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December 31, 2008

End of the year round up

Instead of listing it all, why not show it?

2008 mosaic.jpg

1. log cabin socks 3, 2. columbine peak done 3, 3. BOTEH FINISHED, 4. me hat 5, 5. smudge w hat 1, 6. skully baby hat, 7. canyon hiking socks 1, 8. 2 baby hats, 9. ROZA SOCKS, 10. Ravenclaw done, 11. Inga done, 12. herringbone2_, 13. Elf socks finished 1, 14. TAM BACK, 15. TAM SIDE, 16. eleanor 5, 17. Plain Janes 4, 18. Main mitts, 19. fls back, 20. feb lady sweater 1 front, 21. August 08 socks 1, 22. mini shawl 4, 23. mini shawl 3, 24. Old Shale Smoke ring done, 25. Main Morning Mitts No. 2, 26. cute little socks, 27. comfort shawl 4, 28. Marya's xmas headband, 29. Michael's maine morn mitts, 30. mikes maine mitts 1, 31. deirdre's xmas head band, 32. purple head band, 33. carols head band thingy 1, 34. ribbed neck tube, 35. superstar smudge 1, 36. me hat 2

And that is just my knitting. Which when I look at it is lots of socks, hats and mitts. I did a lot of spinning this year so that cut into my knitting time. Which in my book is OK.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!


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December 30, 2008

So I hope everyone had a good Holiday?

Yes? No?

Mine? Was peaceful. Which is very very good. I said I wasn't going to stress out and knit a lot of Christmas presents this year.

I lied.

Well, it didn't totally stress me out.

Wanna see what I made and some pictures of who got them?


I figured I would stick to the quick and easy patterns. So Michael got a pair of Maine Morning Mitts:

michael main mitts.JPG

He likes them. I think...

m modeling mitts.JPG

I made three of these this year.

86-10 Headband (Drops design) for Deirdre:

deirdre head band.JPG

Here it is on her:

d modeling headband.JPG

I made one for Carol, my partner in crime at work:

86_10 headband.JPG

She loved it:

carols head band thingy 1.JPG

Then I made one for Marya another work friend:

Marya's xmas head band.JPG

I also made Marya a neck warmer:

ribbed neck tube.JPG

Marya can't model this yet, because it is being delivered to her as we speak. So Smudge decided to model it for her:

superstar smudge 1.JPG

I washed it after he wore it. Even though he is a very very clean kitty.

Over all I think everyone enjoyed their woolies.

Now it's time to show you what I got for Christmas!


my new toy.JPG

It's a Tom Foolery spindle from Greensleeves! I love it!
I got some other very nice things as well like some kick ass head phones and an i-pod shuffle, some great movies, a funny cat calendar and a "Cullen" Family Crest tee shirt. Over all nice holiday.

And it's not over yet! We got New Years coming up!

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December 24, 2008

Happy Holiday's


I want to wish all my friends a wonderful and Happy Holiday this year!
I hope Santa brings you lots of yarn, spinning fiber, spinning wheels, spindles and all fibery goodness!

Big hugs!

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December 16, 2008

Comfort Shawl

comfort shawl 4.JPG

I started this back in March of this year and decided to finish it up and give it to my Mom for Christmas. She needs it more than me.

comfort shawl 1.JPG

Pattern: Comfort Shawl
Yarn: Unknown mill ends from AC Moore
Needles: US 8 circular
Notes: This is just a basic garter stitch shawl. Nice and easy. I just kept on knitting until I thought it was big enough. I use 3 big skeins of this yarn. I think it's machine washable.
***notice how my pants are pulled up in the top photo? And they bag in this one? Yeah, I have NO ass. ***

comfort shawl 3.JPG

I think she will like it. She knows how much I love to knit.

comforts shawl 2.JPG

I am chipping away at my UFO's. It's a great feeling.

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December 08, 2008

Change of plans...

I was hoping to show my guild's holiday project today but the meeting was cancelled yesterday due to really bad weather. I got my project done! YAY! I was also hoping I could show what I got in the exchange. But we will just have to wait until January.

In the mean time I can show one Tyrolean sock done

1 tyrolean stocking.JPG

These are going to be heavenly. And warm too. I have even started the other one. Which is good for me.

I have been spinning a little too

alpaca on spindle 1.JPG

I have a bunch of alpaca that is just waiting to be spun

alpaca roving.JPG

I took advantage of the good natural lighting I had on Saturday. I took some shots of my stash for my Ravelry stash page

wool macro 1.JPG

I have 10 skeins of this! Didn't realize I had so much! Now what to make with it....

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December 01, 2008

What I did over Thanksgiving besides EAT...

I am finally eating for lunch (right now) the last of my Thanksgiving left overs. I really don't care if I see another turkey until January! I love Thanksgiving. The only thing you have to stress about, at least in my house is when the turkey will be done. I don't go shopping on Black Friday. I rest. And knit.

Here is my progress on my Tyrolean stocking:

foot almost done.JPG

I really thought I would have been finished with at least one sock and started on the next. But it just didn't happen. I realized that I needed to get going on my holiday project for my guild. I had spun up all the yarn and it was just sitting there waiting to be dyed. So I dyed it....

holiday proj wool skein.JPG

with kool-aid! Now I know I am giving a little too much away by showing it as some of my guild members read my blog. But I just had to show how nice the dye job came out! It's nice and bright!

looks like port wine cheese.JPG

Kinda reminds me of one of those Port Wine Cheese balls that you make for Christmas parties. Without the nuts of course...

Because my guild meeting is this Sunday, I needed to put the sock down and start my project which all I will show is this:

super secret project.JPG

until they are done. I am not giving anything away with this picture other than the color of the yarn. No they are not mittens.....

So I also did something else on my long weekend:

ticket stub.JPG

What a disappointment! Robert Pattinson was great, but Bella....YUCK! I don't like Kristin Stewert. AT ALL! Sigh.....I don't even want to talk about it.

Okay, so I will probably buy the DVD...

Thanks to Smudge for holding up the ticket.

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