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July 23, 2007

I am back and rested. Or am I?

I actually got back last Wednesday, but really..... I am back in the saddle. Phew! I needed that trip! I went out to see my brother in California and I took my son with me. Mr. Big Geek had to stay home this trip.

I have so many great pictures from the trip I would love to share, but I fear you would be bored to tears so I will stick to a couple and show you fiber related only. Or if you insist....

Here is my son in his first ride in a convertable

lgincar 1.jpg

What a funny kid!

There were fresh flowers in my room from my SIL's rose farm


My bro lives in the middle of nowhere, but it sure is purty. These are the "Butes" I hope I spelled that right


He let me drive his car..... once.....

rad car.jpg

What? It didn't have power steering or power brakes! I didn't want to reck it! But it sure is cool!

My SIL took me to an alpaca farm and I got up close with these guys! I loved him because he looks like a panda bear.


I guess this guy really isn't smiling. He isn't too happy. So I took his picture and left it alone.


The owner of the farm, whom, I forgot her business card.... gave me some fiber! How sweet was that! I can't wait to try it out! It is from a baby alpaca she said.

baby alpaca fiber.jpg

I took my sock along on my trip and I really didn't work on it much. This is how far I am since being back. (almost there)


I did manage to find 2 yarn stores in Chico, CA. Which was about an hour away. I picked up some Wild Foot sock yarn in "Brown Sugar" I got this at Heartstrings Yarn Studio (Chico)


I also bought some roving and some acid dye and duh, I dunno where I bought it. I will find all that later and let you know. The guy at the yarn shop I got it at was really really nice and I want everyone to know about it! Unfortunately he doesn't have a web site. But I can give you the address when I find the card. They sell knitting, crochet, weaving and spinning supplies! Wahoo!

Finally, this is pretty much all I did on my vacation. Splash in the pool.


It's good to go away and good to be back.

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July 11, 2007

I'm outta here baby!

Yep, I am leaving tomorrow for California! Just me and little geek this trip. His first ever plane ride! It will either be very thrilling for him or very terrifying. Hoping for thrilling.

I want to show some finished stuff before I left. I got a lot done this weekend! Heck, I even cleaned! Well sorta....

I got the jaywalkers done for my friend in Jersey


They are at their destination, but the recipient
has not seen them yet. I hear that she will love them.

While I was procrastinating on the socks, I wipped up this cute little beret


It is from the book "Charmed Knits" Harry Potter Stuff. I love this book! I love Harry Potter stuff! The yarn is Cascade 220, leftovers, and definitely not Harry Potter colors, but I thought the hat was cute. I am not really liking the back, and I think it is a little small.... Here is the back


see how bunchy it is? I think it spreads out a bit upon wearing....

I also plied my guild holiday project wool. Now this is nice:


It is going to be hard to give this up. I don't know the yardage because as I was counting, I was interrupted. It's a dk/sport weight and now the challenge is what to make with it.

Finally, I started a new sock to take with me on my trip. It's a toe up sock. I have never tried one before and I really like it!


Perhaps they will both be done by the time I get back!

See ya!

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July 05, 2007

The day after...

It just didn't feel like the 4th this year. It was in the middle of the week. The weather was crap. We didn't do anything. I had yesterday off. Big woop. It felt like a Sunday. You wanna know what I did yesterday? I took a big blanket to the laundromat. Suki pwacked on it and it was too big to put in our washer. So me and not so little geek went to the laundromat. WOW! How exciting!

Okay, so that is not all I did. I haven't done any spinning lately, so I dusted off the Kiwi and decided to spin up the Holiday Project Wool that we get in the guild I belong to. We have to make something out of this roving and bring it to the December meeting.


Pretty stuff huh? I believe this is an alpaca/merino blend. Guild girls, help me out..... am I right?

Here are the singles


I know that I am way ahead of my self in getting this done, but not really. See, it would be just like me to get this done at the last moment and totally stress about it. So I am half the way there. I just have to ply it and then think up a project to make. I won't be able to show you what it is until December. Can you wait that long?

Just so you know, I did take the current sock on the needles to the laundromat. I should finish this up by the weekend.


I have to. I am going on vacation next week and want to start a fresh pair!

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