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August 30, 2004

Phew dog!

Was it freakin hot enough this weekend? If anyone lives on the East Coast you know what I mean! We have basically had no summer then boom! Muggy, sticky, wow! Well at least it isn't snowing. Yet.....

So I am working merrily on my garlic hat, and well, um....

the hat that isnt

Looks good on Heada (that's what I call her) doesn't it! WRONG! I ripped it out. I would never wear this! It was too friggin big! It would work if I had dred's or something, but that AIN'T gonna happen. Oh and for the record, I still did not "take time and check my gauge". Won't do it. Nope, never. Let's move on shall we?

I was thumbing through the new issue of Nylon and came across this:

I could SO make this

Isn't it fabulous! WOW! I could SO make this!! Right up my alley and I bet I wouldn't have to "take time and check my gauge"
It would make a great scrap-a-long sweater too!

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August 27, 2004

Ahh.... TGIF

Yep, I am glad it is Friday.
I got some great things in the mail this week:

crochet books

I really want to make this:

IK granny sweater

I tried to take a picture of the big chunky crochet sweater but it was too dark. I can't find the picture on line! Help!

I am also trying the garlic hat again, here is a picture of the big giant smooojaja and the beginnings of the hat.

smudge and the hat

Of course I f****d it up again, I will fix it though. Smudge really wanted to take credit for the knitting so far on this hat. He really is very interested, Don't cha think?

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August 25, 2004


I am being very daring, I have put a picture up of my self in my finished gallery. I didn't want to. I HATE my picture taken. I HATE my many chins. Okay there are 2 (maybe 3) So I always try to hide it. The picture is showing my Rowan "It's a Tape Thing" Hat. I am going to make a purple one too. Note to Lydia: I will get back to you on the color way of the socks. I have the label at home. Thanks for the comments!

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August 24, 2004

Monday night knitting

Julia came over last night. She is doing so good! I think she wants to start a harlot poncho next! Here is what she's got


The bottom piece is the start of a baby blanket. The yarn is green with polka dots in it. You can't see it that good. But it is sooooo soft. Then she is knitting a scarf with the Lion Brand homespun. Lookin good!

Here is a picture of my socks. See they are almost finished. I really need some quiet time to finish them, I hate screwing up. I don't want to fix it again.

all most finished sox

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August 23, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy

What was that from anyway? Ren and Stimpy? Well, if you have noticed I have added some things to my side bar. If you want to know anything about me click on the couch. I also have a finished gallery button up too. I only have the harlot poncho up so far, I want to take some better pictures of the stuff I have finished. I will also have a works in progress gallery. On some sad news: I totally ripped out the Stitch Diva poncho (see July archive - don't know exactly where) I didn't feel like fixing it, I didn't really know how, the yarn was too slippery, it made for weaving in the ends very difficult. Oh well, I am not that sad.

I did finish the other sock! Well sort of. I just have to do the Kitchner stitch(did I spell it right? I can't find the damn word in the latest Interweave Knits!!) on the toe and weave in the ends (really, that's all!!) I screwed it up on Sunday and had to fix it.

I also started this great hat but I didn't "take time and check my gauge". GRRRRRRRRRRR! So I ripped the friggin thing out. I am a loose knitter. Everything is even, but I need to go down a needle size or 2. But I will get back to this hat. I love the fact that it looks like a head of garlic!


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August 20, 2004

Did some shopping last night

What a great night last night! I had a wonderful "date" with my husband. All very spur of the moment. My son spent the night at Grandma and Poppa's. I went to Barnes and Noble and bought 3 books:
Hip to Crochet - I like this book, it has potential. I bought Hip to Knit a while back and I liked that book too. I don't like the authors yarn color choices though. YUCK.
I also bought: Our Mothers War and I Love Everybody (and other atrocious lies). Can you tell I read Bust? I can't wait to start reading. But I have to finish the one on my night stand now. See side bar.

Other news, my very cool brother sent me a package of new music yesterday! He is a "pop purest" which means he likes that sugary sweet power pop music. I do too. Thanks Tim and Happy Birthday!


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Here is a great link

For all of you Hello Kitty Fans out there here is a great link for a cute back pack:

Hello Kitty Back Pack

I found it at this site great bunch o - gals!

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August 18, 2004

Gosh you guys!!

Thank you for all of the nice comments on the Harlot Poncho! I really wasn't sure about the colors. I wish I could knit one for you all!! It was a great pattern, easy, quick. Now I just want to wear it.

I am working on finishing up the other sock. I can't believe it is almost done. I am really going to try to finish up the stuff that is half done. I got to! And yes Cheryl I will start your sweater.


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August 17, 2004

It is done

Introducing the very Harlot Poncho

yarn harlot poncho finished

I am not going to add the fringe. I like it the way it is. Husband agree's No fringe. I am happy with it.

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Yep, it is....

I was a little under the weather yesterday, so I didn't post. I did a lot this weekend, I will have to post about that later. I bought this at a garage sale

the record player

Oh my god can you believe it!! And a big stack of 45's. I bought some LP's too. They seem to work better. They don't skip as much. Here is a shot looking down.

top view

And currently playing in that shot is "Magic Bus" by the Who.
I love this thing! I got some great cheesy records.


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August 13, 2004


I made some headway on the Very Harlot Poncho. And I have to say this is fun to make. You can do it while watching tv. I did make a mistake and missed some yo's. So I am back tracking and fixing it. I can't have mistakes. It won't do. I didn't think I would like the color combo's but I do now. Take a look

harlot poncho progress

I will venture a guess I will finish it by Sunday night. Love it!

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I think I am going thru....

My mid-life crisis. I mentioned a couple of entry's ago that I bought Pretty in Pink (the DVD) and Logan's Run. Well, last night I bought:

The Breakfast Club
St. Elmo's Fire (did I mention I love Andrew McCarthy? Is he still cute?)
Valley Girl

No, I don't want to be 18 again. But I loved those movies! I wanted to be Molly Ringwald! I think I still do.

Glad to hear that Stephanie liked her booty. I can only hope she likes the music!

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August 10, 2004

Knittin with the kitten

That is Julia's term. I went to Julia's last night. I didn't knit. I wound balls of yarn. I did see the kitten and it is adorable! Introducing:


zazu the cutest

they are so cute when they are little

Remember I said over the weekend I got organized? Well this is my knitting corner. I love it.

Im so organized

Finally, I am not one to walk away from a challenge. So when yarn harlot put up her poncho pattern well..... I just had to start it! I think I can finish it when she gets back.

The Harlot challange

I think I may kill 2 birds with this one. I still really haven't started anything for my scrap along so I think I will make the poncho for this. I am using worsted weight 100% wool. I don't even know who made it. I bought various skeins out and about. So it will be stripey.


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August 09, 2004


Life is good. I got organized this weekend. I put up some more shelves to hold my works in progress (knitting) So, I didn't do much knitting this weekend. I did one more square. I am going over to Julia's tonight to knit which will be great. She has a new kitten! So perhaps pictures of the new kitten will be here tomorrow.

I sorta feel like a big bitch for my last entry on the "What makes a good knit blog" But I do stand by what I said. Thank you for the comments!


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August 06, 2004

Works in progress

As promised. I have been knitting. I try to every day. What has been my favorite thing to do lately? These

psych squares

I really like experimenting with different color combinations. Who knew that salmon and lime green would look good together! I am thinking about making a purse out of this. The thought of a huge afghan is intimidating.

On to the next

noro scarf

I am really enjoying making this. It is quick and the colors are great. I am not looking forward to weaving in the ends. I hate that.


more fnf scarf

Here is a little more of the Feather and Fan Scarf. I like the colors A LOT

That's all. Have a good weekend. Over and out.

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Yep it goes here Life Category

I visited Stephanie's Blog yesterday like I do everyday, and she mentioned a link to a discussion about what makes a good knitting blog. I read the link over and I liked what I read. I have my own feelings on what makes a good knitting blog, here they are:
1) Do what you want, itís your freakin blog, if you want a picture of cats, dogs, and children, then go ahead and put them in! If people donít want to read it, they wonít. WHO CARES!
2) I know it is a ďknitting blogĒ but come on, I WISH I could knit everyday. I also canít knit as fast as Yarn Harlot but I can only hope to. So I wonít always have knitting up there. I do, I noticed, donít put up how I am progressing on a project. That will change. I have been holding out. So I am going to post more about the works as they progress. Oh yeah, WHO CARES!
3) I like visuals. The more pictures the better. By the way WHO CARES!
4) I donít like wordy blogs without pictures. Keep it short and sweet. Lest we forget WHO CARES!
5) Readability is very important. If it is too small or on a dark background Ė forget it. I wonít be bothered. And er WHO CARES!
6) I like humor it makes me laugh! Do you CARE?
7) I already admitted I canít spell, I am going to spell check more. I am not a grammar person either. All you snobs get over it. I never said I was a writer. Did I mention, WHO CARES?

I am not looking for an audience/fan club, just some friends out there that like the same things I do.
Blog on man.

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August 04, 2004

I am so proud...!!!

Look at our girl Julia go!

julias knitting shot 2

One of my students... sigh... she's a natural, gifted if you will.


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August 03, 2004

I like things

I got this cute little ring

cute ring

At of all places the Hallmark Store!

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I really am not very original

I will admit it. All though, I have wanted to make this afghan for a while, the inspiration I got from Larissa, but this is as far as I have gotten

psychedellic afghan square

After finishing these 3 squares, I realized that I have to sew them all together. Well, my attention span is very short. So, that said, I will probably just make these out of the scrap cotton yarn I have and let them gather dust like my "circle stars"

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August 02, 2004

Lake Ontario....

I didn't do that much knitting this weekend. We went up to Lake Ontario and it was great. Great food, great people, great weather, sorta........

lake ontario

My son thought he controlled the waves, which I think he did

King Triton

Like I said there were many interesting people there

buddha at the lake

The weather did eventually cooperate


There was this candy to be eaten at the lake


Then the artsy shot for the way home, I loved how the back of the car lights turned out

car lights

I did do a little knitting, I will post that tomorrow. It was The boy's birthday on Sunday. 7 years old!!! Wow.

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