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July 28, 2006

Muff Along

Show us your MUFF and maybe win a prize!

Yes you heard it here and here. I am helping Mia with a Muff along. We have a button!


It's not a very good button, but it's a button! If you can make a better button we would love it! Now this is my first along. I think it's Mia's too. So we don't really know what we are doing. Bear with us. We need to work out the details. But I am pretty sure there will be a couple of prizes.

I have already got my muff done!


Yarn: Handspun (mine!) scraps, and bits of left overs
Needle size: 10 1/2 US Circular
Pattern: This fab pattern from Knitty.

So get moving and show us your muff!

No perverts please!

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July 25, 2006

Little Arrowhead Shawl


Pattern: Little Arrowhead Shawl from the free patterns at Interweave Knits. (I am too lazy to give you the link - you know where to look)

Yarn: Buckwheat Bridge Angoras Hudson Valley Worsted Spinning Mill (phew that was a mouthful!) 50% Mohair Kid and 50% Wool approx. 2oz per skein and 220 yard per skein. I used a little under 2 skeins. I got the yarn at the Hemlock Fiber festival last year. Oh, the color is obviously PURPLE

Needles: US 7 Circulars.

I wasn't happy with my bind off edge. I think I did it too tight and it curls up at the tip. Over all it's pretty. I wouldn't make another one though...

Hey notice my Christmas Tree is gone from the back yard! We just have to mow the lawn....

On to my new project:

The Muff


Mia talked me into it. I was skeptical at first and it didn't take long. This pattern is really cool! She is even planning an "along" for this! I am going to help her! So come on! Show us your MUFF!


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July 19, 2006

1/2 of 2 FO's


Yes, I have done it again. I have 2 socks done that need their matching mates.......

The green sock is way to small for me (I hope you like them Linda) but the purple/pink sock fits me just fine. In fact it is the yarn that my dye-o-rama pal Claudia sent to me! I LOVE THE COLORS!!!! It really does look like Blueberry pancakes with Strawberry compote. What is compote? A sauce of some kind I am thinking...Now to make their mates. Speaking of Dye-o-rama, I won a prize! How cool is that?

Okay another thing, want to apologize if anyone gets offended or anything about the placenta shampoo. It is totally gross. I won't use it or mention it again!


And another thing.....

I heard my self on tv, didn't watch it, but reports have been trickling in that my hair looked great and I didn't sound like a dork. I guess I sounded like I actually knew what I was doing! Well that's a relief. So everyone will be able to watch this but me. But I will as soon as I can.

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July 18, 2006

New Category!

I love the Dollar Store. Where else can you buy this:


Well actually I think you probably already buy it everywhere. But I am sure it isn't called Placenta Shampoo though. It totally creeps out Mr. Big Geek. He won't use it. I have. Twice. I like it. It smells nice. I think all shampoo have placenta enzyme. They just don't advertise it.

I haven't blocked my shawl. I have started a new sock. I am on a big time fiber diet. It's as hot as a dog's ass here.

Over and out.

Woops! Forgot to mention.....sigh......If you want a laugh please tune in your televisons tomorrow 10:30 am Eastern time to the DIY Network show "Uncommon Threads" Yours truly along with Missa, Meg and Toni are all on it! Please, tell me if I am a complete and utter dork. Or lie and tell me I really need to have my own show! hee hee....

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July 13, 2006

I'm on a roll!

I finished the Little Arrowhead shawl! However it is unblocked and ends need to be woven in. So I will give a sneak peak, then perhaps by next week I can share the specs!

Here you go:


I have my work cut out for me as I have never blocked a shawl before and I need some "T" pins. Wish me luck....

Like I said, I'm on a roll. I started a new project last night:




Okay, so it was using super bulky yarns and ginormous needles.... At least it is finished!

Yarn: Blue Sky Bulky Hand Dyes - Light Pink
Needles: Boye US35 (I finally got to use them)
Pattern: Roving Scarf from the book "Knit Ponchos, Wraps, and Scarves by Jane Davis

Notes: I liked this pattern a lot for the obvious reason that I finished it in like an hour. I got the book from the library (which I am going to do more of...) It felt like I was knitting with 2 big pencils you buy at the souvenir shop's at Niagra Falls. Totally weird, but I would do it again.

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July 10, 2006

Re Entry

Into normal life is never easy after a week off is it? Sigh..... it was very hard getting out of bed this morning. I really could get used to NOT WORKING! Any way, I am back and in the saddle. What did I do? I knit, I did some spinning, I slept, I went to Lake Placid! It was truly beautiful. We took a little boat ride around the lake


That above is Whiteface Mountain. Below is just one of the many "camps" around the lake


Can you believe it? This is better than my house! And they probably think they are "roughing it" Must be nice eh?

Below are 2 crazy kids that I thought made a nice picture:


Little Geek was a little bored with all the shopping......


He got stuff though, he wasn't bored for long.....


I picked up a couple of things for my self as well. There was a yarn store there and well, I just had to see what they had! Here is my haul:




I have heard of Fleece Artist stuff before. It is wonderful! The roving was a bit expensive for what you get. It was $5 bucks for 50 grams. You really don't get much from that. I think it is more for needle felters but what the heck. I have already spun it up:


I picked up an interesting book while in Lake Placid. I think you can see it in the picture above. It is called "Lady In The Lake" It is about a woman found at the bottom of Lake Placid with an anchor tied around her neck. Was it suicide? Or MURDER??? Hmmmmmm.... The picture below is about where she was found. CREEPY....


Alright, enough of my vacation. I did get somewhere on my shawl:


And forget what I said about the stitch markers. I was WRONG. As you get higher in stitch count you really do need them. I don't know how many times I have un-knit this damn thing. I always find a mistake the last row down. Very annoying. But I am almost done. I think I should have this done by the weekend. It will be blocked too.

Now I have to check up on my blogs. See ya around!

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