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March 31, 2005


Yeah the Catagory says "Geek Stuff" I will get to that.

Kris is having a dilemma and I want you to help me and her out. She wants to make a top from K1 Magazine. I bought her the yarn, Lion Brand Micro Spun. Now Michael's had every color but 1. ROYAL BLUE! I picked up Turquoise. Here is a shot of them all together. I dunno, I kinda like the Turquoise.

Click on the photo for a bigger shot. Go over to her site and let her know what you think!


I love the Dollar Store!

Where else can you get Hello Kitty Pez Dispensers!

My son got some for Easter too:

He is giving me the lamb! What a kid! I have a Peppermint Patty Pez dispenser somewhere in my house. I really like these things. Now with this and my growing collection of "Floaty Pens" we are running out of room! Gotta go, my Ham and Scalloped Potatoes are getting cold.

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March 29, 2005

Will I have enough?

That IS the question.

See the yarn left over at the top? Yeah, well this and below is all I have left to complete another sleeve and the neck and sew it up. Luckily I called the favorite LYS and they have one ball of each color left in the same dye lot. (phew)

Will it happen? Will she do it? tune in next week... for the chilling conclusion of.....DAMN TAMMY!

In other knitting news...... Have you all seen the new Vogue Knitting? Like, OH MY GOD! I want to knit at least 5 things in there! I will knit #30. It's that lacy ballet wrap. I saw a preview of the new Interweave Knits and WOW! I have to have a lacy shrug/bolero thingy! Doesn't everyone?

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, we had a party on Saturday night and it was a lot of fun. My husband is in a new band and they played in the basement. Unfortunatly for everyone that left, which was everyone! They were really, really, really great! Na knee Na knee poo poo! My son, myself and the drummer's wife were the only audience.
Speaking of the drummer's wife, Michelle DaRin, you must all check out her beautiful jewelry. You can find her web site here. She is truly amazing!

Here is a picture I took in the basement of my house of the party lights. Pretty cool huh?

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March 25, 2005

I'm cookin baby, I'm really cookin!

I got the front and the back DONE! Or it could be the back and the front. They are both the same. Now, onto the sleeves. I will do these both together. It will go quicker. What was I waiting for?

Remember I showed some Classic Elite Yarn earlier? Remember I said I will probably go back and get 1 of every color. Remember? Well I did.
Put your sun glasses on, it may blind you

This is Classic Elite "Flash" - I love this stuff!

I am sorry, I have been holding out. I received some really lovely stuff from one my favorite people Missa. I need to share:

I can't wait to dig into this stuff! I am going to use it to make some of the patterns at Knit Pixie. The orange yarn and fleece is for the thrummed mittens! I won't touch it until Tammy is done, I won't do it!

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March 22, 2005

Craft IS the new Rock N' Roll

Now I know why Guided By Voices broke up! Bob really wants to knit full time! I think I am in love, He is/was in a band, and he is holding on to knitting needles and yarn! I know, I know, he really isn't holding it right or doing it properly. Keaune Reeves can't act, but you still like to look at him.

Sigh...................my husband better start knitting. I may do something rash!

Thanks to Susan in Austin, TX for sending me the photo!

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March 21, 2005

I am such a good girl

I revisited Tammy this weekend. Of course, I had to rip it out. AGAIN. But I know where I am, I am further than I was before, and I think I will finish it. The trick here is to talk my self into not starting anything new until it is done. But that doesn't count what I already have in process

I am really liking this scarf now! It was starting out as kinda a grind. But I really like this. I am on my second ball of yarn and I have 2 more to go. I may make a 2 color one using this yarn that I bought last week.

I have a LYS that is close by and I can go on my lunch break. This is not good. No way. I love this stuff. It is new from Classic Elite. The colors are so vibrant! And it is pretty affordable too. $4.50 per skein. The yardage isn't so great. It's like 90 yards or something.

Sorry, but this is a cute cat picture. I couldn't resist

This is totally not posed. Well Smudge posed but we didn't pose him. He likes his monkey.

Okay. Sorry, but I am playing around with movable type. I am experimenting with the Pop up thang. I like it!

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March 17, 2005

Top O' The Mornin'


Ain't he cute?


Do I not have the BEST Secret Pal?


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March 16, 2005


I love life. Life is good. So are 4 PAIR OF SHOES!


Here is an up close shot of the purple shoes


Here is an up close shot of the "sparkly" numbers. I got these at Urban Outfitters. One of the things I miss about not living in Philadelphia, besides my friends


Of course it is still too cold to wear them!

New York was fun! You all know what this is


I finished my sock on the train and started my other one!


That is hubby's hand holding the sock. See? They are good for something.

The burlesque show was a blast. I saw The World Famous Bob and Dirty Martini. I stopped by Knit New York. I got an older Rebecca Magazine. They were nicer in there this time. I was wearing my first clapotis and I was really hot, so I took my coat off and took off my clapotis. Well, I caused a minor uproar! 3 women wanted to know if I knit it, where I got the pattern, and what the yarn was! I just wanted to get out of there. I was on the way to get a beer and saw the shop! It was nice of them though...
All in all a good time. Glad to be home.

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March 11, 2005

I am going to New York BABY

Again! DARN! Yep. I am leaving tomorrow, coming back Monday. So no post on Monday. Tuesday maybe.......

I am so excited about this trip! I am going with my friend Theresa. She knows the city well. She is taking me here and we are going to see this

Should be fun! I am also on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. I am hoping we will have time to go to a couple of yarn stores but if it doesn't happen, that's okay.

I am bringing my sock to finish on the train ride down, so I hope to finish that and start the other one. I am bringing the curlycue scarf too for some diversity.

I can let a secret out of the bag! Go over to Missa's site I have designed a scarf for Knit Pixie.

It isn't at Knit Pixie yet but you can see Missa modeling it! For a hint scroll below. That mess turned out really nice! And you can do it with 1 skein of yarn! How cool is that!

OH yeah, I have been tagged for a couple of things. I will try and do those next week as well! I haven't had the time this week. Work, again is kicking my ass!

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March 07, 2005

What the?

This is why I don't like working with novelty yarns


Yes, it's ugly. The weak should turn away.

This is what it SHOULD look like


Of course this happened while I was only inches from the end. I can't tell you what it is but I can show a little bit of detail. You will find out soon enough.


Oh yeah, remember my purple socks? No? scroll down. Well, they are ripped. Yep, gone. I screwed them up, dropped stitches, you get the idea. So I started this. It is the Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I like this stuff! It's cheap, I like the colors, I mean come on! They are going on your feet! Your smelly, sweaty feet!


The only problem I have with this is the pattern on the label. I am at the point where I have to turn the heel then pick up stitches along each side. 19 stitches to be exact. Well I don't have enough room for 19 stitches. How do I know this? I have already ripped this back to the point you see above. WTF?

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March 03, 2005

I got nothing. Nada, zilch

It's not that I haven't been doing anything.......(super secret projects are in the works)

But now that clapotis is done, I need another big project. Which will be to finish "Tammy" for my friend Cheryl. I told her I would complete it by the end of March. Now I don't think that will be that hard to do. Kris has offered to "watch" my stash for me. Now, if nobody tempts me and I don't see any new knitting magazines out there I can probably do this.

I have been seeing some great stuff out there at everyones blogs! I know that people have already seen this, but I think I will be making this cute crochet flower bag very soon.

Has everyone had a chance to go to Spun yet? Very cool, very COOL!

Sorry for a very boring post with no pictures.

I got Chinese food for lunch today.
My fortune cookie says: "You're transforming yourself into someone who is certain to succeed"
Lets hope so.

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