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December 29, 2006

End of the year round up!

Yes, it is almost over. I just looked over my list of goals for this year and I did horribly! That’s ok though. Here is what I wanted to do last year:

- knit 4 sweaters.
- knit 2 shawls
- knit 1 vest
- knit 1 lacy scarf
- knit 1 caplet
- knit a bunch of socks
- knit some fairisle mittens

I also wanted to finish up some projects:
- pink crochet scarf that I started on “Uncommon Threads”
- Rebecca Sweater – Apricot Jacket
- Ruffles Scarf
- Shawl made from left over yarn
- a couple other unmentionables because they are still “gifts”
- gauntlets from a Rowan Magazine

Well, let’s see how I did:
- I have knit NO sweaters (I have 2 to finish…)
- I have knit 1 shawl and I am almost finished with another (not bad….)
- I have really thought about knitting a vest, but never got around to it
- I did knit a lacy scarf on REALLY BIG NEEDLES (it counts, wait, I knit 3 lacy scarves...)
- I don’t think I want to knit a caplet anymore. (Are they so last year???)
- I have only completed 2 pairs of socks (I have 3 more socks that need mates….)
- I didn’t knit any fairisle mittens (but I am going to)

I did finish 1 thing on my unfinished list
The gauntlets from the Rowan Magazine (wow – there is hope for me)

Now it may seem that I perhaps should set some more realistic goals. But it’s my list. I can do what I want right? I don’t think this year was a bad year, I have to say that my spinning has much improved thanks to Lolly and her Project Spectrum. I probably wouldn’t have forced my self to spin if it wasn’t for her great “along”

So what did I accomplish?
- 2 pairs of socks
- spinning
- 4 Pirate Hats (WOW! I am getting good!)
- 1 very ugly hat made out of equally ugly acrylic yarn
- spinning
- 1 pair of wrist warmers, 1 pair of gauntlets, 1 pair of Fetching wrist warmers
- 1 crochet scarf
- 1 lacy angora scarf, 1 lacy/bulky alpaca scarf, and 1 lacy (Weekend Knitting) scarf (that’s 3 scarves people – oh wait, that is 4 scarves!)
- more spinning
- 11, yes 11, 1 skein hats!
- 1 Muff (for your hands, to keep warm…oh get your mind out of the gutter)
- 1 Little Arrowhead shawl
- did I mention spinning?
- 4 pairs of mittens
- 1 Umbilical cord baby hat
- spinning

Phew! I am tired! What will be on my list for next year? Hmmmmmmm….. I am thinking…….

Have a wonderful New Years! Kisses and Hugs to all!

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December 28, 2006


Yes. I have survived. The holidays.
I wanted to have a nice picture of our tree and say nice things to all my blogging friends but I just didn't have time. Sigh.......There are only so many hours in the day and well something had to give.

Anyway... I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Guess what? I didn't finish my hubby's hat in time! But that's okay. I wrapped it up and gave it to him anyway. It's not like I haven't done it before. (right Lemon?) I did finish it though.


I am really happy how this one turned out. It is probably the best one I have done so far. I am really liking this fairisle thing. As long as it is in the round.

Pattern: We Call them Pirates from Hello Yarn
Yarn: Dale of Norway Haulk in Army Green and Maroon
Needles: US Size 3 circulars

My son loved his hat too! I finished it in plenty of time.


The cat said: "I'm outta here"
Pattern: We Call them Pirates from Hello Yarn
Yarn: Dale of Norway Falk (Bright Red and Black)
Needles: US Size 3 circulars

I also made some mittens out of my very own handspun!


Pattern: From the pattern book by Anne Budd
Yarn: My own handspun tencel/merino (dark blue) 100% Alpaca (light blue)
Needles: US Size 6 Double pointed

These are a gift. She has really long hands and I hope they fit. I also made her this hat:


Specs: Noro 1 skein hat
Yarn: Noro Shinano (from the sale bin) Color #1. It has nice flecks of blue and pink and others.
Needles: US Size 8 Double Pointed and circular

Well there you have it. My hands didn't turn into claws. I wouldn't allow that. I also DID NOT finish my shawl like I told one of my commenters. But I will finish it. It is next on my list. Promise. I also have a sweater, 2 pairs of socks, another sweater......the list is endless. But I will not start anything new until they are done. You heard it here!

I am hoping to post tomorrow for my year end wrap up. I need to go through my list of goals and see if I achieved any of them. I think I did about a 1/3rd. If you don't hear from me, HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you so much for commenting! I see a contest in the new year!

Love to all!

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December 14, 2006

Somebody stop me please....


I can't stop. I will soon have claws for hands.... From left to right:
Mitten's for my son's teacher. I think they need a little embellishing. He told me she wears a lot of grey. So she get's grey mittens. Another hat! This one is for ME!!!! I buy a lot of odd ball skeins of yarn from that sale bin at one of my favorite LYS. This is from that bin. Can't beat Noro for making a good looking hat. Finally on the far right is a very floppy, very big, yarmulke for a friend at work. I think I am going to make a smaller one as his head isn't that big. Husband said it looked like a doily. Oiy.

I am almost done with both father and son Pirate hats! I just need to finish the lining. They don't suspect a thing. Of course I am staying up WAY too late to finish these. I hope they appreciate them! I will take a picture on Christmas. You will have to wait until then!

Gotta go! I am so behind on my shopping! Too busy knitting.....

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December 07, 2006

I think I may have a new career...

I think I should work for Santa in his workshop

mitts for mil.jpg

I finished these this weekend! I forgot to mention it. I am a Christmas present machine! Okay enough tooting on the horn. They are just mittens for goodness sake. Woo hoo!!!

Yarn: 100% alpaca from some alpaca farm near Rochester, NY. I bought it at an Alpaca show last year
Needles: US 5 double pointed
Recipient: My Mother In Law. She is allergic to wool. But not alpaca!!! I hope she doens't read my blog.... she knows about it... oh well.
Pattern: From Ann Budd's handy pattern book. (I am really liking this book)

I think they came out a bit floppy but that is 100% alpaca for you. They are cozy. The thumbs look a little pointy, but not when you are wearing them.

Oh and I am almost done with my son's pirate hat. My husbands pirate hat is 1/2 done. WOO HOO AGAIN!!!! I am hoping to fit in a scarf for my Dad. Busy Busy BUSY!!!!!

ps, could some one be my editor? I am a HORRIBLE SPELLER! Sorry! I just fixed some from the last post. I am embarrassed! Is that spelled right?

Gotta go!

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December 04, 2006

FO's and guild presents!

I have a FO! WOW! And it's a moldy oldy too!


Yes, they are done. I made one mitt I think last year. I made it's companion this weekend. Now I realize why you should just suck it up and do both at the same time or right after each other. My gauge was OFF! Wooo wee. But it was an easy fix.

Yarn: Reynolds Odyssey
Needles: US 10 1/2 and US 9
Pattern: Rowan (I forget the name of them)

I gave them to Mia. It was her birthday. I think she liked them.

Okay, so my guild had their annual gift exchange. All can be revealed:

guild projects.jpg

Look at all the beautiful handmade lovlies! I made the purple rolled up scarf in the middle. I received the "glittens" right next to the scarf. I was so looking forward to this. I love seeing what everyone made! It was another successful year!

Here is the recipient of my scarf


Her name is Anna, I think she likes it.

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