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October 27, 2006

Enough about Rhinebeck already!

I have a finished object! And no it isnt' my shawl......


Aren't they Fetching?

I love this pattern! I saw a lot of these at Rhinebeck. There is that word again.....

It was quick and easy. The only thing I would change the next time I make these is to perhaps not do the picot edging. I thought it was a little "loose" but it doesn't look too bad.... Here is a detail shot:


Yarn: hand dyed by me (kool aid... sigh....)
Needles: US 6 Double Pointed
You know the pattern.

Just when you thought you had seen enough...


Have a good weekend! I am off to NYC Monday thru Wednesday.

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October 23, 2006

Rhinebeck - 2006


What can I say? I was totally overwhelmed. I had no idea of the size of this thing! I was literally shaking.... REALLY.... I had a great time. My driving buddy Mia kept me sane and laughing my ass off. I think the last thing I said to her at the end of the day was "I'm not going back" But that is a lie.... hee hee...

How to describe Rhinebeck - OVER THE TOP. I didn't know what to look at or what to buy first. Or for that matter, what to eat! I did come away with a few goodies:


Blue face sheepy stuff from these guys: Indigo Moon Farm One word: SOFT

Okay, I got this beautiful purple stuff, warning, wear your sunglasses!


That was from: Kid Hollow

Up next


Yes, I am calling this "Stuff" I have no idea where it is from, but it was cheap.

Last but not least:


I got this from: Steam Valley Fiber

Oh and there was this little meet up at Building E.




I am sure you will recognize a few faces in those pictures!

Here are people I saw, but didn't have the nerve or the time to say HI!!

Adrian, Cheryl, Yarn Harlot, Margene,Jillian

Now here is one picture I took of a mini Lacy Libertines reunion:


Yep, that is me and Meg. We just needed Missa and Toni!!

I saw and probably HUGGED (because that is the way I am) the following:

Lee Ann (she gives great hugs)
Kate (I shook her hand, I finally met her Kris!!) She was talking to Amy and I am sorry for interrupting! REALLY!
Cara(shook her hand)
And my peeps from Syracuse:

So all in all a very memorable time! Until next year......

I leave you with a bobbin shot:


I couldn't decide what to spin first so I did a little of both...

Over and out. I need a nap.

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October 16, 2006

I am a big big piece of S H I T

Yes, I am. TURD! Why?

Today is my wedding anniversary. I forgot! Well, WE forgot. I got to work and started typing a letter, I put the date at the top and I realized it was our anniversary. Quick call to the hubby and he forgot too! Romance is gone! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Nooooo!!!!!!!!! I had a good post too. But I will save that for later in the week.

What's that you say? How many years? 13. Thirteen wonderful years! I love you honey! He doesn't even read this.

So on to the knitting........

Wanna see my shawl?


And no it isn't done. I have about 100 more stitches to go. Why am I dragging my feet?


ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGG! Yes, another one!

Thanks for all your nice comments on my pink yarn! Oh and a better Anniversary post this week to come.... stay tuned.....

over and out

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October 09, 2006

Too pretty not to share

I really don't know what is wrong with me lately. I haven't felt much like knitting. On my shawl that is. I have 160 stitches left to cast off. That may not seem like a lot, but when you have a 12 row repeat of your pattern border, it's forever. I do believe my shawl has swallowed me whole.

I have been spinning though...

I took aprox 4 oz of 100% Alpaca and dyed it with, yes... koolaid. It's all I have on hand! But the color turned out quite pretty! Here is the roving:


I am showing both because they both looked pretty cool. I would highly recommend predrafting any of your roving.

Next up is the bobbin shot. I love bobbin shots


I had a lot of color variation with my dyeing. Hey, I'm a beginner! I like all my mistakes.

Here we have finished yarn


Nice huh? Sorry. I am bragging.... ;-)

This is my first dk/fingering weight yarn! Wahooo!!!!! Of course I don't have enough for a pair of socks. And I wouldn't make a pair of socks out of 100% Alpaca.

Here is a to scale shot:


I am thinking I may get some more Alpaca at RHINEBECK!!!!!! Yes! I am going! Wahoooooooo!!!!!!!! Ahem, sorry. I will get some more and dye some more and spin some more and hopefully make a small shawl.

Are you going to Rhinebeck????

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October 06, 2006

See? I told you I am back!

I have been seeing a lot of you out there in Blogland haul out your sewing machines and sew some truly beautiful clothing, bags, toys etc... I am a big time band wagon jumper on-er. So here she is:


Would you believe this machine is older than me? It was my mother's. She gave this to me years ago (like 12 or 15) I have used it, but nothing really serious. I haven't sewn a garment since my 4-H days. I loved 4-H. Right up until I was in highschool then thought it wasn't cool. Too bad for me. I learned to sew and cook in 4-H. It wasn't a horsey club. They tried to teach us to be perfect little homemakers. Perhaps that was what turned me off. I did though retain my sewing memories. When I pulled this out last weekend, I only had a piece of paper to work with. I wanted to see how the bobbin wound and thread the machine. It works. I am so so happy. To think my mom made clothes for me when I was little on this machine. I LOVE IT. I will never give it up. I just don't know what to make first. I think I will start with curtains.........

During the month off I also recieved a prize! I was the 2000th comment on Risa’s Blog She sent me in the mail this:


It is very very pretty sock yarn! I had no clue why she sent it to me. Little did I know I won her contest. How nice is she? I am thinking of having a little contest my self. I am not sure what it will be or just when. I have a ways to go before my 3,000th comment. I don't know if I can wait that long. Give me the weekend to figure it out.....

Over and out.

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October 03, 2006

Do you still remember me?

I know! It's been a while. But we are all fixed up now! I figure I have a lot to talk about with my month off right? Well, I do, but I can't show it all.

I have been doing a lot of spinning. Some of it is secret spinning which will be revealed soon. I have spun up the prize I won way back when. It was from the dye-o-rama swap. You may remember it looking like this


Well now it looks like this


And then it ended up like this


Wow!! Huh? I of course, don't know the yardage off the top of my head, but I think I have enough to make a hat. Pretty pretty.

Okay, onto the next picture of fibery goodness.......


Then it became this


The bobbin picture is more accurate for color. Now what to make with it.........

I promise that I will be posting more frequently in October. The computer set back was a big pain in the ass.

Shawl update:
NOT DONE! HA! But I am almost there! Hopefully I will have a picture soon.

Come back now, ya hear?

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