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May 01, 2006

Hooray Hooray! The First of May!!!!!

Outdoor screwing begins today!

How many have heard that one??????? Okay. A little vulgar.

It also means that May is the month for GREEN in project spectrum!


Doesn't this look like a giant hairball? EEEWWWWWWWW!!!!! A very pretty green/yellow hairball.

I went to "dye day" with members of my guild. Not everyone showed up and I am sure the girl whose house it was at was okay with that. So I learned a little about dyeing. Not as hard as I thought. I dyed my project fiber which is the skein in the middle (it used to be grey) and I dyed the brown I was spinning on MY NEW WHEEL (YAY!!!). You can't really tell with the brown that I dyed it plumb. Oh well. It was fun. Take a look:


That little skein is just that. A little skein of the big one next to it. I dyed that plumb. It is an alpaca wool blend. I have to make something to give away at our December meeting of our guild. What to make.......

Posted by beth at May 1, 2006 12:24 PM


I'll admit I had never heard that one before! lol
Nice dyeing! I'll get around to trying that one of these days.

Posted by: Karen at May 1, 2006 01:40 PM

I think the green wool looks like a blobby monster - it even sort of has a face in this photo.

But the color is lovely! I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous yarn someday.

Posted by: gina at May 1, 2006 02:10 PM

Holy crap that is a big giant hairball! Heehee I was at my LYS (yeah, Ben Franklin Crafts) this weekend and saw a small bag of roving. Luckily they didn't have any drop spindles or I would've caved!

The outdoor screwing bit just cracked me right up.

Your dye job is preeety!

Posted by: katie at May 1, 2006 02:19 PM

I thought the swamp thing had melted.

Posted by: Buffy at May 1, 2006 02:58 PM

I like the big lump of green, but then I'm drawn to anything green, even if it looks a bit like cat vomit (after a cat eats a tummy full of grass).

Yay on the new wheel and brown homespun, marvelous darling.

Posted by: Rebekah at May 1, 2006 03:07 PM

Ha! You have me laughing too hard at your outdoor screwing comment!!!

Posted by: Erin at May 1, 2006 03:16 PM

Frighteningly enough, my father says it all the time with added vulgarity...replace "screwing". No wonder I'm in therapy.

Posted by: Collette at May 1, 2006 08:30 PM

I love the colors you have in these pictures, nice and warm and cozy colors!

Posted by: Andy at May 1, 2006 08:53 PM

The green blob is so pretty! hehe

Posted by: Lolly at May 2, 2006 09:37 AM

must say....have never heard that saying before...must be upstate ny thing?
like gravy...remember...hehhe

Posted by: lemon at May 2, 2006 10:10 AM

Hahaha! Someone said Sawmp thing melted! That was funny.

I thought it was a giant booger...

Which reminds me of a song I emailed you about today:

"Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me,
Get that thing away from me you guys,
Put that thing back where it came from
or Ill poke myself in the eye!!!"

MY EYE!!!!

Posted by: Carol at May 2, 2006 01:24 PM

Every year, my husband and I email that little ditty to each other, but it's "outdoor boinking" in ours :) Love the overdyed effect of the plum over brown, it's got a nice chocolate-raisin color now.

Posted by: Juls at May 4, 2006 06:07 PM

May first has a special meaning to me: It's time to shave the legs! Then I can screw outdoors and not be embarrassed if I'm caught!

Good weather, good sex!

Posted by: Diana at May 5, 2006 02:15 AM

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