July 18, 2006

New Category!

I love the Dollar Store. Where else can you buy this:


Well actually I think you probably already buy it everywhere. But I am sure it isn't called Placenta Shampoo though. It totally creeps out Mr. Big Geek. He won't use it. I have. Twice. I like it. It smells nice. I think all shampoo have placenta enzyme. They just don't advertise it.

I haven't blocked my shawl. I have started a new sock. I am on a big time fiber diet. It's as hot as a dog's ass here.

Over and out.

Woops! Forgot to mention.....sigh......If you want a laugh please tune in your televisons tomorrow 10:30 am Eastern time to the DIY Network show "Uncommon Threads" Yours truly along with Missa, Meg and Toni are all on it! Please, tell me if I am a complete and utter dork. Or lie and tell me I really need to have my own show! hee hee....

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