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October 27, 2004

What the.........

My my it has been a long time. I am sorry. But this is my blog and I can do what ever I want. Yes I have been very busy, ROCKTOBER was a very busy month and it still isn’t over yet. First of all I did not get picked for jury duty. (woo hoo) I don’t think they would have let me bring my knitting in. It was Federal Court. But that is over with.
Secondly my best friend got married the weekend of October 15-16 and I was in the wedding (I say that because she got married on the 15th and had a big bash on the 16th) The 16th was our 11th wedding anniversary! If that was not enough my husbands birthday was ROCKTOBER 23rd and we went to Cleveland as you all know to see Guided By Beers (er Voices) yes they were fantastic! I was very good and drank very little. Come on, I had a 5 hour car ride back the next day! During all of this zaniness I did do some knitting and crocheting and I am here to share it with you.

This is some of the yarn I have gotten recently

new stuff

Isn’t it yummy? I dunno what I will do with it other than touch, fondle uh, well that sounds a little personal. I like the yarn that is called Frou Frou. It is like candy. It’s kinda a pain in the ass to knit with though.

This next picture is for my very patient friend Cheryl (no, I haven’t forgotten you Linda)
This is my progress on the Rowan Tammy sweater. I am up to the armpits.

more tammy

Here is the clutch. I got the pattern from Georgia's Site. It is so cute! I made mine a little bigger. I still have to sew the lining in and make a flower. I made this out of a new shade from Reynolds Lopi. It is a pukey green variegated yarn. Really, the color is great. I like puke green.


I think I mentioned that I have been doing some crocheting. I love that book I got, 200 Crochet Squares.

crochet squares 1

squares 2

I have made these. I think I am going to make a scarf out of the 3. I need to make a couple more, then put some “mesh” stitches between and sew them up and put a little border around it. I like this yarn a lot. It is the Lion Brand Micro Spun that I used for the other crochet scarves I made previously. I am not a big fan of acrylic, but this is so soft and the colors are so bright. Hmmmm what else oh yeah, this is a close up shot of a scarf I started oh, um a year and a ˝ ago. I have 1 side done and this is the other side. I just have a little more to go, then I have to graft it together. This is also Lion Brand Micro Spun.

purple scarf

This is getting a little lengthy, and it is turning into more of a show and tell. SORRY. Just a couple of more things then you can move on to the next blog. This book is coming out soon. It is a book about my husbands Grandfather. His name was Lee Brown Coye. He did a lot of horror illustrations for pulp magazines. He was a very cool person. I will have to show pictures of the inside some other time. (You can always “google” him, if you want) There is a book signing on Saturday so we are going to that. I want my son to wear his Halloween costume (he is going to be the grim reaper) I thought it would be fitting.

lee brown coye book

Does any one want to see pictures of Uncle Bob (GBV) from the show? Maybe tomorrow. Or when ever I get around to do this again! Oh yeah, this is the last thing. I just found yesterday Stitchy McYarnpants My new favorite person in the whole wide world. (I still love you Kris and Missa) But you all must go to her site. She is a riot! Love her!

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October 21, 2004


Come on say it with me now!! 2 more days and I will be seeing this man on stage!

Bob Pollard

Not to be out done by Bob.

This wonderful human is opening up for him

Tobin Sprout

This is Tobin Sprout

I am going to Cleveland to see Guided By Voices, my favorite band in the universe. I am sooooo excited!! Now I must give credit to the photos. Bob's picture is by Heather Crazy and Tobin Sprout's picture is by John Laird. I got them from the GBV website
Are there any good yarn stores in Cleveland?

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October 18, 2004

Please, Forgive me!

Don't worry! I have not gone anywhere. Just have been busy. I promise I will have lots to say soon. JURY DUTY TOMORROW - UGH!

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October 07, 2004


Sorry, I have been away so long! Long story and I have to keep this quick.


I know, I know, he isn't silly! That really means a lot that so many cared! I have been busy knitting, but my internet connection is sketchy. So I will be blogging sporatically until I can get it fixed.

Here is a thought to put out there to you all.
Did any one pick up the Knit Wit book by Amy at Knitty.com?
What do you all think?
I was dissappointed! I really really like the site, but I wasn't expecting to see 1/2 the patterns from the site in the book. I am all for supporting the contributors of the book. But I thought maybe there would be some surprise designs from the wonderful bloggers we all check out every day.

Oh well that is my rant.
Sorry to anyone who liked it but I just didn't.

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