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September 30, 2005

Okay, I am more organized today.....

I have some answers! Yesterdays post I showed some yarn from AC Moore. It was called Atacama - 100% Alpaca - Hand Dyed by Araucania Yarns. The felted bag was made out of Araucania Nature Wool Chunky. (Same company) Phew! That's out of the way! Now run out and buy some! Just don't buy any in the greater Syracuse Area! Ha ha!

My Better Pal told me to watch my mail box and boy I didn't have to watch for too long! Lookie Lookie!


Now how did she know I like to knit socks? I almost fell down when I ripped it open! Lorna's Laces (color: Lakeview) and the Opal! OH MY GOD!!! There is a magnet at the top. She knows how much I like the Wizard of Oz! Then the pattern for the socks! Its a pattern for all of the left overs. Love her!

I think I mentioned that I dyed more yarn! Here you go


At first I wasn't entirely happy with the strawberry/lime colors. But I rewound the skein and it really looks nice. I used the Patons Classic Wool Merino. 100% Pure New Wool, 223 yards/204 meters. That's a lot of freakin yarn.

Guess what I am gonna do this weekend?

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September 29, 2005

The stuff you can find.....

at AC MOORE. I am having the best luck there! Typically you are just overloaded on the fun fur and novelty crap. Really it can give one vertigo if you look at it for too long. But every now and then you can find something good. Take a look


Of course, I have no idea what the yarn is called. I left the label home. It is 100% Alpaca. It was a little pricy at $7.95 per skein. I believe it only is approx 110 yards too, so you may need a couple to do anything substantial. Which is why I am going to get 2 more on Saturday! I am thinking the leafy scarf in the Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting. This is the most accurate picture of the colors too!

I also did a little felting over the weekend. I needed a quick knitting fix and feel like I accomplished something


Before felting


After felting

Oh and I don't know what the yarn was I think Aracuna (sp) chunky. This felted beautifully! I added the pom poms because I wanted to use up the yarn.

I promised my friend Cheryl that I would finish her Tammy sweater in 1 week. So next week at this time I should have a picture of a finished sweater! I need some encouragement! Will she do it?

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September 26, 2005

I really really love the weekends

I get so much accomplished!

I have had this baby blanket done for ages, and I finally got around to giving it to Lee! He was known for so long as "baby Regin", Isn't he the cutest? He is obviously thrilled with the complicated work that went into this blanket! He drooled all over it! That is why it is in Kitchen Cotton! (hint - washable)


I also gave Julia her birthday present. Which I can't show yet because it isn't done. I will try and have that done this week. I am making her Edgar and I am quite happy with the results! More on that later.......

This weekend was "dying with kool-aid" weekend! I am totally psyched with the results I got:


The above is Knit Picks dye your own sock yarn. I orginally did this with Strawberry and Grape kool-aid. I didn't like how the grape looked. I thought it looked too brown so I mixed up more Strawberry and just re-dyed the whole skein. It warmed it up a lot! I love it!


Above was an experiment with very very good results. I wanted this to be more turquoise and orange (see below) but they all kinda pooled together. I really like how it came out. I gave this to Julia for her birthday too because, well do I really need it?


Above is what I wanted with Julia's yarn (don't worry Julia, I didn't give you sloppy seconds...) I was inspired by the Vesper Sock yarn at Knit Pixie.

Well like I said, it was a busy weekend, wait until I show you what I felted! Also to come, some great finds at AC Moore!

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September 19, 2005

I learned a couple of things this weekend....

Never bring an 8 year old boy to a Fiber Arts Festival.


Don't let the smile fool you, he hated it! I told him if he was good I would buy him something. He picked out a stuffed dog. Which was cute. It was a border collie. He also picked out this color roving so I could spin yarn and make him something.


It's nothing I would pick for my self, but it shut him up for a couple of hours!

Boy did I have a good time! I have never been to one of these before and I just didn't know where to begin. So I thought I would look it all over first then go back for the kill. Here are some of the spoils:


Yeah, it is yellow. One of my least favorite colors, but I thought it was a cool baby poo/mustard color that would ply nice with my green!


Yes, I am calling this "Gay Pride" I fell in love with this! It sorta looks like a curled up cat!


Here we go with more yellow, but if it is mixed with other colors I don't mind so much. It was 20% off too!


They looked like the same dye lot but when I wound them into yarn cakes they really aren't. But I don't care. Mittens? Socks?


I just loved these, and at $5-6 bucks I couldn't refuse.


I had to buy something purple. Lacey scarf perhaps?


This was my deal of the day. $20 for "approx" 1000 yards of lace weight! I am making a shawl!


He was kinda cute!


Okay, so these are silk pods. I cut one open because the child wanted to see the worm inside. I don't know if I should have done that. What do I do with these things? How do I get the silk from it?

I say I did pretty good! I don't know if I am going to Rhinebeck, I don't know if I will have the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I can not wait until next year!!!

Lastly, I have a progress shot on my Lacy socks


I broke down and bought a pair of Addi Turbo's size US 1. They REALLY are sexy.

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September 15, 2005

Mad Eye Moody

This is what I have to share when I got no knitting content! Yes, this was the excitement yesterday

6 stitches!!!!!!! What a trooper!

Oh and his school pictures are on Monday. That will be a hoot.


Boys! He bumped heads with another kid in gym. He got the worst of it. Here is a shot of him this morning when I told him he didn't have to go to school!


I use way to many Harry Potter references! But that is what I am calling him.

I do have a little knitting content! I forgot to share something! I am in the Better Pal swap and I received these lovely things from my better pal


Its a Wizard of Oz Tee shirt! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

She also sent me this


Pretty note cards and a beautiful shawl pattern! Thank you Better Pal!

Oh and I am going here on Saturday! It is a small fiber fest! I can't wait! I am draggin Mad Eye with me!

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September 12, 2005

I worked on a lot, but can't show any of it!

I got very organized this weekend! I am very proud of my self! I organized my bathroom linen closet (most of it is my stuff) and I got the great idea from Black Olive on how to better organize my yarn! If you scroll down to the September 6th entry on her site you can see her lovely yarn on display. Mind you this isn't a "look at what I got" entry. I am a little ashamed really.


I had these wire cubes up for a while now. I always shoved everything in there and they were all in canvas or some sort of tote bag. You couldn't see the yarn! So I went out and bought a butt load of those zip lock freezer bags and started shoving the yarn in there. I figure this way I can see what I have and I won't buy more! Right? No? Who am I kidding! I actually got real anal and sorted it by wool vs cotton vs hand spun vs I didn't care by Noon. I looked it all over and was very pleased. Then I opened my closet and found this


Yes it is more yarn. This is the yarn that I will make sweaters from. In a perfect world I will use up the stuff on the wire shelves and bring out the stuff in the boxes. Why do I want more? sigh.........

Oh yeah, that IS a guitar shaped purse! It was one of my birthday presents.

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September 06, 2005

Did everyone have a nice long weekend?

Well at least in the States? It was Labor Day and I did labor on my new obsession


Now I can only hope that I have enough "scraps" to finish it.

Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday.


Is he not the cutest???? And yes, he is 70!!!! Love ya Dad!!!

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September 02, 2005

I'm so excited!

Do you all remember when I got some beautiful fiber from my secret pal? Sorry, but I am not that advanced to actually show you the picture. But go to the Feb. 2005 archive and scroll down. You will see it. Anyway......... A new shop opened in my home town and why am I so excited? Well, it is a weaving, spinning, fiber shop! So I asked if they could card the wool that Audrey sent and they did! Wanna see?


I don't know why Suki insisted on being in the photo, she is such a bitch. She is saying, "It's just wool, I don't kwow what the big deal is"

I had the owner of the shop sorta separate the colors because when she did a test it ended up looking like baby vomit. So here is the "orange" baby vomit.


I think it will look better spun up. Perhaps it looks more like baby poo. Anyway, this being a "STORE" and all I bought some roving


WOW, those are gonna look nice aren't they?

I want everyone to go over and wish Audrey a very Happy Birthday! Go on! I'll wait.....

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