sock! Have you not been listening? It's HOT! (I hope I don't get into trouble with Paris Hilton) It's the only thing I can stand to have on my lap at this time! Even spinning wool was uncomfortable.


I am off to the Big Apple for a couple of days!

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June 10, 2005

I just want you to know a little secret.....

Have you noticed how wonderful some of the pictures at other blogs turn out? Yes? I have, and I can only wish to be that good someday. Kris takes the most lovely pictures, we always end up knitting the same things!

Now Diana is another good example.

But I think the prize should go to Sweet Georgia! I mean come on! Just looking at the pictures makes me want to do everything she is!

I will let you in on a little secret. I am sure they have taken hundreds of photo's until they have found just the right one. Because that is what I do! For instance I have finished my socks and I would like to share my pictures of them

This one I call "The Jig"


Yes, its a bad shot. But I am happy the socks are done!

This one is called "Butt Shot"


What was I thinking? But notice how slender my feet look!

This one I call "Slightly Out of Focus"


Artsy? Uh, no.

This one I call "Socks With Spinning Wheel"


Yes, I am sure it has cobwebs on it. Sigh..........My legs look fat.

Lastly here is the shot I should have just posted about


Socks on the floor. What I should have done in the first place. It is 90 degrees today, why am I modeling socks?

This is what is left


I needed Suki to sit, or lay next to it to show how much yarn is left! What will I do with all this? Can I make some "footlets"? Dunno.

Kris is right, it is hard to take a picture of your feet.

Yarn: Opal in purple (the label is in German sorry)
Needles: US 2 Circular 24"/2.75 mm (2 needles)

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June 07, 2005


I really can't say enough good things about this knitting with two circular needles! I am on the foot now of my second sock! I give you Exhibit A

exhibit A.jpg.jpg

I love this! I know I said it before, but I wish I knew about this sooner.

Look at this join


and no holes!!!!

purple close up.jpg

Now I give you Exhibit B

exhibit B.jpg

This is the sock I started back in March. I hate this sock. I don't want to finish it now. And lucky for me it is only Lion Brand sock yarn. Look at that horrible join


Messy I say, very bad form. Here are my "ladders" Hate them!


Now if only I could take better pictures! I really think I am going to throw that sock away. I dunno, I may rip it out and start again, but it was only $6.00 yarn. The purple yarn is another story! That is Opal yarn and was more expensive.

Thank you for all your comments on the Addi Turbo post. I will probably end up buying some. Now, you may have noticed I have updated my blogs I like to read list. I have deleted some, not because I don't love them, I do, I just needed a change. 2 sites in particular stand out right now. Streets and Yo's has a great post today about kool aide dyeing for self striping yarn. Most excellent, you must check it out. The other site is Conversations About Famous People. This is one of the funniest sites I have read in a long time. I am totally intrigued by celebrity gossip anyway, so this is a MUST read!

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June 03, 2005

I broke down,

I did, I couldn't stand it any more, I had to place an order with Knit Picks. Who can resist the lure of free shipping with an order of $30 or more? I certainly couldn't


sigh............... just what I need. More yarn. More yarn to dye with Kool-Aide!!!!!! Oh, and I bought this too


This book is by the same gal as the socks on 2 circulars! This is a cool book. However, I now have to get Addi Turbo's that are a million feet long.

What is the big deal about Addi Turbo's? I am serious, I don't own any, but I hear about them every where. Are they really that sexy? Is this now going to be my new obsession?


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June 01, 2005

Okay so I had this great post all set up yesterday....

Then, yes, I hit my "refresh" button by mistake. How stupid is that? I was a great one too. I had Memorial Day Parade stuff! Crap! And I am not going to re-do it. You will like this better anyway. Well speaking of stupid, I never told you who I was gifting for secret pal 4! Der! I was sending gifts to Brooke. I don't know why she calls it Missy B if her name is Brooke, I never asked her. Any way she is a VERY talented spinner and weaver. You should check out her weaving. It is most excellent! Where am I going with this, I really am amazed at the kindess of the people I have met through blogging. Brooke sent ME a gift!


OH MY GOD! Is this not the best? Hand spun yarn, roving, and chocolate! What more can a girl ask for? I think Audrey may like these colors! They are so pretty. Thank you Brooke!

I went to one of my LYS the other day to pick up this book and I walked out with this


So I could make another one of these


Yes another button hole bag. They are addicting. The yarn is Cascade 220. Love the colors.

I did a little Kool-Aide dyeing over the weekend. I took this


And this is what I got


WOW I am very happy with this! This was fun, not that messy and cheap!

Oh yeah, the book I bought on how to knit socks on 2 circular needles. Why didn't anybody tell me about this sooner? You will never go back to double pointed when you see how easy it is!


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May 27, 2005

The bag

Can I tell you how much I love this pattern? Why don't I marry it? I love it so much! Okay that was queer. Here is the before felting shot


I showed it with my hand so you could see how big this sucker is before the felting. WOW!


It's a beaut! A keeper, a winner! See my purple "afro" flowers behind it? They didn't go to their full "afro" size. I love them.


Another nice shot of my flowers. Lets take another look at the bag shall we?


So, I have been getting some quite humorous comments about the Fun Fur newsletter. Grumperina sent me a great link to an essay over here. You gotta love it. Speaking of Fun Fur, Meg at Nepenthe's Misadventures thought this would be a good submission to the Fun Fur contest

I think it's right on the money!

Everyone, have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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May 25, 2005

So I am not crazy just anal

Yes, I am glad that's settled. But you haven't seen my UFO's! That could be another entry! In keeping with my "anal" tendancies, I purchased over the weekend a book shelf to help me get organized.


What this will do for me is:
1) Enable me to buy more books (and that's bad?)
2) Enable me to buy more crap (yes that's bad)
3) Never dust this piece of furniture

Yes, my room is getting over crowded. The little table you see to the left was in it's place and it had a stack of books on it that was threatening to topple at any moment.


Never one to not follow a trend, I have decide to jump on the band wagon and make a button hole bag. This is fun! I actually haven't gotten to the fun part of felting it yet, but I know it will be fun


I am going to finish it up with the turquoise color you see above the bag. I love Lamb's Pride yarn. It is sooo sooo soft.

I have done a magazine swap with Catriona at Little Robot. She sent me this and I am sending her BUST.


This magazine is pretty good! And I got a free set of knitting needles. Thanks Catriona!

Finally, I received the Lion Brand Newsletter in my e-mail box today. It really made me laugh. I think they are getting desperate with the Fun Fur. They have even decided to throw a contest out there! You can read about it here. I don't think it is moving in the stores so they want you to help them design something. What do you think, should I give it a go?

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May 16, 2005

Warning Cute Cat Pictures Ahead!

Smudge decided he wanted to show you a couple of things


This here is from Audrey she is still the best secret pal a girl ever had. This is roving to get my ass in gear. I ate the cookies, Thanks Audrey!

I went to Oswego on Saturday with Rachel we went to a great yarn store. It is now my favorite! They have everything! Spinning supplies, knitting supplies and weaving supplies! We also told them they must carry Lorna's Laces and Koigu. I think they listened too us too! Smudge thought you would like to see


The store is called Northwind Yarns
They were so nice! I got the Niddy Noddy for $10 bucks! Wahoo!

Well Smudge decided he had better things to do like lick himself so Suki will model the new purchase I got last weekend


Isn't she pretty? Yeah, I have been on quite a fiber binge lately. But hell, it's my birthday! I can get what I want!

I am going to make the cute bolero top from the new Rowan magazine and I got some calmer, the pictures I took with out the flash made it look blue and with the flash more lavender. Both of these pictures do not do the color justice



See? I want to show it all, but I have to do the rest in a part 2. You may or may not want to see it, but I need ideas.....

I did actually finish something this weekend! Wanna see?


Nope, it's not Tammy, but I needed some instant gratification. So I made the hat from Teva Durham's new book "Loop-d'loop" I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! It is the best!! I also worked on the surprise for Baby Regin. But I am only going to show this


Well, that's it until next time.

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May 11, 2005

My goodness, it has been a while.

I am sorry. I have been super busy at work and at home. My birthday was wonderful! Thank you all for the birthday wishes too! Normally I wouldn't announce my birthday, but 40 is BIG. I got some great fiberous gifts for my b-day too! I will share those at another time. I have been knitting. I am working on a surprise for my friend Julia. She is having a baby real soon. So I will show what it is when it's done and when she's done!

This is all I got to show


Yep, the front left of the Rebecca Cardy. I was having trouble but both Kris and Jacqueline have been huge helps! Thank you!

I got the new BUST yesterday! Yay! And what did I see in the music section? The wonderful and very talented Mary Timony. She has a new record out. Look at the great sweater she is wearing! I must try and figure it out.


Totally cool.

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April 29, 2005

Well, I have the back done......

I really like knitting this! The ribbing is fantastic! It is so cool watching how the yarn overs and decreases and all that jazz create the shape! If you are a new knitter and never made a sweater, I would not recommend it until you have made a couple of sweaters. The english translation is kinda weird. But I hope I have figured it out. Notice the kitty legs on the left? Those belong to Smudge.

I am going to tease you with this


Yeah, it's Tammy and it is still not done! But I am getting there. At least it is almost done. That's a lot better than where I was in Feb. It's lookin' mighty fine though.......

I am in between books right now, so when that happens I pick up this book

Evil Women.jpg

It kinda says it all doesn't it! Each chapter is a different "evil" woman. I just read about a woman last night who eerily sounds like someone in my office! YIKES!

Have a great weekend! I know I am! ;-)

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April 27, 2005

I know who my secret pal is!!

I tell ya, I had a lot of fun with my secret pal! We have been e-mailing each other and getting to know each other throughout this whole thing. It was a blast! She sent my latest gift yesterday and I tell ya, it was totally commical when the package arrived. I couldn't open it yet because I was at work and I had to get some work done! But every time I tried to get to it, the phone would ring, I would get interrupted, you know? So when I did get to it this is what I found inside


Yes feathers! It is a clue you see, to what her blog name was! I was pestering her for months to tell me and she was good! Right up until the end, she wouldn't tell me! Well once I pushed all the feathers aside this is what was in the box


There are 2 lavender sachet's (sp) and cat toys and a R2D2 Pez dispenser and soap and lots o' goodies! Thank you Audrey! You are a lot of fun! I have a new blog budddy now!!! Make sure you go to her site. She has a cute sign up for me!

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April 25, 2005

Oh my gosh! You guys are the best!

Thank you so much for all of your e-mails regarding Thurston! I am doing much better and all of your advice really helped. I am remembering all of the good times. There really weren't any bad, because he was such a good cat. But thank you again!

I really wish I could tell you that I finished "Tammy" but, well, I didn't. I started something new. The Rebecca Cardigan.

I tell you, this is a challenging pattern! But now that I got the hang of it, it really isn't so bad. I do have a question for those of you who have made this:

For the back, I get 34 stitches not the 40 that the pattern calls for. Is this right? I seem to be where I should be with increasing at the sides so I am not too worried about it.

I finally picked up the latest Rowan Magazine at the favorite LYS. I like a lot of the stuff in here! Of course, I couldn't just go into this store with out checking out the sale bin. I swear to god that I always find something!

That my friends is Garn Studio Silke - Tweed. 2 red, 1 green and 1 heather green/grey. Lovely! And a steal for $3.00 per skein. The label says "52% Silke (I take that as silk) and 48% Lammull (Lambswool?) I need a little help here Kris. I believe this yarn is from your neck of the woods. Now the only question is what to make with it? How many shawls and scarves can a gal have?

I keep forgetting to mention this, but Rachel gave me this lovely hand spun!

Isn't it beautiful! I am thinking about making a scarf for my husband with this. Thanks Rachel!

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April 22, 2005

Branching Out

Thank you all for your warm wishes and hugs my way for Thurston, it is much appreciated! I have decided I need to add a new entry today, because I can't look at that picture every time I open up this blog page! So you get 2 entries in one day.

I finished Branching Out from Knitty!


Here is a detail


I used the yarn my secret pal sent me. I will post on Monday the name of the yarn. I love this! It's for me. Still needs a good blocking though

No Tammy isn't finished yet. Sigh...........

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April 11, 2005

The birds are singing, the sky is blue.....

Life is good! Did I get Tammy done this weekend? What are you kidding me? The birds were singing! The sky was blue! The kitties were frolicking


There was no time for sewing or weaving in of ends, no way, not for me. I did how ever start the scarf "Branching Out" from the new Knitty

Here it is on Satruday


Here is is on Sunday


This is the yarn that my secret pal sent me. It is beautiful.

I took back yarn that I thought I would need for Tammy and didn't need. Got something else wanna see it?



I think I am getting a little obsessive about Rebbeca Magazines. But hey, I had to use my store credit!

I got a package from Kris. Isn't she the best? See that building in the upper left hand corner? That's her freaking house! She sent me a couple of cd's some more of the alpaca yarn that she sent me before and enough cotton tape to make Carla! I love her! THANKS KRIS!!


Oh yeah, I need my hair cut badly don't you think?


I got it "trimmed" this Saturday. I am trying to let it grow, so I didn't get that much cut off. It just looks a little more presentable, shall we say.

Have you seen Missa's site? Doin' a happy dance over here! Now I gotta loose the 10 lbs. that the camera will add!

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April 07, 2005

Just so you don't think I am slacking.....


Now all of those pesky ends.......

I forgot to mention, see that in the middle? That is all I have left. I should listen to Kris all the time. She told me I would have enough. I have enough. Now I can take back what I bought and get something else! Oh darn........;-)

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April 04, 2005

You will never believe this



Could it be?
Why yes, it's a swatch!
It is for the Rebecca cardy everyone is making! Not that I see many people around Syracuse with it on, I think I am safe. Oh and it is correct going right to left, but of course going top to bottom my gauge is off. Do I care? Ha!

I wasn't sure if I would have enough........


But I think I'm okay! Yes, almost 30 skeins......I bought this a while ago at AC Moore. They are Mill Ends. Is that bad? Don't care!

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten Tammy, I have 1 sleeve done and I'm almost done with the other. Here is a real crappy picture


Little dark, but look at the glooom outside! Oh wait, I think I just have to wash my windows. :-)

I went to my favorite yarn store this weekend! Did I buy yarn? Yes. I did. I really couldn't help my self.


This is what I am gonna make


a little fuzzy but you get the idea.

I always mangage to sneak in a little more of the curly cue scarf. I like how this picture turned out. It looks very "Rowan"


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March 29, 2005

Will I have enough?

That IS the question.

See the yarn left over at the top? Yeah, well this and below is all I have left to complete another sleeve and the neck and sew it up. Luckily I called the favorite LYS and they have one ball of each color left in the same dye lot. (phew)

Will it happen? Will she do it? tune in next week... for the chilling conclusion of.....DAMN TAMMY!

In other knitting news...... Have you all seen the new Vogue Knitting? Like, OH MY GOD! I want to knit at least 5 things in there! I will knit #30. It's that lacy ballet wrap. I saw a preview of the new Interweave Knits and WOW! I have to have a lacy shrug/bolero thingy! Doesn't everyone?

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, we had a party on Saturday night and it was a lot of fun. My husband is in a new band and they played in the basement. Unfortunatly for everyone that left, which was everyone! They were really, really, really great! Na knee Na knee poo poo! My son, myself and the drummer's wife were the only audience.
Speaking of the drummer's wife, Michelle DaRin, you must all check out her beautiful jewelry. You can find her web site here. She is truly amazing!

Here is a picture I took in the basement of my house of the party lights. Pretty cool huh?

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March 25, 2005

I'm cookin baby, I'm really cookin!

I got the front and the back DONE! Or it could be the back and the front. They are both the same. Now, onto the sleeves. I will do these both together. It will go quicker. What was I waiting for?

Remember I showed some Classic Elite Yarn earlier? Remember I said I will probably go back and get 1 of every color. Remember? Well I did.
Put your sun glasses on, it may blind you

This is Classic Elite "Flash" - I love this stuff!

I am sorry, I have been holding out. I received some really lovely stuff from one my favorite people Missa. I need to share:

I can't wait to dig into this stuff! I am going to use it to make some of the patterns at Knit Pixie. The orange yarn and fleece is for the thrummed mittens! I won't touch it until Tammy is done, I won't do it!

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March 22, 2005

Craft IS the new Rock N' Roll

Now I know why Guided By Voices broke up! Bob really wants to knit full time! I think I am in love, He is/was in a band, and he is holding on to knitting needles and yarn! I know, I know, he really isn't holding it right or doing it properly. Keaune Reeves can't act, but you still like to look at him. husband better start knitting. I may do something rash!

Thanks to Susan in Austin, TX for sending me the photo!

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March 21, 2005

I am such a good girl

I revisited Tammy this weekend. Of course, I had to rip it out. AGAIN. But I know where I am, I am further than I was before, and I think I will finish it. The trick here is to talk my self into not starting anything new until it is done. But that doesn't count what I already have in process

I am really liking this scarf now! It was starting out as kinda a grind. But I really like this. I am on my second ball of yarn and I have 2 more to go. I may make a 2 color one using this yarn that I bought last week.

I have a LYS that is close by and I can go on my lunch break. This is not good. No way. I love this stuff. It is new from Classic Elite. The colors are so vibrant! And it is pretty affordable too. $4.50 per skein. The yardage isn't so great. It's like 90 yards or something.

Sorry, but this is a cute cat picture. I couldn't resist

This is totally not posed. Well Smudge posed but we didn't pose him. He likes his monkey.

Okay. Sorry, but I am playing around with movable type. I am experimenting with the Pop up thang. I like it!

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March 07, 2005

What the?

This is why I don't like working with novelty yarns


Yes, it's ugly. The weak should turn away.

This is what it SHOULD look like


Of course this happened while I was only inches from the end. I can't tell you what it is but I can show a little bit of detail. You will find out soon enough.


Oh yeah, remember my purple socks? No? scroll down. Well, they are ripped. Yep, gone. I screwed them up, dropped stitches, you get the idea. So I started this. It is the Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I like this stuff! It's cheap, I like the colors, I mean come on! They are going on your feet! Your smelly, sweaty feet!


The only problem I have with this is the pattern on the label. I am at the point where I have to turn the heel then pick up stitches along each side. 19 stitches to be exact. Well I don't have enough room for 19 stitches. How do I know this? I have already ripped this back to the point you see above. WTF?

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February 28, 2005

Presenting Clapotis Number 2


I am not sure I like this one as much as the first one. I still have to "block" it and weave in the ends. Shall we take a closer look?


This is all that is left. I hate having this much left.


Here is one last picture. I am showing this because of the little "orb" that shows up on my first clapotis. Could there be a ghost in my house? Please let me have my fantasy. All of you digital camera people out there will probably say it is just a "dust" bubble or something. I think it's a ghost.


Maybe if I blow it up, It will be the likeness of Elvis or something!

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February 23, 2005

See! I knew I would cave.


I have no control. None. But I do have a very pretty little bag! Of course I didn't check my gauge. Me?

Yarn: Araucania - Nature Wool Chunky
Needles: 10.5 US
Pattern: Laines Du Nord "Simple Knits" by Jane Ellison

I do think it needs a little something. I will probably add a lining to it and maybe some velvet ribbon on the inside of the strap (for support) Perhaps a crocheted flower! This did not take me any time to make. I would have finished it in an evening, but I had to pay attention to my family! Jeesh!

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February 21, 2005

Adult ADD

I have finally come to terms that I have it. Adult ADD. I know there is a drug I can take, or perhaps I shouldn't buy so many knitting books/knitting magazines. Although, I did work on these 3 things:

Exhibit A


Yes it is a secret. But I will tell you this. It is the cotton yarn that you make dish cloths out of. I love the color of this! And its cheap too!

Exhibit B


I am not going to let this go to the great unfinished project graveyard. I am 1/2 done. I will keep on plugging away on it.

Exhibit C


I started this about a week and a half ago. Great little take along project. This is as far as I have gotten though.......

And it's all because of these:



I am soooo excited I found the latest Rebecca! I know I know, it has been out a while. We have 4 yarn stores in the Greater Syracuse area and I got these books at my least favorite one. :-(

The people in this store are the snobbiest people I have ever met! Excluding my self (hee hee) Oh well.

Now I hope my current projects don't suffer because I wanna make these:




Sigh........................................I want to make everything!
I still haven't forgotten you curlycue scarf


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February 14, 2005

Guess what I got on Saturday?

My secret pal is the best!!! OH MY GOD! Look:


It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I love this! I can't wait to spin it.

I have a finished object! Ding ding ding ding!!!


I think I showed this way back. I sewed a lining in it and added a crochet flower! Cute, cute cute! Here is the inside:


Did I mention, I GOT MY SECRET PAL'S BOX? Wanna see another view?



I went to A.C. Moore this weekend too. I picked up this interesting book. Lot's of cute things in here


I bought some yarn too, but the photos I took did not do the color justice. It is a really really bright blue.

I also worked on my next clapotis:


This yarn is really shiney, but I like it. This is the yarn I started a crochet shawl with but I didn't like it. I am liking this.

Oh by the way, my secret pal sent this:


Hee, hee, hee. I have the BEST Secret Pal!

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February 10, 2005

Why, please tell me.....

Would anyone want to make, let alone wear this?


Oh but it gets better, here is the "back side"


Yes, K1. The magazine brought to you by Lion Brand Yarns. I bought it. Why? Well because I buy a lot of magazines. I know, I am opinionated. It is my right. Perhaps some of you are thinking, well why don't you design something better? Well, I can't. I wish I could. Perhaps I will some day. But this crap should really not be printed, let alone designed. I am not the only one. But I will probably be the only one who gets shit for it.

Ah well.

I have a confession to make. I have started another ...............


I don't know what is wrong with me.

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February 07, 2005

My second attempt at mittens


This is such a great pattern! I got it from the gals at Knit Pixie. If you order yarn at Knit Pixie you are signed up for a newsletter and links to free patterns! Cool huh?


This child of mine demanded I make these mittens this weekend. I have been told I knit too much (by him) But when he wants something for himself, well that is another matter! Little brat ;-)


Oh yeah, they both came out the same size!

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February 02, 2005

Secret Pal 4 questions

Here are the questions answered:

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer high-end/natural fibers)?
Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? Or is it all the same to you?
I am a bit of a yarn snob. I will avoid Red Heart. The only Lion Brand I avoid is FUN FUR, but you know that already.

2. Do you spin? Crochet?
I am learning to spin (I got a wheel for Christmas) and I know how to crochet

3. Do you have any allergies? (smoke, pets, fibers, perfume, etc.)
Does FUN FUR count? No? Well then I guess the answer is no, I don’t have any allergies.

4. How long have you been knitting?
10 years or so.

5. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list? Of course.Only if you ask though.

6. What’s your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.)
Citrus and Vanilla, but not together

7. Do you have a sweet tooth?
That is affirmative.

8. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do?
I want to learn to weave, I have a table loom. I like to read, play the guitar, knit. Embalming? (that is a joke)

9. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
Yes, I can play MP3s. I like everything but Christian music.

10. What’s your favorite color? Or—do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer?
Purple is my most favorite color, blue, green, orange, red, pink, I hate yellow (makes me look ill)

11. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
I have 3 cats, 1 husband and 1 son

12. What are your life dreams? (really stretching it here, I know)
To work with fibers more than I do. A dream would be to have my own yarn shop. But I don’t think it will happen. Learning to spin and make my own yarn is definitely going to happen.

13. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with?
Rowan Yarns, Noro Yarns, wool, alpaca, anything but Fun Fur.

14. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
See above

15 What is/are your current knitting obsession/s?
I am really digging lace. I love it! Now that I can do a successful YO. I am happy.

16. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
I love scarves, shawls, hats, sweaters, socks and mittens ( I haven’t made but 1 pair of mittens, but I am going to make more of them)

17. What are you knitting right now?
A pair of socks, a couple of sweaters, a couple of scarves. I have a lot of projects going at once.

18. What do you think about ponchos?
I made a poncho, I like poncho’s but I think they got a bit too trendy this year

19. Do you prefer straight or circular needles?

20. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
Bamboo, aluminum YES!! Plastic – NO WAY

21. Are you a sock knitter?
That is affirmative

22. How did you learn to knit?
I was taught from the girls at Sophie’s Yarn’s/Rosie’s Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia

23. How old is your oldest UFO?
8 or so years?

24. What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal/bird?
Gromit (the dog, he is a knitter) and Buttercup (Power Puff Girls) she kicks ass. I love cats.

25. What is your favorite holiday?
My birthday

26. Is there anything that you collect?
Fairy’s and floaty pens

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February 01, 2005

The Pair


See? See how the left one is bigger? I also don't like how long they are. I am going to make it shorter at the tip. They flop all over the place.

My favorite yarn store sale is now over until July. If you know me at all you know I have a hard time waiting for ANYTHING. When I bought the Noro yarn, I didn't mention that I also bought a Rowan Book. Magazine 36 I believe. The one with BIRCH in it.


I was weak, I couldn't help my self. For those of you who don't know, Birch is a shawl. This crappy photo doesn't show the color properly. It is greenish grey. I really can't believe it only takes 3 balls to make. Okay, that's it. I am not buying any more until July.

I hope.

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January 31, 2005

The mitten


I actually have 2 mittens, but for some reason I can't get the photo uploaded. It is not the web site it is the photo. Argggg.

Anyway, you really don't want to hear about that do you. And I am kinda glad I can't show you both together. Because one is bigger than the other. Yep, that's right. But I don't care. They are for me.

I say that now. But being the perfectionist that I am, I will probably make another one.

I joined Secret Pal 4!

secret pal 4 button.jpg

I have been always too late to sign up, but I made it this time! Do I have to fill out that form thingy? What do you think Secret Pal 4?

I really wanted to share some stash enhancement with you. But I can't. Perhaps tomorrow.

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January 27, 2005

I have more Clapotis!

Just to show how big this thing really is


This is hanging from a door in my house and it goes all the way to the floor! Sorry for the crappy picture

Here is a nice picture of it all folded up. God I love these colors!


Alright enough of that! Toot toot (yep, it's my horn)

I went to my favorite yarn shop on Saturday. I HAD to spend my gift certificate from Christmas! What I didn't expect was to spend another $85 bucks on top of it. But what the hell! Right?


I am going to make this


I also got some sock yarn, PURPLE sock yarn. I am making these for me


Finally, I leave you with my mitten. The yarn color is kinda boring, but I really like how the photo came out. I have never made a pair of mittens before.


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January 26, 2005

Okay, I really can't wait

I will do it the simple way. Here is one picture of my finished Clapotis.

clapotis on me.jpg

I have to weave in the ends. I really really really REALLY love this. It came out perfectly! It is really really really REALLY LONG too. I have a picture of it hanging on a door in my house and I can't seem to upload it. I will hope to have it figured out by tomorrow.

If you are going to make this using the yarn I did, which was South West Trading Company, 100% Soy Silk, Phoenix. Make sure, if you have a section of it where the fibers are "fraying" that you don't use that yarn and start it again at the end of the row. The yarn broke on me! I have to think of something to fix it, I hope I don't have to resort to glue. It is only in 2 spots. Grrrrr.....

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January 17, 2005

There is a story here, but I will show it with pictures

Why is this entry under knitting? I'll get to that. We went to a wonderful Bar Mitzvah on Saturday! God what a great time I had! Well, we all had a great time. I am not Jewish, man they put on one hell of a party! Any way, I took this picture of my son at the party. He lost one of his front teeth

dannys smile

I just had to share. This is such an awkward age! Your teeth fall out, big ones grow in and your head isn't proportionate enough to make the big teeth look good. You all know what I am talking about. The next picture is another one of my son. Showing his very cool hat

nice hat

What has this to do with knitting? Why didn't I make him a hat with a skull and cross bones on it? I did come up with a skull chart. I got the damn thing at Walmart (a store I loathe, but for kids clothes, hey, they grow out of them so fast) for 5 bucks! Besides I was busy working on

more clapotis

I sure hope I don't run out of steam. I really enjoy knitting on this. But I don't think I will use this yarn again. It is like knitting with limp shoelaces! It isn't going as fast as I would like it to go. But I can't wait to finish it. It is going to be a beauty.

Here is a close up of the yarn

detail of clapotis

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January 12, 2005


I have fallen under the spell


Here is a detail of the yarn I am using

detail of clapotis

I really should take pictures in daylight. They always turn out so yellow.
Yarn: South West trading Company "Phoenix" 100% Soy Silk
Colorway: Candy

I am still on the increasing part of this pattern. I can't wait to start dropping stitches!

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January 10, 2005

Well I had better things to do this weekend....

Than to write my manifesto on Fun Fur! I put my spinning wheel together! What took me so long? I wanted to get it right. It was really easy anyway. Here is all of the stuff out of the box.


Doesn't look like much!

Here is half way through (notice it is getting darker outside)


I only put 1 part in a spot that I wasn't supposed to.

Here it is.............


Ain't she a beauty? I just have to put the knob on (tension thingy) then I can spin, spin, SPIN!

I knitted this weekend too. I finished up the Turquoise Alpaca cowl

cowl 2

HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!
I ripped it out. sigh.......

I knitted on Saturday with Erin and Rachel! It was fun, even though the weather was crappy. Poor girls had to put up with my constant chatter the whole time!

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January 07, 2005


Who knew? That so many people didn't like the stuff? Geez, I feel like I have to be a spokesperson now! I will get right to work on the manifesto! But first,

lady with bra

I need a little help here...........................

We got buttons! Missa supplied these

pink one

red one

blue one

Amy S supplied this one


And finally Rebecca did this one


Which one should we choose?

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January 05, 2005

Warning - Rant is forthcoming

How many people out there are as sick of these things as I am?

fun fur scarf

God! They are everywhere! I hate everything about them and the yarn that it is made up of!

fun fur skein

This is the cheesiest yarn I have ever seen! I am real sorry if any of you got one for Christmas. Or for any other reason.

Thats it. Thats my very OPINIONATED rant.
God I am such a bitch.

Thanks to Georgia for putting me as her blog of the week. Wow! I feel special!
You like me, you REALLY like me!
(That looks like fun fur on the sock she made, she may take me off her list real soon)

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January 03, 2005

I am glad the holidays are over. Are you?

I am a little tired of "little" projects. I need to sink my teeth into a sweater. Yeah Yeah, I have to finish Tammy, and that is my goal for January. Speaking of "little" projects. I have some things to show!

I finished Aiblhinn


It is a little shorter than I would have liked. I ran out of yarn. Oh well.
Here it is on me

purple thing

I think if I have to make another one of these I will scream

lauries neckwarmer

Now that that is done, If you haven't gone to Knit Pixie by now you better go soon! I ordered from them on Monday and received it on Thursday. I love those girls! Here is what I got

knit pixie stuff

The color of this yarn is amazing. Here is what I am making with it


It is from the "Last Minute Gifts" book. I am thinking of throwing this in randomly throughout. I made up the skull chart myself.

skull chart

I still don't have the spinning wheel together yet. I have been too busy. Knitting, eating socializing, knitting.........

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December 22, 2004


Well, I have been away, not AWAY AWAY, but away from the blog. I have been knitting my fingers to the bone. But I do have pictures to show for it. They are Christmas presents. Well all except 2.

I finished my mother-in-laws scarf. OH MY, I am in love with Alpaca! The color of this picture is dead on too. The yarn is a raspberry color. And SOFT! mmmmmm...............

j moms scarf

Here is the hat I can't make enough of

Helens hat

this is for my friend Helen at work. I used the same yarn as my flower basket shawl. I held 2 strands together. It is really bulky and warm. I hope she likes it!

These next 2 are well, just in case presents. The purple one is mine, I have been wearing it all the time. The green one is for whoever. I have a blue one too, but I haven't sewn it up yet. It is all left over yarn from my harlot poncho!

green hat

my purple hat

Julia came over to my house over the weekend and she needed help with a bootie. I made one (but I still have to do the other one) It is from the calendar with all the patterns in it. I really like this bootie, it is a little big......


Suki insisted on being photographed with the bootie, she loves attention, don't you think?

suki with bootie

And finally a picture of Aiblhinn.


This is a good mindless project that I can work on over the holidays. I love the yarn, don't ask me what it is. It came out of the stash box with out a label. I had 3 skeins. I think I will have enough. I agree with all of you, it is a design element. It is for me too, so nobody will know.

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December 16, 2004


Yes, I know, but I can't help my self! I don't even have all of my Christmas presents done yet and I am starting Aiblhinn! whatever.

Of course, the knitting god's or who ever they are are getting their revenge. I have no idea what I did, but I thought I cast on the right amount of stitches. I am cruising along with the bobbles, and I get to the end and I don't have the correct number of stitches! Not to worry, I was going to rip it out to the spot of my mistake. But I realized I would have to redo all of those bobbles. Nope not me, I did 4 stitches between 1 set of bobbles and made up the difference! I am back on track.

Hey every knitting project has to have a mistake in it right?

Pictures hopefully tomorrow, I am not that far on it anyway.

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November 30, 2004

What I did on my "vacation" part 2

Thanks for tuning in! Are you ready for part 2?
I think I hinted that I went to an Alpaca Farm right? Well I did. And aren't they the cutest?

alpaca farm

The name of the farm is River Bend Alpacas
We had a great time. My mother-in-law heard about them so we trecked up there. Me, my son and my mother-in-law. It was cold but productive.

Here is Dan with the Alpacas

danny and the alpacas

This guy is my favorite

my favorite

Of course I couldn't leave with out buying anything.

carmel apple yarn


I am determined to learn to spin. so I bought the roving. I hope "Maxy" is my favorite face above!

Moving right along......... I did start a few things and frogged a few things too.

new projects

I don't know what's wrong with me. Well I do, but I don't know how to stop. I don't want to really. It will all get done eventually. Except the mitten that I thought I could handle. It was the white thing with the cables on the left. That got frogged. I am liking the curly cue scarf. It is from the Scarf Book.

On a side note. I really am getting very annoyed by the amount of spam I am getting in my comments section! NO I DON'T WANT TO PLAY POKER, BUY DRUGS AND LOOK AT PORN! I am trying to get rid of it every chance I get but it is becoming a losing battle. I may have to ditch some of my archived stuff. I just can't keep up!

ARGHHHHH! What if we (all of us knitters) slammed them with yarn, and knitting needle patterns and stuff! How would they like it? Well the porn sites would probably use it for some sort of fetish...


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November 29, 2004

Is everyone stuffed?

I am! I don't think I even want to look at pie, turkey or stuffing again until..... Christmas!
I hope everyone had a great holiday! I certainly did my capitalistic best to spend spend spend! On yarn of course! I did get a little tiny tiny bit of christmas shopping done. Where to start? I may have to do this in 2 parts! I went to my favorite yarn store in Skaneateles (pronounced Skinny Atlas) New York on Tuesday. This is the yarn store with the 3 dollar sale bin. Wanna see?

stash 1

Here is a close up of the tweedy yarn

close up

I am thinking mittens with this.

I also bought this (not in the sale bin)

stash 2

Love the new Lopi colors!

Now I really went there to buy this book

rowan book

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!! I already made the hat from it. I didn't use "Cork" yarn, I used some left over from my poncho. I don't really know what it is but it worked! Here see for yourself

finished hat

I bought a couple of other books last week too

new books

Really, I am a dork, I have way too much on my hands! SIGH......... the week was just not long enough. Please stay tuned tomorrow for part II "The Trip to the Alpaca farm"

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November 18, 2004

Well I am glad I am not the only one

So there are more dumb asses out there! Phew! It is good to know!

I finished my neck warmer!

flat neck warmer

I did modify the pattern. I must say I am quite pleased! I added a horizontal button hole and a big ass chunky button.

You want to see what it looks like on me? You know I don't like to do this. It won't happen very often..... Here goes:

jaunty neck warmer

I am calling it the "Jaunty" Neck Warmer.
See, it hides my many chins. Or maybe it makes it worse, whatever. I don't have Audrey Hepburn's neck. I share her birthday, but not her neck. Sigh......

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November 15, 2004

Dumb Ass

Yes I am a D U M B A S S! Why? Well cause I am. Do you know when you read a pattern and you think, I can do this. I am smart. I can figure it out. And it doesnt work? Well then you think, who wrote this stupid pattern? They are wrong, I am right, and you throw your knitting across the room? You dont do that? Oh, uh, well I dont either.
Where am I going with this? Yarn overs. I GET IT NOW! I have been doing them wrong for a long time! Thanks to the Flower Basket Shawl I now understand. They count as 1 stitch! Who knew? Obviously everyone but me. Okay, I shouldnt be so hard on my self. I have let it go. I can now show you my scarf. I am making it for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It is made out of 100% Alpaca. I love Alpaca. It is the new black.

jmom scarf

I have made this scarf 4 times. I want to apologize to the following people because the scarf you have is wrong! Mom, Pegi, Theresa, Missa. I wont be fixing it. You will never know the difference.

I am making the neck warmer from the Knit 1 magazine. This by the way is not very inspiring. Lion Brand Yarns are used through the entire book. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I think Alison at Brainy Lady summed it up good. This is where I am at with it

neck warmer

I dont think I am going to add the buttons. I had an epiphany this morning on the way to work and I am going to try that this evening. I wont share until I get it right. Oh yeah, the yarn I am using is Brown Sheep Bulky in a royal blue. It may be too itchy for the neck.

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Dumb Ass

Yes I am a D U M B A S S! Why? Well cause I am. Do you know when you read a pattern and you think, I can do this. I am smart. I can figure it out. And it doesnt work? Well then you think, who wrote this stupid pattern? They are wrong, I am right, and you throw your knitting across the room? You dont do that? Oh, uh, well I dont either.
Where am I going with this? Yarn overs. I GET IT NOW! I have been doing them wrong for a long time! Thanks to the Flower Basket Shawl I now understand. They count as 1 stitch! Who knew? Obviously everyone but me. Okay, I shouldnt be so hard on my self. I have let it go. I can now show you my scarf. I am making it for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It is made out of 100% Alpaca. I love Alpaca. It is the new black.

jmom scarf

I have made this scarf 4 times. I want to apologize to the following people because the scarf you have is wrong! Mom, Pegi, Theresa, Missa. I wont be fixing it. You will never know the difference.

I am making the neck warmer from the Knit 1 magazine. This by the way is not very inspiring. Lion Brand Yarns are used through the entire book. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I think Alison at Brainy Lady summed it up good. This is where I am at with it

neck warmer

I dont think I am going to add the buttons. I had an epiphany this morning on the way to work and I am going to try that this evening. I wont share until I get it right. Oh yeah, the yarn I am using is Brown Sheep Bulky in a royal blue. It may be too itchy for the neck.

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November 10, 2004

I did it!

I finished what I started! I can do it! I knew I could. I present the Flower Basket Shawl

finished but not blocked

Yeah Yeah, It's a crappy photo and yeah yeah I didn't block the damn thing. I will. Oh yeah, I didn't weave in the ends either! Oh and I forgot to mention, I didn't take time and check my gauge! Wow! How devilish of me! I feel like a rebel.

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November 08, 2004

Something Wicked This Way Comes

something wicked

Something wicked this way comes alright. I took this picture Friday Morning at about 7:30 am. WOW look at that sky. It didnt snow until today though. Yes. SNOW. Well at least I got to wear my Pink Thing. If you want to know what my Pink Thing is look in the finished gallery photos. If you dont wanna look, its a big friggin scarf.

I am almost done with my flower basket shawl!
Here is the progress so far

almost done flower basket

Here is a detail

detail of flower basket

Georgia has finished hers and so did Kris
Both are beautiful. I wished I made mine in a different color! Oh well, I can always make another one right? The yarn I used is a 2 ply 100% wool from Finger Lakes something or other, I will dig out the label if you really want to know (I dont think you do) It is a cream color. I know the picture makes it look yellow. Picture an Irish fishermans sweater. That is the color. I dont know why I chose that color. I am a dirt magnet. So it will get dirty.

The new Stitch and Bitch Nation is out!! Yipiee! Go here to see pictures of the projects from the book. They look great! I cant wait to get a copy.

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November 04, 2004

I really have a problem

I think it's called "Finish What You Start"

But I can't! Not when the Flower Basket Shawl beckons! So, with that, I leave with this

start of the flower basket

I know, I know, a lot of people (okay 2) will be pissed off. I can't help it. It is fun and I need a shawl. By the way, this is very easy! It sorta looks like a moth.

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November 01, 2004

Happy Halloween!


A little late but, hey. Yes it did rain where I was so it made for a miserable night of trick or treating. I had a nice glass of wine when I got home to warm me up.

Once again, Kristine comes through! I think we are both liking this little exchange we got going on here! If you cant read the cd it is The Kings Of Convenience Quite Is The New Loud. It is really good (I love it) And the yarn, WOW! I love this too. THANK YOU KRIS YOURE THE BEST

gifts from Kristine

I met some great gals on Saturday morning. I have been chatting it up with Erin at Skein Street and she and I are both from the Syracuse, New York area. She told me about a knitting group that get together every Saturday at the coffee shop downtown and they knit! Well Julia and I thought we would check it out and it was great! I think I will be going from now on! Cool huh? I forgot to take a picture (dumb ass)

I made a purchase over the weekend, it wasnt yarn related but I thought it was worth sharing. It is appropriate for the season.. I suppose. It brought out my inner goth. What can I say, I am a teenager in an almost 40 year old body.

casket shot

She came with her own casket!


And noose!! How cool?

living dead doll

Maybe I should have turned on the red eye on my camera, it would have taken care of that. Perhaps not! She is scary huh?

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October 27, 2004

What the.........

My my it has been a long time. I am sorry. But this is my blog and I can do what ever I want. Yes I have been very busy, ROCKTOBER was a very busy month and it still isnt over yet. First of all I did not get picked for jury duty. (woo hoo) I dont think they would have let me bring my knitting in. It was Federal Court. But that is over with.
Secondly my best friend got married the weekend of October 15-16 and I was in the wedding (I say that because she got married on the 15th and had a big bash on the 16th) The 16th was our 11th wedding anniversary! If that was not enough my husbands birthday was ROCKTOBER 23rd and we went to Cleveland as you all know to see Guided By Beers (er Voices) yes they were fantastic! I was very good and drank very little. Come on, I had a 5 hour car ride back the next day! During all of this zaniness I did do some knitting and crocheting and I am here to share it with you.

This is some of the yarn I have gotten recently

new stuff

Isnt it yummy? I dunno what I will do with it other than touch, fondle uh, well that sounds a little personal. I like the yarn that is called Frou Frou. It is like candy. Its kinda a pain in the ass to knit with though.

This next picture is for my very patient friend Cheryl (no, I havent forgotten you Linda)
This is my progress on the Rowan Tammy sweater. I am up to the armpits.

more tammy

Here is the clutch. I got the pattern from Georgia's Site. It is so cute! I made mine a little bigger. I still have to sew the lining in and make a flower. I made this out of a new shade from Reynolds Lopi. It is a pukey green variegated yarn. Really, the color is great. I like puke green.


I think I mentioned that I have been doing some crocheting. I love that book I got, 200 Crochet Squares.

crochet squares 1

squares 2

I have made these. I think I am going to make a scarf out of the 3. I need to make a couple more, then put some mesh stitches between and sew them up and put a little border around it. I like this yarn a lot. It is the Lion Brand Micro Spun that I used for the other crochet scarves I made previously. I am not a big fan of acrylic, but this is so soft and the colors are so bright. Hmmmm what else oh yeah, this is a close up shot of a scarf I started oh, um a year and a ago. I have 1 side done and this is the other side. I just have a little more to go, then I have to graft it together. This is also Lion Brand Micro Spun.

purple scarf

This is getting a little lengthy, and it is turning into more of a show and tell. SORRY. Just a couple of more things then you can move on to the next blog. This book is coming out soon. It is a book about my husbands Grandfather. His name was Lee Brown Coye. He did a lot of horror illustrations for pulp magazines. He was a very cool person. I will have to show pictures of the inside some other time. (You can always google him, if you want) There is a book signing on Saturday so we are going to that. I want my son to wear his Halloween costume (he is going to be the grim reaper) I thought it would be fitting.

lee brown coye book

Does any one want to see pictures of Uncle Bob (GBV) from the show? Maybe tomorrow. Or when ever I get around to do this again! Oh yeah, this is the last thing. I just found yesterday Stitchy McYarnpants My new favorite person in the whole wide world. (I still love you Kris and Missa) But you all must go to her site. She is a riot! Love her!

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September 27, 2004


This is what I did this weekend!


I like this photo better


The contrast of light and dark on the bored Heada's face.
It is true art!
This project is fun. I did almost break out in hives using the yarn I am using. Which is Red Heart 100% Acrylic Yuck. But it's not so bad. It was cheap. only 88 cents for a 3oz skein. I still haven't figured out how to post this on the Hallowig Along yet. Missa, help!!

Thank you for all for your well wishes for Thurston. He still isn't back yet but I am not giving up.

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September 24, 2004

Well I started it...

Tammy that is. I hope it doesn't cause me any problems.

the start of tammy

Here is a picture of the hat I made with the flower added, sorry it is so dark. I may take another one for the gallery

top view of hat

I love this! I know you know that but I truly love this!

I have been "chatting up" Kris over at Obsessive Knitting or Strikker and we have decided to become "not so secret pals" It is really fun! It all started when she said she wanted to get the Interweave Knits Crochet Issue and I offered to buy it for her. One thing led to another and we each sent each other packages! This is what I got from her

present from Kris

Is she the COOLEST?
Look at that lovely yarn! I don't know what to make, something lacey, it is so soft and beautiful! THANK YOU KRIS

Now on a sort of sad note, my cat Thurston has been missing since Sunday! Please everyone send me good vibes so he comes home! Here he is

furtan the clown

I may be away for a while I have JURY DUTY on Monday! Ugh.

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September 22, 2004

It's almost done....

I did it! I finished something! FAST too! Here is the Flower Cap from Missa's site

flower cap

flower cap 2

I just have to add my flower. This was so much fun to make. I used Bulky Lopi yarn on size 11 needles. It took no time at all to do, now to make the flower...... I will model it when it is really done.

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September 21, 2004

Lots to say

I usually post on Monday's because I usually do stuff on the weekend. But sorry, I couldn't get to it. First of all, I received my prize from Wendy and WOW how cool is this?


Thank you so much Wendy!! This has a freakin pattern, not a stitch but a PATTERN, for every day of the year! I love this thing!

Secondly, I have my first pattern that I am going to share! It isn't much really.... Anyone could have come up with it. But I did and I am going to share:
The Crochet Scrarf
Nice and original huh?

crochet scarves

Here is a detail

scarf detail

And here they are folded up (because they are really long)

folded scarves

Okay so here is what you do:
Materials: Lion Brand Micro Spun (1 skein per color)
Crochet Hook Size "H"

Chain 300, yes 300, insert hook into the second chain from the hook and single crochet to the end. Do as many rows as you can stand, switch colors, don't switch colors. Do what you want. Oh and "DON'T TAKE TIME AND CHECK YOUR GAUGE" It's not important. God I love that! Keep going till you like the width. then just tie it off and add the fringe.
I like the Micro Spun yarn because it is sooooo soft. It comes in a lot of different colors too. Have fun!

Has anyone been over to Missa's site? No? Well scoot....I'm waiting, her hat is just the best! I actually made one last night (why don't I have a picture? I dropped a stitch and ripped the whole damn thing out that's why) But I will have made one tonight. I love this hat!

I joined the Hallowig Along! I love this thing too, I just don't know what color to make it. Finally in keeping with Halloween here is a picture I took last night of a spider making a web on my porch.

spider and web

Kinda freaky huh? The damn thing has legs hairyier than mine! (Did I spell that right?) NOPE it's HAIRIER

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September 17, 2004

Why Thank you!

Yes, thank you for all of the comments! I usually can retort to someone rude quite well, I don't know what is wrong with me! Loosing my acid tounge or something. I am currently working on another secret project for a friend so I can't post any pictures. Cheryl is gonna kill me but I still haven't started her "Tammy" sweater yet! I haven't had the time. But I hope to this weekend. I am going to try and answer questions now

The yarn I used for my very Harlot poncho was just worsted weight 100% wool that I picked up here and there. Sorry, no names!

Um, as far as the boots go, I don't know the name of them, I just know that the wonderful Steve Madden made them.

Another note about my comments, WOW! Alot of you people are from all over the place! That is so freakin cool! The world really isn't that big!

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September 15, 2004

I forgot to mention

That I bought this book as well on my shopping spree

Cover 200

I really like this book A LOT

I bought it because I want to make this


But how many poncho's can a gal have? The yarn to make it is wicked expensive too. (sniffle sniffle) While I was in the yarn store (which I love) the girl who works there (which I don't like) made a comment to me and I will share it with you:
Me: I have been really into making poncho's lately. I love them
Her: Pocho's are the lazy knitter's sweater
Can you believe that? I wish I had something smart to say back but, I wasn't feeling too funny or smart. Don't like that girl. But I do like that store. They are the only ones around who have Rowan yarns. I love Rowan yarns. And their sale bin is amazing. ($3.00 a skein!)
Screw her.

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September 13, 2004

I got new stuff oh yeah uh huh...

Yep, went a little crazy on Saturday with Julia! I added to my stash. But really it was all on S A L E!! Come on every one, do a little happy dance with me! Wanna see what I got? No? Too bad

new stash 1

This is Classic Elite Waterspun Weekend - Felted 100% Merino Wool. Nice and fat! I like it. It's a dark teal color.

new stash 2

This is Reynolds - Contessa 50% Lambswool, 30% Angora and 20% Nylon. This is Lime green, Very chunky too. I like this alot. I am thinking a wrap or something.

new stash 3

This is also Classic Elite - Waterspun Felted 100% Merino Wool. It isn't as fat as the one above, but I just loved the colors! At $3.00 (US) a skein, you can't beat it!

and lastly

lime green lopi

I also finished my secret present for my friend Theresa aka T-Bone. I will have her model it at a later date but here it is

tbones scarf

This scarf is from Weekend Knitting. It is the Lopi Lace scarf. I didn't use Lopi Lite though, I used Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. It is a hot pink color with flecks of black, orange, and stuff. She and I were very pleased with it. I think I am going to use the Lime green Lopi I bought and make another one. I have made 3 of those scarves total. Of course I gave them away, and have no pictures! That was last year.

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September 09, 2004

I got nothing!

I am working on my secret present for my friends birthday. So I can show that when I am done. A note to Cheryl, I am really thinking about starting your sweater! Really really.

I have been looking through my old knitting magazines. I mean REALLY, I have every issue of Vouge Knitting from 1995. Will I make every sweater? Probably not. I am thinking about getting rid of them. I don't need them! I just ordered more books from Crafters Choice. So I REALLY need to weed out what I REALLY need and what I don't. Should my blog have a garage sale? Is that tacky? Please let me know. I also have every issue of Interweave Knits. I can't part with those. I also buy Family Circle Knitting. But REALLY, do I need them all? Hmmmm...........REALLY!!!!!

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September 07, 2004

Finished Objects!!

I finally have something new to show! That is finished! I feel like I got a lot done this weekend and here you go

finished Noro scarf

Here is a detail

detail finished NORO scarf

This was a fun scarf to knit. Very quick. Very EXPENSIVE, but I love it! My father didn't think it was to practical for the winters around here. (I live in the Syracuse New York area - we get A LOT of snow)

Here are my socks finally completed

finished socks

I am now working on a secret project for my friend. I am also going to attempt to start the Tammy sweater for Cheryl.

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September 01, 2004

Not much new...

I did go over to Julia's to knit on Monday. She is starting the Harlot Poncho and having trouble with YO's. No pictures. I love the Yarn Over! Speaking of Yarn over, have you seen Stephanie's new sweater? WOW! Love it! I think I will actually make that. I love her boob holder, but really, I couldn't wear it. We don't have to go into it again about my boobs. Speaking of my boobs, I had a "mammy grammy" on Monday. Now, I have had them before, and I always hear complaining about how they hurt. Well, I don't think they hurt as much as they are uncomfortable. But it was comical seeing my boob very squished and flat. Question for the not so large boobie ladies: Does it hurt if you don't have any boobs or very little boobs? Any way. . . . .

Found another non knitting site that is worth checking out
My Boyfriend is a twat

Worth checking out for a laugh or two.

I will post some pictures soon. I am really only working on my Noro Scarf.

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August 30, 2004

Phew dog!

Was it freakin hot enough this weekend? If anyone lives on the East Coast you know what I mean! We have basically had no summer then boom! Muggy, sticky, wow! Well at least it isn't snowing. Yet.....

So I am working merrily on my garlic hat, and well, um....

the hat that isnt

Looks good on Heada (that's what I call her) doesn't it! WRONG! I ripped it out. I would never wear this! It was too friggin big! It would work if I had dred's or something, but that AIN'T gonna happen. Oh and for the record, I still did not "take time and check my gauge". Won't do it. Nope, never. Let's move on shall we?

I was thumbing through the new issue of Nylon and came across this:

I could SO make this

Isn't it fabulous! WOW! I could SO make this!! Right up my alley and I bet I wouldn't have to "take time and check my gauge"
It would make a great scrap-a-long sweater too!

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August 27, 2004

Ahh.... TGIF

Yep, I am glad it is Friday.
I got some great things in the mail this week:

crochet books

I really want to make this:

IK granny sweater

I tried to take a picture of the big chunky crochet sweater but it was too dark. I can't find the picture on line! Help!

I am also trying the garlic hat again, here is a picture of the big giant smooojaja and the beginnings of the hat.

smudge and the hat

Of course I f****d it up again, I will fix it though. Smudge really wanted to take credit for the knitting so far on this hat. He really is very interested, Don't cha think?

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August 24, 2004

Monday night knitting

Julia came over last night. She is doing so good! I think she wants to start a harlot poncho next! Here is what she's got


The bottom piece is the start of a baby blanket. The yarn is green with polka dots in it. You can't see it that good. But it is sooooo soft. Then she is knitting a scarf with the Lion Brand homespun. Lookin good!

Here is a picture of my socks. See they are almost finished. I really need some quiet time to finish them, I hate screwing up. I don't want to fix it again.

all most finished sox

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August 23, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy

What was that from anyway? Ren and Stimpy? Well, if you have noticed I have added some things to my side bar. If you want to know anything about me click on the couch. I also have a finished gallery button up too. I only have the harlot poncho up so far, I want to take some better pictures of the stuff I have finished. I will also have a works in progress gallery. On some sad news: I totally ripped out the Stitch Diva poncho (see July archive - don't know exactly where) I didn't feel like fixing it, I didn't really know how, the yarn was too slippery, it made for weaving in the ends very difficult. Oh well, I am not that sad.

I did finish the other sock! Well sort of. I just have to do the Kitchner stitch(did I spell it right? I can't find the damn word in the latest Interweave Knits!!) on the toe and weave in the ends (really, that's all!!) I screwed it up on Sunday and had to fix it.

I also started this great hat but I didn't "take time and check my gauge". GRRRRRRRRRRR! So I ripped the friggin thing out. I am a loose knitter. Everything is even, but I need to go down a needle size or 2. But I will get back to this hat. I love the fact that it looks like a head of garlic!


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August 20, 2004

Here is a great link

For all of you Hello Kitty Fans out there here is a great link for a cute back pack:

Hello Kitty Back Pack

I found it at this site great bunch o - gals!

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August 18, 2004

Gosh you guys!!

Thank you for all of the nice comments on the Harlot Poncho! I really wasn't sure about the colors. I wish I could knit one for you all!! It was a great pattern, easy, quick. Now I just want to wear it.

I am working on finishing up the other sock. I can't believe it is almost done. I am really going to try to finish up the stuff that is half done. I got to! And yes Cheryl I will start your sweater.


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August 17, 2004

It is done

Introducing the very Harlot Poncho

yarn harlot poncho finished

I am not going to add the fringe. I like it the way it is. Husband agree's No fringe. I am happy with it.

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August 13, 2004


I made some headway on the Very Harlot Poncho. And I have to say this is fun to make. You can do it while watching tv. I did make a mistake and missed some yo's. So I am back tracking and fixing it. I can't have mistakes. It won't do. I didn't think I would like the color combo's but I do now. Take a look

harlot poncho progress

I will venture a guess I will finish it by Sunday night. Love it!

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August 10, 2004

Knittin with the kitten

That is Julia's term. I went to Julia's last night. I didn't knit. I wound balls of yarn. I did see the kitten and it is adorable! Introducing:


zazu the cutest

they are so cute when they are little

Remember I said over the weekend I got organized? Well this is my knitting corner. I love it.

Im so organized

Finally, I am not one to walk away from a challenge. So when yarn harlot put up her poncho pattern well..... I just had to start it! I think I can finish it when she gets back.

The Harlot challange

I think I may kill 2 birds with this one. I still really haven't started anything for my scrap along so I think I will make the poncho for this. I am using worsted weight 100% wool. I don't even know who made it. I bought various skeins out and about. So it will be stripey.


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August 06, 2004

Works in progress

As promised. I have been knitting. I try to every day. What has been my favorite thing to do lately? These

psych squares

I really like experimenting with different color combinations. Who knew that salmon and lime green would look good together! I am thinking about making a purse out of this. The thought of a huge afghan is intimidating.

On to the next

noro scarf

I am really enjoying making this. It is quick and the colors are great. I am not looking forward to weaving in the ends. I hate that.


more fnf scarf

Here is a little more of the Feather and Fan Scarf. I like the colors A LOT

That's all. Have a good weekend. Over and out.

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August 04, 2004

I am so proud...!!!

Look at our girl Julia go!

julias knitting shot 2

One of my students... sigh... she's a natural, gifted if you will.


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August 03, 2004

I really am not very original

I will admit it. All though, I have wanted to make this afghan for a while, the inspiration I got from Larissa, but this is as far as I have gotten

psychedellic afghan square

After finishing these 3 squares, I realized that I have to sew them all together. Well, my attention span is very short. So, that said, I will probably just make these out of the scrap cotton yarn I have and let them gather dust like my "circle stars"

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July 29, 2004

Ho Hum

I finsished the poncho like I said. But I still haven't fixed my problem. So I put that aside and I am going to finish up on the Noro scarf. Scroll down you'll see it. That is going quickly. It's too bad the yarn is so expensive, a lot of people would get one for a Christmas present. I am really trying to kick my self in the ass and get works in progress done. I have to! I can't make anything for my self until I get other things done. It is just so hard. I want to make it all!

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July 27, 2004

Monday night is knitting night

Julia came over again last night and she is doing great! She got a lot done on her scarf and I was looking it over, and it looked like she was going in the right direction, but something was off, so I steered her right and showed her how to purl. I think Smudge is taking credit for this one, or he really wants to learn to knit. I think he just wants me to make him something. Anyway lets hear it for Julia again!! Yippeee!!

smudge with knitting

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July 26, 2004

Okay Okay so I finished it

the poncho that is, and yes I really do have a head, I just don't feel to pretty, so this is what will be the "front" of the poncho.


Yep, looks great, right? Well what the heck happened when I cast off? I got this big gapping hole!


If anyone knows how I can fix this, please help! Yes that is Smudge in the background looking very disintrested. He is wondering when I am going to make his poncho.

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July 20, 2004

Julia - the new convert

I taught Julia to knit last night! Whooo Hooo! and I think she liked it! I was very happy that she caught on so quickly. She crochets so that was a help. Here is her first attempts

julia's knitting

Let's hear it for Julia! Yeah!

I was going to post the kind of yarn I am using for my poncho yesterday, and I forgot. It is "Klaus Koch Kollektion" and it is called "Clip". I have never heard of it before. I think it is German yarn or something. The label is in a different language, so I don't know what needle size or stitches to the inch I should be doing it in. I don't care. It's pretty. I got it in one of my sale bins. It was marked $12.50 per skein, I got it for 3 or 4 bucks! What a steal!

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July 19, 2004

New Stuff

So I dragged my reluctant son out with me on Saturday to go to my favorite yarn store, (they were having a sidewalk sale) I bribed him with the following: If he was good we would hit some garage sales and he could get some new crap (that he doesn't need) He went and was good. The yarn store I wanted to go to I couldn't get near because there were no parking spaces. So I went further down the street to anothter store called the "Yarn Bin". It is a mom and pop type of shop, not fancy or anything. They have Lopi yarn in all sorts of colors. I bought this for my neice for her birthday

jessies gift

I think this is good to get her going

Of course, I couldn't not buy something for myself so I got this

my experiment

I want to dye it with kool-aide. I can't wait to do this! I have been wanting to try it for a long time.

Well while I was in the yarn store I over heard this older woman (about 60's) say to the owner of the store "You know, knitting has really gone by the wayside" Of course, I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I wanted to say to her "Where have you been living, under a rock?" but I didn't, I said something a little more polite, but my hands were on my hips. What the hell? I hope I am not that clueless at 60.

Next topic
Never one to not follow along with the crowd I decided to rip out the crochet "shawl" (underware) and make this


The pattern is from Stitch Diva. I bought a couple of other pattern too.


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July 16, 2004

Dusting off the cobwebs

Last week on vacation, I unearthed a couple of things. I made 2 sweaters for my son when he was a baby and I found them. I think he wore them a total of 2 times each. I didn't want him to spit up on them! No, really, he probably just grew out of them. Here they are

ABC baby sweater

The above sweater is from a Debbie Bliss book, I don't know which one, it was pretty easy though, she spells everything out.

This is one of my favorites, it is a minnow knits pattern. I used a lot of scrap yarn for this.

multi color baby sweater

I of course found a couple that need to be finished

unfinished baby sweater

unfinished baby sweater 2

I need to add the sleeve on this one, and do you think I can remember which pattern I used and what needle size? Yeah right, in a perfect world I would have written it down. But this is Beth's world. And it is chaos.

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July 14, 2004


Yes we have a WINNER
The lovely and I might add the VERY talented


Has won the prize! Yes folks, it is Lee Renaldo (spelled right?) of Sonic Youth!

I will e-mail you Stephanie to tell you what you have won!
(If you chose to accept it, hey, you may not like my taste in music)
After the other guesses, I wasn't sure if anyone would get it! I was going to drop hints like: "My friend Goo told me that he isn't really knitting in that picture"

Gee that was fun!

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July 13, 2004

Contest time!!

Well today is your lucky day, If any one can guess who this guy is knitting (or pretending to knit) I will send you one of my mix cd's.

guy  knitting

Now the rules are:
1) If I told you about this already you can't guess (because if I told you, then you know who it is)
2) If nobody but who I told already guesses then you get the damn prize.
Very easy.
He is an indie rock superstar

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July 12, 2004

Back and sad

I am back from vacation, it was too short as usual...... But I did get some things done! I think I have "ADD" with my knitting, I always start stuff and start other stuff and start more stuff.
I have jumped on the band wagon and wanted to make my own crocheted shawl.
This is what it is supposed to look like

the shawl

Very retro, I know. Love Retro. However, this is what I ended up with

My attempt at a crochet shawl

Doesn't it look like underware? I HATE this! I will have to rip it out and try something else.

I did hit the yarn store sale on Friday, I, like a dummy, forgot my "additional 10% off" postcard, so I only got 20% off. But I had a gift certificate to spend and I bought this

New stuff

I bought the Noro "Iro" yarn, wicked expensive, but I am making this

Noro scarf

I love this thing. It is really cool, and easy and quick. I have knitted more on this already. I bought sock yarn, Rowan cotton tape (for another hat) and I always hit the sale bin. It is Classic Elite cotton. I guess I didn't mention where I went on my vacation, we really just stuck around town a bit. We did spend 2 days in Old Forge New York. We hit Enchanted Forest (it's a waterpark-nobody needs to see me in a bathing suit) and they have this great store called Old Forge Hardware. It is this massive store that has everything. On a whim, I asked the clerk if they sold yarn. Well, you better believe they sold yarn! It was a great little corner of the store, and they had a great selection. I didn't buy any yarn, because I knew I would at the above mentioned sale. I did buy the 2 books at the top at Old Forge Hardware. One of the books is a Noro book with the scarf pattern in it. I love this book. The other is a small pattern book with sweater patterns to knit from the top down.

I will leave you with this today, Don't want to over load. I took other pictures I will post later in the week.

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July 02, 2004

I leave you for a week with this.......

Knit Yellow Jacket

Ain't she a beaut? I REALLY want those glasses, really.
I can't believe it but I kinda like this one too!
Your comments are more than welcome.

Everyone, have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!
Remember, drive fast and take chances.


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July 01, 2004


I am still alive, I am working my ass off. I have been knitting though...I have actually started the other sock! AND I want to finish it. I also worked a little more on the Feather and Fan scarf. The new Knitty is up! It looks great and all but I think the only thing I would make would be Amy's knitted stockings! I HAVE HUGE BOOBS! Okay? That said I should probably design my own friggin' bra! They really aren't that huge.....I mean they are big, but they don't look odd or anything. I guess...... Please if you know me, don't comment on my boobs. Oh and I am going on VACATION next week so I won't be bloggin. Hopefully I will have plenty to show for next week. My favorite yarn store is having a sale and I got a gift certificate so.... That will be fun.

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June 28, 2004

Seriously now folks....

My Dad called me up on Saturday morning, letting me know he found an ad in the paper for a garage sale and they were selling a spinning wheel! Well I high tailed it over to the place and yep, it was sold. But it was old and missing parts. Well all was not lost. I got this for $2.00

hand knit sweater

Now, who in their right mind would sell a hand knit sweater for $2.00? I asked the gal, she said her mom made it for her! Even worse! I could never sell anything like that! But she is not me, and I got a hand knit sweater.

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June 24, 2004

1 done 1 to go

Quick post today - work is kickin my ass! Any way I finished 1 sock and I now have to finish the other sock. When? Who knows.....sigh......

sock on foot

Thank god you can't tell that I need to shave my legs!

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June 21, 2004

Wow, I don't even know if I have time to post today!

I got the sock almost done. I will finish it tonight. Then start the other one. I heard that you can knit socks on 2 circular needles at the same time! I don't know how this is done. Does anyone know? Can you direct me?
I really like this yarn

almost finished sock

I joined a spinning guild this weekend and it was way cool! I bought fiber too that I can play with, I don't want to spin it yet till I get better.

to be yarn

I don't have a spinning wheel, I have a drop spindle. I think I am going to use the drop spindle for a while till I get the hang of it. Plus we bought a NEW CAR this weekend! Yippeee!!! So I don't really have extra money for a spinning wheel yet. I want to look around.

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June 18, 2004

Here it is

paris loop flat

This is the "flat shot"

Here it is modeled on me

paris loop

I am much happier with the neck line. I am pretty pleased overall.

I forgot to add that I got this yesterday

beginning of a sock

now this is the yarn that makes a pattern as you use it. It looks like fairisle knitting but its not!! My only thing with this is, as you can see I haven't gotten very far with this and I hope that it will turn out right and work into a pattern. I don't know if I cast on wrong, I don't want it to be a big mess when I look at it. I have never knit anything on size 2 needles either. I hope I don't run out of steam when I have to finish the other sock.

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June 17, 2004

The Paris Loop is finished

Yep, I finished it. I am not happy with the neck line though. The directions said to cast off with the medium size needle (US 13) but I want it a little tighter so I am going to fix it tonight. I will show a picture tomorrow. I am leaving work a 1/2 a day today, got lots of arrands to run, dentist appts. etc.... I will however in my travels go to the yarn store and buy sock yarn!! Yipeeeee!!! (I think I can fit that in) It is conveniently just down the street from where I work. (Just one of the few that I frequent)


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June 14, 2004

Paris Loop

I decided Saturday to give the Paris Loop a try. I am loving this! I started on Saturday afternoon, and I am almost done! I am using the handspun yarn I bought in North Carolina years ago. I think I posted a picture of it before. I only hope it looks good on me. Check it out:

Paris Loop

Now that summer is almost here, I won't be able to wear it till fall! But it will be good for cool summer evenings.


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June 11, 2004

Snow Bird Cape

Snowbird cape

I kinda like this one to, but the hairdo will have to go. I don't know.... this is almost on the edge of bad.......

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June 10, 2004

Yarn balls.......

I can't throw anything away. Especially very small amounts of yarn. So what does one do with various shades of green wool? Any suggestions?

green yarn balls

I thought I would show the above shot first then this one:

sea of yarn balls

See! I have them everywhere! And that isn't even them all.

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June 07, 2004

Lots went on this weekend!

I scored some great books at a Library sale this weekend.

new books

Check out the "afghans" pattern book! There is one about spinning, and weaving, and 3 of them are all stitch pattern books!! The other book "Exicting things to make with wool" is for kids, but it is totally 70's!! Very chunky.

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Does anyone know how I could make these into an afghan?
crochet stars

Should I square them off? Should I make a square motif that goes in between them? I found these in my stash bin, I knew they were there, I did them a long time ago.... I just don't know what to do with them!

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June 04, 2004

I was all set to make fun of this.....

Orange? Is it really orange?

But I kinda like it.

This however we can all make fun of:

Lopi Jumper

I do like her boots. She looks like a Swedish streetwalker.
These are from and old Reynolds Pattern magazine. So I could actually create and wear these. They are truly beautiful. I am sure that Knitter's Magazine would like some of these, they have such lovely patterns in their magazine! (Right Rock Chick?) So stay tuned for more......

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June 03, 2004

Flower Power

Aren't these the best?

close up of flower

If you can crochet, you must try these! You can find them over at Missa's site: Midnight Knitter They are so easy and quick!

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June 02, 2004

Things that make you go hmmmmmm

So I am knitting along on the feather and fan scarf, it is muy bueno, by the way. And I am remembering a scarf that my husband's Aunt gave me for Christmas one year. It is very similar to the feather and fan. I will figure it out. Take a look

Curlycue scarf

curlycue 2

I especially like the crocheted "curlycue's"


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June 01, 2004

ENNUI - I believe it's over

I do believe it is finally over. Yes I have started knitting again. Amazing huh? I think my knitting block has been lifted. It was a nice long Memorial Day weekend, We were invited to 3 cookouts (thats what we call them in my neck of the woods) and Monday my son and husband marched in the parade (it didnt rain hooray!) . Then the rain came, I announced that I was going to knit. Everyone left me alone. I needed a new project. Something to get me excited again. So I browsed through my old Interweave Knit Magazines and found a shawl pattern that looked easy enough. I thought I would use my handspun yarn (see below for the picture) and I read the pattern, it didnt look like I needed to follow a specific gauge, so I gave it a shot. I think that every pattern I do, there is a mistake, or I am not at the correct stitches I am supposed to be at. So I put that aside. Its a conspiracy really.

I have been wanting to try the Feather and Fan Scarf I saw over at Brainy Lady's blog I have this really pretty varigated yarn

Ball O Yarn

This picture does not do it justice. It is hot pink and orange, and purple. Here is what I have so far

Feather Fan Scarf


I know I know, I got the fancy camera, I should be able to take a better picture! I didn't want to make it as wide as the pattern called for so I made it a little skinnier. It is a cotton yarn so I don't think it is going to drape really well. I only have 3 skeins of this yarn, I hope it will be long enough.

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May 27, 2004

The Rock Chick Challange

I was over at Rock Chick's site a while back and she had some very CHEESY pictures of old knitting patterns. Well Rock Chick, Whadaya think?

Knitting pattern cheese

And better still

Knitting pattern cheese part 2


I love the photographer's artistic vision and his use of fans. I kinda like the pattern for the girl in blue. I will have to (of course) post all of the pictures in the book. They are truly beautiful.

In knitting news:
HA! I have nothing! Nada, zip.
I am playing with the camera........These pictures were taken with it!!


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May 21, 2004

Cheryl's Sweater

Seeing as how I am still uninspired I am showing my completed works. This is Cheryl's sweater. It used to be my sweater, but it didn't look good on me. It looks much better on her. So why not give it to her?


I got this pattern from the book "2 sticks and some string" The yarn is great. It's a hand painted mohair. I didn't have enough to do the whole sweater with it so I put a big purple stripe in the middle. I think that yarn is Classic Elite mohair. I dunno. It came out nice but it's too short!
Sigh.............. At least the Big Sack sweater fits me.
What can I freakin knit? I am bored.

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May 20, 2004

People love these things!

Seeing as how I am not knitting anything at the moment...... I took a ton of pictures with Cheryl's digital camera so I could have some filler. Here is a filler shot

wrist warmer

This is from "Weekend Knitting" Which is the best book to get for quick projects. These you can do in an afternoon or 2 evenings. Like I said "People Love these things" It's a great way to use up yarn too. Behind my lovely Carol Marroll(SP) hand are 2 crochet scarves I did. I should post that pattern (because I just made it up) Hmmm.........

Tomorrow night I get my digital camera!!! Yippeeee!!


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May 17, 2004

I am stuck...................

I am working on the Tammy sweater still(!) and I dunno, I just can't get into it! I have to because someone wants it! I was cruisin right along with it over the weekend and I go to count the stitches I should of had and I am 2 short! I am thinking of starting again and also to do it when I have no distractions. (children and husband)
I am going to buy my very own digital camera this coming weekend!! I got some birthday $$$$ and THAT is what I really want. A nice camera. Also in more cheerful news, I am going to join the local spinning guild! Yippee! So that goal may become a reality.(me learning to spin) However, I don't have the money to buy a wheel. I will go to the meetings and see if I like it.

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May 12, 2004

The Stash

My stash
some of the stash
Those boxes that make up the bottom are bursting with wool. I haven't a clue what to make with it. It will be used oh yes it will be. The little blue and pink boxes are the cottons and novelties. I usually get those in the sale bins of yarn stores. I am sure I can make a scarf or 2 with that. As I find more inspiration on what to do with the yarn I will show what is in the boxes. That is not even counting the 4 plastic bins in the basement!

Here is a picture of some handspun yarn I got in Ashville NC. I think a poncho or the Boob Tube over at Glampyre would be cool as the next project
handspun #2
I just hope I have enough

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May 10, 2004


As you know I am working on the Tammy sweater for Cheryl. I had already finished the front or the back (they are both the same) and we held it up to her to see how it fit. Now, the model in the Rowan book is like a -0 and not everyone is that size. I was going to make her the large but, she, like me, is well endowed. So I had to rip the whole thing out and start again. Which I have last night. It's a good thing I love Cheryl, or else she would have just had to settle. No not really, I wouldn't have slept if it wasn't done correctly. So with that here is the Tammy sweater before I ripped it out.
Tammy front
Here is a detail of it up close
tammy detail
She (Cheryl) did a good job at picking out the colors. This yarn is amazing to work with. The hat below is out of the stuff.

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May 07, 2004

The Pink Thing

I know I have talked about it enough. So here it is finally.
Pink shawl
Here is a close up:
pink shawl detail
I especially like the wicked witch head.
This "thing" is not really a scarf, its a thing! Well its a shawl too. I really like to knit lace. I am not brave enough yet to try a lacy shawl yet. I will admit though a love/hate relationship with lace, I love it when I first start, then I make a mistake, hate it, fix mistake and end up with a pink thing. Anyone who has made a mistake while knitting lace will know when you make a mistake, it's not that easy to fix it! Especially if you have dropped one of your yarn overs. Oiy!

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May 06, 2004

Big Sack Take 2

I am going to try it again. Will it work? Hmm.......
I tried to put this up befor and it didn't work. Please let me know if you can see this photo of my wonderful sweater. It is from Stitch N Bitch.
Can you hear me know?

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May 05, 2004

Picture time will be soon!

I borrowed Cheryl's digital camera last night and boy was I havin a ball! But then the battery freakin died!!! Arrrggggg! So with that, pictures will be forth coming. I took pictures of my "stash", I think I have a problem! I have a lot of freakin yarn! And that wasn't even all of it! Then I checked the Booger Blog and she is having a shoe show off, and well, I had to participate in that, and I think I have a problem! Wow, I have a lot of shoes! But that's okay. Right? I took pictures of finished stuff, not so finished stuff. I don't have much finished. I realized I give a lot of it away! That's good too, I can make room for more shoes!
Finally a big Thank you to Missa!! She is the absolute best! She has a button of this blog on her site. Also I wouldn't be here with out her help. Missa, your box is comming soon. I am soooooo bad!


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May 03, 2004

I have a couple of pictures finally!

Okay here goes:
Hat 1
So this is the hat I made from the Rowan Book "It's a Tape Thing" A little big...... I didn't want the photo that big. I will work on that. This is actually a polaroid I took and then my hasbeen scanned it. Too big. I love you honey. But any way a photo! This was the easiest hat to do to.
Here is another view:
Hat 2

this is too big too. I will try to make it smaller.

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I have to make this!!!!

I was going to get back to working on Cheryl's Tammy sweater but I found this I must start it tonight. Sorry Cheryl.

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April 29, 2004

New Books

I joined the Crafters Choice Book club (again) and I got my books yesterday!! Yippieee!! I was surprised in what I got (I know.... I picked them out) But the 4 books are: The Knitting Stitch Bible (so-so) A Knitting Journal (okay I have many journals) "How to Crochet" (I already know how but it has some things I don't know how) and The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book (totally cool!!) I want to go to Vermont RIGHT NOW and buy yarn. So now I have to buy 1 more book. Which will not be hard.
Oh yeah. I just took some pictures and I will probably have them on Monday.

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April 28, 2004


I have finished the back on the "Tammy" sweater. Or is it the front? They are both the same. I will now attempt to "block" it. I HATE that. I never have done it before, well maybe I have if you want to call Ironing it blocking. So I am going to do it the right way and block it. Pictures coming soon.


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April 26, 2004

The Pink Thing is finished!!

Yes, I finally finished it! It took 4 skeins of Jamisons DK wool. But I love it! I don't know if I will keep it or give it away. Now I can concentrate on the Tammy sweater (you are welcome Cheryl) I was sooooooo tempted to go to the LYS on Saturday, then I read an article in one of my many magazines about a woman who liked to shop too much. I decided to rake the front yard and dig some weeds. Great self control! Plus the weather was so nice.

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April 22, 2004


I am not very inspired! I may have burned myself out over Christmas. I made at least 6 of the cat hats from "Stitch and Bitch", I made 2 of the Lite Lope scarves from "Weekend Knitting". I also made the big sack sweater from "Stitch and Bitch" Now I just want the weather to be warm so I can open the windows and let some fresh air in.


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April 21, 2004


I did no knitting last night. I thought about it. But nope I didn't do it. I went through some of my many many magazines. I discovered that I buy "Teen Vogue" Has any one ever read that? I secretly like it! I can't believe the clothes they put in there though. What teen could afford any of them? But they have a DIY page and a page that directs you to some good on line shopping. The record reviews are pretty good too! They don't do all the mainstream stuff like I guess all teens must listen to. I used to subscribe to Sassy Magazine when that was out. I do miss that one a lot. But alas there is Jane.
Okay, that had nothing to do with knitting. I must get pictures posted!!!!

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April 20, 2004

I need a digital camera

I really need to get a digital camera. I want to show my stuff. I am working on Tammy, and it is going really fast. However, I believe every pattern I ever follow is wrong. It isn't me. I know it isn't. There must be a flaw in every pattern. I get to a certain point to where I should be and I look at the pattern and guess what? They are wrong. Take for instance the "Tammy" pattern, I should be finishing up with Yarn A. But I'm not, I am finsishing up with Yarn B. Also my knitting should measure a certain length. Is that stretched? I EVEN DID A GAUGE!! Arggggg...... It will all be good in the end.
PS: It is me. But when I knit, it is the author of the pattern that I want to impale with my needles.


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April 15, 2004

It's my first day

Hi, I am Beth, this is my first day. I forgot to mention in my about "ME" thing that the reason why I am here is because I love to knit. I love fibers. I love, love love it! I am thinking about a topic a day, or a topic a week. Here is the first topic. I do not like gauge, in knitting, I know it is useful, but I don't like it. I do it but I don't like to. Maybe that is why every sweater I knit is too short. I thought every one in the world was short waisted. I think I am just dumb. I will try to do better I promise. So the question is "To gauge or not to gauge".

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