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July 18, 2005

Swiming pools, movie stars.......................

I did feel a bit like a hillbilly in Beverly Hills

palm trees smaller.jpg

I had the best time though! I don't think I have met a better bunch of girls! It's funny, I think everyone thought it would be awkward meeting for the first time, but it really wasn't!


Yes, we had our own dressing room!

Here we all are


I know it is getting a bit repetitive, you have seen all the pictures before. But these are mine!

Here is a shot of Lettie, Me, Meg and Missa. Lettie was our segment producer and what a sweetie she was! She answered all of my many questions and put up with us all! Thank you Lettie!


Here is a lovely shot of Burbank


Lastly I have a shot of St. Monica. She looks so holy!


I really don't know where to begin with the whole experience! It was a total blast and I would do it again in a heart beat! I truly enjoyed the company of Missa, Meg and Toni and DAN!! You guys are the best and I hope we continue with our friendship!

Side note:
I was walking down Rodeo Drive with my brother and had a little smile on my face knowing that my boobs were REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by beth at July 18, 2005 05:13 PM


What great pics, Beth! How did the taping go? I am so excited about seeing it. Lacy Libertines--that is a great name!

Glad you had a blast :)

Posted by: Lolly at July 19, 2005 07:06 AM

so do you know when the show is going to air? can't wait to see it...glad you had fun, was there any doubt!!!

Posted by: lemon at July 19, 2005 07:38 AM

Ha! Yeah, it's good to know you've got real boobs, though that may have fallen under the too much information category! Still funny though! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Posted by: Erin at July 19, 2005 08:48 AM

You and me, babe. 100% NATURAL.

miss you. Trying to find a way to swing out east sometime in the near future!

Posted by: meg at July 19, 2005 10:32 AM

I'm trying to type with a squirming baby on my lap. Let me tell you, it's harder than it sounds...Anyway, it's good to have you "back east"! That's where you say you're from if anyone in CA asks you next time. I cannot wait to hear about your exploits and shannigans in LA!

Posted by: Julia at July 19, 2005 11:24 AM

Great pictures! I'm with Julia - please give us more scoop on the ruchus you raised!!

Posted by: Audrey at July 22, 2005 09:08 AM

Beth!! just got back from Maine, LOVE the pics! it's so cool to see everyones photos and read stories... i'm gonna type up more tonite...

anyways, much love! miss you

Posted by: missa at July 23, 2005 07:21 PM

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