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October 13, 2005


1. To animate the mind or emotions of.
2. To stimulate and influence.
3. To elicit; create.
4. To inhale.
This is from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

This is from the Scholastic Children’s Dictionary:

1. To fill someone with an emotion, an idea, or an attitude.
2. To influence and encourage someone to do something.

I read Rachel’s blog entry from October 6th. I really thought a lot about this for a long time because it had a big impact on me. What inspires me?

I get totally excited when a new knitting magazine comes in the mail! Nobody eats dinner or can interrupt me if I am looking at it. I always go through every page, then go back when I have some quiet time and look at every ad, story, article, pattern. I guess you could say that knitting and fiber are my passion right now. I believe it will always be my passion and I would eventually like to make a living at it. I am still trying to find out what my niche in all this will be.

I also get inspired by color. I love color! As you know I have been doing a lot of dying with Kool Aid lately. That is exciting to me. Seeing what new colors I can come up with. I know I will branch out someday and try food coloring and other dyes. But for now it is Kool Aid. It makes my kitchen smell good.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all my knitting blog friends creating and sharing in their excitement of finally finishing a sweater, a sock or a hand bag. Figuring out a new stitch, how to do a yarn over! I love the fact everyone and their mother made a Clapotis! What a fantastic pattern! I know it seems like everyone is making the same thing, but I really think that is cool. That means it’s a good pattern. What are the chances I may see another Clapotis or waving lace sock on someone? Well, in Syracuse, I may see a couple. But haven’t yet.

Music inspires me. Hearing a new cd or a new artist that I have never heard of and liking it right away excites me. If I really like something I will play it until I am sick of it. My family will be sick of it first then me. I like to rediscover cd’s that I bought years ago. I feel like they are brand new when I pull them out again. I love it when friends give me mixed cd’s or their new obsession. (I may or may not like it, but I give it a shot)

I love this time of year too. The colors of Autumn totally inspire me. The crispness in the air the smells even the cold damp rainy days. I love the dramatic skies we have this time of year. The dark ominous clouds. Love it!

My family inspires me. Well they encourage me too. I love them. I don’t know why I am being so serious right now. I guess it’s a little more about me that you can get to know. It certainly doesn’t mean I don’t have any knitting content. I finished a sock, I am still working on the turtle neck shrug, I have kool aid dyed yarn to show! It’s just so dark by the time I think to take pictures. So there you have it. Chew on that for a while.

Posted by beth at October 13, 2005 12:01 PM


Wow, aside from the knitting, which I haven't gotten into, I would say many things (like music and the fall season) inspire me as well. I cannot believe you said you love the dark ominous skies!!! Everyone thinks I am crazy when I say I love that! HAHA! Perhaps this "inspiration theme" thing is a nice detour. Perhaps I should blog about it as well!
OK! Now snap out of it! And snap into a Slim Jim or whatever you would like to snap into!

Posted by: Carol at October 13, 2005 12:31 PM

Beth, your passion for knitting and all things fiber is certainly inspiring in and of itself. I can't wait to see how all of these things continue to take form and move you forward.

Posted by: Rachel at October 13, 2005 02:23 PM

Blogging is about more than finished objects! I love that you posted what excites and inspires you...once we acknowledge these things, we realize what will get us to the next finished object with excitment and enthusiasm!

Posted by: Christie at October 14, 2005 02:43 AM

Well, I tend to blog about what obsesses me ;-) I worry that I'm pissing off people who don't spin, but geez, I'm makin' YARN, for chrissakes...

Knitting bizarro things with it, but it's still yarn :-)

Posted by: Lee Ann at October 14, 2005 06:42 AM

Great post. It's always great to step back and recognize the things that you're passionate about. I'm finding more and more things that inspire me now that I'm back in school. It's awesome!

Posted by: Erin at October 14, 2005 07:15 AM

You are a very special lady. This is a great post. Nothing it surprises me because they are elements of you that you share so generously every day. Thank you.

Posted by: Audrey at October 14, 2005 09:11 AM

Beth, this is a great post! I too am inspired by so many things around me--this post, for one!
Thanks for sharing!

Have a good weekend~

Posted by: Lolly at October 14, 2005 12:57 PM

I have yet to see another ManClap but I get what you are saying about the magazine. The rest of the world can go to hell in a handbasket; just don't bother me while I'm pawing through the magazine.

Oh wait, the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. Where's my new Family Circle, dammit?!?

Posted by: Jon at October 14, 2005 02:47 PM

Deep thoughts, sister

Posted by: April at October 14, 2005 08:56 PM

Knitting blogs inspire me most....like yours! The world stops at our house, too, when a knitting magazine arrives! Great post! Thanks for making me think.

Posted by: Karyn at October 14, 2005 09:38 PM

Great post! thanks for the inspiration~ especially on the recent sweater you knit. Lovely!!

Posted by: Michele at October 15, 2005 10:22 AM


I had printed a pattern off of Midnight Knitter's blog. I had alot of fun doing a crochet bracelet.Clicked just about every link possible and found you're blog. I think I'll be doing alot more. Now that I've found some blogs,sites and stuff like that with patterns that are easy for me to read. I'm just a beginner crocheter. I would like to learn how to knit. But it seems like a totally different language to me!
If you've got any tips or hints. Please, email me! daze32@hotmail.com
Thank you so much!
Your work is really nice I am so envious of you. One day I'll be as good as you are.

Posted by: Ann at October 17, 2005 08:12 AM

Gosh ... I think you're my twin shadow!

Music, fall, knitting, crochet and the latest Interweave Knits are some of my favorite things ... inspiration and reflection of our lives abound. Must be the spiritual side of knitting taking over.

Posted by: Rhonda at October 18, 2005 02:04 PM

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