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May 31, 2006

What a weekend! Lemme tell you....

I think I am going to have to tell you about my weekend in a 3 part series!!! Yes, it was that good.

Saturday I went to a shearing festival in Fabius New York with Julia and Carla. We went to Springside Farms (no web site) and saw sheep and alpaca being sheared. It was very interesting as I had never seen either done before. Here are the sheep being sheared, boy where they dirty....


They were easier to handle than the alpaca's. This poor beast’s had to be tied down to a table.


I am sure though they appreciated it because of the heat wave we are having here in New York. Their legs were tied down so they wouldn't kick. I wouldn't want to be kicked by an alpaca, would you?

I was just a little disappointed with this festival because I missed the spinning demos. And the farm store didn't have much in the way of fiber for sale. They had a lot of already made socks, mittens, hats and yarn (factory made) they had some handspun yarn for sale. I guess I was most disappointed that when I did find fiber, it wasn't their fiber. Didn't stop me from buying it though.


This is 2.5 oz of "Icelandic Thel Roving" so the label says. It is from "Shepard Falls Farm" (I have no idea where that is from). But the price was right. I also bought Dan a little stuffed Llama and a finger puppet. He now has a border collie and a llama. He is going to be a fiber geek too whether he likes it or not.

They also had a petting zoo at the farm. Here are some lambs. Their mama's were the ones being shorn for the first time.


And some goats:


Moving on to Saturday evening, my best pal Pegi had a cook out. It was her birthday weekend so I gave her this:


You may remember it looking like this:


I dyed it with neon food coloring. I used the immersion method. It came out (I thought) really cool! I was going for a sky blue (to match Pegi's eyes) and it had a purple halo that also showed up from the fuzzy alpaca fibers. I also made her these:


Is it me or is everyone making and selling stitch markers and sock yarn lately?? I guess I won't be doing that. Not that this is a slam on you people! YOU GO!!!! I am just saying I am slow on the up take. I don't want to compete with you all. I would much rather buy.

Alrighty, I sure hope Pegi likes them. I had fun making it all. I think she did. She is a knitter.

Well now, let's conclude this Saturday evening with a fireworks shot I took at Pegi's:


It's not a party at her house with out em.

Next up tomorrow: "My Sunday with Mia" Now that was a hoot.

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May 26, 2006

The weekend....

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend here in the States. A time to remember the dead...the start of summer...cook outs and parades.....I'm pretty much doing all of these things. I haven't had a long weekend since well maybe March. So I am really looking forward to it.

I don't have much knitting accomplished so I thought I would share with you this


This pile of crap is all of my works in progress. Yes.....I'm not so good about finishing things......Let's see, we have 4 unfinished scarves, 1 unfinished sock, 1 unfinished shawl, 1 unfinished bag, 1 unfinished hat and 1 unfinished neckwarmer.

Then we have


2 unfinished sweaters. (not counting the one I still owe Linda...)

And here we have

stuff to finish.jpg

1 unfelted bag, 1 hand warmer and 1 sock.

I am not going to get this done this weekend. That was not the point of this post. There is no point to this post. I just wanted to share. How many unfinshed projects do you have?

Have a great weekend!
Over and out.

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May 24, 2006

You would think I learned my lesson...


Why oh why do I continue to do this? Why do I knit socks in a varigated yarn with a pattern that would obviously look better with a plain yarn? Why? I'm not going to rip, I like um!

Oh and here is the yarn I dyed for my dye-o-rama pal. I'm supposed to talk about it. Here it is:


I hope she likes it. It's not that bright. I think the flash made it brighter. It's self striping yarn too! It sorta reminds me of an inchworm.

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May 22, 2006

Is it really May?

Then why is it so damn cold! I want to turn my heat off for good! (At least until October....)

So I did have a wonderful fibery weekend....even though it was cold and rainy. I went to see my hubby play with his band at an art gallery on Friday night. That was fun, but him being the good husband that he is brought my birthday package from home from the lovely and talented Kris! He knew that I couldn't wait and now you can see why


That pink yarn? Is Cashmere baby!!!! Oh yeah, say it with me now...WAHOO!!! The other yarn underneath I found out is lace weight AND it's Kris's new favorite yarn. I can see why! I am not sure if I should make a shawl or socks. Seems to nice for my feet....

I met up with another lovely and talented person: Mia on Sunday. She needed some inspiration so I told her to check out some of my pattern books. She went home happy. She also took me here.

We saw these guys:


Sorry about the pole there in the middle. They were all shorn. They looked so skinny! But cute none the less. Speaking of cute


AAAAWWWWW!!!!! How cute is this little guy? He or she (not sure which) was in the hay. I had to pick it up. I wanted to squeeze it and hug it and call it George! I didn't bring him home, but I did bring this home


I have been seeing so many nice things that every one bought in Maryland that I felt left out. So I bought almost a pound of alpaca roving. CLEAN and PRIME. Lovely stuff really.

So there you have it. I did start a sock last night! Can you believe it? Progress pictures tomorrow or the next day.

Over and out.

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May 19, 2006


I was going to have this deep philosophical post today, but it just ain't happening. A while ago (November of 2005 to be exact) I went to an alpaca farm. I picked up some yarn and some roving


That was the roving. I have had this for a year and a half. Waiting for me to be good enough to spin it. It cost me 3 dollars people. But I really hate to be wasteful.

I think I am in love........ Alpaca, when CLEAN is a beautiful wonderful thing. Not that it wasn't when DIRTY, but it certainly is much more pleasurable when good to go right?


Ahhh.... heaven.......

This next picture is my center pull ball


I am getting the hang of plying with the center pull ball. I must say, I do like this. It uses the whole ball, no waste (we know how I feel about that).

The only thing that bothered me about this was the color. This fiber came from "Maxy" the alpaca. While the color looks fab on Maxy, this color does not look fab on big geek.

Now I know what you are saying..... What could you possibly make with 1.2 oz of yarn......


I haven't a clue. I was thinking a little lace head kerchief or something. Any ideas? Oh and I am definately putting this in the dye pot. It looks too much like the color of nude pantyhose or Band-Aids. I don't like pantyhose.

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May 15, 2006

I have finished something!

Wow! Can you stand it?


He hated every minute of modeling this for me. Can't you tell?

I had heard rumblings about a new source to buy yarn that wasn't too far from my house. So I went here. What's the deal with these new quilt shops opening up and selling yarn??? Not that I mind or anything, not when it looks this inviting. They sell NORO!!!! I love NORO! Well, I never can leave empty handed so I bought 2 different skeins of Kureyon. (is $8.50 each cheap?? I am thinking it is...) they also had the pattern for this hat! I whipped it up Saturday Night and I started another one! I love the color changes. I will be going back, oh yes, I will. They also carry the Schaefer Sock yarn! Wahoo!

Yesterday was of course Mother's Day and I did nothing but what I enjoy doing, which was spin and knit. I didn't even cook! That's what's supposed to happen right?

So I finished spinning my first alpaca....(that doesn't sound right)


Not as hard as I thought it would be. The gal who sold me the fiber said to spin and ply it first then wash it. I don't know why, but I did. It was very very dirty. It came out so clean though. I am going to dye this definately. Don't know what color yet.....

Here is the green plyed (because it is May and May = Green = Project Spectrum)


I am almost done spinning this up. I really like this fiber. I got this all from Spinning Hill (No web site). Same place I got the yellow and the red/pink. I need more of this. It is the best.

Alrighty then. My goal now is to go back and revisit some of my other works in progress. I think I am ready to finish my Rebecca cardy now.

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May 10, 2006

Yes, I do knit.


Is this not the cutest thing you ever saw? Wait! Here is the back


A friend of mine is having a girl any moment now. I just have to add the bows to the sides, I had to share the picture.

Pattern: From Knitting for 2 - Erika Knight
Yarn: Cascade Yarns - Sierra (Pima Cotton/Wool) in light lavendar
Needles: US 5 Straight
Modifications: I picked up more stitches than was asked for along the bottom edge.

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May 05, 2006

Here is why I have done nothing but spin...


Look at that green! And here I was calling it Jabba the Hut green! It's more like "Top of the Mornin" green. But fabulous none the less.

I finished up spinning the 5 oz. of orange I had. I think I got a wee bit too tight when I plyed and spun. Ah well.


I received this as a birthday present from a coworker


Do people know me or what? She said I can put all the money I want to spend on yarn, fiber etc... in this bank. Unfortunately it is empty. I wish it was full so I could go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. But I can't (poo) I will go to Rhinebeck, oh yes. I will.

I hope lots of people spend lots of money and share pictures of all their goodies! Have a great weekend!

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May 01, 2006

Hooray Hooray! The First of May!!!!!

Outdoor screwing begins today!

How many have heard that one??????? Okay. A little vulgar.

It also means that May is the month for GREEN in project spectrum!


Doesn't this look like a giant hairball? EEEWWWWWWWW!!!!! A very pretty green/yellow hairball.

I went to "dye day" with members of my guild. Not everyone showed up and I am sure the girl whose house it was at was okay with that. So I learned a little about dyeing. Not as hard as I thought. I dyed my project fiber which is the skein in the middle (it used to be grey) and I dyed the brown I was spinning on MY NEW WHEEL (YAY!!!). You can't really tell with the brown that I dyed it plumb. Oh well. It was fun. Take a look:


That little skein is just that. A little skein of the big one next to it. I dyed that plumb. It is an alpaca wool blend. I have to make something to give away at our December meeting of our guild. What to make.......

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