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November 27, 2006

Happiness is...

A bobbin FULL of spun fiber and a fat cat


Happiness are 2 bobbins full of spun fiber and a disinterested cat


Happiness is all the above plied and made into yarn and a picture taken on a nice warm sunny day....



I don't know the yardage. It came out lovely. The purple I think will be socks. The grey, I don't know. I have a whole pound to spin up! The cat decided not to model for me anymore. They are so flighty!

Oh and happiness is....


a Christmas present almost done and it isn't even December yet!

PS - My turkey dinner came out brilliant! Really!

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November 22, 2006

Mittens for Mom


Yarn: Reynolds - Tipperary Tweed 100% Wool (I think this is discontinued - had it in the stash for the longest time....)
Pattern: from the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd
Needles: Size 6 US Double pointed bamboo

Yep, these are mittens for my Mom for Christmas. I hope she likes them. These were a breeze to knit. Quick and easy. That's for me!

I don't know why I am such a spaz when it comes to projects that I choose to knit. I have so much to complete.... ahem...as you all know....ahem.... perhaps these few days off will help me get them done! I guess it may be my busy work day. I get hectic at work and I need something to help me decompress when I come home. Which is why I love spinning so much. Lately I just feel like I am all over the place in my life, my work, my blog. I hope you can all follow along.

It should even out after the first of the year. I hope....

Cara has a really wonderful meme going on at her site. I am so going to do this one and I need these 4 days to complete.

Everyone have a lovely Thanksgiving! Stuff your selves silly. I am cooking at my house this year. It should be interesting.....

over and out.

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November 15, 2006


It's not even Thanksgiving and I am already feeling the pressure....

I guess I really need to slow down. I do this every year. I see things I want to make for Christmas and I PANIC. I just need to breathe....in and out......

Has anyone seen the new issue of Cutting Edge Magazine? Are those Christmas Ornaments not the cutest? Well, I thought... I could make one of those!


Perhaps I should stick to what I know I can do. Knit and spin. Okay it doesn't look too bad... it's a little lumpy and choppy. And I do need to add the little jingle bell and the ribbon. Perhaps my next one will look a little better.....

I don't know what I am worried about. I have like a billion hats done.....


Okay so there are 7. Not a billion. I do these while watching Lost. (Love that show) The top 3 are all handspun yarn too! Why am I showing these? I don't know. I don't even know who I will give them to.

Oh, I have some secret knitting done too. Wanna see it?


Can't tell what it is can ya? Well I am not telling either. What I can say is that it is my gift project for my spinning guild. It's done and blocked. Just need the ends woven in.... That's all I am saying. (Some of them read this blog.)

Oh and I started another one


Hey! It's for my son! He has been begging for one for a while. I thought I could wip this out for him for Christmas. I think it can be done. Do you think I could make another one for hubby? I am going to try.....

I did have a little "ME" time on Saturday. I went (BY MYSELF) to an Alpaca farm that is in the area. I LOVE THESE CREATURES!

Look at them all!


And this one....


It was all I could do not to take it home! But I didn't have like 15 grand on me.

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November 10, 2006

Oiy! I feel a rant coming on......

How much is your knitting worth?

As you know I made a Pirate Hat for a friend at work! She loved it! See:

carol 1.jpg

What a good girl to model it for us!

carol 2.jpg

Where am I going with this.... Oh yeah, another girl at work said "You could make these and sell them"

Silence..... crickets........

Okay! So yeah, I am flattered! She liked the hat! (she didn't say I could make them and sell them someone else did). Um no! I can't make these and sell these. It isn't my pattern, and if it was I would have to sell it for a lot. Which brings me to this rant.

I received my latest catalog from Free People. I love looking at this catalog. It is right up there with Anthropologie as far as beautiful clothing. But MAN!!! I came across this:

nolita hat.jpg

It is a $168.00 freakin hat! Why would anyone pay that much for this hat? It is 100% Merino, yes, that is soft, but it's not cashmere, or that other fancy stuff (you know what I am talking about, like an alpaca, vicuna! did I spell that right?)

Am I doing something wrong? Should I start making hats and charging $168.00 bucks?

Was that a rant? I have been knitting, I just haven't taken any pictures. So perhaps this is just filler.

Have a good one!

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November 06, 2006

Phew! I am back and in the saddle...

So to speak. I got back from NYC on Wednesday, but I needed to play catch up for the rest of the week!

I try to make it to a different yarn store every time I am in the big city. This time I made it to none other than School Products. I liked this store! I wish I had more time to browse though. He was closing up at 6:30 and I had gotten there about 20 minutes before. Never one to leave empty handed.....


100% Merino. It seems like fingering weight yarn, not quite lace weight. And I think a bargin too. $6.50 for each skein. And the yardage not to bad at: 405 yards approx. per skein. At least that is what I think it is. The shop keeper was very nice. I found out his wife will be featured in the up and coming issue of Interweave Knits AND his son is responsible for Karabella Yarn! WOW! Of course I didn't buy any of that. I wanted something I couldn't get up here in Syracuse. I am happy with it.

Oh and I have a FO! Yep! Pirate hat number 3!


I am hoping to get a picture of it on it's recipient today so I can show you her joy!

p.s.s - Happy anniversary to me and my Best friend PEGI, we have known each other for what? 33 years is it Peg? I love you like a sister!

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