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April 20, 2004

What the F*bleep*K?

See I told you I like to swear! Okay, so is it a full moon or something? Oh look, my calendar says that the "new moon" was yesterday. So that might explain why everyone has to drive like complete idiots. I drive on the highway to work. The speed limit is usually 65. As you get closer to the city it is 55. Well every one is doing at least 85. WHY PEOPLE? You are going to work! I would rather you rush home than rush to work! I am going 65 to 70. Sometimes I like to live dangerously and go 75. But then my whole car shakes. I see some of the other mothers who have just dropped their kids off at daycare blast past me at 85-90. I am not kidding. Oh and they are probably talking on their cell phones. I HATE THAT TOO! That could be a topic for another day.
Okay I am done. (Big cleansing breath, breathe in.......breathe out)


Posted by beth at April 20, 2004 12:04 PM