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July 25, 2008

July 2008 socks are FINISHED!

Plain Janes 2.JPG

I am calling these my "Plain Jane" socks. Only because there is no pattern. I let the yarn do the talking.

Plain Janes 1.JPG

Pattern: Ann Budd's basic sock pattern from her book
Yarn: From Norway - gift from Kris
Needles: US 1's - 2 circulars
I have it on my project page on Ravelry you can look there too. I am too lazy to share the specs! Bad Beth!

There was some interesting pooling going on with these socks. But I don't mind it. You can't really tell anyway. They are so busy! I love them. They are for me. I have a couple more pictures up on flickr if you are just dying to see more....

I have quite a bit of yarn left over

left overs.JPG

Which I will add to my scrap yarn granny square blanket. I haven't shown that lately have I? It's getting bigger and I think it needs to be shown!

Next up:

next up.JPG

I am thinking another pair of Plain Jane socks are in order. I want to finish my February Lady Sweater! I don't need a fussy pattern to gumm up the works.

Posted by beth at July 25, 2008 12:28 PM


Yay! With several days to spare! Will you be dyeing tomorrow? I'm reeeeally hoping to go if the packing has moved along enough.

Posted by: Paige at July 25, 2008 02:53 PM

If you like opal and want it cheap www.littleknits.com is closing out all her opal. I had to snatch up a few skeins myself when the sale started.

Posted by: Sarah Brown at July 25, 2008 07:39 PM

Wow. A whole week to spare. Nice going!

Posted by: Laurie at July 25, 2008 08:28 PM

Those look so cozy. Now I want to abandon all my fancy sock projects to knit some plain janes.

Posted by: Kristin at July 25, 2008 09:55 PM

Love them! I really enjoy those colors...

For your opal, can I suggest sideways socks? With that flecking on the white (yours looks like purple flecks) they look awesome with the sideways...

see other sideways opal here:


Thanks for the cool blog!


Posted by: Gia at July 26, 2008 12:19 PM

Look at you! Finishing early! I love the colors of those socks..even though I don't usually consider myself a bright color kind of person..

Posted by: Stacey at July 26, 2008 06:25 PM

Those socks are great! I haven't knit much since I moved. I really should work on that.

Posted by: Bean at July 27, 2008 04:46 PM

Those socks are anything but plain jane! Can't wait to see the next pair knit up either!

Posted by: Salt City Spinner at July 28, 2008 10:41 AM

Wow, what a weekend. Looks like you had lots of fun!

Posted by: julia at July 29, 2008 09:30 AM

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