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August 31, 2005

What I got

I got a little of this


I got a little of that


What do you do? Well, crusing around blog land I found at Hello Yarn, a beautiful shawl. You have to scroll down to Sunday August 7th. She made, like I said, the most beautiful shawl out of her handspun. Which got me thinking about all of my small bits of yarn. So I went for it. I started one


Oh the possibilities...........course the colors I have look like crap next to one another. What the heck, it probably will end up looking like something "Molly Weasley" would wear. (I secretly love all of her shawls anyway)

But don't worry, I still have the socks


I will always be knitting socks. Socks make a feet happy.

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August 26, 2005

They are done and I have moved on

I love these


they are so cozy

I have moved on.

I love how the color of these are turning out!!


I think all of my favorite colors are in this sock. It is Lorna's Laces "Wisteria" I even like the name.

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August 23, 2005

I LOVE the new Rowan magazine!

But I don't want to marry it.


Course, I have yet to make the other one.

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August 18, 2005

New pattern alert!


Remember I said I would write up a pattern for these? Well here you go

Wrist Cuff Bracelet Thingy
(for lack of a better title)

Crochet Hook: Size US E

Yarn: Tahki Tweedy Cotton or Tahki Cotton Classic

Chain 35
Row 1: triple crochet into 5th chain from hook, then 1 triple crochet in each chain until the end. Turn.

Row 2: Chain 4, skip first triple crochet then triple crochet into each stitch till the end.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Embellish with pins, brooches, and buttons. Get creative!

I tried out a few options for embellishments. What do you think?



Here is a shot of the button side


I found this creepy pin in my jewelry box. But I don't really think it works. It sorta freaks me out.


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August 16, 2005

Sock Lust

This entry may cause all kinds of problems for me, but that was all I could think up. It is the best word for what I have. I have been known to have multiple projects going at the same time. (you act surprised)

I have 2 different socks that I am working on alternately.


See, I have to finish the red socks soon or I will explode. Why? Because I want to make these:


I even have the correct yarn! Lorna's Laces Sock stuff. I can't make these until the red one is done because I need the needles! Well I could always use the old dpn standby's but I am not going there anymore. Aren't they pretty? Sigh............................

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August 10, 2005

So why did I worry?


It fits like a glove. Or more like the sock that it is.


Oh and it is soft too! Now I just have to finish the other one.

I want everyone to go and wish Missa a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Go on, do it!

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August 04, 2005

I've been busy, what can I say?

Phew, what a week. AND it's not over. I've had relatives in town, birthday parties to give and work. BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

I did a little knitting inbetween all of this. And I have a problem. Please tell me what to do. I started a sock (or 2) and the problem is this:


The one on the bottom is freakin' HUGE! I am using the pattern from Cat Bordi's book (I don't know if I spelled her name right and I don't have time to check) Well it seems so big compared to the Knit 2 Purl 2 rib (as shown) I am using size 1 US needles and I really really like this, but I think it is too big?

So I guess my question is do I rip? Or don't I rip?

Here is a shot of it with out the other one on top.

geranium sock_50.jpg

It sure is purdy init? Oh, the other sock is Knit Picks dancing, in a color way called "prairie" I didn't order that color, but I am not sending it back. I like it!

Oh and these lovely stamps showed up at my door yesterday


When I see these, it can only be from Kris! YAY a package from Kris!!!!!!!


I got a little misty eyed, because well, I've had a bad week. It totally cheered me up. God you people are the best!

Here is a nice close up of the sock yarn


Now there is some purdy colors!

Oh yeah, this was in there too


Anyone know french? I will need help translating

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