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May 19, 2006


I was going to have this deep philosophical post today, but it just ain't happening. A while ago (November of 2005 to be exact) I went to an alpaca farm. I picked up some yarn and some roving


That was the roving. I have had this for a year and a half. Waiting for me to be good enough to spin it. It cost me 3 dollars people. But I really hate to be wasteful.

I think I am in love........ Alpaca, when CLEAN is a beautiful wonderful thing. Not that it wasn't when DIRTY, but it certainly is much more pleasurable when good to go right?


Ahhh.... heaven.......

This next picture is my center pull ball


I am getting the hang of plying with the center pull ball. I must say, I do like this. It uses the whole ball, no waste (we know how I feel about that).

The only thing that bothered me about this was the color. This fiber came from "Maxy" the alpaca. While the color looks fab on Maxy, this color does not look fab on big geek.

Now I know what you are saying..... What could you possibly make with 1.2 oz of yarn......


I haven't a clue. I was thinking a little lace head kerchief or something. Any ideas? Oh and I am definately putting this in the dye pot. It looks too much like the color of nude pantyhose or Band-Aids. I don't like pantyhose.

Posted by beth at May 19, 2006 12:36 PM


mmm alpaca! it's beautiful! maxy seems like a great chap.

why don't you knit some lacy pantyhose ;-)

so what was your deep, philosophical post going to be about?

Posted by: kris at May 19, 2006 01:26 PM

i think it is a lovely color...which is the actual finished product? cause the color really varies from one picture to the next?

Posted by: lemon at May 19, 2006 01:42 PM

I was totally thinking band-aids. It looks beautiful though!

Posted by: katie at May 19, 2006 02:00 PM

The color is indeed rather blah but the spinning quality is wonderful! Keep up the good work!

Posted by: Mary Lou at May 19, 2006 05:54 PM

You could always knit a wee hat, like this one posted today on Making Things: http://andreatung.blogspot.com/2006/05/spring-time-in-paris.html

Posted by: Miss Twiss at May 19, 2006 07:09 PM

Okay, what's your secret? Because I have the motherlode of alpaca...baby alpaca, even...and I can't spin anything but chunky crap. And I'm a laceweight queen with wool, dammit...I can only do alpaca on a spindle. What's the deal, do you think? Any suggestions on how to spin this stuff on the wheel? You've done a great job!

(old lady pantyhose...snort :-)))

Posted by: Lee Ann at May 19, 2006 08:52 PM

Just when I thought I'd seen every kind of Geek site there is I stumble upon your's....it's definitely different. Since you proclaim to be a Geek, like to swear, and drink beer, I'd thought you might enjoy checking out my site...thinking of the humor section here. There's a section on Beer at the bottom of the page.

Seriously, BigGeekDaddy.com has a ton of useful computing tips on it including how to protect your computer for Free, cause I'm a tightwad and like Free stuff, so it might be useful to you and your loyal Geek Knitting followers.

I'd forward your site to my Mom who loves to knit, however she claims she can't afford the internet so she just hangs out in sewing and knitting shops to get her fix.


Big Geek Daddy

Posted by: Big Geek Daddy at May 19, 2006 09:24 PM

if you don't like the color, koolaid dye! there is a great article in the archives of knitty.com. Its super easy:)
Such lovely yarn... I need to learn to spin better :)

Posted by: Sharah at May 20, 2006 01:48 AM

Alpaca... gorgeous!!! How about making an airy scarf if you have enough yardage? I think your plying is just beautiful!! x

Posted by: Annarella at May 20, 2006 01:41 PM

A lacy scarf would be nive, but I agree that color has to go. Get it in the dye bath quick!

Posted by: diana at May 21, 2006 08:13 AM

Such beautiful yarn! How amazing to know the name of the generous animal it came from! I can't wait to see what you make with it.

Posted by: hege at May 21, 2006 10:25 AM

Gorgeous... just gorgeous :-) I still think you should make something with all three of those alpaca colors.... just sayin..

Posted by: Mia at May 22, 2006 08:11 AM

Hi Beth,

Hang onto your lovely alpaca until you have your loom up and running! An ounce will make an interesting accent in any woven piece - especially if you weave a scarf. You need to start thinking multi-fiber fun dimensionally.

Posted by: SaltCitySpinner at May 22, 2006 11:42 AM

I totally get the color thing. It's one of those colors that just makes most people's skin tones look like...well like shite actually.

Dye that baby and make what you will! What about a cuff braclette? That would be smallish.

Yeah I know nothing about this alpaca stuff, can ya tell?

Posted by: Carol at May 22, 2006 12:22 PM

1.2 ounces of alpaca... wristlets? fingerless gloves? Alpaca is very stretchy, so it takes fewer stitches to go around.

Posted by: =Tamar at May 24, 2006 09:33 PM

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