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May 27, 2005

The bag

Can I tell you how much I love this pattern? Why don't I marry it? I love it so much! Okay that was queer. Here is the before felting shot


I showed it with my hand so you could see how big this sucker is before the felting. WOW!


It's a beaut! A keeper, a winner! See my purple "afro" flowers behind it? They didn't go to their full "afro" size. I love them.


Another nice shot of my flowers. Lets take another look at the bag shall we?


So, I have been getting some quite humorous comments about the Fun Fur newsletter. Grumperina sent me a great link to an essay over here. You gotta love it. Speaking of Fun Fur, Meg at Nepenthe's Misadventures thought this would be a good submission to the Fun Fur contest

I think it's right on the money!

Everyone, have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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May 25, 2005

So I am not crazy just anal

Yes, I am glad that's settled. But you haven't seen my UFO's! That could be another entry! In keeping with my "anal" tendancies, I purchased over the weekend a book shelf to help me get organized.


What this will do for me is:
1) Enable me to buy more books (and that's bad?)
2) Enable me to buy more crap (yes that's bad)
3) Never dust this piece of furniture

Yes, my room is getting over crowded. The little table you see to the left was in it's place and it had a stack of books on it that was threatening to topple at any moment.


Never one to not follow a trend, I have decide to jump on the band wagon and make a button hole bag. This is fun! I actually haven't gotten to the fun part of felting it yet, but I know it will be fun


I am going to finish it up with the turquoise color you see above the bag. I love Lamb's Pride yarn. It is sooo sooo soft.

I have done a magazine swap with Catriona at Little Robot. She sent me this and I am sending her BUST.


This magazine is pretty good! And I got a free set of knitting needles. Thanks Catriona!

Finally, I received the Lion Brand Newsletter in my e-mail box today. It really made me laugh. I think they are getting desperate with the Fun Fur. They have even decided to throw a contest out there! You can read about it here. I don't think it is moving in the stores so they want you to help them design something. What do you think, should I give it a go?

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May 19, 2005

Certifiably Insane

Yes, that is me. What is wrong with me? I feel pulled in too many directions lately. I hope I don't implode or explode. Both would not be pretty. I looked over my last post, which was done on the fly. I am sorry, but I think I just have to relax and think about what I want to say! Not all half assed. Hell I haven't even responed to my e-mails from the comments you all left on the last post. Which probaby left some scratching your head. (But probably not - you may not care!) My week has been very busy, work wise. That's good. It makes the day go quicker. I had to stay home with the sick boy on Tuesday. He has strep. He is good now. So, that said, this is what I did:


Those, my friends are every single Interweave Knits magazine ever published. Yes, for real. I can't seem to get rid of them. Do you see those white things sticking up? Those are what I would like to make. Yeah, pretty weird. Am I nuts? That's what I did Tuesday morning, I went through the Melanie Falick/Pam Allen (they are brilliant don't you think?) Interweave Knits only and put sticky notes by the patterns I want to make. Kookoo!

Do you notice that the ones in the beginning don't have sticky notes? That's because those first issues were crap. Why don't I get rid of them you say? Hell if I know.

Okay, lets move on to shot number 2:


This is a picture of all of the patterns I have printed out from the internet that are free or I paid for them. I put them in neat little plastic sleeves and organized them by what they were: sweaters, scarves, mittens, you get the idea. I ask you, will I ever make all of this in my life time? Probably not. Then why, why, why do I need to have all of this? Why? Options, I believe they are options. I get so excited when the new knitting magazines come out. I literally shake with excitement. Oh yeah, books too. Gotta have it! Why????? Are there other people out there like me? I will say it again. Kookoo!

By the way, I mowed the lawn, did the laundry, made dinner and dessert for my family and watched my sick child. On Tuesday. All of this on Tuesday. No knitting that day. Sigh................

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May 16, 2005

Warning Cute Cat Pictures Ahead!

Smudge decided he wanted to show you a couple of things


This here is from Audrey she is still the best secret pal a girl ever had. This is roving to get my ass in gear. I ate the cookies, Thanks Audrey!

I went to Oswego on Saturday with Rachel we went to a great yarn store. It is now my favorite! They have everything! Spinning supplies, knitting supplies and weaving supplies! We also told them they must carry Lorna's Laces and Koigu. I think they listened too us too! Smudge thought you would like to see


The store is called Northwind Yarns
They were so nice! I got the Niddy Noddy for $10 bucks! Wahoo!

Well Smudge decided he had better things to do like lick himself so Suki will model the new purchase I got last weekend


Isn't she pretty? Yeah, I have been on quite a fiber binge lately. But hell, it's my birthday! I can get what I want!

I am going to make the cute bolero top from the new Rowan magazine and I got some calmer, the pictures I took with out the flash made it look blue and with the flash more lavender. Both of these pictures do not do the color justice



See? I want to show it all, but I have to do the rest in a part 2. You may or may not want to see it, but I need ideas.....

I did actually finish something this weekend! Wanna see?


Nope, it's not Tammy, but I needed some instant gratification. So I made the hat from Teva Durham's new book "Loop-d'loop" I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! It is the best!! I also worked on the surprise for Baby Regin. But I am only going to show this


Well, that's it until next time.

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May 11, 2005

My goodness, it has been a while.

I am sorry. I have been super busy at work and at home. My birthday was wonderful! Thank you all for the birthday wishes too! Normally I wouldn't announce my birthday, but 40 is BIG. I got some great fiberous gifts for my b-day too! I will share those at another time. I have been knitting. I am working on a surprise for my friend Julia. She is having a baby real soon. So I will show what it is when it's done and when she's done!

This is all I got to show


Yep, the front left of the Rebecca Cardy. I was having trouble but both Kris and Jacqueline have been huge helps! Thank you!

I got the new BUST yesterday! Yay! And what did I see in the music section? The wonderful and very talented Mary Timony. She has a new record out. Look at the great sweater she is wearing! I must try and figure it out.


Totally cool.

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May 04, 2005

Oh Lordy Look Who's 40!!!!!!!!!


Yes, that would be me. Hi, today is my birthday. I am 40 years old.


me and the doll.jpg

I was a cute kid. What happened?
I have noticed a couple of things now that I have reached this fine age of 40

- Chin hair (???? WTF???)
- I really can't eat what I used to.
- I am okay with my stretch marks, I mean come on, nobody will ever see me in a bikini
- I was full of glee when I was asked for my id in a bar
- I can wear bright pink shoes to work and not care
- I have officially lost my mind

That's about it really, I am sure I can think of more!

What is up with my Mom taking pictures of us kids in the same position?


Boy, the 70's were not pretty were they?

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