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July 30, 2004

Cracking Toast Gromit!

gromit knitting


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July 29, 2004

Ho Hum

I finsished the poncho like I said. But I still haven't fixed my problem. So I put that aside and I am going to finish up on the Noro scarf. Scroll down you'll see it. That is going quickly. It's too bad the yarn is so expensive, a lot of people would get one for a Christmas present. I am really trying to kick my self in the ass and get works in progress done. I have to! I can't make anything for my self until I get other things done. It is just so hard. I want to make it all!

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July 27, 2004

Monday night is knitting night

Julia came over again last night and she is doing great! She got a lot done on her scarf and I was looking it over, and it looked like she was going in the right direction, but something was off, so I steered her right and showed her how to purl. I think Smudge is taking credit for this one, or he really wants to learn to knit. I think he just wants me to make him something. Anyway lets hear it for Julia again!! Yippeee!!

smudge with knitting

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July 26, 2004

The bug that isn't

For those of you who don't like bugs, sorry, but I was trying an artsy shot and got this


He isn't there anymore, which kinda scares me. He molted, so does that mean he is bigger? hmmmmmmm. A grasshopper landed on my feakishly white legs and I took a picture of that to, but alas, the legs were too hairy and would have obscured the view of the lovely grasshopper.

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Okay Okay so I finished it

the poncho that is, and yes I really do have a head, I just don't feel to pretty, so this is what will be the "front" of the poncho.


Yep, looks great, right? Well what the heck happened when I cast off? I got this big gapping hole!


If anyone knows how I can fix this, please help! Yes that is Smudge in the background looking very disintrested. He is wondering when I am going to make his poncho.

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I am sorry for ............

I can't spell for shit, and my grammer is very bad. I need an editor. Is all of this spelled right?


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Yep it is confirmed I am a geek

I bought 3 movies this weekend that confirms I am a big geek:
1) High Fidelity - With John Cusack, come on, records! What geek wouldn't like this movie
2) Pretty in Pink - Ducky, Duckman, Hello? (Andrew McCarthy, what a babe)
3) Logan's Run - Need I say more?

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July 23, 2004

Busy week, not much knitting

Yep, very busy. My son told me I knit too much. So I said "....And the problem with that is......" Well sometimes I do. So last Saturday we had craft afternoon at our house. In the new issue of Martha Stewart Kids there were projects on how to make popscicle houses. So we made a couple!

arts n crafts

Mine is the one on the right with the crooked door. I still have to glue it on. I think they came out good! Now we can play. My son wants his to be his super hero's hang out. I am going to girly mine up and put glitter on it and make it into a fairy house.

We went to a cookout on Wednesday. I was trying to take an "artsy" photo of the flowers and "the son" got in the background. I like the picture though and no he is not crying. He is a clown.

still life with dan

Of course no cookout would be complete with out fireworks.


I love how these come out with my camera

I took a picture of some toys on my desk at work the other day......I think Wendy will probably like this one

toys on my desk

I think Sponge Bob is proposing....nah, I think he is subtly checking out her chest.

Finally, I just love this picture of my son


Be afraid, Be frightened, Be petrified! It's Shark Boy

I hope to finish my poncho this weekend.

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July 22, 2004

Cool stuff!

I was checking out sites just a little while ago and I stumbled upon Faith's site. Wow cool stuff! She has a couple of projects I want to try out, one is a magazine purse the other is a Chinese Resturant Calendar Purse I want to make these now! I just threw out a calendar that I could have used for that purse too!


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July 20, 2004

Julia - the new convert

I taught Julia to knit last night! Whooo Hooo! and I think she liked it! I was very happy that she caught on so quickly. She crochets so that was a help. Here is her first attempts

julia's knitting

Let's hear it for Julia! Yeah!

I was going to post the kind of yarn I am using for my poncho yesterday, and I forgot. It is "Klaus Koch Kollektion" and it is called "Clip". I have never heard of it before. I think it is German yarn or something. The label is in a different language, so I don't know what needle size or stitches to the inch I should be doing it in. I don't care. It's pretty. I got it in one of my sale bins. It was marked $12.50 per skein, I got it for 3 or 4 bucks! What a steal!

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July 19, 2004


Yep, you heard it here first! My husband and I are going to see Guided By Voices in Cleveland on October 23rd! Woo Hoo! It is my husband's birthday that day, and perhaps a trip to the Rock-N-Roll Hall of fame? I was hoping we would see them again before they broke up. They are a great band to see live.


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New Stuff

So I dragged my reluctant son out with me on Saturday to go to my favorite yarn store, (they were having a sidewalk sale) I bribed him with the following: If he was good we would hit some garage sales and he could get some new crap (that he doesn't need) He went and was good. The yarn store I wanted to go to I couldn't get near because there were no parking spaces. So I went further down the street to anothter store called the "Yarn Bin". It is a mom and pop type of shop, not fancy or anything. They have Lopi yarn in all sorts of colors. I bought this for my neice for her birthday

jessies gift

I think this is good to get her going

Of course, I couldn't not buy something for myself so I got this

my experiment

I want to dye it with kool-aide. I can't wait to do this! I have been wanting to try it for a long time.

Well while I was in the yarn store I over heard this older woman (about 60's) say to the owner of the store "You know, knitting has really gone by the wayside" Of course, I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I wanted to say to her "Where have you been living, under a rock?" but I didn't, I said something a little more polite, but my hands were on my hips. What the hell? I hope I am not that clueless at 60.

Next topic
Never one to not follow along with the crowd I decided to rip out the crochet "shawl" (underware) and make this


The pattern is from Stitch Diva. I bought a couple of other pattern too.


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July 16, 2004

Dusting off the cobwebs

Last week on vacation, I unearthed a couple of things. I made 2 sweaters for my son when he was a baby and I found them. I think he wore them a total of 2 times each. I didn't want him to spit up on them! No, really, he probably just grew out of them. Here they are

ABC baby sweater

The above sweater is from a Debbie Bliss book, I don't know which one, it was pretty easy though, she spells everything out.

This is one of my favorites, it is a minnow knits pattern. I used a lot of scrap yarn for this.

multi color baby sweater

I of course found a couple that need to be finished

unfinished baby sweater

unfinished baby sweater 2

I need to add the sleeve on this one, and do you think I can remember which pattern I used and what needle size? Yeah right, in a perfect world I would have written it down. But this is Beth's world. And it is chaos.

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I love Wallace and Gromit

grommit knitting 2

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July 14, 2004


Yes we have a WINNER
The lovely and I might add the VERY talented


Has won the prize! Yes folks, it is Lee Renaldo (spelled right?) of Sonic Youth!

I will e-mail you Stephanie to tell you what you have won!
(If you chose to accept it, hey, you may not like my taste in music)
After the other guesses, I wasn't sure if anyone would get it! I was going to drop hints like: "My friend Goo told me that he isn't really knitting in that picture"

Gee that was fun!

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July 13, 2004

Contest time!!

Well today is your lucky day, If any one can guess who this guy is knitting (or pretending to knit) I will send you one of my mix cd's.

guy  knitting

Now the rules are:
1) If I told you about this already you can't guess (because if I told you, then you know who it is)
2) If nobody but who I told already guesses then you get the damn prize.
Very easy.
He is an indie rock superstar

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July 12, 2004

Back and sad

I am back from vacation, it was too short as usual...... But I did get some things done! I think I have "ADD" with my knitting, I always start stuff and start other stuff and start more stuff.
I have jumped on the band wagon and wanted to make my own crocheted shawl.
This is what it is supposed to look like

the shawl

Very retro, I know. Love Retro. However, this is what I ended up with

My attempt at a crochet shawl

Doesn't it look like underware? I HATE this! I will have to rip it out and try something else.

I did hit the yarn store sale on Friday, I, like a dummy, forgot my "additional 10% off" postcard, so I only got 20% off. But I had a gift certificate to spend and I bought this

New stuff

I bought the Noro "Iro" yarn, wicked expensive, but I am making this

Noro scarf

I love this thing. It is really cool, and easy and quick. I have knitted more on this already. I bought sock yarn, Rowan cotton tape (for another hat) and I always hit the sale bin. It is Classic Elite cotton. I guess I didn't mention where I went on my vacation, we really just stuck around town a bit. We did spend 2 days in Old Forge New York. We hit Enchanted Forest (it's a waterpark-nobody needs to see me in a bathing suit) and they have this great store called Old Forge Hardware. It is this massive store that has everything. On a whim, I asked the clerk if they sold yarn. Well, you better believe they sold yarn! It was a great little corner of the store, and they had a great selection. I didn't buy any yarn, because I knew I would at the above mentioned sale. I did buy the 2 books at the top at Old Forge Hardware. One of the books is a Noro book with the scarf pattern in it. I love this book. The other is a small pattern book with sweater patterns to knit from the top down.

I will leave you with this today, Don't want to over load. I took other pictures I will post later in the week.

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July 02, 2004

I leave you for a week with this.......

Knit Yellow Jacket

Ain't she a beaut? I REALLY want those glasses, really.
I can't believe it but I kinda like this one too!
Your comments are more than welcome.

Everyone, have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!
Remember, drive fast and take chances.


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July 01, 2004


I am still alive, I am working my ass off. I have been knitting though...I have actually started the other sock! AND I want to finish it. I also worked a little more on the Feather and Fan scarf. The new Knitty is up! It looks great and all but I think the only thing I would make would be Amy's knitted stockings! I HAVE HUGE BOOBS! Okay? That said I should probably design my own friggin' bra! They really aren't that huge.....I mean they are big, but they don't look odd or anything. I guess...... Please if you know me, don't comment on my boobs. Oh and I am going on VACATION next week so I won't be bloggin. Hopefully I will have plenty to show for next week. My favorite yarn store is having a sale and I got a gift certificate so.... That will be fun.

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