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June 19, 2009

Long time....no blog

Where have I been! Jeesh! and not showing pretty yarn on Fridays! Well, how about pretty top/roving?


This my friends is hand dyed by yours truly. It is 100% Merino Top, around 8 oz. I kettle dyed this with Cushings Dye. The color on the package said "Copenhagen Blue" I am calling it "Cloudy with a chance of Blue" Hokey I know.... I think it came out beautiful!

Sorry I have been away, but I really haven't been away. Sometimes you just need a little break. I really didn't have much to offer. I mean I am knitting little by little on my sock


I am also conquering Ishbel. Even though I am running out of yarn...


I have like one and a half charts left and I know I won't make it. How did all you others make this with less than 400 yards? What's the secret? So off to the yarn store tomorrow.

I have been doing a little spinning too




So I have been busy. Busy reading too. Ahem.

Oh I almost forgot! I am going to see Missa's BAND play Saturday night in a town near by. I CAN'T WAIT!

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