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June 27, 2008

Eleanor's are done!

elinor 2.JPG

I was kinda down to the wire with this pair wasn't I?

I took so many good pictures of these I couldn't decide what to keep so you are getting 5!

And I call this one "Socks with a blade of grass"


I loved knitting these socks. There was no fussy pattern to follow. It was easy enough to see where I left off when I picked them up again

elinor 4.JPG

I will totally make these again

elinor 1.JPG

And lastly a close up

elinor 3.JPG

You can check the Ravelry specs here

what to make next?

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June 23, 2008

Okay so I fibbed a little....

I didn't finish my sock this weekend.


I am thisclose too. I bet I finish them tonight.

So why didn't I finish them?

holiday proj 08.JPG

I did some yard work with the boys this weekend and to unwind after it I thought why not sit in the back yard and spin up some lovely Finn? Next thing I knew I had yarn. Funny how that works.

This is the yarn I will be making something special for a guild member. We get 4 oz of yarn or spinnable fiber. I went for the fiber. I still have to dye it. I don't know why I didn't wait to dye the roving.... I have approx. 212 yards of fingering/dk weight yarn.

Now what color to dye it and what to make with it......

Oh and I stumbled upon this today. Why am I so NOT in the inside loop! WOW! What great patterns!

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June 20, 2008

I got nothin....

This is how I feel today

old lady knitting.bmp

sigh......and see in that picture? Thats about how much I have done on my other sock too.

I hope it is a nice weekend this weekend. I got some of a fleece and I think I have my work cut out for me

stinky fleece.jpg

kinda looks like a pile of cow poo doesn't it? Smudge would just love to roll in this... but I didn't let him. I hope this "crap" is going to come out.

Perhaps on Monday I will have a finished pair of socks to share.

Speaking of socks, have you seen THESE?


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June 12, 2008

It's been too hot to knit...

But I did anyway. WOW! Thank goodness the heat has subsided a bit.

I thought I would have a finished sock (yes only one) to show, but you will have to settle for an almost finished sock.


I have to rip out the toe and make it a little longer. It's just a little too snug for my comfort. I am ahead again on my sock for this month. I bet I have the finished pair done by next week.

I did a little spinning too this weekend:


The above picture is a more clear picture but not very color accurate. Here is a better one for color, but it's a little blurry


I am really enjoying spinning this. It is a wool/angora blend and yes, it really is soft. It's spinning up brighter than the batt:


remember that? I got it in September. It really is divine. I have some angora that I want to card with wool and now I can. I can't wait to see what this looks liked plied. AND what to make with it?

I have also been noticing (okay, I am stalking...) some beautiful, woven, things around blog land.

I have had this in my basement for like 10 or 12 years....


should I take the plunge? It's a bit dusty....

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June 02, 2008

Cars, underpants, spinning wheels....

Went to a car show this weekend.

car show 7.JPG

saw some really pretty cars....

car show 12.JPG

couldn't afford any of um....
I saw this too at the car show

wheel at a car show.JPG

Now what would you do if you were me? Yup! I found out who this belonged to I did! Turns out she is one of the judges at the car show! She was kinda busy so I didn't take up much of her time.

I did some knitting too this weekend. I finished a quarter of the Alpine Shrug. I can't help but think that this looks like Giant Underpants.....

giant underpants_25.JPG

I sure hope when I get the other 3 parts of this done it will look a little better....

Oh and you know what it means that it is now June right? My new sock:

eleanor start_25.JPG

starting early.

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