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April 28, 2006

The wheel


I didn't buy it yet. I am taking it for a "spin". I love this wheel. I am going to buy this wheel. I think the reason I like this wheel is because it is used. It was loved by someone else. It has a history to it. I like the way it looks too. It reminds me of an old fashioned wheel. A fairytale wheel. I can buy this wheel now and not have to wait until I get more money for a more expensive wheel.

Here is the spinning I have done on this already


It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine........

Here is another reason I am going to get this wheel.
This is my husband's small recording studio.


See all those gadgets? I am quite sure they add up to MORE than the cost of MY wheel. I just can't sneak a spinning wheel into the house like I can yarn or fiber. Or like he can with little gadgets.

Oh and here is one of his FOUR, yes FOUR guitars


Les Paul Studio, GIBSON LES PAUL STUDIO!!!!!


Oh yes, MINE. I may even get another one! Who's gonna stop me!

Little Geek has already named the wheel "Beatrix"

I like it. I think I have a new wheel.

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April 26, 2006

Please bear with me

I am sorry, but I am really loving the spinning thing right now! A lot of you have asked: "What are you going to make with all of this?" I haven't a clue! I have a little more yellow left to spin.


I picked up some blue fiber at this little shop in my home town last weekend. I like to go check and see if she has anything new. I honestly just went in to see the fiber. I bought the blue and spun it up right quick:


Nice eh? I think it is merino. It could be silk/tencel bled. I really wasn't paying attention because she had like 4 wheels in the shop. I asked her if they were all hers. She said no, they were for sale! YIKES! 1 was brand new and the rest were used. I tried them all out because, well you just can't have one wheel right? I sorta kinda really liked the Ashford Traditional. I am really on the fence about buying it though. I want a wheel that would be my next step. I think this is a beginner wheel. Not sure. Put it sure was purty and the price was kinda reasonable. I am still thinking about it.

Okay, so I have actually knitted a little bit too! I am only showing a little bit because I really think you should see the full effect of this once it is done:


I am being good and trying to keep on track with my project spectrum colors. It's hard (as shown above with the blue handspun)

Lastly, I gave the pirate hat to my friend and coworker Marya. She graciously agreed to model it for us!


Isn't she gorgeous? She LOVES the hat too. Phew!

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April 24, 2006

Because I am a geek.....

Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!

This is brilliant! I know I left something out. See if you can guess what some of these are. I saw this on Heather's blog. I LOVE IT! I expect you Susan to do this! I want to see yours!

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April 21, 2006


I have been busy spinning lately that I have let my knitting go! I still haven't ripped out the camel toe sock. I did manage to get the pink yarn untangled. I guess I have been distracted with these lately


And I don't think it's a bad distraction either! These are some great freakin' books! I have so many tee shirts that I don't have the heart to get rid of. Now I know what to do with some of them!

Oh and I picked up these little guys at the "gum machine" at the dollar store, they were 25 cents each! I see cute little stitch markers! Don't you?


I just had to throw my yellow handspun in there too. Hee hee......

I am especially fond of this little monkey guy


Have a great weekend!

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April 18, 2006


I'm sorry, I have to. I have spun the best yarn of my very small "career" shall we say? I am very proud.


Yeah yeah, there are a couple of "fat" spots, but I really think I am getting the hang of this now! I love this skein! I even smell it. EEEWWWWW!!!!! I hung it out to dry! So it smells nice too!!! Come on people! You know you smell yarn.


Grumperina does.

Here is Suki with it. This is really the color too. I have decided it is more of a mustardy color than the color of breast fed baby poo. Sorry for the Suki nipple shot. She is not bashful.


I think I woke her from one of her many naps. Here is the artsy shot. It is with my sweater that will take me a year and a day to finish


Thank you for all your comments on my tiresome sock. I haven't ripped it yet. I think I will put it aside for a while (until I need the needles)

I took yesterday off from work and spent the day with my son. He had the whole week before off from school and they had to give them Monday off too (jeesh) We went to see the movie The Benchwarmers. Little Geek loved it, well what 8 year old boy wouldn't? It was about baseball, burps, farts, boogers and vomit. There you have it.

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April 14, 2006

Not feeling the love

Nope. No me gusta.


This is my current sock. This is the HEEL of my current sock. I don't like it. Not at all. It's puffy and strange. Which kinda bums me out. This heel is called the Dutch or Horse Shoe Heel. It should be called "fuggly" I hate it.


Here is the whole thing. Do you know how many times I have ripped this out? Well some of you will say 1 time, but truth be told, I have ripped it out 3 times. I started Pomotomus, then I started Cascading Leaves, then I started Friday Harbor (I think that is what it's called) and now this. This is the Madder Rib Sock from Nancy Bush's book Knitting Vintage Socks. I dunno, I am just not feeling the love people. I think I am going to rip, give the yarn a bath, re-wind and put it away for a bit. Start fresh.

I hope everyone has a nice Easter/Passover Holiday! Mmmmm..... chocolate bunnies!

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April 12, 2006

Picture heavy...

I will keep them small. So this weekend I did more than interpretive dance with yarn and kitchen chairs. I also did alot of SPINNING!

You get in a groove ya know? I don't know if I have voiced this, because I can do what ever I want for project spectrum, but I thought it would be cool to spin for my projects. This month as you all know is Orange and Yellow. Lucky for me I have both to spin! Here is the orange:


Isn't it yummy? It was yummy to spin too. It is Louet Corriedale Top. About 5 oz. I split it in half and spun up the half:


I was so excited when spinning because I was even and all that, but when I plyed it sorta came untwisted and would pull apart. It really had a lot of twist in it so I am not sure what my problem is. I still like it though.

Okay on to the yellow:


This is from the same place I got my pink/red roving. Of course I can't remember what the place was. I got it at the Hemlock Fiber Festival back in September. Spinning Hill??? I dunno. This is GREAT! It looks like baby poo, breast fed baby poo. Here it is spun up.


This is gonna be nice huh? Oh yeah!

Moving along....... I finally finished up my blue roving that Audrey sent to me ages ago as a secret pal gift. Here is is all spun up:


I had good and bad times with this. As shown. Who will see it all knitted up anyhow?

Here is a picture of my pink and blue disaster. I had some blue left over so I thought I would ply the blue. I shoudn't have mixed the colors. I would have liked them separate. DARN!


Finally, I did not give up the ship! I decided to untangle the mess of pink and keep going. Here is my progress:


Wish me luck.....

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April 10, 2006

Got a sec?

So I cruise the blogs. I was cruising See Eunny Knit. Wonderful place! Love her! So I see she has done some self striping sock yarn with kool aid. I love kool aid! So I figure, Hey! I can do that! Yeah right. I have only done self striping sock yarn once before and now I am going to listen to people when they tell me that this is a real pain in the ass! I guess I will never learn..... Okay, here is my story: It started out a nice bright Sunday morning.......


I labeled the picture because that is my yard. Yes that is our Christmas Tree (it is gone now - thank god) and yes that sled is still out there. Don't our neighbors have a nice green lawn? Okay, so I don't keep up with the Jones's. It cuts into my knitting and spinning time. So I place the 2 chairs apart like the directions tell me to do (aren't those chairs great?) I mark off were my colors should be. I get way dizzy in the process. The phone rings. I ignore it. My husband tells me it is my best friend. I can call her back. He tells my best friend that I am in the back yard doing an interpretive dance with kitchen chairs and yarn. She doesn't think twice. She knows me.

So now comes the actual "dyeing". I'm good at this right? WRONG! I soak my yarn. My yarn gets tangled. I get very unpleasant. Very unpleasant. I snap at anyone around me. I successfully untangle one skein but not the other. Okay, so I figure I will dye the one and get back to the other.


Looks good? NOPE! (well besides the fact the photo is too dark) I made the dark red section too long! CRAP! Not to mention this:


most unpleasant. I am thinking of starting over again. Ha! But I hate to throw out yarn.

Can we move on?


All that's left to finish on this is sewing in the lining! Wahoo!!!

Pattern: Pirate Hat (Hello Yarn)
Needles: Size 4 US (16") circular bamboo
Yarn: Laines Du Nord Linea Merino - Giunco in Blue and Chocolate Brown

This took me less than a week. I have 3 more to make.............big sigh.........

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April 07, 2006

How many of you are glad this week is over?

I sure know I am. It had it's highlights though. I thought I would share them with you.

First of all Little Geek had his first cello concert Tuesday night. Did I cry? You bet. He was terrific!

cello2 gig.JPG

He isn't quite Yo-Yo Ma but he will get there. There were over 100 kids just playing the violin. He rocked!

Okay, so that was Tuesday. Last night I went to Creekside Books to see the infamous Yarn Harlot. She is a kick in the pants lemme tell ya! She even let me take a picture of us! How nice of her! Here we are:

BethNicole and Harlot_25.JPG

I think I should change the name of this blog to BIG DORK because that was the way I acted! I couldn't think of anything to say! I know she probably would hate this (or be flattered) but I felt as if I was in the presence of a Rock Star! She was very nice though. Her voice is deeper than I thought.... interesting....... I bought her book (already started reading it - it's great) It was fun. Glad I did it.

Okay, so that isn't really me. I am now going to do something I won't do very often and show a picture of myself. Seriously it is me.


What??? You don't believe me? Okay, Okay. Here you go. Just so you know I really did meet her (I hope she will vouch for me)

me and the harlot_50.jpg

I made it nice and small. We don't want to over kill it now do we?

Over and out.

PS - Thanks to Carol for the photo editing!!!!!!

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April 04, 2006

Why I love my spinning guild

Okay, I know I have said it before, but I truly love my spinning guild! Why? Well because. I was plying this


And don't any of you say it is nice. It is crap. I am okay with this! It was crap to spin, crap to ply, crap to look at. I digress....back to why I love my spinning guild. I was plying this crap. The pink is a little bit overspun (to say the least). I was cursing while spinning it. Of course none of my guild mates heard me, well maybe Marlea(she laughed) There was a lot of "fodder" in my roving. I don't like that. Too much work. I am wandering again. Sorry. The person on my other side "D" (not sure of HIS name, yes a man! who spins! sigh...) helped me out. Seems as though I need some tension when I ply. Not tension making the flyer go, but my "lazy kate" has no tension. GASP! Here is my lazy kate


See it is part of the wheel. While plying everything just flaps in the breeze! "D" suggested a shoe box and some knitting needles. Would I need a rubber band to help out with the tension? I am so not good at engineering..... I guess what I am asking is does anyone know how I could get this to work for me? I don't really want to buy a free standing lazy kate right now (god I like that, "lazy kate", poor kate....) I really want to spend my money on a jumbo flyer so I can ply more yarn on a bobbin or make chunkier yarn.

Help? Mommy?

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