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April 29, 2005

Well, I have the back done......

I really like knitting this! The ribbing is fantastic! It is so cool watching how the yarn overs and decreases and all that jazz create the shape! If you are a new knitter and never made a sweater, I would not recommend it until you have made a couple of sweaters. The english translation is kinda weird. But I hope I have figured it out. Notice the kitty legs on the left? Those belong to Smudge.

I am going to tease you with this


Yeah, it's Tammy and it is still not done! But I am getting there. At least it is almost done. That's a lot better than where I was in Feb. It's lookin' mighty fine though.......

I am in between books right now, so when that happens I pick up this book

Evil Women.jpg

It kinda says it all doesn't it! Each chapter is a different "evil" woman. I just read about a woman last night who eerily sounds like someone in my office! YIKES!

Have a great weekend! I know I am! ;-)

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April 27, 2005

I know who my secret pal is!!

I tell ya, I had a lot of fun with my secret pal! We have been e-mailing each other and getting to know each other throughout this whole thing. It was a blast! She sent my latest gift yesterday and I tell ya, it was totally commical when the package arrived. I couldn't open it yet because I was at work and I had to get some work done! But every time I tried to get to it, the phone would ring, I would get interrupted, you know? So when I did get to it this is what I found inside


Yes feathers! It is a clue you see, to what her blog name was! I was pestering her for months to tell me and she was good! Right up until the end, she wouldn't tell me! Well once I pushed all the feathers aside this is what was in the box


There are 2 lavender sachet's (sp) and cat toys and a R2D2 Pez dispenser and soap and lots o' goodies! Thank you Audrey! You are a lot of fun! I have a new blog budddy now!!! Make sure you go to her site. She has a cute sign up for me!

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April 25, 2005

Oh my gosh! You guys are the best!

Thank you so much for all of your e-mails regarding Thurston! I am doing much better and all of your advice really helped. I am remembering all of the good times. There really weren't any bad, because he was such a good cat. But thank you again!

I really wish I could tell you that I finished "Tammy" but, well, I didn't. I started something new. The Rebecca Cardigan.

I tell you, this is a challenging pattern! But now that I got the hang of it, it really isn't so bad. I do have a question for those of you who have made this:

For the back, I get 34 stitches not the 40 that the pattern calls for. Is this right? I seem to be where I should be with increasing at the sides so I am not too worried about it.

I finally picked up the latest Rowan Magazine at the favorite LYS. I like a lot of the stuff in here! Of course, I couldn't just go into this store with out checking out the sale bin. I swear to god that I always find something!

That my friends is Garn Studio Silke - Tweed. 2 red, 1 green and 1 heather green/grey. Lovely! And a steal for $3.00 per skein. The label says "52% Silke (I take that as silk) and 48% Lammull (Lambswool?) I need a little help here Kris. I believe this yarn is from your neck of the woods. Now the only question is what to make with it? How many shawls and scarves can a gal have?

I keep forgetting to mention this, but Rachel gave me this lovely hand spun!

Isn't it beautiful! I am thinking about making a scarf for my husband with this. Thanks Rachel!

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April 22, 2005

Branching Out

Thank you all for your warm wishes and hugs my way for Thurston, it is much appreciated! I have decided I need to add a new entry today, because I can't look at that picture every time I open up this blog page! So you get 2 entries in one day.

I finished Branching Out from Knitty!


Here is a detail


I used the yarn my secret pal sent me. I will post on Monday the name of the yarn. I love this! It's for me. Still needs a good blocking though

No Tammy isn't finished yet. Sigh...........

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Sad News.........

I have been struggling on whether I wanted to share this with everyone and finally decided that I should.

thruston rip.jpg


Thurston - 2001-2005 (rip)

Thurston was hit by a car last Friday night and is no longer with us. I have been away from blogging this week because I am trying to deal with this. I am crying as I type this!

He would have been 4 years old. But I have a great bunch of internet friends who already know about what happened and my friends that I see all the time, have been very supportive. THANKS!

I am remembering all the goofy things he did, like stare at me while I ate. Hoping that just one piece of food would fall off my fork and land on the floor. (it usually did) Or how we liked to play hide and seek in the morning. He hated the sound of a plastic bag rattling.

But as they say, time heals all wounds and it does. It's getting better every day.

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April 15, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Big Geek!

Yep! I have been here for a whole year! I hope you are enjoying what you read as much as I have been enjoying supplying you with the read.

I have to say that I have met a great bunch of people! I love you all.
Thank you for your support. Alright enough of that crap.

Highlights from the year:

1) My cat ran away and came back
2) I hate fun fur, oh and guess what? Click here
and read a funny little tid bit about furry novelty yarn! Hmmmmm.....Thank you Grumpy for that info.
3) I still haven't finished Tammy!
4) I am gonna be on TV!
5) I have a great bunch of pals from this whole experience!
6. I am not very good about doing MEME's sorry for anyone who sent me one to do. Ain't gonna happen.

Here is to another productive year!

Don't forget to pay your taxes.

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April 11, 2005

The birds are singing, the sky is blue.....

Life is good! Did I get Tammy done this weekend? What are you kidding me? The birds were singing! The sky was blue! The kitties were frolicking


There was no time for sewing or weaving in of ends, no way, not for me. I did how ever start the scarf "Branching Out" from the new Knitty

Here it is on Satruday


Here is is on Sunday


This is the yarn that my secret pal sent me. It is beautiful.

I took back yarn that I thought I would need for Tammy and didn't need. Got something else wanna see it?



I think I am getting a little obsessive about Rebbeca Magazines. But hey, I had to use my store credit!

I got a package from Kris. Isn't she the best? See that building in the upper left hand corner? That's her freaking house! She sent me a couple of cd's some more of the alpaca yarn that she sent me before and enough cotton tape to make Carla! I love her! THANKS KRIS!!


Oh yeah, I need my hair cut badly don't you think?


I got it "trimmed" this Saturday. I am trying to let it grow, so I didn't get that much cut off. It just looks a little more presentable, shall we say.

Have you seen Missa's site? Doin' a happy dance over here! Now I gotta loose the 10 lbs. that the camera will add!

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April 07, 2005

Just so you don't think I am slacking.....


Now all of those pesky ends.......

I forgot to mention, see that in the middle? That is all I have left. I should listen to Kris all the time. She told me I would have enough. I have enough. Now I can take back what I bought and get something else! Oh darn........;-)

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April 04, 2005

You will never believe this



Could it be?
Why yes, it's a swatch!
It is for the Rebecca cardy everyone is making! Not that I see many people around Syracuse with it on, I think I am safe. Oh and it is correct going right to left, but of course going top to bottom my gauge is off. Do I care? Ha!

I wasn't sure if I would have enough........


But I think I'm okay! Yes, almost 30 skeins......I bought this a while ago at AC Moore. They are Mill Ends. Is that bad? Don't care!

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten Tammy, I have 1 sleeve done and I'm almost done with the other. Here is a real crappy picture


Little dark, but look at the glooom outside! Oh wait, I think I just have to wash my windows. :-)

I went to my favorite yarn store this weekend! Did I buy yarn? Yes. I did. I really couldn't help my self.


This is what I am gonna make


a little fuzzy but you get the idea.

I always mangage to sneak in a little more of the curly cue scarf. I like how this picture turned out. It looks very "Rowan"


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