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September 21, 2007

Funny thing...

Lately it seems for me that I like to make one sock then do a quick little project and start the other sock

Doesn't this look like a smile?


Or it could be that it is September and I am trying out some quick patterns for Christmas gifts! Ooops! Now you know what you are getting! Well, not all of you. This is the famous Calorimetry. Tell you what, this is a great quick project! I used my own hand dyed yarn and am very pleased with the color combo! You may see many girls walking around Syracuse with one of these on after Christmas! Well not many, maybe 5 or 6 or 7.... Drat. I let it slip again. I also wipped up one, yes one, of these with some of the left overs:

wisp wristies.jpg

I got tagged for a meme by Lauren. I best get my butt in gear.

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September 18, 2007

Ahhh...It's that time of year...

Crisp autumn days, and


I love this fiber festival! Why? It is just the right size for me. There were a lot of people there, but it felt like I could actually look everything over and not grab or worry something wouldn't be there when I went back for it.

I went to this with girls from the guild and fun was had by all. At least I had fun. The weather was iffy, but at least we didn't get soaked.

I was good this time. I only brought a certain amount of money and spent it all. NO credit cards were used! I was tempted, but glad I walked away with just a few nice things:


Yum.... Angora and wool!


Mohair, wool, very bright roving from Steam Valley. Love them!


not the best picture of this, but it is from Spinner's Hill and it is wool and alpaca. This is going to become a scarf for Mr. Big Geek.

And this is my absolute favorite of the day:


This is wool and silk! I forget the vendor I got it from but the color way is called Wild Iris. I love the colors! I think it does look rather intestinal, colorful, but still.....

They had a few demo's going on at the festival. There was an elderly gentleman showing us how to use an antique sock machine!

sock machine.jpg

He said that his mother bought one in the 1920's and paid $60.00 for the machine. She would make socks and her husband would sell them at work for something like $1.50 for 8 pairs! Holy crap! Well, I am sure it didn't take too long to produce a pair of socks. I like to do mine the old fashioned way.

Then there was a table set up of a group of people knitting in a circle:

big sock.jpg

I really wasn't sure what they were doing until we looked at the sign in the middle of the table. They are trying to make the world's biggest sock! Can you believe it? Anyone could knit on it! I really need to see this when it is all done. The were still working on the leg.

I have to say for me the funniest part of the day was when I bought some "fried dough". What's a festival with out it? Well you know they dump a ton of powdered sugar on that stuff right? Yeah, well it was a windy day. Yep! All over me. And NOPE! NO pictures!

Next up:
Progress shots on my Cascading Leaves socks and new project news!

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September 11, 2007

Progress is good right?


So I AM making progress on my Cascading Leaves Sock.
I AM really enjoying the pattern.
But why does my head turn so easily?
I can be very faithful, but sometimes it's hard....


I have been wanting to make this in a bad way for a long time. I thought I even had the right yarn, but I think this is too thin. The pattern calls for size 8 needles. The pattern also calls for handspun yarn. Perhaps I should do as the pattern says.

Perhaps I should finish the socks first. I am so fickle.

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September 05, 2007

Nothing beats a nice long weekend....

So I can start a new project!

Or 2.....

I have started 2 pairs of socks! Not both the same, mind you, but 2 different pairs of socks.

Let me show you the first pair:


I have finally found the yarn that I feel is best suited for this pattern! (in my humble opinion) I am making none other than the Cascading Leaves Socks by Jeanne Townsend! I tried to make these socks before with a very busy varigated yarn. I think that light colored yarn or a solid color works best for this pattern. These socks are for my large footed friend in New Jeresy. She is VERY excited about them (don't worry Lemon, I have not forgotten about your socks, they will come) Now, I would have had a lot more knitted on these socks this weekend if I hadn't started this sock:


What is this lovely sock? Why it is one sock from the book: Knitting Lingerie Style - Joan McGowan Micheal! Love this book. And no, I won't be knitting my self a bra. But the book has some other very lovely things like these socks. I believe they are called the fishnet stockings or something like that. Yes, the picture of this sock looks quite nice doesn't it? Well let me give you a little backstory on this. Guess what yarn I used? Lion Brand Micro Spun! Not a great choice for a sock. Why? IT'S ACRYLIC YARN! What was I thinking? It does fit though. Except the ribbing at the top. That doesn't fit. Why? The pattern said to go back to size 3 needles for the ribbing. Well my fat calves can't take the strain so I will be doing the ribbing in size 6 thank you very much. Oh and did you see the big hole at the heel? No? Let me show you:

large hole.jpg

That is easy to fix. I will say this though, I do like this version of the toe up sock. It has you picking up your stitches instead of yarn overs. We all know how good I am at those! (thanks for all your comments too!)

So I am not sure yet if I will be making the matching pair of the purple socks......stay tuned.

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