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August 13, 2009

I really need to do better don't I?

It would have been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged! Oh my! I think things will pick up around here once the weather starts getting cooler. I mean who wants to knit when it's a bajillion degrees out?

Well, me I guess.... And what do I knit?

Stuff for winter of course.....

I have something finished! Wahoo!

baktus 1.JPG

It's the ever popular Baktus Scarf! Yes I am a sheep. I follow and do what everyone else does. But come on! Us knitters have great taste and we have to stick together right?

Here is a "what it looks like from the back" shot

baktus 4.JPG

Yup! It's a small trianglular scarf thingy. Here is another way I would wear it

baktus 3.JPG

Yes, just flung over one shoulder. Very good look, very good.
Then here is the ever popular sexy on the floor look

baktus 5.JPG

If a scarf could look like it just rolled out of bed it would look like the above picture.

Lastly here is the "I took so many damn pictures of my self I can't stand any one of them but the above four" shot:

baktus 2.JPG

Did anyone notice? I got my hair cut! Yep and it's SHORT. Well short for me. It's I can't put it in a ponytail any more short.

I need to stop. :-)

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