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February 28, 2006

The result....

I really appreciate all of your comments on what to do with my sock! I feel a little guilty because I told most of you that I would be going forward! Well, I didn't exactly lie. I tried to go forward. But I stumbled. I dropped a stitch. It was midnight on Saturday. What would you do? I ripped. Sorry! 10 of you said to keep going, 13 of you said to rip and 8 were undecided. I did however start a new sock.


Nice and simple. It really shows the yarn so much better. It is from the Vintage Sock book by Nancy Bush. It is the easy peasy one in the beginning. Madder Ribbed Sock? I think? I wanted a challenge, but this is nice too. I will definitely do the Cascading Leaves in a solid color.

Onward.... I received my final Better Pal package yesterday. YIPIEE!!!!! Take a look:


I got some Koigu!!!!! I have been wanting this for so long!!! My Better Pal was none other than Risa! Thank you so much for all of the goodies! I can't wait to parooooose her blog now!

Other news. I got a hair cut Saturday. This is what I wanted:


I don't have the courage yet to show you what it looks like! It came out very close to this. You recognize it don't you. It's the girl in the Viva Poncho book! Knitting books and knitting magazines are all I look at lately so that is my source for inspiration. Hair do inspiration. I may show you what it looks like. It is a full on face shot if I do. I haven't really shown a full on face shot yet. I like to keep my face a mystery.

Oh alright. I will show you what it looks like:


There. Satisfied? Over and out.

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February 24, 2006

Need some help...

clsock start_25.jpg

I have started a new sock. Don't tell me you are not surprised. Hey at least I finish them. Anyway...I am not sure if I should move forward. That is where you come in. See this yarn is very busy. You can't really see the pattern. But this morning when I took the picture you could see the pattern. This is the Cascading Leaves Sock pattern. The yarn is Mountain Colors Barefoot. I bought it back in January. Should I keep going? Or should I rip. Let's discuss......

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February 22, 2006


I love the stuff. Seems lately I can't get enough of it. So when I find out there is a yarn store in my town that I have never been to before I get a little excited. Oh you know, sweaty palms, can't talk straight, giddy. Yes that is the word. I was giddy. What is the name of this yarn store???

Mission Rose Quiltery

I think I may have a new favorite! They have everything that my other store doesn't! They have Noro, Debbie Bliss, Mountain Colors, Mano's, I am sure I missed something... and my new favorite: Louisa Harding! Look at what I got


Isn't it pretty? It is Kimono Angora. 70% Angora,25% Wool, 5% Nylon. 124 yards! YUM! I got 2 balls of it. I wanted to make this:


but it just wasn't happening for me. It has been frogged and something new has been started. I will have if finished soon though. Patience....... This also called for me:


Yep. More sock yarn. This is none other than Schaefer Sock Yarn – Anne. I don't know what color. But who cares! It is gorgeous!

I am a very happy girl. Now if they only carried Koigu.......

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February 20, 2006

Okay, so the hat was a bit much.....

Wow! I haven't seen that many comments since my Fun Fur entry! Thanks for all the comments! I will keep them all in mind. But you haven't seen the last of my tacky projects. Oh no. I have a good one up my sleeve. In the mean time.........

How about a nice pair of socks?


Here is the lace panel on the side


Yarn: Lorna's Laces - Girly Stripe
Needles: Size 1 US - 2 circular
Pattern: Dublin Bay Sock
Side Note: I shaved my legs for you people!

I love the colors that Lorna's Laces puts out, but I am still not sure if I like knitting with it. Jury is still out.

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February 16, 2006

I had a moment.......

You have all had them. Come on, come clean.

What was I thinking?

That is my moment.

What am I talking about?


The pattern, I don't think, is bad. Why else would I have taken it from AC Moore. Here we go:


Obviously I didn't use the recommended yarn. I don't have to. It's my choice. This thing can stand up by it's self! What yarn did I use?


Yep. Scratchy icky acrylic yarn. Yarn left over from a Hallowig project gone bad. I don't know WHAT I WAS THINKING! Lilly Pulitzer? I am sure she would faint. I am surprised I didn't break out in hives making this either.

Oh but it get's better. Do you want to know why? I took a picture of my self in this foolish thing. Go ahead, point and laugh. You know you want to.


What did you expect?

I think I need to put toilet paper in it and put a doll on top then put it on the back of my toilet. It certainly doesn't belong on my head. Or I could use it for a fruit bowl


It does stay up. Nice and sturdy this hat is.

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February 14, 2006

Tidying up

I've got the spring cleaning bug and it isn't even spring yet. This past weekend was spend organizing and weeding out and throwing out of stuff. My yarn was taking over too much of my room so I reorganized and moved a lot to the basement (a DRY basement). I have a lot of yarn don't I? Don't answer that.

Do you remember this?


It is the Paris Loop poncho wrap thingy. I never wear this. It's not that I don't like it, I just don't wear it. So guess what I did? Yes.........


This is all handspun people. I just had to unravel. It is so pretty! Now I highly recommend a nice little bath when unraveling the yarn. Look how lovely the yarn looks after a bath. It bounced right back to it's beautiful shape. No kinks!



Oh and 1 of my surprises is out of the bag. I did a test knit sock for Marie at Brooklyn Hand Spun
scroll down a bit if you want to check it out. Socks are cool.

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February 06, 2006

A weekend of nice surprises!

I received some very very lovely things in the mail this week! I am so floored at the generosity of people out there. I have made some great friends through this blog and I thank you! Let's see now, where to begin........

First I got some amazing stitch markers from Anna take a look:


I immediately took off the boring old white ring marker on my sweater and I am using the blue one now! They are soooooo pretty! Thank you Anna! Oh yeah, she sells them! Go buy them!

I got a lovely skein from Audrey for some super secret knitting (shhhh.....)


Isn't it pretty?

Then Kris sent me a package and this is what it was:


A Professor Pez tee shirt! I bet I am the only one in Camillus New York with one of these! Also in the package was this:


Sock yarn and purple and orange alpaca! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Kris!

With all of this stuff I really need to do some producing. Which I have been. I whipped out these fingerless mits for a friend this weekend. I added a flower on the bottom wrist because I think it needed something extra. I like how it turned out.


These are great for a really really quick gift. You can make the pair in about 2 hrs. Finally I have a super secret "thing" I have been working on all week. It is done and will go in the mail today. I can only show this for now:


It will all be revealed soon....

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February 02, 2006

Damn! 6 more weeks!


But you wouldn't know it today! Sun is shining, birds are singing. And this guy saw his shadow. I don't buy it.


Is it me? Or are there a lot of things going on out there in blog land! I just signed up for this


How cool is this???? I have so many ideas! I hope other people out there get out of their "funk" I have been reading too much about how uninspired everyone is! We need to turn this around people!

I got my second package last night from my Better Pal! Oh my! It is divine! Take a look:


6 balls of beautiful mohair. MY FAVORITE COLORS! A tape measure (I needed a new one because the cat chewed the other one) Some german angora from their own private stock! I can not WAIT to try and spin this! Lastly there are these cute cards with knitting patterns on them! I love everything! Thank you Better Pal!!!

I did some plying this week. I couldn't wait to see what the blue/yellow looked like so I plyed (plied???) I also gave it a nice bath and it really helped a lot. It was so greasy. It fluffed right up. Here you go:


Sure does look like a lot don't it? Sure looks like what?..... at least 500 yards???? Here is the reality:


I am holding it in my hand. It is probably less than 2 oz. Oh and I tried plying it from a center pull ball. Yeah..... THAT was a fiasco. I need more bobbins.

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